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Chapter 145: Yang Family“s Scheme

Chapter 145: Yang Family's Scheme

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"This old man is only a fortune teller roaming the pugilistic world; the both of you do not need to be so paranoid. But, if this old man really wants to do something to your little princess, what can the both of you do about it?" While Ye QingChen’s arms were weak from drinking, his mind was still extremely clear. Ling Tian was already gathering his inner Qi and was obviously enraged by how the both of them were so unruly in his own house. So what if they were from the Yu family?

"What are the both of you doing?!" The door opposite creaked open and Yu BingYan walked out, "This Mister Ye is also my friend." Yu BingYan’s face was filled with both anger and awkwardness. While the both of them were concerned about her own safety, they were still guests in the Ling family. Such an action is akin to overwhelming the authority of their hosts and was extremely inappropriate.

The moment Yu BingYan said that, XueLeng and XueFei no longer had any doubts. As long as this person had no ill-intent towards the princess, the both of them could not be bothered with who he was, regardless of his abilities. What was the point for them brothers to provoke such an enemy for nothing? Thinking about how he was able to make them shiver from just his aura previously, their hearts could not help but tremble.

Ling Tian then lifted his head and looked at Yu BingYan profoundly. Then, he walked past XueLeng and XueFei and entered the guest room. Since Yu BingYan had already came out, he would definitely not be able to do anything to the both of them. Listening to Yu BingYan’s exasperated, angry and anxious complains to XueLeng and XueFei, Ling Tian let out a sigh. After Ye QingChen heard Ling Tian’s sigh, he also let out a delighted chuckle.

Ling Tian walked out of the guest room, the moonlight like water, covering the skies with a shade of silver. The shadow of the rack of grapes were slanted and there seemed to be someone standing there.

As Ling Tian walked there silently, he realized that the person was Yu BingYan. Wanting to hear what this lass was doing here, Ling Tian concealed himself in the shadows.

Yu BingYan was dressed in a white dress as she stood by the rack of grapes weakly, her head looking up at the moon. For a long time, she was motionless and silent.

Just when Ling Tian felt that she was acting extremely strange, he heard the sound of water droplets and his heart clenched. Looking over in the night, Yu BingYan’s face was filled with tear drops glistening in the moonlight.

This young lady was of noble birth but yet extremely pitiful. When it is dead in the night, she was gazing at the moon alone and tearing silently!

Her shoulders trembled as the tears on her face gradually formed a small pool and dripped down...

A long while later, a sigh filled with despair and helplessness sounded from Yu BingYan’s mouth. She then mumbled, "Because Chang’e stole the elixir, she became lonely every night! Celestial Chang’e, I am really envious of you; you have an eternity to think about your lover. While it is extremely bitter and painful, it is also a form of happiness. As for me, I have the one I like by my side but I am only able to look at him silently. Even if I have the time to think about him, it isn’t much…

I wish, I wish I can abandon everything and ignore everything. Throw away all my responsibilities and spend the last few years of my life happily. No! Even if it is a few months or days would be fine too… I don’t dare, I just don’t dare… I will end up harming him, end up harming him. If I can, I would rather he die before me and let me endure the pain of endless longing. I also don’t want him to see me heart-broken in front of him when I die… In a few more days, I will have to leave already. Tian’ge will only continue to exist in my dreams… I can’t bear to, I really can’t bear to… Why? Why must the heavens be so cruel?"

Tear rolled down Yu BingYan’s cheeks like raindrops and the sound of water droplets became more and more concentrated. A cool breeze then went by and made Yu BingYan’s clothes flutter in the winds. At this moment, Yu BingYan’s frail body looked as though it was about to be blown away in the wind.

Swish! A soft swish sounded and there was a flash of light. As Ling Tian looked over, Yu BingYan was already holding onto a short sword, gleaming coldly in the moonlight. With a light wave, a strand of her hair floated down, "Tian’ge, I will not be able to accompany you in this life. I hope that this strand of my hair will be buried in your Ling family forever." Yu BingYan said with a dim, ant like voice.

The night was silent as the moonlight shone on the Ling mansion, as though it was trying to comfort this pitiful lady…

The shadow moved as the tears on Yu BingYan’s face glistened in the moonlight.

In the dark, Ling Tian was standing silently as his face contorted in agony… His fists were clenched tight with his nails digging into his flesh and blood flowing down silently…

BingYan, Yan’er, I Ling Tian, will definitely cure you!! Ling Tian’s lips pursed up as his brows stood up straight!

The night passed slowly as the both of them, one in the dark and the other in the light, stood there absorbed in their thoughts…

In the silence, the only thing that could be heard was the sound of water droplets. However, who knows if it was because of Yu BingYan’s tears or Ling Tian’s blood…

Yang family.

