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Chapter 132: Green Dressed Fortune Teller

Chapter 132: Green Dressed Fortune Teller

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Although Ling Tian concealed his aura intentionally to prevent his inner Qi from emanating, he was still an inner Qi expert — no matter how ordinary he may look. Even if he walked in the bustling crowd, it was impossible for someone to bump into him without his notice at all! This was the natal instinct of an expert. Unless the person who bumps into him is at the same level like him, a top-class expert!

He turned around calmly and looked at the fortune teller with a smile which wasn’t like a smile.

The fortune teller looked like he was fifty to sixty years old; the color of his green robes had already faded from being washed too often. His loose clothes hung upon his skinny body and frail looking face. He had a thin beard and few strands of untidy white hair, with a haggard looking face as though he had not eaten for a few days already. He held up a green bamboo pole with a tattered white cloth with the words ‘100% Accurate’ written on it messily.

With a single look, he looked like an extremely poor scholar who had no choice but to come out and become a con artist. The way he looked, he did not seem the least bit reliable!

At this moment, he raised his head up while stroking his beard, trying his best to look like an elegant and refined scholar. However, no matter how hard he tried, he was just unable to mimic that elegance, making him seem even more vulgar.

"Fortune teller, you bumped into this young noble." While this green dressed man looked extremely vulgar, it made Ling Tian even more wary in his heart. The aura of a martial arts expert would definitely be leaked out no matter how hard they want to conceal it. If they want to completely conceal their aura, they would have to first reach the completed XianTian stage before being able to hide their aura completely. This fortune teller in front of him was someone like that, or at an even higher level!

Just when the storms were brewing in the Sky Bearing Empire, a top-notch expert like him actually appeared! An alarm bell immediately went off in Ling Tian’s head! He wouldn’t affect Ling Tian at all if he chose not to do anything. But the moment he decides to take action, he would definitely be a game changing factor in Ling Tian’s plans! But if he does not plan to do anything, why would he come to the Sky Bearing Empire at such a sensitive time?

Now, Ling Tian would not allow for there to be any uncertainties in his perfect plan! Thus, Ling Tian had to find out everything about this mysterious expert quickly! At the very least, Ling Tian will have to figure how great an effect this fortune teller would have on his plans.

"Fortune teller, you bumped into this young noble." This phrase, in the ears of a wise person would mean, "I have found you, there is no need for you to continue hiding."

"Ah ah, so sorry. The eyesight of this old man is failing. I never expected to disturb you, young noble. My crime deserves death." This green dressed fortune teller bowed respectfully. As he straightened his back, his eyes landed immediately on Ling Tian’s face! All of a sudden, it seemed as though he found out about something and a trace of surprise flashed passed his eyes before being quickly concealed. But, with the sharpness of Ling Tian’s eyes, he had already realized that flash of surprise in the fortune teller’s eyes and sneered in his heart.

"Young noble, aiyah, your facial features are really out of the ordinary. Your forehead is extremely full and face round…" As though it was a professional habit, the green dressed fortune teller began to help Ling Tian read his fortune. He rocked his head back and forth in a scholarly manner but his eyes were shining with greed, as though he found a wealthy individual to extort.

"... this is the sign of being a dragon among the commoners, the face of an emperor and monarch of the pugilistic world. Your future is limitless." Before the fortune teller could finish, Ling Tian had interrupted as they both of them said that same thing at the same time, starting and stopping at the same time without missing a single word. Even the tone of the ‘your future is limitless’ was completely the same! It was as though a teacher had just given a lesson and both the students were able to recite what the teacher said in unison and chemistry.

"Ah? Why do you know what I want to say? You are also from my sect…" As though he had seen a ghost, the green dressed fortune teller gasped. As he said that, the originally depressed Ling Chen and Yu BingYan began to burst out into giggles.

"Cheh! Nine out of ten of the con artists in the pugilistic world says the exact same thing. This young noble can already memorize the full script! You actually dared to try and scam me!" Ling Tian said with disdain. Looking at the fortune teller’s artificial expression, Ling Tian suddenly had the urge to smash his fist on the fortune teller’s face.

Acting like a pig to eat the tigers, hiding in secret to fool the crowd. That is this young noble’s trademark move! How dare you even try to mimic me! You are really thinking too highly of yourself!

"Err, ah ah ah, I see… hahaha, if that’s the case, this old man will take his leave." As though he was left speechless, the green dressed fortune teller let out an awkward chuckle and wanted to escape.

"Mister, hold up!" How would it be possible for Ling Tian to let him do as he wish? Thus, Ling Tian quickly held onto the fortune teller’s sleeves. What a joke, if he were to really disappear into the crowd, it would be like a clay ox in the sea, impossible to ever find him again!

