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Chapter 133: Competing in Internal Strength

Chapter 133: Competing in Internal Strength

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The green robed fortune teller was definitely not as useless as he looked; this person had already experienced the mortal dust for a long period of time. Because the fortune teller believed that his eyesight was good, and precisely because he could see through Ling Tian, he was able to be at ease and use his life as a bet. Since the person was so obsessed with hiding himself, why would he bother to make a move against him? Furthermore, even if Ling Tian were to really make a move, though he would be gravely injured, but that lady behind him would also suffer nonetheless from forcibly activating her powers, since she had not reached the required stage to do battle with them. In a situation where both sides had nothing to gain, why would they bother to pick a fight?

All these thoughts flashed past in the time it takes for a spark to be produced. As for Yu BingYan and company, they were still far from having the ability to compete in the upper level of strength, and thus could only watch on in confusion. Just as everyone was at a loss, Ling Tian suddenly burst out into laughter.

"The fortune telling abilities of Mister are simply mysterious and unpredictable, it fills this young noble with admiration! If Mister does not find me a nuisance, Ling Tian would like to treat you to a drink and have a good discussion. I can also ask Mister to help me to read my fortune in detail, would that be ok?"

Once these words left his mouth, those standing beside him stared in shock. A moment ago, the very same person was accusing the fortune teller of being a liar. But in just a blink of an eye, the liar became an expert of a generation? Ling Tian even took the initiative to ask him for a prediction!

After Ling Tian smiled, the green robed fortune teller suddenly felt the mighty pressure in front of him vanish like a breeze, along with the rest of his suspicions. He was also someone of status, and also fond of talents. Thus, he did not blame the duo for attempting to sneak an attack on him, instead letting out a smile of curiosity, "Young Noble has invited me so graciously, if I were to refuse, that would be not knowing how to appreciate favors."

Inside this sentence, a faint trace of praise was hidden. One had to know that for such a top-class expert like himself to have a confrontation like just now, where he had been placed in a disadvantageous position before they even made a move, was actually few and far between; no matter what sort of tricks Ling Tian had pulled in order to achieve what he did, it was still the first time out of his decades-long life that he had suffered from such a disadvantage! As such, he could not help but have a surge of curiosity. No matter the alignment of the youth, be it good or evil, to have someone of his young age standing at the top of the martial world, in the vast earth, he would probably be the only one!

Ling Tian pulled at the left hand of the fortune teller affectionately, rushing straight towards a small tavern at the roadside. The counter staff, upon seeing that it was Young Noble Ling, hurriedly came out of the place to personally welcome him in, while groaning in misery inwardly. However, he did not dare to show any hesitation. Before Ling Tian had opened his mouth, the owner had already arranged the best room in the place for him!

After bidding the guards to settle themselves comfortably outside, Ling Tian rushed the man into their room impatiently. However, when Ling Chen and Yu BingYan followed in, he could not help but frown a little.

Ling Chen immediately caught his meaning, turning to Yu BingYan and saying, "Miss Yu, I have a feeling young noble would be discussing some business. It might be inconvenient for us women to remain here, so how about we take a walk outside?"

Yu BingYan hesitated for a little, but seeing that Ling Tian did not urge them to stay, could not help but feel a little disappointed as she nodded her head.

Seeing the two females head out of the door, Ling Tian signalled with his eyes and four of the guards outside stood up to follow them.

"Haha, this servant lass of young noble is certainly bright, and possesses high martial talent. Furthermore, she understands you perfectly; this is hard to find, really hard." The green robed fortune teller looked at the figures of the two women walking out. However, what he focused on was Ling Chen’s silhouette and his words seemed to carry a deeper meaning.

Ling Tian merely smiled as he picked up the teapot and filled their cups, before saying slowly, "Mister is generous with his praises, for someone of Mister’s status, this lass would be considered mediocre at most, unable to put in your eyes."

The fortune teller in question smiled in return as he replied, "Sending such a capable assistant out while you face off with this old man alone, aren’t you scared that this old man would take advantage of you? Based on what I can tell, although young noble’s skills are good, they’re only half of what this old man possesses!"

Ling Tian laughed, his brows raising up suggestively as he retorted, "Senior is pulling my leg. Why would Senior do such a thing?"

The green robed man was caught unaware as he paused for a moment, before bursting out into laughing, "This small friend here turns out to be such a clever person!"

Ling Tian waved his hands at the compliment, giving a smile that was not a smile as he said, "Senior is overpraising me, I could say the same of you!"

However, Ling Tian was inwardly thinking, ‘Even if you were to try something against me, do you think I would really be afraid? Let’s not talk about the fact that your strength is only a notch above mine, this doesn’t mean you have an advantage. Just based on the high quality concealed weapons I’m carrying, it would be enough to let you die thrice over without me having to move from my seat! You bunch of backdated people still wielding your blunt weapons, how would you understand the formidable might of concealed weapons?’