Yang KongQun was seated down alone with his brows furrowed and face full of worries. His face had never been filled with such worries for a good five, or even ten, years already…

Two days had already passed and there wasn’t any clue about NanGong Le’s murder. The members from the NanGong family must definitely be on the way here already. Thinking about how NanGong Yu was so cold to their Yang family, her words sarcastic and eyes filled with enmity, Yang KongQun could not help but sigh. It seems that the NanGong family had already began to suspect their Yang family.

If he still does not have any clues by the time the NanGong family arrives and provide a suitable explanation, a conflict would definitely be inevitable! To pursue NanGong Le’s killers, the troops which he had mobilize had already attracted the attention of the imperial family. Now, the imperial family was beginning to grow more and more wary towards their Yang family. Yang KongQun just could not help but worry.

However, Yang KongQun did not know that the NanGong family didn’t just suspect that they were the culprits. They were completely certain that the Yang family was the culprit! After all, no one would suspect something said in one’s dying breath.

That sudden roar sounded from afar and echoed continuously in the night. It was obvious that the owner of this roar was definitely an expert with a profound cultivation. Yang KongQun was startled; just who can this person be? Just how profound is his inner Qi? Do my Yang family even have such an expert?

All of a sudden, Yang KongQun’s eyes lit up; the person who killed NanGong Le is definitely a martial arts expert. The owner of that roar is definitely not any much weaker than the culprit. After being peaceful for so many years, why did such an expert appear in the Sky Bearing Empire? Or perhaps, the both of them may be the same person in fact? Perhaps… so what if they are not the same person. To frame someone, who cares if there isn’t any evidence. The most important thing is to ensure that this person isn’t from their Yang family!

After the roar passed, and the place suddenly seems so quiet, Yang KongQun shouted, "Men!"

Two family servants entered immediately and stood up straight.

"Quickly check where that roar originated from. Investigate who that person is and report it immediately." Yang KongQun said.

"There is no need to investigate it." Following the words, a person walked in.

"Yang Zheng? You’re back? How are things in the northwest?" Yang KongQun revealed a joyful expression and commanded both the servants to take their leave.

"Things are extremely bad in the northwest. The few people we sent have all disappeared mysteriously. Things in the northwest are now extremely difficult to control."

This middle-aged man called Yang Zheng was Yang KongQun’s number one tactician and was extremely sly and cunning. For the Yang family to lose contact with Ling Kong in the northwest horse ranch, Yang KongQun was afraid that something must have happened. Thus, he sent one of his close confidante to take a look at what went wrong.

"What? All of our men disappeared? What is going on? Have you investigated it clearly?" Yang KongQun was shocked and almost jumped out from his seat. The northwest horse ranch was a chess piece which Ling Kong and Yang KongQun had arranged for a full 20 years already. This was also one of their trump cards to deal with the Ling family! Now that something went wrong, how can Yang KongQun not be worried?

"It’s a long story with regards to the northwest and we can talk about it on a later date. Family head, the most important thing currently is still the matters in the capital presently." Yang Zhen was a body full of dust from travelling and a face full of fatigue. But from the way he talked, it was obvious that he was extremely informed about what happened in the Yang family.

"When I came back from the northwest, I heard a few of our soldiers talking about their checks from the afternoon. They met with that little devil Ling Tian and were even scolded by him. However, they said something which really made me very interested."

"What thing?" Yang KongQun could not help but be more careful.

"They mentioned that the little devil Ling Tian met with a green dressed fortune teller in the streets. After a few sentences, Ling Tian invited him to a drink and they spent a whole afternoon drinking. Then, Ling Tian invited him back to his own residence. While this Ling Tian seems to be a silkpants on the surface, he is extremely difficult to deal with. He definitely isn’t someone who would be easily fooled by a con artist. Since he invited the green dressed fortune teller back to his residence, this green dressed fortune teller must definitely stand out in his own way! That roar came from the direction of the Ling family and is probably from that green dressed fortune teller. While the strength of the Ling family increased over the past few years, they do not seem to have such an expert!" Yang Zheng began to analyze the situation.

"That’s right, what else?" Yang KongQun said with a look of praise.

"According to my estimations, NanGong Le shouldn’t have been killed by this green dressed fortune teller. First, he only entered the city today and the Ling family don’t seem to have anything got to do with the death of NanGong Le. Next, the martial arts of this green dressed fortune teller is probably far above the murderer. Originally, we would not want to provoke such an expert. But now that things are so anxious, we can make use of this green dressed fortune teller to cook up a story about NanGong Le’s death and pull the Ling family in. We must definitely ensure that they cannot pull themselves out of this matter. At the same time, we will be able to divert the attention of the NanGong family away from our Yang family." Yang Zheng then let out a sly chuckle.