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Chapter 135: Peculiar Physiognomy

Chapter 135: Peculiar Physiognomy

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Following which, he heard Ling Chen saying softly, "Miss Yu, young noble is still talking to that sir. Why not we wait for him outside." After which, a soft, grudging acknowledgement could be heard as both Ling Chen and Yu BingYan walked out of the door.

"Ah ah, Mister is straightforward and upright, kind-hearted and honest. The meticulous and careful mind which Mister has really leave me in awe!" Ling Tian’s expression was unchanged, as though Ling Chen and Yu BingYan had never came before. He looked towards the green dressed fortune teller and said half-jokingly.

At the same time, Ling Tian waved the sleeves of his robes and the traces of their competition was completely removed from the table.

For Ling Tian to not praise the green dressed fortune teller for his martial arts but his meticulous mind, he naturally had his own reasons. The green dressed fortune teller also understood what Ling Tian meant and laughed, "Young noble is the brilliant one. At such a young age, you are able to have such a deep cultivation and brilliant character. In the decades of roaming about the secular would, it is the first time I met a talent such as yourself."

Ling Tian smiled and reached for another tea set. Then, he poured out a glass of tea calmly and raised in towards the green dressed fortune teller respectfully, "I have not asked what your name it?"

As though he was reminiscing, the green dressed fortune teller said, "This old man had roamed the pugilistic world for decades and have never mentioned my name. If you did not ask me about it today, this old man would have probably forgotten about my name." with a smile, he replied, "This old man has a surname of Ye and is called QingChen, Ye QingChen."

Ling Tian replied with an ‘oh’ and did not say any pleasantries like ‘I have long heard of your great name’ or ‘I have been looking forward to meeting you’. Ye QingChen was indeed a name which was completely foreign to Ling Tian. If not for the fact that Ling Tian was certain about the green dressed fortune teller’s character, Ling Tian would have probably thought that this name was something made up on the spot. If he were to really reply with such pleasantries, not to mention what the green dressed fortune teller would think, he would only feel disdain towards himself. Such words were just far too hypocritical! Besides, the green dressed fortune teller in front of him was obviously an extraordinary character who wanted to conceal himself. Based on his observation, Ling Tian was certain that the green dressed fortune teller was not lying.

"There are talents in the secular world and geniuses in the wilderness; Mister Ye is indeed worthy of this saying." Ling Tian praised. Up until now, he did not mention about their previous fight, as though he had completely forgotten about the matter.

A tinge of praise filled Ye QingChen’s eyes, "You flatter me, young noble is indeed a phoenix amongst the birds." as he said that, he studied Ling Tian’s face while stroking his beard.

"Young noble’s physiognomy is really interesting. This old man had helped countless of people tell their fortune in my lifetime. While I have seen a physiognomy like your before…" Ye QingChen’s expression gradually grew serious as he studied Ling Tian’s face seriously, with shock filling his face as time went on.

"Why did Mister stop halfway? Is Mister going to say that my forehead is an auspicious sign and I have a spiritual light in my eyes indicative that I am the reincarnation of a celestial? Or are you going to say that the responsibility of saving the world will lie on my shoulders?" Ling Tian joked.

"While you are not on point, you are not too far off. Did one of my fellow Mysterious Sect member tell your fortune before or help to change your fortune? No wonder!" The green dressed fortune teller said with realization.

"Oh? Ah ah, Mister, where did that come from? I was only joking previously!" Ling Tian was someone who did not believe in fortune telling at all. It can’t be helped, there were just far too many con artists in his previous life. Ling Tian was certain that if he were to cover his eyes with a black cloth and help others tell their fortune on the streets, he would also make a fortune out from that for sure.

"Young noble’s physiognomy is one of prosperity and will not have any worries in your life, there is no need for me to explain this. What makes me puzzled is young noble’s lifeline; young noble’s mountain roots are broken and you are missing the golden pillar. This is a sign of one who would die early. I once met someone with a similar physiognomy as young noble. Even with the protection of the meritorious deeds of his ancestors, he was unable to live past ten years of age. However, young noble had already lived passed that limit. Furthermore, eh?! This… this is far too strange…" Ye QingChen began to mumble to himself and was shocked by his own words.

"With young noble’s physiognomy, you should have passed away more than a decade ago. How can you still be alive on this world? This is not the most peculiar thing… if an expert from the Mysterious Sect used the Heaven Stealing Life Changing Art… but you…" perspiration began to flow down Ye QingChen’s face as he mumbled.

"Mister?" Ling Tian began to frown as he thought to himself, "What’s with this fellow? Is he trying to scare me?"