"May I know the purpose of this little friend calling me over, is it to tell me something?" The fortune teller smiled as he questioned. The fortune teller had already put aside the formalities of a vastly different age, instead becoming more natural and unrestrained. In just a wave of a hand, he no longer bothered with his disguise and a sense of natural elegance emanated from his posture, worlds apart from his previously wretched appearance.

"I wouldn’t dare, it’s just that I was surprised about someone of senior’s calibre appearing in Sky Bearing Empire." Ling Tian lowered his eyes, as he picked up the teacup in front of him, blowing on it gently. His tone was light and indifferent, as though he did not put it in his heart.

The green robed fortune teller remained indifferent on the surface, but deep inside he was already smouldering; are you trying to interrogate me? I am already giving you a great deal of face by following you here. How dare you use such a tone against me! This old man here has walked unhindered for decades, why would I allow myself to be at the beck and call of a baby like you? I originally thought you were deeply hidden and considerably polite, but I’m disappointed! Looks like I have to give you a small lesson...

Seeing Ling Tian bring the teacup to his lips, the fortune teller’s expression turned frosty as his right hand flipped upwards without making a sound, touching the teacup. A strand of pure internal energy flowed out of his palm, wrapping itself tightly around the teacup in Ling Tian’s hands like silk.

The teacup that was moving in Ling Tian’s hands suddenly halted in mid-air! Ling Tian flicked his sleeves, almost releasing his entire body’s worth of hidden weapons on him. He then realised that the fortune teller’s objective was just his teacup and realized the fortune teller’s motive immediately. A sense of deep respect arose from his heart.

Even under the situation of utter disrespect from him, the fortune teller only applied slight pressure as a form of demonstration and did not fly into a rage! Just based on this, his mental state was a lot stronger than most others.

Seeing how he did not make any other moves after coming into contact with the teacup, Ling Tian understood that the fortune teller’s intention was to actually compare their strengths. By showing his prowess, the fortune teller merely wanted to intimidate Ling Tian, leading him to relax a great deal. The immensely pure XianTian internal energy steadily flowed from Ling Tian’s hands as well, coming into contact with the teacup, and also paused at there.

A tiny and ordinary teacup made of clay, turned into a battlefield for two masters of internal strength in an instant! Both of them raised their heads at the same time, smiling at the other, then urged their internal force simultaneously!

The fortune teller’s objective was to take over the teacup from Ling Tian’s hands, while Ling Tian’s was to send the tea into his mouth! After inciting their strength, the duo’s body only jerked once, before the both of them froze like two wooden dummies.

The teacup was suspended in the middle of the two, the tea in the middle constantly in a state of change. One moment, it was frothing and bubbling, almost boiling over, then another moment it fell back to the cup, emitting chill air as it underwent a flash freeze!

Ling Tian’s expression remained indifferent, although his brows were furrowed. The sleeve of his right hand holding his teacup did not move a single jolt all this while, drooping horizontally. His body resembled a thousand-year boulder, remaining rock solid and stable despite a thousand years of waves crashing against it, as though it were Mount Tai itself.

A faint smile hung on the face of the fortune teller, his left hand twirling idlily while his right hand seemed to be weakly propping up the teacup. His body was like a deep pool of water, full of endless strength!

Time ticked by slowly, second by second.

The sounds of merriment echoed from the outside, the din growing in intensity. It seemed like those guards who had followed Ling Tian over had gotten to know the people sitting inside and started to make merry amongst themselves. After a couple of beers, they started to shout and cheer, the sounds of cups clinking sounding more and more often.

The private room with the two of them remained eerily silent. The time taken to pour a cup of tea had already passed.

Ling Tian grew more and more shocked in his heart, repeatedly shouting ‘Oh my god’ to himself. As the saying goes, ‘Three years may pass without having a transaction, but one transaction allows you to eat for three years’, [1] Ling Tian had thought that he was at the pinnacle in Sky Bearing Capital. Though the words of humility hung off his mouth, he was arrogant in his heart, believing that he was number one under heaven. He had been cultivating the internal force of the purest XianTian internal energy since he was born, and his cultivation art was the at the epitome of all XianTian arts in his past life. Thus, he expected that he would have no competition on his road to success in this world!

How would he know that a random fortune teller he met on the streets would actually have the similar strength to his, and even stronger by a notch? This was not all, the person’s internal force was not only pure, it showed signs that he had already stepped into the XianTian stage! Ling Tian felt warier now. In this world, how many of such people existed? Could it be that his luck was so good that he could meet the number one expert in this world just by doing sightseeing? This was not very probable.

However, little did Ling Tian know that the fortune teller’s heart was already in a spectacular mess. If not for the fact that he had trained his mental state to a top-notch level, he would probably have his jaw drop at the scene now! Beforehand, he had already overestimated Ling Tian’s strength as much as possible. But now, he found out that this teen had actually already cultivated to such a profound stage!

[1]: The original meaning talks about how anything it takes time and investment at the beginning of something, but the rewards would be great once it comes to fruition. However, the author probably meant it literally as going by for a long time without encountering any martial arts opponent, but once he meets with one it just had to be an expert.