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Chapter 125: The NanGong Family

Chapter 125: The NanGong Family

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Yang KongQun let out a heavy sigh as he asked, "What do you want?"

Ling Tian smiled delightedly, "Simple, this young noble’s bodyguard is injured and would need a physician to attend to him. My teacher had travelled for such a long distance and is already weary. In addition to being shocked by you Yangs, he would require some therapeutic remedy. This young noble here has a lot of things to do and because of your problems, I’ve had to tarry for a whole afternoon! The Yang family should also show some courtesy; how about giving us ten thousand taels of silver as compensation. This young noble shall also be magnanimous and not argue with you all any longer." Ling Tian appeared full of sincerity as he spoke; even sighing at himself, as though he was shocked at his own magnanimity.

Looking at Ling Tian’s shameless expression, all the Yang family members revealed looks of murder, and stared daggers at him. As long as Yang KongQun gave the command, all of them would immediately throw themselves forward, beating that intolerable fellow into a pulp.

Yang KongQun took a deep breath slowly, suppressing the boiling blood caused by his anger to Ling Tian. Currently, the Yang family was facing both internal and external conflicts; it was definitely inadvisable to provoke their decade old enemy, the Ling Family! If they were to do so, it would be equivalent to provoking the NanGong, Ling, Wang and Imperial Families! Even if the problem could be solved, the Yangs would also end up ruined! Since this was a mere few thousand taels of silver, they could afford it; when they recovered in the future, then he would slowly take care of this kid! Ling Tian would always be in Sky Bearing anyway — it was not like he could grow wings and fly off!

Moreover, this kid Ling Tian had picked this sort of opportune time to take advantage of his weakness. Obviously, Ling Tian had already analysed the circumstances. If Yang KongQun did not want his family to weaken and collapse, then this grievance must be swallowed and not let out!

"Since that’s the case, this old man shall fork out twenty thousand taels of silver and we shall let matters be bygones, alright?" Once Yang KongQun had made his decision, his troubled heart settled down again and he spoke in a level tone.

No matter the case, he finally expelled his suspicions regarding the Ling Family. Although he had investigated the Ling Family, deep in his heart, he did not want the matter to be related to them. This would only mean that they had both internal and external troubles to solve. His carefully made plans would end up flowing away like a spring river flowing east. After all, this was only twenty thousand taels of silver!

The moment his words were spoken, the surrounding people had a huge change in expression!

Everybody thought that Yang KongQun would definitely not accept the unreasonable terms set down by Ling Tian. The Yang family's guards already had their weapons drawn out of their sheaths and were brimming with killing intent; the people on the Ling side had also long grasped the weapons on their hands. The people situated on the city walls were also waiting for a good show; who knew that Yang KongQun would end up with such a weak finish?

Even Ling Tian himself thought that this was out of his expectations; to think that this willy fellow knows how to endure! Indeed a sly figure of his generation!

Ling Tian, however, burst out into laughter, "Senior is taking this too seriously! This junior was only pulling your leg. Since Grandpa Yang has already suggested a suitable compensation, if junior were to reject, then that would be not showing you face! As the old saying goes, ‘If the Elder bestows something, the Junior does not dare to reject’. As such, this junior Ling Tian will be disrespecting you if I were to reject! These twenty thousand taels of silver is not a small sum, enough for this young noble to visit the Smoky Thea Tower for a few nights of enjoyment. As such, I really should thank you, this junior really has a lot of fate with you! Hahaha…."

Ling Tian appeared to be so elated, to the point he even changed the way he addressed Yang KongQun. Before that, it was Yang KongQun that old fogey or old brat, those sorts of derogatory comments. But in an instant, it changed to being Senior Yang and Grandpa Yang. This 180-degree change in expression let others gape in astonishment. In a blink of an eye, he became extremely warm and close towards Yang KongQun, his face full of radiance, as though he could not hold back the happiness in his heart.

The crowd all sighed in amazement: For this Young Noble Ling to not have a profession as an actor, what a waste of a good talent!

After receiving the bills that Yang Lei passed over with gritted teeth, Ling Tian slapped the bills against his finger with a ‘pa’ sound; his face full of happiness as he said, "Twenty thousand taels, not a single tael less. Thank you, Elder Yang!" He cupped his hands, and amidst laughing heartily, saddled his black horse and moved off. The chariot behind him also set off slowly and the Ling Family's guards also got onto their horses and galloped away, their faces beaming with happiness!

Within the courtyard of the Yang Family, over a hundred men wore white bandages on their foreheads. Some sported bandages on their arms, fresh blood continuously seeping from the white cloth. Furthermore, people were constantly being carried in and one of them was the Head Butler, Yang Yun.

Head Butler Yang was still unconscious, his mouth sunken in. It was obvious that all his teeth were knocked out by someone, with at least seven to eight of his ribs broken. However, he was not in any life-threatening scenario and would be able to keep his little life. Most of those injured were the same, some lighter and some heavier injuries, but no one in danger of dying. The people who acted against them seemed to be very considerate.

Yang KongQun, Yang Lei, Yang Zhen, as well as NanGong Yu, all stood on the stone steps of the inner courtyard, all with different expressions.

Yang Lei and Yang Zhen had expressions of fury, the veins on their heads jumping and grinding sounds coming from their mouths. Yang KongQun however, appeared indifferent, as though he had other thoughts.

