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Chapter 123: City Gate Drama

Chapter 123: City Gate Drama

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*Pa!!" The guard seating at the front of the carriage whipped the horse and whistled out loud. The four horses then began to move as the carriage moved slowly.

"Young noble Ling, wait!" A middle aged man grit his teeth and walked out. As Ling Tian glanced over, he realized that he was a butler called Yang Yun. This middle aged man usually grovelled with Yang Wei, committing many unspeakable acts. At least half of what Yang Wei did was suggested by this middle aged man. Using Ling Tian’s words, this fellow’s face is full of skin ulcers and blisters all over his feet; he was completely bad!

"Is anything the matter?" Ling Tian lowered his head as his whip ‘unknowingly’ lashed out onto his boots. Ling Tian did not even look him in the eye, treating him like air.

While Yang Yun was fuming, the silkpants in front of him was indeed difficult to deal with. He almost wanted to wave his hands to let Ling Tian go, so he would not have to torture himself. But thinking about Yang KongQun’s strict orders about investigating Ling Tian, he could only swallow his anger, "I believe that young noble also knows that a large matter occurred in our Yang family last night. We also have no choice but to search everyone who enters or leaves the city. This little one is only a subordinate and I hope that young noble will show me some mercy, letting me perform the formalities. I hope young noble can be more understanding."

Ling Tian raised his eyes, "Large matter? What large matter? Did that old fogey, Yang KongQun, die?"

That single phrase made Yang Yun almost faint from anger as fire could be seen shooting out from his eyes. Thus, he could only lower his head to avoid Ling Tian from seeing the anger in his eyes. However, he could not control his body from trembling, "Young noble must be joking. Our family head is still extremely healthy and it had been rare for him to even fall ill in the past decade. How would he have an accident? However, NanGong Le, who came to my house as guest was assassinated by a scoundrel."

Ling Tian replied with an ‘oh’ before saying, "I see, that silkpants died. The moment I saw him, I knew that he was short-lived. He had finally listened to the heavens, hahaha. Right, doesn’t that mean that your little miss is now a widow? I heard that if you were to marry her over in such a circumstance, she will have to attend the wedding ceremony with a rooster. Yang Yun, after hearing this piece of news, this young noble feels extremely good in my heart. Men, reward him!"

Yang Yun’s body shook from anger as his lips also turned green, almost spitting out a mouthful of blood. He glared at Ling Tian fiercely, almost wanting to bite off a piece of meat from Ling Tian! The faces of the Yang family's guards were also ashen with their hands placed on the hilt of their blades, staring at Ling Tian with a bloody killing intent.

Wang Tong, who was by the side, came forward and handed out an ingot of silver, "This is my young noble’s reward, quickly thank my young noble!"

In a fit of rage, Yang Yun had subconsciously pushed Wang Tong’s hand away.

Ling Tian was enraged as he saw that! With a loud ‘pa’, his whip lashed out, whipping a deep, bloody scar on Yang Yun’s face, "You dare to reject this young noble’s reward? Are you seeking death?! Why are all of you looking at me like that? You want to bite me? It seems that all of you are fat on guts! Scram! What has the death of NanGong Le has got to do with this young noble? This daddy here is just happy that he is dead! His marriage partner isn’t my younger sister anyway! He is completely unrelated to me! On whose authority are you guys relying on to block me here?"

Yang Yun covered his face with his hand as his eyes gleamed with hatred, almost exploding on the spot! As the head butler of the Yang family, he had always been a tyrannical being in the Sky Bearing Empire. Even if a normal government official were to see him, they would have to greet him from afar. Since when did he suffer from such humiliation? But, the person in front of him was someone who his young master — Yang Wei — master — Yang Lei — and even old master — Yang KongQun — was extremely wary of. With the heavy responsibility of testing Ling Tian, how would Yang Yun dare to create trouble?

Taking in a deep breath, he tried his best to stabilize his emotions. With a dry laughter which sounded even worse than him crying, he said, "Young noble Ling must be joking. Haha, young noble Ling is definitely someone magnanimous who will not make things difficult for us servants."

"Joking? HAHAHA, what a joke! Yang Yun, are you my son? Why would I have the mood to joke with you? If you are not going to move aside, this young noble will make your head land on the floor!" Ling Tian revealed a vicious smile; his white teeth glistening in the scorching sunlight, making him look like a ferocious animal choosing his prey to devour!

Ling Tian knew that with Yang Yun’s usual courage, Yang Yun would only be afraid that he was not willing to leave. How was it possible for Yang Yun to have the guts to check on him? For Yang Yun to be so insistent, Yang KongQun must have given a strict order to Yang Yun. As long as he takes a step back today, even if he had no suspicions, he would become the greatest suspect when the Yang family relay the matters today into the ears of the NanGong family. At that time, it would really be like the saying, ‘With the yellow mud in your pants, it would be shit even if it isn’t shit’!

