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Chapter 121: Large Actions

Chapter 121: Large Actions

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Ling Tian smiled, "Does grandmother think that this is a large action too?"

"Little brat, don’t look down on your grandmother. Do you think I cannot see through your little tricks?" Old Madam Ling slapped his back in anger, "NanGong Le is only a silkpants descendant; even in the NanGong family, he is an unimportant character. It wouldn’t matter even if a hundred of him were to die. But the problem is the timing which you chose to do so, accurately picking the most critical time. With the accurate time you chose, it would definitely create a huge storm."

Ling Tian’s face grew serious; he never imagined that his grandmother would be able to pinpoint the most important part of his plan with just the news of NanGong Le’s death! Age indeed brings wisdom!

"NanGong Le died under the protection of the Yang family and it happened coincidentally after they fixed the marriage. If it was any other time, the Yang and NanGong family will break out into a fight. Then, after the Yang family does something in the Sky Bearing Empire, the matter would be over. But now, your idea is just far too scheming. The timing which you chose joint this matter with the situation in the continent, making NanGong Le become famous after his death and becoming a key person in the continent."

Old Madam Ling then praised with a neither fast nor slow pace, "A small little NanGong Le can be used by you to create such a storm! This plan of yours is extremely bold but yet intricately planned! Even your grandmother is in awe."

Ling Tian then chuckled, "How can things be so serious, it is just the head of a silkpants."

"Hmph! The time when this head of his fell is when the undercurrents are surging with the storm brewing. Not only the NanGong and Yang family, all the various powers in the continent who has an ambition would also make use of this head to create a storm! For NanGong Le to die in such a moment, it has given many families a chance! They can use this chance to fish for information, or even break the original balance. For the various powers to gain what they want, they will have to pay a similar price as well. In the process of all these, their real strengths would also surface gradually. As for what the end result will be, no one will be able to imagine it. But—"

Old Madam Ling smiled, "—there is one outcome that is obvious. Due to the death of NanGong Le, Yang KongQun’s actions had already drawn the attention of the imperial family. Furthermore, the marriage between the Yang and NanGong family would also be dissolved because of this. The one who would benefit the most from these two outcomes would be our Ling family! Furthermore, our Ling family did not reveal any of our hidden strengths. Your calculations and perfect timing indeed left me in awe!"

"The moment the news of this matter is spread, the Yang family would suffer the greatest burn from the aftermath. With a child of their NanGong family dead, the NanGong family will definitely not let the matter rest so easily. They would definitely make a huge commotion because of this matter! The imperial family of our Sky Bearing Empire will definitely keep one of their eyes closed towards the conflict between the NanGong and Yang family after witnessing the frightening strength the Yang family displayed the other day. In fact, they may even add fuel to the fire, making use of the opportunity to weaken the Yang family." Old Madam Ling said with a thumbs-up.

"That’s right, grandmother has the same thoughts as me." Ling Tian praised, "Grandmother is the best!"

"Scram! Is this any different from blowing your own trumpet? If you are not going to tell me about your full plan, do you believe that this old lady will beat you up with a walking stick?" Old Madam Ling pretended that she was angry. However, the smile on her face made it difficult for one to imagine that she was going to beat someone up.

Ling Tian pretended to be afraid and shrunk his neck back. He did not continue to be glib-tongued and said, "This is grandson’s plan: The moment this issue spreads, all the major powers would definitely be attracted! There is no need to mention the NanGong family, Yang family and imperial family of our Sky Bearing Empire. That Western Han had just suffered a defeat in the hands of father and will definitely want to stick their heads in this matter to ease the pressure within their country. The Wu Empire has been fighting the Southern Zheng for a long time and had always been on the losing end. Now that such a huge matter happened in the NanGong family from the Southern Zheng, the Wu Empire will definitely add fuel to the fire in secret as well, to give them some time to catch a breath."

Ling Tian then drank a sip of tea and cleared his throat, "As for the Northern Wei, the little princess of the Yu family is in the Sky Bearing Empire right now. With such a matter erupting in the Sky Bearing Empire, the Yu family will definitely send more experts or fetch their little princess back. As such, the powerful Yu family would unknowingly be dragged into this affair as well! Due to their apprehensions towards the Yu family, the various powers would not dare take things too far and will only operate in secret! Furthermore, the elites from the Xiao family would also not be willing to stay out of this matter. They would definitely send people to the Sky Bearing Empire as well, to see if they can use this matter to spark a world war!"

"As for the other empires, they would definitely not let go of this opportunity to weaken the Sky Bearing Empire and would definitely make an issue out of this matter."

