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Chapter 131: Coincidental Meeting

Chapter 131: Coincidental Meeting

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"Ah ah, that lass, Xuan… Err, nothing much. She is extremely ugly, extremely mischievous, extremely playful, extremely cute, extremely despicable, extremely beautiful, extremely alluring, extremely flirty, extremely gentle, extremely pleasant and also extremely unreasonable. Such a headache." Just when Madam Wei wanted to brag about her own daughter, she suddenly understood what Chu Ting’er meant and began to stutter. At the same time, she thought to herself with frustration, "This darn lass, actually going to find that number one silkpants in private. She is really too bold! If this matter were to spread, how would I be able to find someone to marry her? Who would dare to risk offending the number one family in the Sky Bearing Empire and accept my daughter?" In that instant, the expression on her face became ugly.

Being someone who gained the approval of Old Madam Ling, how was it possible for her to be someone foolish? With her acute senses, it was as though she would be able to detect anything in the world. However, it was as though she was completely unable to tell that Madam Wei did not want to continue. In fact, she also ignored the obvious look of disgust on Madam Wei’s face. Since the bow was already taut, there is no choice but to fire the arrow. Thus, Chu Ting’er could only grit her teeth and continue, "Elder sister, this little sister really likes your XuanXuan. That lass also isn’t young already, right? Look at her looks and figure, there really isn’t any part of her that isn’t beautiful. I also heard that she doesn’t have any marriage plans yet, right? I can tell that XuanXuan is a little…"

"Err, this, ah ah, little sister, it’s like this! Let us not talk about this matter today. Ah ah ah, besides that, it wouldn’t be of any use for me to promise you anything. It’s not like you don’t know, that temper of my husband is as stubborn as a donkey. He is just too much of a chauvinist and all the decisions at home must be made by him…" Helpless, Madam Wei could only direct all of the trouble to her husband.

"That’s right, that’s right, your husband is the most straightforward and honest person in the Sky Bearing Empire. The rare thing about him is how he is uncorrupted in his ways, gaining the love of the people. At home, he is an extremely loving figure and should naturally be the decision maker for all the huge things at home. However, all of the small things at home is all decided by elder sister. You don’t seem to have anything big at home to trouble your husband with and all the small things at home are all controlled by elder sister. Which of us sisters aren’t envious about you controlling… I mean having mutual respect for each other." Chu Ting’er replied excitedly, not letting Madam Wei finish her sentence.

"Err… ah ah ah… this… younger sister, XuanXuan is still young and this elder sister does not wish to tie her down too early. Your child is just too exceptional…" Madam Wei replied bitterly.

"That’s right, that’s right. Elder sister, both of us are equally worried for our children, "Chu Ting’er added on with a sigh, "that little brat of mine is going to worry this little sister to death. From young till old, I have only seen him talking to your XuanXuan; his face would always turn red when talking to other ladies…"

"Cough cough cough… cough cough cough… cough cough cough…" Before Chu Ting’er could finish, Madam Wei who had drank a mouth of tea was already choking with tears in her eyes and face red.

"Ah? Elder sister, what is wrong? Why aren’t you careful when drinking tea?" Chu Ting’er patted Madam Wei’s back lightly and said gently.

Madam Wei rolled her eyes as she thought to herself, "Your son is honest? Your son’s face will turn red when talking to ladies?? Even the ghosts wouldn’t believe that! Who knows how many females he harmed already. How can I let my daughter jump into that crater!"

"My goodness, I am really someone who face will turn red when talking to a lady, a virgin who had never touched any females!" Our main character, Ling Tian, shouted out at the top of his voice outside of the painting.

"Elder sister, both of them really look like a match made in heaven. Since they are still young, we can set a…" Before Chu Ting’er got a chance to finish, Madam Wei, who was still coughing, disappeared swiftly as though she knew how to fly.

The next moment, Madam Wei was already bidding her farewell to Consort Ling Ran. Then, Madam Wei, who had already calmed down, came in front of Chu Ting’er and said, "Little sister, this elder sister suddenly remembered that I have something important to do at home. I won’t be accompanying younger sister anymore. I hope that younger sister will forgive me. We will definitely have the chance to have a good conversation in the future again. Let us meet again next year!" As she finished, she did not wait for Chu Ting’er to reply and took her leave hurriedly. The way she left in a hurry, it looked as though her house was on fire.