"Young noble’s mountain roots are destroyed… for someone who has such a physiognomy, it’s either you die in your mother’s womb or pass away shortly after being born. There has not been an exception up till now. Young noble does not have a single trace of my Mysterious Sect’s mystical means but you are able to live till today and even have an extraordinary ability. The lack of the golden pillar is really something puzzling! The golden pillar is special term which only my sect uses. It refers to the lifeline of a person. As long as a person is alive, the golden pillar would definitely not show signs of being broken. The moment it is broken, it can be seen from even a corpse! This… this…"

As Ye QingChen mumbled, he realized that whatever he said was something completely ludicrous and without logic! However, his many years of learning and experience could not be wrong for sure. He could not help but grow frustrated as he stared at Ling Tian’s face and clutched onto his beard, pulling off a few strands of hair without noticing.

These words, which even Ye QingChen himself felt was ridiculous, were like thunder in Ling Tian’s ears!

His mountain roots being destroyed probably refers to the poison he suffered from when he was still in his mother’s womb. If not for his spirit entering the foetus, that foetus would have definitely been reduced to a pool of blood water from that incident. It was almost certain that he would die an early death. As for the lack of the golden pillar, it was probably related to his previous life. While the body of his previous life passed away, it did not accompany his spirit into this world. Thus, forming such a peculiar sight on his physiognomy!

This green dressed fortune teller, Ye QingChen, was actually able to see this! This is definitely a mystical ability! Not only that, he is also a martial arts expert! Just who is he?! It is definitely impossible for me to bring such a character to my side; do I really have to destroy him?! Ling Tian was hesitant.

A while later, Ye QingChen snapped out from his daze as he said lifelessly, "It seems that this old man is inexperienced and unlearned. Young noble’s peculiarity seems so normal but yet mystical and inexplicable. This old man is certain that I will not be able to understand or explain such a physiognomy. It seems that this ‘100% accurate’ reputation has been ruined in young noble’s hands." as he said that, there was a sense of desolation and discouragement.

Ever since Ye QingChen became accomplished, he never felt proud due to his martial arts accomplishments. But towards his fortune telling, he would never be unduly humble. In fact, he would even think that he is the number one fortune teller in the world from time to time! He indeed had a set of mystical skills, observing the seven empires with no one being able to escape his observations. As long as he were to put effort into telling the fortune of a person, he can be said to be 100% accurate! Up until today, there had never been a person who he failed to tell his fortune.

But when he faced Ling Tian today, he felt that his words contradicted each other and were completely incoherent. At the very end of his fortune telling, he even began to doubt himself! He could not help but be depressed in his heart.

However, he never knew that those few sentences, which even he thought was nonsense, was completely spot on! In that instant, a huge wave rose in Ling Tian’s heart!

At this moment, Ye QingChen felt that Ling Tian was like a mystical dream, completely unable to be seen through. However, little did he know that he was also mysterious and mystical in Ling Tian’s eyes! Can I really bear to kill someone like him? Is such a character really someone I can bring myself to kill? Ling Tian made a decision in his heart!

"Ah ah ah, Mister does not need to be like that. The study of fortune telling has always been illusory, vague and never had any theory as foundation. Whether it’s real or fake, true or false, why is there a need to bother so much about that? Be it riches or honor, being born of noble or lowly birth, everyone will still end up being buried into the earth! With regards to the study of fortune telling, this junior isn’t interested to study it deeply. I only hope that I will not waste my life away. As long as I can do what I want to do, I will have no regrets in life." While Ling Tian had already made the decision to let this fortune teller off, his heart was still trembling. Even with his cultivation, Ling Tian’s heart found it difficult to accept the fact that he could be seen through so easily! He thus changed the topic quickly, afraid to continue on this heart wrenching topic!

"Haha, young noble is right, this old man was too stubborn." Ye QingChen was also someone who could let go of things easily. He then gave a carefree smile and lifted up his teacup, "Cheers!" Treating the tea as wine, he offered a toast to Ling Tian.

Ling Tian chuckled and drank a mouth of his tea as well. In nervousness and agitation, he almost choked on the mouth of tea. "While this old man cannot see through young noble’s physiognomy, I can be sure about one thing!" Now that he had calmed down, Ye QingChen reverted back to his old ways and twiddled with his beard again. Only then did he realize that a few strands were missing and could not help but feel a wave of heartache.

"Oh? I wonder what Mister can be certain about?" Ling Tian asked solemnly. Facing this fortune teller, Ling Tian was just unable to read his thoughts at all!

Ye QingChen’s face turned serious, displaying a look of seriousness, "The world will definitely be stirred by you!" His words were as resounding as a ball of metal being smashed on the floor.

"Hahaha…" Ling Tian laughed, "Mister really knows how to joke. Ling Tian is only a complete silkpants. What rights do I have to make the world stir for me? Such a saying, who would ever believe it. Does Mister really believe it?"

However, Ye QingChen did not laugh. He looked at Ling Tian and said slowly and profoundly, "Young noble’s words naturally have their meaning. This Ye will ask you, do you believe it?"