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Chapter 154: Sudden Storm

Chapter 154: Sudden Storm

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"Yes, he is. Our Ling family only has a single young noble and do not have any ‘first’ or ‘second’ young noble." Wang Tong, who had always been following Ling Tian, was also used to being arrogant. Seeing Xiao FengYang’s look of disdain and Xiao YanXue’s sarcasm, Wang Tong felt as though they had humiliated the deity in his heart. Thus, his words also became harsh.

Looking at the troops in front of him, Wang Tong thought to himself with dissatisfaction, "You guys are lucky that all of you are not from the Yang family. If you guys were from the Yang family, those two sentences of yours will probably result in a fight."

Actually, this was just like the saying, ‘the subordinate will follow his superior’. Everyone by Ling Tian’s side — be it Ling Chen, Ling Jian, Ling Chi, Ling Yi or even Wang Tong and etc — were all influenced by Ling Tian over the years. Apart from learning martial arts from Ling Tian, they were also gradually influenced by Ling Tian’s pride. As they grew more capable over the years, they would naturally become more and more prideful as well, apart from when they were in front of Ling Tian. In the eyes of others, these subordinates of Ling Tian were extremely arrogant and rude. Just like how Wang Tong was acting today, it made Xiao FengYang and Xiao YanXue despise Ling Tian even more.

Seeing how an ordinary servant of the Ling family dared to be so rude to the second in command of their Xiao family, anger could be seen in the eyes of Xiao FengYang’s guards. There were even a few of them who were grunting in anger.

Xiao FengYang let out a cold ‘hmph’ and his chilly gaze swept past the troops behind him. In that instant, all his troops lowered their heads and released their grip on the hilt of their swords.

At this moment, Ling Tian, who was afar, also noticed the commotion happening here. He then grabbed onto Ling Chen’s slim waist and walked over leisurely, acting in a dignified manner. With a look of joy, he said, "Ah ah ah, are you the second master of the Xiao family? Ling Tian had long heard of your fame and you do indeed live up to it. For me to have the chance to witness your grandeur, it is a great fortune to me. The saying, ‘meeting someone in person is far better than listening to his reputation’, is indeed true."

The moment he opened his mouth, he was so glib-tongue in the way he spoke, reciting the typical opening phrase used in the pugilistic world. Xiao YanXue, who had been noticing him, was angered to the point her nose became slanted.

Xiao FengYang was also dissatisfied as he thought to himself, "My older brother and your grandfather are sworn brothers. Furthermore, you used to have a marital agreement with Xue’er as well. Even if the marital agreement is already history, this old man here is still two generations older than you. You actually dare to treat me with such contempt?" However, he was an extremely shrewd individual and would not blow his top easily. Thus, he said with a bright smile, "Young Noble Ling is famous all over the world and it is indeed better to witness you in person as compared to hearing your reputation. You are far too polite! This Xiao came from afar and is a guest here, how can I let young noble Ling come and pick me up personally." In the end, he still could not help but return Ling Tian’s words back to him with sarcasm.

Ling Tian laughed, subconsciously emanating a frivolous aura, "Second master is praising me too much! This way please, this way please!" He then stretched out his hands like a host receiving his guest, seeming to have taken Xiao FengYang’s sarcasm as praise.

Xiao YanXue, who was by the side, felt more and more disgusted towards this silkpants teen. How can such an ignorant fool receive such praises from grandfather? Grandfather must be getting more and more muddled. With a grunt, she looked away from Ling Tian and looked at the lady beside him. The moment she looked at Ling Chen, she felt an inevitable sense of inferiority.

Hearing about the infamy of Ling Tian and seeing how he acted so frivolously when welcoming them, Xiao YanXue was extremely displeased in her heart. She originally didn’t think much about the lady and thought that she would just be a prostitute from the brothel. However…

But looking at the lady beside Ling Tian, her features were as perfect as one who came out from a painting, carrying with her a poised elegance and graceful charisma. Dressed in a pristine white long dress, she looked like a fairy who had descended into this world. Ling Chen, who had just received an affirmation by Ling Tian previously, was filled with happiness and satisfaction, making her seem even more radiant. At this moment, she revealed her eye-catching beauty!

A lady deep in love was no doubt the most beautiful. At this moment, even a beauty like Xiao YanXue could not hold a candle to her.

A waste of a heavenly treasure! It is really such a waste of a heavenly treasure! What a pity! Such a beautiful lady is actually… Xiao YanXue could not help but sigh in her heart.

Under Ling Tian’s seemingly warm welcome and Xiao FengYang’s hypocritical politeness in response, the large group of them walked towards the city gates slowly.

As they walked towards the red carpet, an emotional passion burned in Ling Chen’s eyes. As she turned and looked towards Ling Tian, she saw Ling Tian nodding to her gently in response. In that moment, Ling Chen broke out into a beautiful smile and walked towards the red carpet with a few guards.

How could Ling Chen bear to throw away this red carpet which was the witness for her happiness?

