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Chapter 151: Brewing Storm

Chapter 151: Brewing Storm

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If all of these things were really done by Ye QingChen, he would not be feeling so miserable. The problem is, Ye QingChen was completely clueless about why he was being thanked, and even worshiped, by Old Madam Ling! No matter how thick his skin was, his face could not help but turn red! He was feeling even more giddy than the time he drank two large jugs of Hero’s Blood! After hearing that Old Madam Ling and Duke Ling wanted to host a banquet for him tonight, Ye QingChen hurriedly fled for his life.

As Ling Tian saw how his old brother escape back so pitifully, he was both surprised and amused.

Ye QingChen shook his head with a bitter laughter, "Brother, this old brother cannot stay in your Ling mansion here any longer. To think that all of the wine I drank here wasn’t free of charge. You actually made me the mastermind of everything! This little brat is just too much!"

Ling Tian burst out into laughter and said, "Who asked you to be my old brother? Even if someone else wants to do me such a favor, I wouldn’t be willing to! Furthermore, apart from you, how many others in the world would be suitable?"

Ye QingChen shook his head and sighed, "However, this old brother here should really be leaving." with a serious expression.

Ling Tian was stunned, "While I did not ask why this old brother is here at the Sky Bearing Empire, I know that you have not done anything after arriving here. Why are you leaving so soon?"

Ye QingChen laughed and said, "Have not done anything? Didn’t I make a new brother?" Ye QingChen laughed, "This old brother is here because I felt that all of the powerhouses in the world were gathering in the Sky Bearing Empire. In a moment of curiosity, I decided to come here to take a look. I never imagined that all of these were all a result of you. In such a situation, it wouldn’t be suitable for me to stay here any longer after my identity is exposed."

While Ye QingChen did not say why it wasn’t suitable for him to stay here any longer, Ling Tian knew the reason in his heart. If the gathering of all powers in the Sky Bearing Empire was nothing more than a scheme, Ye QingChen’s original intention would be to break this scheme. Now that the both of them were sworn brothers, it wouldn’t be good for Ye QingChen to spoil Ling Tian’s plans. However, Ling Tian would definitely have to employ some underhand means while carrying out his plans; if Ye QingChen was still here, it would definitely be difficult for Ye QingChen to make a choice. Thus, Ye QingChen could only choose to leave this place to ensure that he wouldn’t be caught in such a dilemma!

Ling Tian was extremely touched in his heart and could not help but say, "Old brother can just stay here without any worries. How can I allow old brother to sully his reputation just because of me?"

Ye QingChen laughed and slapped Ling Tian’s shoulders, "There isn’t any reputation at stake here. If you are a vile and despicable individual, this old brother will not show any mercy when taking action, no matter how close we are. However, this old brother is certain that my eyes are extremely sharp. While you have aspirations and ambitions, your character isn’t bad. Since the ancient times, sages have only the company of solitude. Only those who drink leave behind a reputation next to their name. For someone with a good taste in wine, your character can’t be too bad! This is something which can’t be feigned!" Ling Tian was shocked, "Isn’t that a little too far-fetched?"

After which, Ye QingChen looked at Ling Tian with a profound gaze, "As long as the continent is not united, war would never end. If there can be a monarch both ambitious and wise to end all of these, it may not be a bad thing."

Ling Tian laughed in response, "Old brother is right; only when the continent is united will the war end, returning peace to the commoners of the world."

Ye QingChen’s eyes lit up and said, "That’s right! However, such a goal is extremely difficult to achieve."

Ling Tian smiled without saying a word.

Ye QingChen laughed and slapped Ling Tian’s shoulders, "Brother, if you have ambitions, you must not trap yourself in this small Sky Bearing Empire. The world is extremely vast. Now that you have the time, you should go out and explore the world."

Ling Tian’s eyes narrowed with a smile, "Of course." At the same time, he was grateful in his heart. He knew that Ye QingChen was trying to remind him that exploring the world to temper himself would definitely be helpful to him in future. At the same time, Ye QingChen also said ‘now that you have the time’ as a hint to Ling Tian that the continent would definitely not erupt into war for the time being.

You have to know; just what kind of a character was Ye QingChen? He was someone who was indeed ‘100% accurate’! How can his judgement he wrong? Besides, Ye QingChen’s judgement was also identical to Ling Tian’s estimates. Can it be said that the heroes of the world would have similar opinions?!

Ye QingChen laughed, as his body began to float in mid-air and he cupped his fists, "Brother, goodbye!"

With a loud swish, his white banner which was on the floor flew into the air and disappeared into the air like a rocket along with Ye QingChen.

Ling Tian shouted, "Ling Chen!"

