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Chapter 146: Respective Plans

Chapter 146: Respective Plans

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"That’s right!" The look of approval grew on Yang KongQun’s face, "What do you think we should do to pull the Ling family in? Furthermore, we must make sure that the Ling family will not be at odds with our Yang family after being pulled in."

"It would be impossible to ensure that the Ling family do not go against us if we pull them in. The only thing we can do now is to push the Ling family into the line of sight of the other families when the chaos begins. Then, we can use the Ling and NanGong family to create havoc! At that time, the chaos would be formed out and our Yang family can either protect ourselves or even reap benefits from it!" Yang Zhen gave a sly grin.

"That’s right!" this was the third time Yang KongQun said that already. Furthermore, it was said to the same person; to the Yang family, this is a great honor.

"Now that chaos is almost certain, it is inevitable for our Yang family to be at the disadvantage for now. However, our enemy, the Ling family, is completely unharmed. This is something which is extremely disadvantageous to us. We must muddy the waters to make the Ling family lose something as well. Only then will we be able to maintain the balance between both our families. Even if we were to offend an expert, it would be worth it. As long as the Ling and Yang families are balanced, the imperial family would not dare to take any action! This is indeed a good plan!"

Yang Zheng gave two evil chuckles, "As for the specifics, Family Head will still have to make the decision. However, this subordinate recommends that we act in a diametrically opposite way and make use of the imperial family to help us pave the way. After all, we are not the only ones worried about the Ling family having another expert in such chaotic times!"

Yang KongQun was stunned for a moment before revealing a cold sneer on his face. At the same time, the gaze in his eyes was like a venomous snake glaring at its prey.


The emperor of the Sky Bearing Empire, Long Xiang, had just walked out of his bedroom and was staring at the bright sky. His good mood which had long been lost was suddenly regained; it was as though the flowers and grass was smiling at him.

All of this was because of a report from the imperial doctor — Consort Ling Ran is pregnant again! This news made Long Xiang ecstatic in excitement. Since she was young, Ling Ran’s body had been weak and she did not have another child after Princess HaoYue. Not only the emperor, even Ling Ran also felt extremely depressed in her heart and hated herself for not being able to give birth to a prince for the emperor. In the palace, the worth of the mother is determined by her son. Thus, she had always been suppressed by the Empress in the palace.

But, she never imagined that she would have another child when HaoYue was already 17 years old. When the both of them received this news, they both doubted that they were in a dream! In order to celebrate the joyous occasion with his beloved consort, Long Xiang had specially stayed in Ling Ran’s palace last night. Looking at the still flat tummy of his beloved consort, Long Xiang could not help but smile from his heart when he thought that another one of his child was inside her womb.

"Reporting to the Emperor, Old Sire Yang requests an audience."

"Summon him in." Long Xiang was now in an extremely good mood and replied without thinking. At the same time, he thought to himself, "The sun had just risen up, why is he finding me so early in the morning for?"

"Emperor, the culprit who killed young noble NanGong has been found!" Yang KongQun’s first sentence was something so exciting, "Will the Emperor help make the decision for this old subordinate to catch the culprit, returning my Yang family our innocence and giving the NanGong family justice."

"Oh? There is news already?" At the same time, Long Xiang cursed in his heart, "Why don’t you continue the search for a few more days so we can be completely clear about all of your Yang family’s strengths! You darn old man, concealing such a strength behind my back and you did not even bother giving me an explanation up until now. Now, you even want me to help you to capture the culprit who killed your son-in-law?! You are even trying to bring out both the Yang and NanGong family to pressure me?!"

"Yes, the culprit is a green dressed fortune teller. He entered into the Sky Bearing Empire again yesterday. The soldiers of my Yang family spotted him yesterday and wanted him to apprehend him on the spot. However, young noble Ling Tian seemed to have been bewitched by his words and stopped my soldiers from doing so. Furthermore, Ling Tian even brought the green dressed fortune teller into his Ling mansion. This is something which concerns Duke Ling’s and the Emperor’s reputation, this subordinate does not dare to make a rash move. Thus, I am here to seek an instruction from the Emperor."

Yang KongQun’s face turned ashen as he said with drama, "That young noble Ling is still young and rash, being bewitched by the flowery language of the culprit. If I can catch the culprit, I can also return innocence to young noble Ling. If the culprit who murdered young noble NanGong is hiding in the Ling family as a guest, it will definitely draw some unwanted troubles."

"What? Ling Tian?! Is this news reliable?"

"It is definitely true. This is something which concerns the reputation of the Ling family, how would this subordinate dare to make it up. I hope that the Emperor will make a swift decision. The martial arts of the culprit is extremely deep and profound. If he were to escape, or be let out of the city by Ling Tian, this would definitely become a huge trouble in our Sky Bearing Empire. Previously, he was able to kill more than a hundred guards on the streets in less than 15 minutes. Such a cruel and bloodthirsty murderer can only be compared to that demon from a hundred years ago. If he were to escape, the consequences would definitely be dire." Yang KongQun looked as though he was extremely concerned about Ling Tian.

