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Chapter 126: Brewing Storm

Chapter 126: Brewing Storm

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Western Han, Eastern Zhao, Wu Empire, Southern Zheng, Northern Wei, all of them almost reacted at the same time! They all sent their trusted aides to the Sky Bearing Empire! Even if they cannot get any benefits from the Sky Bearing Empire, they can get some information about their opponent’s strength. This can also be considered to be a great harvest for them. If they can form an alliance with one of the other powers, that would be even better! Now, the storm is brewing in the Sky Bearing Empire with many powers gathered within it. This is also the best time for them to take advantage of the troubled times!

Every empire had been preparing in secret for battle! Everyone could tell that the death of this insignificant silkpants had already became the best chance! As long as this matter wasn’t handled carefully, the flames of war would burst forth, starting with the Sky Bearing Empire!

Before Meng GeLi had a chance to set off from the Northern Wei, he received this unexpected news, thus increasing his entourage.

After receiving this piece of news, Meng GeLi went silent for a full 10 minutes, before letting out a long sigh!

The Sky Bearing Empire now was just like an ancient beast, opening it’s malevolent mouth while revealing the treasures hidden within its stomach! While everyone knew that it was dangerous for them to go, risking the possibility of being eaten up, all the heroes of the world still chose to enter into the mouth of the beast. Despite the risk of death, they hoped that the treasure in the beast would belong to them!

With the current unstable situation, who knows how many heroes would be buried in the Sky Bearing Empire!

NanGong Le was originally an insignificant character, who only had the advantage of the ‘NanGong’ surname. He was the son of the family head and he was even the eldest son of the first wife. However, he did not inherit the family’s legacy and did not have the rights to become the next family head. He was just nothing more than a silkpants with no merit to speak of.

The death of someone as insignificant as him was something that no one would have paid attention to originally. But in such troubled times, NanGong Le had unexpectedly died on the way to a marriage proposal. If the party he was making a proposal to wasn’t the granddaughter of the Yang family, if the Yang family wasn’t in the center of the continent and part of the Sky Bearing Empire, the death of NanGong Le would be completely unimportant.

However, all of the conditions had all been luckily fulfilled. Thus, even if he was just an insignificant character, he was already fated to be recorded into the annals of history. No matter what his reputation was, no matter how the people in future would discuss about him, the name of NanGong Le was definitely going to be recorded down in the books.

How many virtuous officials had worked their hearts out, striving for the very best in everything they do. How many famous generals had spilled their bloods in the battlefield, fighting a hundred battles. However, they were unable to be recorded down in history! As for NanGong Le, this absolutely unlikely character to appear in the history books had actually lived forever in the books! If NanGong Le were to find out about that in his afterlife, would he feel gratitude towards LingTian?

"What? NanGong TianLong’s son died in the Sky Bearing Empire? Furthermore, it was after Yang KongQun accepted the marriage?"

Xiao Family.

Xiao FengHan stood up and laughed, "Gather all the elders and family members for a meeting in the Meeting Hall! For this matter to happen in such a sensitive time, this is just like a biscuit falling down from the sky! Hahaha, Ling Tian, Ling Tian. After making me depressed for a full ten years, you finally gave me a big present! If this old man does not accept it, wouldn’t it be a waste of your good will!"

While he did not understand the whole affair, and did not investigate the matter, Xiao FengHan was certain that this matter was definitely done by Ling Tian!

Xiao FengHan still had a lingering fear from facing that demon like little brat! Now that the world was about to erupt into chaos with undercurrents all around, who would dare to risk the chaos of the world, stirring up the world to seek some benefits from it? Apart from that mysterious teen, who else could there be?

But if he wants to send men to the Sky Bearing Empire to make use of this opportunity, Xiao FengHan would not be able to avoid facing Ling Tian. But how can Ling Tian’s wisdom be underestimated? Since he had chosen to stir up a storm, how was it possible for him to not have a trump card?

If the person sent there wasn’t wise and capable enough, he would definitely be led by the nose! If he wasn’t careful, not only would he be unable to win any benefits for his family, he may even fall into the trap of that little brat.

We must be extremely careful! Extremely cautious! Who should we send?

"The weeping willow extends three thousand miles, with ninety thousand graceful threads;

Seating and watching the storms of the world, only my northeast number one Xiao!"

This little poem was to describe the number one financial magnate, the northeast Xiao family. The wealth, manpower, resources, and power of the Xiao family could be described from this poem. The three thousand miles of mountains and rivers in the northeast region was completely controlled by the Xiao family. It wouldn’t be too much to call the Xiao family an empire. It was also no wonder that the Xiao family would disdain to be ranked together with the Eight Great Families. With the power they controlled, it was not something which any of the great family can compare with.

As long as the Xiao family was present, the place would definitely be filled with willows.

"With the weeping willows all around, the Xiao family will be wealthy for a thousand years!" This was phrase which their wise ancestor had left behind for them. The Xiao family had always kept to this teaching; as long as the Xiao family was present, they would definitely grow willows regardless of the difficulty. After generations of planting willows, this hand resulted in the spectacular scene of the willows across three thousand miles.