Chu Ting’er rolled her eyes in anger as she began to curse Ling Tian in her heart. However, she quickly suppressed her anger as she thought to herself, "While Madam Wei has left, there are still many madams here who has a daughter in their family…"

Chu Ting’er then walked towards the wife of General Shen with a warm smile…

This was originally a gathering which would last for a very long time. But due to Chu Ting’er’s presence, the duration of this gathering was dramatically shortened…

Just when Chu Ting’er was racking her head to find a way to bluff a wife back for her son, Ling Tian was out shopping with the two pretty ladies.

It was just because Miss Yu was just too curious about how Ling Tian managed to have his infamous name of being a silkpants spread all across the continent. In the heart of Miss Yu, young noble Ling was a suave, cultured and talented man. How can such a perfect person become the number one silkpants of the Sky Bearing Empire?!

Especially after Yu BingYan cultivated the Mysterious Yin Essence Heart Sutra in the morning, she realized that she was indeed able to cultivate this inner Qi formula. After she was able to make a full circulation of inner Qi in her body, she was extremely overjoyed, almost causing her inner Qi to become disorderly.

Miss Yu, who wanted to adjust her emotion, pulled Ling Tian along and demanded that she wanted to see the silkpants side of Ling Tian. Originally, Ling Tian already intended to go out to witness the useless search of the Yang family. Thus, he brought both the ladies out of his mansion, looking as though they were out for a casual walk.

The moment they left the mansion, Yu BingYan was startled by Ling Tian’s change in personality. This young noble began to smile evilly, with his eyes cruising along the body of every female who walks past him. At the same time, he let out an evil chuckle every now and then, wolf whistling at every corner, frightening all of the ladies on the streets.

The hat which Ling Tian wore was slanted with a few strands of hair drooping down, further increasing his evil look. The buttons by his chest were loosened, revealing half of his inner clothing as he walked about arrogantly. His whole body looked extremely skinny without an ounce of meat on it, looking completely like a domineering silkpants. There was not a bit of his usual charm, elegance and culture. (Author’s note: The ‘usual’ here refers to how he usually is when interacting with Miss Yu)

If Yu BingYan did not know that all of these were faked, she would probably want to spit at him the moment she sees him and walk away immediately! It was just too derogatory and embarrassing to even walk by his side! But even knowing that all of these were faked, Yu BingYan felt as though she had just eaten a fly. She was almost wondering if that gentle and elegant young noble Ling and this disgusting and repulsive person is the same person…

In the front, Ling Tian suddenly grabbed a middle-aged man who tried his best to escape. The Ling family guards behind him would naturally be able to recognize that the person Ling Tian grabbed was a guard of the Yang family. They already had a few encounters up till now. "Has the culprit who murdered NanGong Le been found?"

Seeing that he was grabbed by Ling Tian, that guard was startled but did not dare to retaliate. With a bitter expression, he replied, "Replying young noble Ling, we have not found the culprit."

"There are at least 10,000 of you are you cannot even catch a single culprit?? Is Yang KongQun that old brat feeding you guys for nothing? A bunch of useless trash! I really feel ashamed on behalf of Yang KongQun. If this young noble is Yang KongQun and my subordinates were so useless, I would have definitely found a rope to commit suicide! What a pity! How depressing! Yang KongQun, you should just commit suicide!" Ling Tian said dramatically with a high-pitched voice. The next moment, he attracted the attention of everyone on the streets as they turned over to look at the commotion.

The guard of the Yang family lowered his head in shame as he thought to himself, "How is it your business that we cannot catch the culprit? What rights do you have to question us like that? Meddlesome fellow! Bastard silkpants!"

Only after a round of scolding did Ling Tian finally let him go and continue to roam around the streets. As he walked along the streets, he was like a crab, taking almost half of the road.

Ling Chen and Yu BingYan followed behind him from afar as they looked around at any direction apart from Ling Tian. Their faces were filled with an expression which said, ‘I don’t know him’, ‘I really don’t know him’. Such an action was nothing new, Ling Chen had already trained out such an expression after going out with him for so many times. Thus, she still acted rather naturally. However, Miss Yu who followed them out today was a little different. As she looked around, she prayed silently, "Better not meet anyone I know. If I really meet someone I know, how am I going to explain this to them? Even if I say that I don’t know him, would they believe me? How embarrassing, how embarrassing!"

All of a sudden, there was a large bamboo pole erected in front of him with the words, ‘100% Accurate!’. It was right in front of Ling Tian!

Ling Tian had never bothered about these fortune telling things and brushed past the fortune teller. But right before that, he felt that his shoulder was lightly bumped into by this fortune teller!

Ling Tian immediately stopped as he sneered in his heart, "Still feigning! It’s best you feign for your whole lifetime! If you do not touch me, I will not be able to see through you. But now that you touch me, the next half of your life can no longer be decided by you…"