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Chapter 155: Uninvited Guest

Chapter 155: Uninvited Guest

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Ling Chen and Ling Tian were already at a stage where they could read each other’s thoughts. She immediately knew that something must have definitely went wrong. Apart from the fact that she had not killed anyone before, Ling Chen’s cultivation was probably even higher than Ling Jian’s. Ling Chen then slipped out from Ling Tian’s embrace and Ling Tian listened to his surroundings attentively for a moment. Ling Tian then laughed and said, "Chen’er, it seems as though we have an expert in our Ling mansion."

Ling Chen asked, "Expert? What kind of expert? However, the movement technique of this person is indeed exceptional, I failed to notice the person completely. Only when I focused my attention to search for him did I manage to find him!"

Ling Tian chuckled, "An expert thief! Chen’er do not need to be unduly humble; this person’s movement technique is indeed superior and even Mister Ye would only be slightly better than him in this aspect. However, all other aspects are far from being a match to Mister Ye. Haha, the pugilistic world has a saying, ‘steal the winds but not the moon, steal the rain but not the snow’. This fellow is quite harsh on himself, not taking care of his body and being out here in such a heavy rain. Interesting, interesting." [1] 1

As he stood up, he had already put on a black set of clothes for night movement and covered his face with a black mask. By his side, he could hear a rustling sound and Ling Tian saw that Ling Chen was also dressing up like him. He then could not help but laugh, "Lass, what are you doing? Wait for me in the room, you’re not allowed to follow me."

Ling Chen then said stubbornly, "No matter where the young noble goes, I will also follow you. Didn’t young noble say that his martial arts cannot be compared to mine? Chen’er can definitely handle him!"

Ling Tian shook his head with a bitter laughter, "Chen’er, your martial arts have been improving at an astonishing rate. If it was any other time, I would let you go. But, aren’t you experiencing some inconveniences with your body for these few days? How can I let you go out in such a huge rain? Stay at home and wait obediently."

Ling Chen almost let out a shriek from the embarrassment and covered her mouth quickly, "You… how did you know? Bad young noble!"

Ling Tian giggled and whispered by her ears, "Why won’t I know? Every month, there will always be a few days where the fragrance on my Chen’er’s body would be much denser. How would it be possible for this young noble to not remember the smell of that fragrant lily?"

Ling Chen covered her face in embarrassment, not daring to even lift up her head. She only stamped her foot angrily, wailing in non-compliance.

She then heard Ling Tian’s chuckle, followed by the sound of clothes fluttering in the air. Then, the room was void of Ling Tian’s aura. Opening her eyes to take a look, Ling Tian had already disappeared completely, with water dripping down from the window. In this short frame of time, Ling Tian had opened the window and dashed out of it without making a single sound at all. It can be seen just how profound his movement technique was.

Ling Chen then walked towards the window slowly with a warm smile on her face. Looking at the dripping window, the corner of her lips was raised in a smile as she mumbled, "What an attentive young noble, what a caring husband." Just when she said that, she felt her face burn from blissfulness, ‘Ah, how can I say something like that. Thankfully no one is around…’

Ling Tian’s body drifted onto the roof and with a light tap of his feet, he drifted onto another tree 40 feet away. Hiding amongst the dense leaves, the rain continued to shower down and the sky seemed to be covered in a dense curtain of pearls. After Ling Tian left his room, he was already completely drenched. However, he was not bothered about that at all; this little bit of rain was nothing compared to the special training he had went through in his previous life.

The sky was covered in a misty wave of rain. Ling Tian circulated his inner Qi to his eyes and his sight penetrated through the rain and he monitored the surrounding.

The tree which Ling Tian was on was the highest point in their Ling mansion. Looking out from here, he would be able to see the whole Ling mansion. This was also a measure which he had prepared intentionally. However, the rain today would obviously block his vision.

After searching for a long time, Ling Tian found a blurry shadow by the roof of the Xiao Family’s courtyard, lying in wait silently. This person’s movement technique was indeed exceptional; ever since he was found out by Ling Tian until now, only a short few minutes had passed and he had already made his way to the Xiao Family.

Although Ling Tian was teasing Ling Chen previously, his mental state was still on alert. As he heard a strange sound flying past the roof of his room, he immediately realized that something was wrong. While the rain was pouring and this sound was almost inaudible, Ling Tian was still able to capture this oddity.

You have to know; the thing most difficult to imitate in this world would be the sounds from nature. Those were sounds which were formed naturally and carried the natural rhythm of nature! No matter how meticulously or skilful man tries to simulate it, it was still formed intentionally and would never achieve the natural rhythm of nature.

