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Chapter 142: Best Wine Snack

Chapter 142: Best Wine Snack

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After returning to the Ling mansion, Ling Tian invited Ye QingChen to his own courtyard. After which, he gave a few instructions to Ling Chen and went to pay his respects to his grandparents and parents. Then, he went to visit Mister Qin. With regards to Mister Qin’s health, Ling Tian had always been extremely worried. The death of one’s spouse was not something a person would be able to walk out of easily in a mere few years. Only after seeing that Mister Qin was still healthy and slowly regaining his spirit did Ling Tian let down his worries.

Yu BingYan was also an intelligent person and knew that it wasn’t suitable for her to participate in every of Ling Tian’s affairs. Thus, she also went back to her room and had an early night.

After Ling Tian returned to his courtyard, Ye QingChen had already waited till his neck was long.

Ling Tian laughed and said, "Old brother, do not be anxious. I will definitely have a good drink with old brother tonight! But before we drink good wine, we must first calm our hearts and soothe our temper. If not, the best of wines would become tasteless even if it enters our mouth. Don’t tell me old brother forgot about what happened just now? There is little that can escape this little brother’s eyes with regards to wine."

Ye QingChen was instantly enlightened as his face turned red and felt embarrassed. His interest had already been piqued by Ling Tian and he was indeed extremely anxious currently. He could not help but smile, "Brother, how do you know so much at such a young age? You don’t look like a 15 to 16-year-old teen but a 60 to 70-year-old fox instead. No no… I’m afraid you must be a 100-year-old sly fox at the very least. If not, how can you have such brilliant accomplishments?"

Both of them burst out into laughter together.

A short while later, Ling Chen walked into the room with a few others, each holding onto a wooden box. They walked into the room respectfully, placed the box down before taking their leave with a bow. Ling Tian then instructed, "Chen’er, go and fetch some wine snacks."

Ling Chen acknowledged and walked out of the room.

After the wooden boxes entered the room, Ye QingChen felt that this small room was suddenly filled with a dense and unique wine fragrance. At times it seemed so elegant, at times it seemed so dense. It seemed as though it was out of the secular realm but yet as though it was intoxicated with worldly affairs. The fragrances from the many different wines mixed with each other, but yet the fragrance of every single wine was so distinct. From just the fragrance of the wine, it had already surpassed any other wine which Ye QingChen had ever tasted in his life! By just smelling the fragrance of the wine, Ye QingChen felt as though his whole body was light and floating. Seeing the six wooden boxes in front of him, he could immediately tell that there were six jugs of wine in front of him.

Thinking about how he would be able to taste such otherworldly fine wine, and actually having the fortune of tasting six of them, the originally steady and calm mental state of Ye QingChen began to grow flustered. He stroked his beard with his hand as his eyes were already shut in intoxication.

The door then opened again and Ling Chen walked in with a small jade plate. In the center of the tray, there was a plate made of white jade. The plate was filled with round bean sized balls which were red in color.

Ye QingChen then remembered about what Ling Tian said about the ‘real wine snacks’. He could not help but take a curious look at what kind of magnificent thing this young wine saint would bring out as the ‘real wine snack’.

Taking a look over, Ye QingChen’s eyes widened as his jaw dropped in shock. Only after a short while did he look at Ling Tian, pointing to the plate with his finger trembling, "Err… brother, this… is what you were talking about the… real wine snacks?" His tone was filled with incredulity.

In the center of the intricately designed white jade dish, it was filled with over a hundred shelled peanuts!

Ling Tian smiled and nodded, "That’s right!" The words he said were confident and as though it was only to be expected.

Ye QingChen felt a ball of anger rising in his heart.

You invited me to your place just to eat peanuts?! You, are you making a fool out of me?

"Old brother, it seems that you are still… ah ah ah… perhaps I can only say that old brother likes to drink but don’t know how to drink." Ling Tian smiled profoundly.

"Why is this so, this Ye would like to hear the reason." Ye QingChen was both angered but yet found it to be a joke. ‘This old man had been drinking wine for my whole lifetime and you actually dare to say that I don’t know how to drink?! I want to hear what kind of reason you have.’ Unknowingly, he changed the way he addressed himself back, as though he wanted to say that their brotherhood would end right here if Ling Tian could not provide him with a satisfactory reply!

"For all those who love wine, drinking wine is a kind of enjoyment and tasting wine is a supreme boundary! The wine would definitely contain the sourness and sweetness of life. The wine would definitely contain the bitterness and spiciness of the world. The hundreds of different emotions of the world can all be presented in a glass of wine! A different person with a different character would be able to taste a different flavor from the same glass of wine. What does old brother think about that?" Ling Tian said confidently as he began his theory of wine.

Ye QingChen’s brows furrowed as he nodded his head.