The Xiao Family, Green Ripple Immortal Park.

Here, was where the headquarters of the Xiao family was. There were continuous rows of buildings, overwhelming but yet solemn. The beauty of the buildings made it seem like an immortal’s palace. At the gate of the immortal park, a large crater was cleaved out from a small hill before being flattened carefully. Then, a gigantic azurite rock, over ten thousand catties heavy, was embedded into it, with the words ‘Green Ripple Immortal Park’ engraved into it. Then, the words were painted in gold, shining in the sunlight. Every word was at least the height of half a person, filled with the domineering aura of a monarch!

At this moment, there was a hundred men squadron stationed at the entrance of the villa with a healthy horse behind everyone. The eyes of the hundred men were extremely calm with a clear divine light in their eyes. The temples by the side of their heads were raised up high, obviously looking like experts of the pugilistic world.

The person at the very front had a refined scholarly appearance, with his beard flowing gently in the wind. He had red phoenix eyes, sharp nose, broad forehead, square face and an unrestrained vibe behind his imposing aura. He was dressed entirely in green with his posture upright, looking as though he was about to make a trip. He was the wisest person in the Xiao family, the younger brother of Xiao FengHan, Xiao FengYang.

By the side of Xiao FengYang was a plainly dressed young lady. Her fine black hair was like the waterfall, with a jade like face, arched eyebrows and clear eyes. Below her charming nose bridge, her lips were a red rosy color. Her body’s figure was extremely balanced, being a little fat if she put on a little more weight and looking a little skinny if she lost any more weight. She was indeed a beauty who could cause nations to topple! She was the precious jewel of the Xiao family, Xiao YanXue!

Xiao FengHan walked out from the inside and the hundred-plus people bowed to him respectfully.

"FengYang, when you go to the Sky Bearing Empire this time, it would be best if things go your way. If it doesn’t go your way, it is best for you to pull out early with your safety as the number one priority. You can make the decision for everything on the ground and you do not need to be too concerned about the losses and gains. You are someone who my Xiao family cannot lose!" Xiao FengHan’s tone was solemn and cautious.

After he heard about the news, he was first excited. But after thinking about it, he felt as though something was wrong. To stir up a storm in such a critical period, Xiao FengHan would not believe that there wasn’t a scheme hiding within it, even if his head was chopped off! Especially since the Sky Bearing Empire was the territory of that little devil, how could Xiao FengHan not be worried?

But if he were to give up the matter and ignore it completely, Xiao FengHan felt that it was a waste of this chance. After much consideration, Xiao FengHan personally picked out his second brother, Xiao FengYang, who was resourceful and extremely careful. Xiao FengHan was extremely certain that with his second brother’s brains and might, he may be able to contend with Ling Tian. Even if he wasn’t able to do so, he would definitely be able to make a full retreat.

As for sending Xiao YanXue as well, it was Xiao FengHan’s precautionary measure. While Xiao YanXue was still young, she was extremely intelligent and shrewd, being one of the most outstanding person of her generation! Together with the fact that a female was more meticulous, she would definitely be of great help to Xiao FengYang. If not for the fact that Xiao YanXue was a lady, he would have definitely made her the successor to the Xiao family.

Besides that, he had another thought, "The Sky Bearing Empire is the territory of the little monster after all. If Xiao FengYang were to frustrate him with his actions, Xiao FengYang may not even be able to return!" After all, while the world may ignore Ling Tian’s existence, Xiao FengHan had personally experienced the wisdom of this brat. He had paid close attention to Ling Tian in these few years, understanding the strength which Ling Tian grasped. As long as Xiao YanXue was present, she would be able to serve as a buffer. First, Xiao YanXue was Xiao FengHan’s only granddaughter and her status would make one cautious about touching her. Second, Old Madam Ling had always loved and doted on Xiao YanXue, with the both of them even exchanging letters over the years. In case anything goes wrong, she should be able to serve as a mediator. Third, Xiao YanXue was related to a huge gamble between both their families. If Ling Tian does not want to hand over half of his family’s wealth, he would definitely have to be polite to Xiao YanXue. Fourth, there was a vague intent of using her as a honey trap. Facing such a beauty, even if she were to really make a mistake, which man on earth can bear to kill her?

"Rest assured elder brother, when this foolish younger brother goes there this time, I will definitely not let you down!" Xiao FengYan replied with a smile, ignoring his elder brother’s concern as he thought to himself, "At the very most, Ling Tian is just a young man who is still wet behind the ears. Is he worth so much attention? Us brothers had roamed unhindered in the world for a few decades already. Since when have we been afraid of anyone?"

Xiao FengHan was naturally able to read his younger brother’s thoughts. Xiao FengHan knew that everything about this brother of his was good, apart from the fact that he was too arrogant. That bad habit of his was something which had never been corrected. Xiao FengHan then let out a long sigh as he warned again, "Second brother, YanXue, when the both of you go to the Sky Bearing Empire, the both of you would definitely face Ling Tian from the Ling family. The both of you must bear this in mind, do not be careless!!" Xiao FengHan purposely emphasized on his last few words.