Old Madam Ling’s eyebrows creased up tighter and tighter; Ling Tian's plan had completely exceeded her expectations. She could not help but consider deeply, "This old lady thought too simply. What about our Ling family? Tian’er, you are really playing with fire! If the war breaks out from the Sky Bearing Empire, have you thought about the consequences? Our Sky Bearing Empire would be the first to get destroyed."

Ling Tian then gave a carefree smile, "It definitely won’t! Currently, the only power which would want the war to start is probably the Xiao family! Up until now, the Northern Wei has not received clear support from the Yu family. As long as the Yu family does not express their support for them, the Northern Wei would definitely not dare to make any rash movements! The Southern Zheng and Wu Empire are presently at war and are both exhausting their resources. If they join the battle in the Sky Bearing Empire, the Southern Zheng and Wu Empire will be surrounded by enemies for sure. This is something which they will not be able to accept presently! Thus, they will take action but ensure that they do not step on the bottom lines of the various powers. Not just them, even if the other powers have such intentions, both the nations would definitely stop the other powers!"

"The Western Han had just suffered a great loss from the loss of the Valley of Sobbing Spirits. The hearts of their people are wavering and the morale of their troops low. Thus, they would definitely not launch a war anytime soon! So, even if the Western Han has actions, they would only stay behind the scenes and try to sow discord. They would definitely not make any large actions."

"The Moon Deity Empire is too far away and may not even come. By the time they receive news about the matters here, everything would've been over. As for the Eastern Zhao Empire, they are currently fighting the Moon Deity Empire. They would only be torturing themselves if they were to start another war. As for our Sky Bearing Empire, we do not have the guts — or strength — to do so. The moment we stir up trouble, we will face enemies from all directions and will be destroyed immediately!"

"The only possibility is the Xiao family! However, the Xiao family also has their considerations. From the way they did not take any actions in recent years while receiving benefits from all sides, they also have the intention of spectating the fight! While the different nations break out in occasional skirmishes, they do not exhaust much resources in reality! Apart from the battle between our Sky Bearing Empire and Western Han having an obvious win and loss, the battles between the other empires are no more than training for their troops!"

"If the Xiao family rise to prominence now, they can be considered to be one of the most powerful force. However, the moment they stir trouble, they will become the target of every empire. With the superior equipment and wealth that the Xiao family has, all the different powers are already extremely wary of them! Thus, Xiao FengHan will only choose to sow discord in the dark and will not take action openly. With all the different empires on guard and wary, none of them would be willing to take the initiative or fall for the Xiao family’s trap."

Ling Tian then chuckled, "Besides, facing the thousand years accumulation of the Yu family, which family would dare to make a rash move? Even if the Yu family isn’t willing to take action, hehe, the Sky Bearing Empire still has your grandson present! If I see someone enjoying himself too much, I will chop his head off and throw it into the river like NanGong Le!"

"As for our Ling family, haha, this is the best chance for us to see the hidden strengths of all the different families! When the storm brews in our Sky Bearing Empire, the strength of all the different powers would be as bright as day! While all of these fellows are so ambitious, they are all extremely patient. Such a situation is just so unbearably ambiguous! Who knows when they want to continue this ambiguity until? If we do not break it soon, when will the chance for our Ling family to receive benefits from all directions come?"

Ling Tian then stood up proudly, "This matter is just a spark! While all the different great families will definitely take action, they will hold themselves back for sure! Unless a family breaks the balance and ignites fear in the other powers, the war will definitely not begin now! While all the various powers are moving into action this time, it will be nothing more than just a huge farce at the end of the day!"

"But the problem is that even if they know that it is only a farce, none of them will be willing to give up on this opportunity to know more about their opponents. In fact, they may even take this chance to build alliances. Thus, even if they know that this is a trap, they will still jump in willingly! As long as a single power choose to jump down this trap, the other powers will not be able to hold back and jump down as well! By the time they jump into the trap, they will realize that they can only maintain a balance again! But at that time, our Ling family would have gotten what we wanted! Hehe…" By the time he finished his explanation, he had a cunning smile on his face.

"Siiii…" Old Madam Ling took in a breath of cold air!

Just how did the brain of this grandson develop; such a huge plan and yet such meticulous planning! Every single power in the continent — the seven empires, eight great families and largest financial magnate — all fell into his plan without a single one being missed out!

As someone who had fought on the frontlines of a battle before, Old Madam Ling knew that if Ling Tian’s plans were to succeed, the Ling family would be able to obtain the most detailed information about all the great families! The effect of this information, and outcome from using it, was something which could not be imagined!

At the very least, they would be able to take the initiative in an attack if they know their enemies well, planning their victory from a thousand miles away!

After hearing what Ling Tian said, the worry in Old Madam Ling’s heart disappeared completely! Since her grandson had such a meticulous plan, what was there for her to be worried about?