"Be it tasting or drinking wine, the only request of every wine drinker would be to have a good wine! When it is accompanied with any kind of dish, it can make the wine lose its original taste and cause one to be unable to fully appreciate the flavor of the wine! But if one drinks the wine without anything to go with it, it would harm the body and intoxicate the mind. As such, there are only a few dishes which don’t affect the taste of the wine that can be called the best wine snack. These peanuts do not have a strong flavor and its taste is both natural and refined. This can be said to be the best wine snack. First, it would not harm the taste of the wine. Second, it would not harm the body. Ah ah ah… this is the reason why this little brother thinks that it is the best wine snack!"

While a smile was plastered over Ling Tian’s face, there was a tinge of reminiscing in his eyes. When he was in the pits of despair in his previous life, his martial arts crippled and thrown out of the sect, he could only feel nothing but hopelessness and desperation in his heart. If not for the peanuts which were grown underground, Ling Tian would have probably starved to death, much less get his revenge in the future. Just from this reason alone, it was enough for Ling Tian to recognize the peanuts to be the best wine snack in the world. While the words he said were logical, how could it be possible that peanuts were the only dish in the world that do not harm the body and flavor of wine?

If Ling Tian were to say such a thing in his previous life, he would probably be drowned in banana and watermelon skins instantly! But when Ye QingChen heard what Ling Tian said, he felt as though Ling Tian made a great deal of sense! In this instant, he felt that this teen did indeed live up to his name of being a wine saint!

"Brother does indeed make sense. As compared to brother’s depth of knowledge, this old brother here can be said to have lived my life for nothing. I am indeed someone who only like to drink wine." Ye QingChen lamented.

"Ah ah, old brother praises me too much." Ling Tian then glanced at Ling Chen before continuing, "Today, this little brother had asked this lass to bring out six fine wine which this little brother brewed personally. I shall accompany old brother to gaze at the moon while we enjoy the wine!"

"Hahaha, I would love to do so!" Ye QingChen burst out into laughter. Looking at the six wooden boxes, he could not help but twiddle his fingers anxiously as he drooled with desire.

Ling Tian smiled and gave a signal. Then, Ling Chen walked over and opened the first wooden crate, taking a jug of wine out.

While they were all brewed by him personally, Ling Tian did not dare be careless either. He took the jug of wine over carefully and broke the seal on the jug. In that instant, a dense aroma permeated out from the jug, filling the room with a dense wine fragrance. As Ling Tian tilted the jug, the clear and creamy wine was poured out from the jug. Up until the end, Ling Tian lifted the jug of wine up higher and higher as the line of wine being poured out became thinner and thinner. But even until it was thread like thin, the line of wine was never broken!

"This little brother calls this wine ‘Drunk Immortal’s Soul’. It was made from the essence of five different crops, basking in the sun and drying in the air for three days and night. It is then fermented and brewed nine times each. After which, the wine is buried into the earth for three years to remove the spiciness of the wine and increase the density and thickness of the wine. Old brother, I wonder if this wine is to your liking?"

Ye QingChen picked up the glass of wine like it was treasure, as his usually steady hands began to tremble. He then lifted the glass up to his lips and took a small sip of the wine. In that instant, he felt a strange warm liquid flow down his throat as a wave of warmth filled his body with comfort. He then felt like his soul was floating on the clouds as he closed his eyes and reminisced the taste. Only after a long while later did he open his eyes with a bright light, "Good wine!! It is indeed one of its kind and lives up to its name!!"

Ling Tian smiled and waved his hands. Ling Chen then walked forward and shifted the glass cup away from Ye QingChen. She then placed a cup made of white jade in front of him and a tray of clear water. In that instant, Ye QingChen revealed a puzzled expression.

By the side, Ling Tian had already placed down his jug of ‘Drunk Immortal’s Soul’ and picked up another jug of wine. He then smiled, "Old brother, this little brother is not trying to make things up. When one drinks many different kinds of wine at once, it is best to change to a different cup for a different wine. Fine wine must definitely be accompanied with a fine glass. The fine glass would be able to help bring out the taste of the wine. Old brother, please rinse your mouth first so you can better taste the flavor of the next wine. If the flavor of both wines end up mixing with each other, how would you be able to taste the beauty of the next wine?"

With enlightenment, Ye QingChen said, "That’s right, that’s right, the saying ‘Hearing a gentleman’s words beats ten years of studying’ is indeed true. This simple sentence by you already triumphs over my decades of knowledge." He then lifted up the clear water and rinsed his mouth before sitting back upright.

The wine which flowed out from Ling Tian’s jug was like a viscous like juice with its aroma filling the room. The wine is light yellow in color, making it seem extremely royal and illusory.

"This wine is called ‘Luna Fragrance’." Ling Tian said calmly, "This is made from the essence of an eighth month cassia accompanied with the essence of five different grains. It is then brewed and fermented nine times each and buried under a cassia tree for at least three years before this wine is formed. Old brother, please try a glass!"