Thus, Ling Tian definitely cannot give way at this moment. Not only will he not give way, he would be as domineering as he can be and give Yang KongQun a good act! You, Yang KongQun actually dare to make me, Ling Tian, into your dart board to deal with the NanGong family? How can I let things go your way?

"Men! Drag all of these henchmen from the Yang family to the side and give them a good beating!" Ling Tian shouted out! With a sinister laughter, he continued, "The son-in-law of the Yang family is dead and you guys want to vent your anger on me? You guys must be blind! Beat them! Beat them harshly! The person who beats them up the most, this young noble will reward you!"

With a command, Wang Tong, Li Qing and the other guards of the Ling family grew excited! Without a shred of hesitation, Wang Tong’s hand swung out and gave a good slap to Yang Yun with a crisp and melodious sound!

Yang Yun immediately spun on the spot from the slap, falling on the floor like a ballerina (it seems as though this world does not have any ballerinas). Stars could be seen in his eyes, with blood flowing down from the corners of his mouth. As he opened his mouth, a few white teeth fell onto the ground with a trail of blood following them.

Wang Tong then scolded, "The young noble rewarded you and a slave like you actually did not know how to thank him. You even had the guts to use your backing to block my young noble’s way and offend my young noble’s teacher. Is this how that old man Yang teaches you usually? You really threw the face of Yang KongQun! Grandpa Wang here will help your master, Yang KongQun, discipline his servants! From today on, you must know how high the heavens are and how thick the grounds are when you come out! Don’t think that you are much just because you are a dog of the Yang family! Cheh! Not to mention you, even your old master does not have the rights to be so rude to my young noble. If I don’t give you a good beating today, you wouldn’t know what the rules out here are!"

As he scolded, his legs were not idle, stomping on Yang Yun’s face with his boots. Yang Yun was only able to let out a shriek, "Save me, have mercy…", before fainting.

As the guards of the Yang family saw the Ling family’s guards beat up Yang Yun, they could no longer hold back their anger. With rage burning in their eyes, they all began to pounce forward. The guards behind Ling Tian had already been rubbing their fists in excitement, as they looked at Wang Tong beat Yang Yun up with envy. Without a command, they also let out a battlecry and pounced forward. In that instant, a huge chain reaction started and the fight grew out of hand.

By the city gates, the guards of the Ling and Yang family were tangled up in a large mess. The sounds of battles, cries of agony, cursing, punches, made a beautiful melody.

Ling Tian was still seated atop his horse, leisurely wandering around in the mess. His suave face was filled with 30% of delight, 30% of cruelty and 30% of excitement. At the same time, he cursed and scolded the guards of the Yang family as the whip in his hands lashed out towards the faces of the guards! Every single whip would result in blood and flesh splattering all over! While the guards of the Yang family dared to fight back against the others from the Ling family, they only dared to avoid this young noble.

"Good servant, for this young noble to beat you, it means that I think highly of you. You dare to dodge?!" Such arrogant words naturally came out from the number one silkpants of the Sky Bearing Empire.

The guards from both families shoved each other about, overcrowding the city gates as they broke out in battle. The original guards of the city gates had already been pushed out of the city! They observed the fight from afar, watching the scene in front of them excitedly as though it was a play. Why wasn’t there anyone stopping the fight?! Stop them? Who would dare to? Didn’t they see that it was young noble Ling? His uncle-in-law is the current emperor. He had always beaten people up for nothing and it was no longer anything new after so many years.

On the top of the city walls, a row of neatly-ordered heads appeared, watching the fight between the two families excitedly. Ling Tian’s hat was already slanted as the corners of his lips contorted with a malevolent grin. A string of curses flowed out from his mouth fluently, as his outer coat was also half opened. The whip in his hand sliced through the wind continuously, ringing out in the air like the sound of wind blowing through the bamboo forest. Everyone’s mouth was agape in shock; he was indeed the number one silkpants of the Sky Bearing Empire! He should probably be called the number one silkpants in the world!

About a hundred people from the Ling family came and the Yang family also had about a hundred people stationed by the city gates. While the numbers from both sides were similar, the strength of both parties could be seen with a single glance! With Ling Tian being there personally, the morale of the Ling family's guards was unconsciously higher. Even though Ling Tian walked through the crowd on his horse and lashed out his whip, no one from the Yang family dared to attack this young noble from the Ling family. They all knew that it wasn’t much for them to fight with the guards of the Ling family. Regardless of whoever was victorious, they would at least get to vent their anger. But if they were to injure this young noble Ling, even Yang KongQun may not be able to protect them; even if he tried his best. Furthermore, they all knew how their old master was like. If they were to really touch that silkpants, even without the Ling family punishing them, their own old master would probably kill them as an apology. Who would be so foolish? They would just dodge whatever they could. If they could not, they would just suffer from a whip or two at most. No matter what, it was still better than losing their lives!

A short while later, victory and defeat was quickly determined. While the guards of the Ling family were injured, there were not many from the Yang family who could even stand up, as they all lay on the floor.