This was actually something which was extremely easy to understand. Take for example a musician or pianist; no matter how outstanding they were, they would never be able to imitate the howling sounds of the wind. At the very most, they could only make it resemble the sound of wind, but no one would dare say that they would be able to imitate it completely. How can the sounds of nature ever be fully replicated by men?

In his previous life, the Ling Family had a special training in such an area. At the very end of the training, he would be blindfolded and expected to find the exact landing spot of a needle amidst the sound of ten drums! Ling Tian’s superhuman listening skills were honed from such training! In this point, Ling Tian was no weaker than any of the hidden weapons expert or even a tier above them!

Seeing that the black dressed figure was here to spy on the Xiao family, Ling Tian felt a sense of relief. In the past, the Ling mansion did not have much ‘visitors’. But just when the Xiao Family arrived, an expert had descended upon their Ling family immediately. It turns out, this was all because of the Xiao Family!

No matter what kind of grievances this fellow had with the Xiao family, Ling Tian was completely unconcerned. The only thing he was interested in was the identity of this person! Who was this person?

First, this person was obviously someone from the Sky Bearing Empire. To receive information the moment the Xiao family enters the city, he must definitely have a large information net! This was something which cannot be achieved without years of accumulation!

Second, for this person to have such a superior movement technique, his martial arts shouldn’t be too weak either.

Third, to spy on the Xiao family in the rain, regardless of whether or not he was friend or foe, the matter must definitely be something out of the ordinary!

With the above three reasons, Ling Tian was extremely interested in the identity of this person! Even though there was such an expert in the Sky Bearing City, his huge information net was actually unable to capture any information at all! This was something which was just far too strange. Since this person was able to conceal himself so well without being found out, he definitely had another identity in the Sky Bearing empire which would not draw the attention or suspicion of anyone in the city!

Ling Tian did not dare to underestimate this black dressed figure which was hiding on the roof of the Xiao Family’s courtyard. He would not let go the smallest bit of detail either, even if it was how many times he breathed in and out, Ling Tian was able to calculate it from the rise and fall of his body! At the same time, he began to analyze the situation in his mind and made a few guesses.

While the rain looked extremely merciless, Ling Tian was still perched on the tree without a single bit of movement, as though he was part of the tree. With regards to the patience when lying in wait, if Ling Tian said that he was second, no one would dare proclaim that they are the first! Be it his previous or this life, Ling Tian had this confidence!

To be able to conceal himself on the roof the heavily guarded main hall of the Shaolin temple without moving for a full three days and nights in the cold winter of negative 20 degrees, this was something which an ordinary person would definitely not be able to achieve!

Suddenly, Ling Tian saw that the black dressed figure shivered, probably being shocked from something he overheard from the Xiao family. He actually failed to guard his mental state! Failing to guard his mental state also meant that…

His whereabouts were revealed!

Following which, the black dressed figure flew up into the sky and sprinted towards the outside. He can also be said to be extremely decisive.

At this moment, a loud shout sounded, "Who is that?" Following which, three figures appeared on the rooftop. From afar, Ling Tian only managed to tell that one of them was Xiao FengYang. Without any delay, they chased after the black dressed figure.

Ling Tian could not help but praise this person in his heart. After his body shivered, he knew that he had already exposed himself and escaped without the slightest bit of hesitation! He completely did not even hope for any form of luck!

Able to put things down, extremely decisive! This person can also be said to be outstanding! Ling Tian nodded his head with praise.

The reaction speed of those from the Xiao family also earned Ling Tian’s praise. With such a slight movement, three top-notch experts jumped out immediately! They were definitely extremely cautious!

However, Ling Tian did not know that the Xiao family was only this cautious because of him.

Before Xiao FengYang came here, Xiao FengHan had nagged at them to be careful about Ling Tian because his means were exceptional! While Xiao FengYang did not agree with him and Xiao YanXue felt disdain in her heart, the both of them still chose to raise their guard.

After all, they were still in the Ling mansion. If this silkpants young noble has some dirty thoughts towards Xiao YanXue, that was something that must be guarded against. However, they never imagined that by being so cautious of Ling Tian, they actually managed to find a person on the roof right on their first day here.

If Ling Tian knew about this reason, he would probably run to the kitchen and smash a piece of tofu on his face! Just what kind of a reputation did he have?!

If that black dressed figure knew that she was exposed because of such a reason, the first thought in his mind would probably be to castrate Ling Tian first before continuing to spy on the Xiao family!

[1]: ‘Steal the winds but not the moon, steal the rain but not the snow’. This means that a thief should make use of the wind and rain in a thunderstorm to take action. However, he should not do so in the moonlight or snow, as the former would expose his movements and the latter would make it easier to find him due to the footsteps he may leave behind in the snow.