Ling Chen, who was in the room, threw out a small jug of wine with great chemistry. With a strong throw, that jug of wine was sent flying into the direction where Ye QingChen disappeared to.

In the sky, Ye QingChen’s sigh could be heard and a silver light flew towards Ling Tian. At the same time, a roar echoed, "The skies are limitless, life is like a dream! Take care my brother! May we meet again…"

Ling Tian stretched out his hands and caught the silver light in his hands. When he looked up again, not a trace of Ye QingChen could be seen.

As he lowered his head, Ling Tian saw that a white talisman, made of an unknown material, was in his hands. While the talisman was in his hands, it seemed to be light and non-existent. On the surface of the talisman were a few words engraved on it: Life is like a dream! On the other side of the talisman was a picture of a beautiful scenery. This is?

Ling Tian, "Young noble, Ling Jian is here."

Ling Tian was still playing with the talisman in his hands and did not even lift his head up, "Is there news?"

Ling Chen smiled, "Plenty!"

A wide smile could be seen on Ling Tian’s face, "Is it finally going to begin? I am really looking forward to it." With a flick of his sleeves, Ling Tian entered his room.

Ling Jian’s face was a little excited, "Young noble, there is news. Without any exception, all the powerhouses had sent their men to the Sky Bearing Empire. The line-up from all the different powerhouses aren’t small."

"Oh? This was already within our expectations. Ling Jian, there is finally a chance for us to exchange moves with the experts of the world. No wonder you are so excited. However, you must not underestimate anyone. But, you came a little too late today. I met a brother yesterday who is an expert which you have never seen before. Dragons and tigers are hiding in the pugilistic world with no shortage of talents at all. You must not underestimate the heroes of the world, remember that!" With a single sentence, Ling Tian had pointed out Ling Jian’s thoughts.

Ling Jian’s face turned red as he nodded his head in acknowledgement. By the side, Ling Chen laughed, "Little Jian Jian is always like that, being excited when he sees the opportunity to fight, hehe…"

Ling Jian glared at her with anger in his eyes, this lass dares to call me Little Jian Jian?! Ling Chen did not cower and glared back as well. She was not like Ling San and the rest; among all of Ling Tian’s subordinates, she would be the only one not afraid of Ling Jian!

"There’s no one from the Yu family?" After reading through all the news, he did not find any news regarding the Yu family and could not help but frown.

"Yes, it is said that the Yu family is abnormally quiet this time and there isn’t any news about them. Perhaps, they did send men but we weren’t able to find out because of their concealed movements." Ling Jian also found it to be extremely strange. All the top-notch powerhouses in the continent were here in the Sky Bearing Empire, except for the most important Yu family.

Ling Tian lowered his head in thought for a moment and just could not figure the reason. He could not help but shake his head as he picked up another piece of paper, "What do you think about the news regarding the NanGong family? Ling Jian, do you think there is anything strange?"

Ling Jian thought for a moment before saying, "There are approximately 300 men from the NanGong family with the NanGong TianHu, younger brother of NanGong TianLong, leading them personally. However, these 300 men from the NanGong family are extremely skilled."

"Stupid!" Ling Tian shouted, "Let me ask you, what kind of a person is NanGong TianHu?"

Seeing how Ling Jian was unable to answer after a while, Ling Chen replied, "NanGong TianHu is the younger brother of NanGong TianLong, second in command of the NanGong family. His martial arts is extremely profound with exceptional skill in the sword. His cultivation of the Divine Sword Manual is only second to his brother and he can be considered a top-notch expert of the world. He specializes in the use of a broadsword and possesses peerless strength. However, he has an extremely bad temper and does not know how to scheme at all. Usually, he is extremely domineering and arrogant, not placing anyone in his sights. Besides that, he is extremely licentious, so…"

Ling Tian raised his hand to stop Ling Chen, "If you were NanGong TianLong, would you send a reckless individual to lead the family during such a sensitive time?"

Ling Jian’s eyes lit up, "Of course not! To send someone reckless like him to lead the family, he would only become the spearhead or the scapegoat for others. Then… does young noble think that NanGong TianHu is merely a hoax?"

"Hehe…" Ling Tian sneered, "NanGong TianLong really treats everyone else as idiots! If NanGong TianHu is only a hoax, how can there be anyone else in the NanGong family able to suppress him? The matter in the Sky Bearing Empire now is related to the situation of the continent. Furthermore, NanGong TianLong’s son died here, do you really think he can let it go so easily? Do you think he can be so detached from the whole affair?"

"Young noble thinks that… NanGong TianLong is here?" Ling Chen, who was by the side, said with deep thought.