Everyone’s actions suddenly stopped; when they entered the city, there was a sudden change in the weather. The originally warm and gentle spring breeze suddenly became violent. In the violent and berserk winds, the sand and dust of the city was blown into the sky, forming a large cloud of dust covering the whole city! The flags of the Sky Bearing Army were rustling in the winds, looking as though they were about to be torn apart at any time.

Dark clouds gathered swiftly from all directions, turning the originally bright sky pitch black!

Among the dense dark clouds, there would be sparks of electrical snakes dancing within them from time to time. The mellow sound of thunder also sounded from afar like the war drums on a battlefield, gradually approaching the Sky Bearing Empire.

The strong winds which came so suddenly also left suddenly, disappearing without a trace. The oppressive feeling which filled the place made time seemed like it had stopped!

An eye-catching bolt of lightning suddenly tore apart the curtains of dense black clouds and entered the earth like a silver river flowing down from the heavens. In that moment, the only thing left behind was the brilliance of the bolt of lightning.

Then, a sudden clap of thunder sounded, making the mountains and rivers seem as though they were all trembling. After a few droplets of rain, a downpour poured down from the sky mercilessly. The ferocity of the rain made it seem as though the heavens and earth were connected by it!

A sudden storm!

Under the merciless downpour, the whole Sky Bearing City was covered in the power of nature.

In just a short two hours, the flood in the city was already a foot high! At the end of spring and the start of summer, there was actually such a frightening thunderstorm! This was the first time something like this happened in the hundred plus years of history of the Sky Bearing Empire!

The night was still, with a lonely lamp in the heavy rain.

Ling Tian was leaning on a couch in his bedroom and there was no longer an arrogant look on his face. Instead, he looked calm and wise. With his eyes shut, it seemed as though he was thinking of something but yet as though he wasn’t thinking about anything. For such an expression to be seen on a forty plus year old man, he would look extremely wise and reliable. But now that Ling Tian was still young, for a 15 plus year old child to put on such an expression, he looked a little too mature for his age!

By his side, Ling Chen was seated down in blissfulness. Her lips were still curled up in a sweet smile, looking as though she was still immersed within the blessedness from the afternoon.

In the banquet to receive the Xiao family, Xiao YanXue had suddenly suggested that they stay at the Ling Family Courtyard temporarily. The reason she gave was the fact that their sudden appearance of a hundred plus people would bring inconveniences to the Ling Family. However, Old Madam Ling had turned down her request on the spot and ordered the maids to clean up a peaceful courtyard for the men from the Xiao Family.

While this matter was already over, it still made Ling Tian wary in his heart. When Xiao YanXue had made the suggestion, Xiao FengYang had a face of anxiousness and excitement. Ling Tian could not help but sneer in his heart, "It seems like the Xiao family has been paying close attention to my Ling Family Courtyard. But, so what if they paid close attention to us? This is the territory of this young noble; when you are here, you better coil up if you are a dragon and lay low if you are a tiger!"

Ling Tian then thought again, "It would probably be weird if the Xiao family doesn’t pay close attention to my Ling Family Courtyard. After all, that Xiao FengHan had personally witnessed my means. If he doesn’t pay some attention to me, he would not be living up to his name of the family head of the Xiao Family." Towards those who were here from the Xiao family, Ling Tian would never let down his guard. After pondering a while, he could not help but chuckle as he thought of a few interesting ideas to pull the wool over their eyes.

As Ling Chen saw Ling Tian laughing for no reason, she could not help but glare at him with her eyes wide open. As Ling Tian thought about how that lass, Xiao YanXue, looked at him as though he was a cockroach, he could not help but feel slightly frustrated as he thought to himself, "Just how did Xiao FengHan bring up this granddaughter of his? Why does she look at me as though we are mortal enemies! That old man had already tasted my means back then, was he afraid that he would lose the bet but felt embarrassed to admit it?!"

Looking at Ling Chen seated with her back facing him and head turned over with a questioning expression, Ling Tian had an inexplicable sense of satisfaction in his heart. Then, a sudden mischievous thought rose in his heart. This thought could no longer be restrained once it was released. Ling Tian then stretched out his hands and with a ‘pa!’, slapped Ling Chen’s buttocks lightly with a crisp sound.

Ling Chen let out an ‘ah!’ and held onto her buttocks with both her hands. Then, she jumped up in embarrassment and bashfulness. She then looked towards Ling Tian with both anger and joy. However, the only thing he witnessed was Ling Tian smelling the hand which he used to smack her with, "How fragrant!" He then could not help but twiddle with his fingers and let out a lecherous smile, "How smooth!"

Ling Chen’s face was completely red. Of all his followers, Ling Chen was the only one who wasn’t afraid of Ling Tian and dared to tease him. She then wanted to pounce onto him to tickle him, but was caught by Ling Tian and dragged into his embrace. Feeling the warmth in Ling Tian’s chest, Ling Chen could only help but feel her body go limp, collapsing in his embrace as happiness filled her heart.

Just when Ling Tian wanted to tease Ling Chen, his body shook and a sharp glare could be seen from his eyes. His right hand, which was on Ling Chen’s waist, also pressed down lightly.