NanGong Yu, who was standing by the side, saw the whole courtyard full of casualties. While her expression on the surface seemed to be full of fury, the pupils of her eyes revealed an expression of relief! ‘Yang KongQun you evil fellow; you plotted against my brother and adopted this sort of stance in order to curry favor with my NanGong family. The whole world knows that Ling Tian is a silkpant and your Yang family would usually give way to him. But today, you went against him despite the troubles on your hands. You are obviously trying to draw the attention of others to the Ling Family! Old fart! Since your scheme is going according to your wishes, how can this lady here let you achieve it? The Ling Family might look easy to handle, but if we were to really take action, it would be as good as pitting the NanGong Family against the entire Sky Bearing Empire. If this lady here did not find out the truth, I would still kept in the dark by you. But now that I’ve already discovered your actions, in my eyes, you’re merely putting on a despicable act in front of me!’ NanGong Yu thought to herself viciously.

"Dad, I don’t understand why you would back down willingly just like that! Since we want to investigate the Ling Family and Ling Tian, why would you deploy the lowest ranked guards over? This time, if we had a few experts on the scene, how would our Yang Family's men be beaten up til this extent and furthermore subject to such humiliation!" Yang Lei blustered. Right now, he longed to dismember Ling Tian into a thousand pieces!

"Disgraceful! We went over to investigate, not to wage a war! We only went over to confirm our suspicions; if we had brought along our experts, would that still be an investigation? If, in the worst case scenario, we end up beating that kid Ling Tian to death or end up crippling him? How do we fix the scenario? Right now, the Yang family is so unstable and you want to invite the wrath of the Ling Family over as well? This old man ordered these people there for them to be beaten! If Ling Tian did not beat them up and earnestly allowed to them search the carriage, or if he wasn’t there in person, then that would mean trouble! If that’s the case, then the Ling family would definitely be at the top of the list! However, since he acted as per his arrogant and despotic self, then we now have to lie low and watch the situation further!" Yang KongQun hollered in fury.

"Oh? If that’s the case, then does Family Head Yang think that the Ling Family is the prime suspect in killing my brother? Is this entire matter orchestrated by the Ling Family?" NanGong Yu calmly spoke out. However, an indiscernible flash of ridicule appeared in the pupils of her eyes.

"I can’t be sure at the moment!" Yang KongQun replied cautiously, "However, the suspicion on them has not been lifted yet. This old man feels that the kid Ling Tian is hiding some secrets which I cannot figure out."

"Oh!" NanGong Yu let out a sound full of hidden understanding and did not speak further. However, deep in her heart, she was relentlessly cursing, ‘You old fox, keep playing your tricks and lies! See who will believe you!’

The NanGong Family.

NanGong TianLong trembled from head to toe, as a thin piece of paper fell from his hand and drifted towards the ground. For many years now, the hands of this NanGong family head had never been unstable, till now where he let slip the paper in his hands. In that very instant, the imposing lord of Southern Zheng, the NanGong family head, seemed to have turned into a life sized statue — his powerful stature seemingly becoming rigid. The wrinkles on his face also seemed clearer at this moment!

Madam NanGong looked at her husband in bewilderment as she bent down to pick up the mail sent over by the pigeon. Only she, other than the family head himself, dared to read the secret letters sent.

"Le’er!!!!" An agonized shriek sounded out and Madam NanGong felt as though her heart had been forcefully ripped out of her at this moment! On the letter was her daughter’s neat and elegant handwriting. The words were few, the meaning clear. This was a mere piece of paper; but to Madam NanGong, it was like a thunderstorm on a sunny day! Her emotions ran amok in that instant!

The woman who was no lacking from men in terms of ability, Madam NanGong, suddenly felt her vision turn black. At the same time, she lost track of her senses. Her face as white as snow and her body suddenly pitched backward as she collapsed!

"Wife!" NanGong TianLong took his collapsed wife into his arms, desperately calling out to her.

After a long while, Madam NanGong finally regained her consciousness. Scenes of NanGong Le, from childhood till his present age, flashed piece after piece across her eyes. Though her son was stubborn and unruly, licentious and behaved like a silkpant, inside her heart, he was still her beloved darling whom she had carried for close to ten months! However, this piece of paper seemed to have gorged out twenty years of her blood, sweat, and tears!

"Le’er! My Le’er!!..." Madam NanGong let out another heart-rending scream of despair, her mind at a complete loss. She suddenly felt as though her life on this Earth had lost all meaning! Half of her soul seemed to have left her body, dissipating into the sky.

"Puah…" Madam NanGong suddenly opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. Her pristine white clothing was now stained with spots of red, that was the heartbroken blood of a caring mother! She then could not bear the mental stress and fainted once again into her husband’s embrace, her eyes tightly shut. It was as though she did not wish to wake up and did not wish to face this cruel news head on...

"Le’er… Le’er!.." There was a moment of peace and quiet before NanGong TianLong’s rigid body began to tremble once more. While hugging his unconscious wife’s body tightly, two streams of tears formed, rolling down his face! Suddenly, he jerked his head up, viciously staring at the north, where the Sky Bearing Empire was situated, before letting out an animalistic growl from deep within himself, "Yang — Kong — Qun!!!" The tone was low, only heard by himself and his wife, but it was full of a hatred to the bones. This, the two of them were clear about it.

The news of NanGong Le’s death traveled faster than the wind! Not even a day had passed and every major power on the Heavenly Star Continent had obtained this piece of news. Every leader in charge of a major power simultaneously thought of these two words upon receiving the piece of news: A chance!