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Chapter 124: Win an Inch, Want a Foot

Chapter 124: Win an Inch, Want a Foot

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The sounds of horses’ hoofs sounded from afar like raindrops.

"Stop! Stop fighting!" Someone shouted out loud!

Ling Tian ignored the shout completely as he continued to order, "Beat! Beat them up! Beat them up good! Let them remember this incident forever! Beat beat beat beat beat!!!"

As he shouted, his hands were not idle either. After the loud shout for him to stop, not only did he not stop, he began to whip the Yang family guards even harder! The whip in his hands let out ‘pa pa pa’ sounds, raining down on the Yang family's guards like rain.

All of a sudden, another whip appeared from the side, tangling together with Ling Tian’s whip. A deep voice then bellowed, "Nephew Ling Tian, do not go too far. It’s best that you show some mercy!"

Ling Tian turned to look; the one stopping his whip was Yang Wei’s father, Yang Lei, and the one talking was Yang KongQun!

After the Yang family received news of the fight breaking out at the city gates, they rushed here as fast as they could but were still too late. Seeing how those on the floor were all from their family, they all could not help but be ignited with rage as they glared at Ling Tian hatefully. Especially Yang Wei and Yang Lei, who almost burst out on the spot.

"Yang KongQun! What is the meaning of this?!" Unexpectedly, before those from the Yang family had a chance to say anything, Ling Tian hollered out first!

"This young noble’s teacher wants to enter the city, what has that got to do with your Yang family? Yang KongQun, you allowed a bunch of your underlings to stop my teacher’s carriage. They were arrogant and despotic, purposefully making things difficult for my teacher and not letting him into the city. When this young noble came to receive him personally, your men still dared to make a move against me! Yang KongQun, you are too arrogant! In this broad daylight, do you really think that your Yang family can cover the whole Sky Bearing City with the palm of your hands? Yang KongQun, I think that you old fogey want to revolt! How bold!! I will make sure to complain to my uncle-in-law about you old brat! Execute your whole family and confiscate all of your possessions!"

With a slanted hat and untidy clothes, Ling Tian’s face was sinister and his voice loud, scolding Yang KongQun as though Yang KongQun was in the wrong! It was as though Ling Tian had suffered a large grievance, being extremely wronged!

As Ling Tian said that, everyone from the Yang family almost fainted from anger. They all suddenly felt like they were fishes out of water, taking in a large breath of air in unison.

The sounds of swords unsheathing could then be heard; half of the Yang family's guards drew out their blades with faces of rage. The family head of the Yang family was someone who could be said to be a head above the rest in the Sky Bearing Empire. Today, he was actually scolded by Ling Tian so ferociously, calling him an old fogey and old brat. This was something that they just could not endure!

A quick trace of anger flashed by Yang KongQun’s face and he waved his hands, commanding his troops to stay calm. However, his eagle-like eyes continued to be focused on Ling Tian’s face, as though he did not want to miss a single trace of Ling Tian’s emotions. Then, a slight smile appeared on his face, "Nephew Ling Tian, a large incident happened in my Yang family. A guest from afar was killed innocently and we are searching the whole city for the perpetrator. What is wrong with that? But you, inverting black into white and being unreasonable. Perhaps, you have a guilty conscience?"

"I am inverting black into white? I am being unreasonable? I have a guilty conscience? Yang KongQun, what kind of bullshit are you spewing? Didn’t NanGong Le die in your Yang family? Why are you putting the blame on my head? I think that you old brat must be afraid of the NanGong family! Maligning this young noble? Cheh! Yang KongQun, I can’t believe that you actually have the face to say that! Not to mention NanGong Le, even if I want to kill your three bastard grandchildren, this young noble will definitely kill them openly. Is there a need for me to have a guilty conscience? What a big joke! Even if this young noble killed that silkpants NanGong Le, what can you do to me?!" Ling Tian shouted back with his nose pointed to the sky, being abnormally arrogant and domineering.

"Since you have already admitted that you killed NanGong Le, repay justice to my Yang family!" Yang Lei, who was by the side, interrupted.

"Cheh, you really know how to go with the flow. If this daddy here does it, I would not be afraid to admit it. But, you better not think about framing me if it was not done by me! If you dare to malign me any further, I will go and complain to my uncle-in-law!"

"If that’s the case, since nephew Ling Tian has nothing to hide, why did you stop my men from searching you? Can there be another secret in the carriage?" Yang KongQun was not angry in the slightest, asking with a solemn tone.

Ling Tian then chuckled, "Yang KongQun, you do not need to agitate me. If they chose to talk to me nicely, this young noble will invite my teacher down personally. I can even give the carriage to your Yang family! After all, your Yang family is poor and will not have too many of these carriages. It wouldn’t matter much for this young noble to give one or two of such carriages to your Yang family. However, your guys stopped me as though they were robbers, with malevolent looks on their faces. Do you think this young noble will accept such a treatment? I originally wanted to let you guys check the carriage, but that will be impossible now! This daddy here just isn’t willing, what are you going to do about that?"