Long Xiang was startled in his heart. He was not startled that Yang KongQun compared the murderer to the demon from a hundred years ago. Instead, he was startled about how his dear nephew was just far too good at creating trouble. In these few years, it seemed as though there would be someone telling him about how Ling Tian created trouble every day. Every other day, there would be some young noble being beaten up by him, especially the few from the Yang family, with every single one of them being beaten up by Ling Tian at least more than 10 times.

With regards to everything that was related to the Yang family, they would always find out that Ling Tian would definitely be involved in the matter. The most infuriating matter was the fact that he would always use his trump card, "If you are not convinced after the beating, you better be careful of my uncle-in-law!" Once this trump card is showed, who would dare utter a single word of complain? In these few years, Long Xiang felt that it would be a joy if he didn’t hear anything got to do with Ling Tian for at least two to three days. However, Long Xiang was indeed secretly delighted in his heart — this little brat Ling Tian felt that the Emperor was even stronger than his father or grandfather!

However, Ling Tian went too far this time. If Ling Tian were to stir chaos in the matters of the Yang family and create trouble for them, the Emperor would be able to close one eye, or even help Ling Tian in secret. However, why did Ling Tian have to treat a murder suspect as guest? Doesn’t he know that the victim is the son of NanGong LongTian of the Eight Great Families? Isn’t this akin to provoking a beehive?

With a frown, Long Xiang looked at Yang KongQun and said with discontentment, "Old Sir Yang, it is just a young noble from the NanGong family that was murdered. Do you expect us to mobilize the Imperial Army just for that? Experts are like clouds in your Yang family with every one of you being deep and unmeasurable. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to capture a mere suspect, right?"

While the Emperor seemed to be voicing his discontent, he was actually questioning Yang KongQun. Especially when he said ‘experts are like clouds in the Yang family with every one of you being deep and unmeasurable’, it was as good as telling Yang KongQun to give him an explanation for those troops.

If Long Xiang could have it his way, he would definitely ask Yang KongQun to present those troops to the empire the moment Yang KongQun explains it. At the very least, he would want to have half of those troops! For a troop of elites to be right under his nose, he just could not be at ease!

Furthermore, Ling Ran’s body had been weak ever since she was pregnant. Ling Tian was Ling Ran’s only nephew and he had just promised Ling Ran that he would take good care of Ling Tian just this morning before being able to coax Ling Ran to sleep. He can’t possibly go back on his word immediately, right?

While Yang KongQun understood what Long Xiang meant by those words, he pretended to not hear a thing and continued, "The Emperor is right. However, this concerns the Ling mansion and this subordinate has to deal with the matter carefully. If this subordinate brings my men to the Ling mansion and offend Duke Ling, then… this subordinate just won’t be able to shoulder that responsibility."

"Hehe, while it is true that I am your father-in-law, the other fellow is also your father-in-law. If you as the Emperor does not say anything, what can the both of us do? Don’t tell me we are really going to fight?" While Yang KongQun did not say these out, he was implicitly implying that in his words.

With regards to what Long Xiang asked about his Yang family’s strength, Yang KongQun had just left that out completely.

This old fox!

While Long Xiang was enraged in his heart, he seemed motionless on the surface, "If that’s the case, we will issue an order. Sir Yang can go to the Ling mansion to apprehend the suspect. However, under no circumstances are you to alarm the others of the Ling mansion." After saying that, the corners of his lips raised up slightly as though he was smiling. He was extremely satisfied with the way he handled the matter. His own order? Before it is even passed onto Ling Zhan’s ears, it would probably be stopped by Ling Tian already.  This is a good opportunity to let both the Yang and Ling family have a good fight. Mmm, the Ling family is strong enough already and there is no need for another expert. Even if Yang KongQun can settle this person, it may not be a bad thing. While the Ling family would lose an expert, the Yang family would definitely suffer a great loss as well. As long as both the families are weakened, I would be the one to benefit from their losses.

After hesitating for a short while, Yang KongQun finally said, "This subordinate thanks the Emperor." He wanted to say that a mere order would not be of much use. But if he wanted to ask the Emperor to issue an imperial decree for such a small matter, it wouldn’t seem to be right either and the Emperor would definitely not agree to it. Furthermore, an orally spoken order is something without any evidence. While the Ling family can choose to ignore it, he can also make use of it to his own advantage. No matter what, he had successfully dragged the Ling family into this mess! It is best that he does not nit-pick on the details too much.

As long as he blows the matter up in front of the Ling family, or even kill that green dressed fortune teller, he would be able to give a proper explanation to NanGong TianLong when he arrives. At that time, the Ling family would definitely not swallow that anger and he can watch as both the Ling and NanGong family fight.

As for whether the Emperor gave him an oral order or imperial decree, that was something that Yang KongQun was not really bothered with. Today, he was only here to inform the Emperor about the matter, less this son-in-law of his become distressed when he mobilize his forces and backstab him!

As for what he would do when he reaches the Ling family, all of that would be under his control.