It was best to control an unpredictable danger in his own hands!

"I said, you, bumped, into, me!" Ling Tian glared at the green dressed fortune teller, emphasizing each of his words with a pause in between. If someone ordinary were to hear the tone of Ling Tian’s words, he would probably faint right on the spot.

From Ling Tian’s reaction, Ling Chen immediately realized that something was wrong with the green dressed fortune teller. While she was unable to detect the cultivation of the green dressed fortune teller with her present cultivation, she trusted that her young noble would definitely not make a mistake. Moving silently, she quickly shifted herself behind the green dressed fortune teller. Then, she let out her aura and locked onto the green dressed fortune teller and his surroundings, sealing away all possible paths of escape.

This move was something which Ling Tian taught her; letting out her aura to lock onto her target. Furthermore, apart from the experts who reached the XianTian stage, no one else would be able to detect her aura. Putting it in Ling Tian’s words, he would say, "Confucius once said, silently and stealthily forcing someone into the depths of despair, isn’t that the most efficient."

However, Ling Chen’s cultivation was still not at that level yet. Just comparing their cultivation, this green dressed fortune teller’s cultivation was far more profound than hers. But by relying on Ling Tian’s aura to aid her, it was still a great threat to the green dressed fortune teller.

The green dressed fortune teller was extremely depressed in his heart. He could not stand Ling Tian’s arrogance behavior and wanted to bump into Ling Tian to teach Ling Tian a lesson with his own eloquence. Then, he will escape and forget about this matter. In any case, he was extremely certain that there was no one in the Sky Bearing Empire who would be able to block him, with his cultivation.

Furthermore, there were only a few people in the continent who would be able to see through his true cultivation and he even knew most of them. Thus, it was impossible for them to deal with him! Thus, the green dressed fortune teller was extremely confident, confident to the point it was almost conceit. However, his strength was enough to support his conceit.

After roaming around the continent without any opponent, that sense of superiority which he had developed over the years had already turned his originally careful personality to become more and more careless.

From afar, he thought that Ling Tian looked like a silkpants who was only capable of bullying others with borrowed strength and would be extremely easy to deal with. However, he never imagined that this lousy silkpants in his eyes was actually a living hades!

While he was not really afraid of this living hades, he would try to avoid these troubles as far as possible. ‘Everyone should sweep the snow of their own front yard and ignore the snow collecting on the roof of your neighbor’s house!’ This teaching by the ancestors really makes sense! The green dressed fortune teller sighed in his heart.

Who would have thought that the Ling Tian in front of him, the domineering silkpants teen, was actually an expert at the same level as himself! While the young lady behind him was weaker and not at the XianTian stage yet, her aura melded together with Ling Tian’s aura perfectly, fully displaying the chemistry the both of them had. If the both of them were to attack him together, their combined might would be far stronger than their individual strengths added up. He would probably face great difficulty to deal with the both of them together! If he wasn’t careful, it would be extremely likely for him to be injured or even dead. Don’t tell me my reputation will be ruined in the Sky Bearing Empire today?

A trace of praise appeared in Ling Tian’s eyes, extremely satisfied with Ling Chen’s reaction. The timing which Ling Chen chose was extremely perfect; choosing the moment where he had just revealed his own aura, getting into position before the green dressed fortune teller had a chance to react! Surrounding the green dressed fortune teller in a pincer attack, the green dressed fortune teller was completely caught off guard as the weak silkpants in front of him turned into a solid iron board! The little rabbit turned into a tiger! In shock, the aura of the green dressed fortune teller was still concealed and had not been unleashed yet. As such, he was already on the losing end if they were to compare their auras.

Now, the green dressed fortune teller did not even dare to move his fingers. If he were to make a wrong move, both Ling Tian and Ling Chen would take action immediately, striking him down with a decisive blow! A martial arts expert who was no weaker than Ling Tian, or perhaps even stronger, was trapped in such an awkward situation because of a moment of carelessness! It must be said that the silkpants appearance which Ling Tian displayed had indeed created a great effect!

Since things have already developed to such an extent, there was no need to think too much! The green dressed fortune teller calmed himself down, standing there steadily in the middle of the road as though he was a ten-thousand-year-old statue.

Ling Tian was also not willing to fight the green dressed fortune teller out in the open. While he would be able to gain the upper hand and even heavily injure his opponent to remove a huge threat, his own strength would definitely be exposed! Furthermore, from the strength of his opponent displayed, while Ling Tian was certain that he would be able to heavily injure him, Ling Tian did not have the confidence to do so without any injury! If he were to be injured in such a critical period, the losses would far exceed the gains! Furthermore, it was also not in his character to make an enemy for himself for no good reason.