Ling Tian’s words were also extremely vicious; the Yang family poor? One of the Eight Great Families on the continent would lack carriages? If this were to be spread, the Yang family would not be able to raise their heads anymore!

"Ling Tian, you better not go too far. Our Yang family has been enduring you for a long time already. You have to know that we have our limits too!" Yang Wei, who was by the side, shouted out.

"Look look look, this is how everyone from your Yang family acts. Scum without any upbringing! This young noble is talking to your grandfather, since when is it your turn to interrupt us? Are you the family head of the Yang family now?" Ling Tian said with sarcasm.

"You!" Yang Wei was angered to the point he could not say anything. However, he did not dare to retort either as what Ling Tian said wasn’t wrong. After all, he did not pick the right timing to interrupt, only realizing his mistake after he had shouted out. If his grandfather were to really misunderstand him, things would be extremely bad!

Yang KongQun then looked at Ling Tian with a slight flicker in his eyes, "Nephew Ling Tian, are you really not going to let this old man check your carriage?" His tone was extremely deep, as though it was the signal for a storm.

Ling Tian then burst out into laughter and replied with a question, "Yang KongQun, must you really check this carriage? If you really want to check it, it is simple as well. You just need to agree to a single condition and this young noble will invite Mister Qin out immediately. I will even give you the carriage and you can check it as you like!" He purposefully mentioned giving the Yang family the carriage, coating his words with a layer of sarcasm.

"What condition?" Yang KongQun began to frown. How was it possible that he wanted to check this carriage? There was only an old man inside and nothing else to check. He was only trying to test Ling Tian’s reaction. However, he never imagined that the situation would develop as such.

"Very simple, let’s make things clear first. If you cannot find the perpetrator in the carriage, what will your Yang family do? If this young noble is satisfied, this young noble will not say a second word. I would invite my teacher down and leave without the carriage!" Ling Tian said with a bright smile, looking at Yang KongQun as though he was a starving mouse looking at a piece of cheese. His expression seemed to be telling Yang KongQun, ‘Hehe, it is time to extort you!’

"Hahaha, nephew Ling Tian, since you are so insistent, I will not be so calculative with you. I shall believe that the perpetrator isn’t in the carriage. Go back with your men and tell your grandfather that I will find him for chess when I have the time." Yang KongQun said with a smile, looking like a doting grandfather.

What a joke, I already know that there is only an old man, Mister Qin, in the carriage. If this old man still makes a bet with you, isn’t this just giving you the opportunity to extort me? Since your Ling family does not have any suspicions now, why do I have to play along with you? Thus, Yang KongQun let Ling Tian pass immediately. Seeing Ling Tian’s domineering appearance, Yang KongQun’s suspicions were also gone. He could not help but think to himself, "It seems that it really wasn’t this brat!"

"HAHAHA," Ling Tian burst out into laughter, "Yang KongQun, what do you take this young noble to be? Checking when you want to and I have to leave when you ask me to leave?" He then pointed to his guards, "Take a look at what your men did to them? Trying to leave without giving me an explanation? There isn’t something so good in the world! This is the territory of my uncle-in-law, this is a place with laws!" Ling Tian shouted with anger, his voice resounding in the city gates!

Looking at the guards of the Yang family, blood was flowing from all of their noses and mouths as their teeth fell out and limbs fractured. There wasn’t a single person who was uninjured and it was just unbearable to even watch them. Looking at the guards of the Ling family, while there were some with bandages, the majority of them were uninjured. All of them stood up brimming with energy, with not even a single serious injury.

Just who should give who an explanation? Everyone could not help but have that doubt.

Everyone stared at each other speechlessly. Using a present day saying, ‘Seated silently with tears streaming down the face, the sound of a camel’s bell ringing in their ears". [1]

Everyone from the Yang family were basically angered speechless by Ling Tian. All the guards of the Ling family were holding their lips tightly, afraid that they would burst out into laughter if they weren’t careful! This young noble of theirs was really too… even after having the upper hand, he still has to extort them!

No matter how tolerant he was, Yang KongQun could no longer rein in his anger as he hollered, "Nephew Ling Tian, you have already gained enough benefits. Now that the Yang family is busy with our affairs, we cannot be bothered with being calculative with you. It's best that you don’t go too far!"

Ling Tian then snorted, "Who is the one going too far here? Your guards are just more heavily injured on the surface. Yang KongQun, if you did not command them to be so unreasonable, will this young noble stoop myself down to their level? Your Yang family was the one who created trouble first and blew things up. Now, you want to let me forget about everything with a single sentence? Yang KongQun, as the family head of a Great Family, don’t you think that it is extremely embarrassing for you to say something like that? Do you really need me to ask my uncle-in-law to be the judge of this matter?"

Everyone was speechless as they were filled with admiration by how this silkpants young noble was able to invert black into white. With a single sentence, he made the Ling family the victim of this incident! Furthermore, the Yang family had no way to retort because they were indeed the ones who started the incident.

[1]: This is taken from the lyrics of a song, 送战友, which means to send off their comrades into battle.