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Chapter 156: Night Chase in the Rain

Chapter 156: Night Chase in the Rain

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The movements of the black dressed figure were extremely swift. When passing by the tree Ling Tian was hiding in, she even used the tree to propel herself further, and almost stepped on Ling Tian’s face. At that moment, Ling Tian could not help but think to himself, "Did this lady find me?"

From the curves of this black dressed figure, Ling Tian was already certain that she must be a lady! The wet clothes sticking on tightly to her curvy figure made Ling Tian have the urge to let out a wolf whistle at this moment.

The three from the Xiao family were not slow either. At almost the exact same time, the three of them also propelled off the tree which Ling Tian was on. After the four of them stepped on the same place continuously, the mud which were on the soles of their feet all flew to Ling Tian’s black mask.

Ling Tian lamented at his bad luck! He wished he could just drag these three old fellows to the floor and give them a good beating.

After seeing the four of them pass by him, Ling Tian revealed himself again. Under his black mask, his star-light eyes penetrated through the curtain of rain and his gaze landed on the four of them. At the same time, he prayed in his heart silently, "Black dressed figure, please don’t get caught by the three of them. If not, my plan to dig down to the roots of your identity would be ruined!"

After the four figures almost disappeared in the rain, Ling Tian made his move. It wouldn’t matter if he didn’t take action, but once he did, he would soar to the sky! Stretching his arms out wide, he glided in the air like an eagle. Like an arrow, he shot towards the direction which the four of them went.

A short while after Ling Tian left, tens of black shadows stealthily made their way towards where the Xiao family was staying.

After countless of roofs passed by underneath them, the Xiao FengYang trio were getting nearer and nearer to the black dressed figure. In their eyes, a strong killing intent was burning, "No matter who this black dressed figure is, regardless of what she heard, she deserves death for spying on us!"

On the first day they arrived at the Sky Bearing Empire, their Xiao family actually met with something like this! If they do not kill this fellow, how would their Xiao family be able to keep their face? Suffering from a loss the first day they enter into the Sky Bearing City, wouldn’t they end up becoming a joke to others?

While the movement technique of the black dressed figure was superior, her cultivation was lacking and she won’t be able to keep up such speed for a long time. While she was extremely swift, the Xiao FengYang trio could tell that she wouldn’t be able to maintain such a speed for long! It was almost certain for the three of them to catch her! The three of them could not help but heave a sigh of relief, "As long as we can catch her, we will definitely be able to squeeze some information out of her!"

As they drew nearer to the city walls, the three of them began to speed up!

Xiao FengYang, who was the fastest of the trio, was already less than 30 feet away from her! All of a sudden, he let out a loud roar and unleashed a palm. The winds howled from the force generated as the falling rains shot out like iron beads!

The black dressed figure knew that this palm strike was extremely powerful; with a weird twist of her body, her direction changed and she managed to barely escape from that blow. However, the distance separating the both of them shortened further.

As Ling Tian watched the four of them from afar, he began to feel as though something was fishy. At the start, the movement technique of the black dressed figure was extremely exquisite and nimble, making full use of every part of her body. Every action she took looked like they were capable of increasing her speed further. Such an exquisite movement technique was in no way inferior to his own Nine Heavens Dragon Cruising Steps! Ever since he entered this world, it was the first time Ling Tian witnessed such an exquisite movement technique. From how refined her movement technique was, she was not inferior to Ye QingChen in that aspect at all. Who would have imagined that an expert can be seen so easily? But thinking about that, Ling Tian laughed. While he was startled at her movement techniques, he overestimated this black dressed figure too much. After all, Ye QingChen achieved the apex in not just his movement technique, but internal and external martial arts as well. With Ye QingChen’s decades worth of profound cultivation, how could this black dressed figure even hold a candle to him. This black dressed figure only had an excellent movement technique. As for her speed and endurance, it was lacking.

However, it was also because he set his bar up far too high. If he were to give her a fair judgement, while her inner Qi was not in the XianTian realm, she was still considerably powerful. While such an expert would be on the losing end when facing off against Xiao FengYang, her exquisite movement technique was not something that Xiao FengYang could match up to! If she was focusing on escaping for her life, she should have long disappeared by now. The way Ling Tian saw it, with Xiao FengYang’s half-baked movement techniques, it was impossible for him to be right on the black dressed figure’s tail!

At the same time, Ling Tian realized something else — ever since the black dressed figure started escaping, she had never changed her direction. She had always been heading towards a fixed direction. While she may have veered off once in a while, she would always adjust her directions back swiftly. Watching from a third person’s perspective, Ling Tian was able to observe the whole process carefully and could not help but think, "Is she trying to bait the enemy? Is there another ambush somewhere?"

The raindrops crashing down onto their faces like hail made Ling Tian dispel that suspicion of his. In such a weather, it definitely wasn’t a good idea to plant an ambush!

All of a sudden, the scenario afar changed again. The black dressed figure let out a chuckle and her body shot forward like a bolt of lightning, making one gasp in awe at the beauty of her movements. At this moment, Xiao FengYang also realized that something was wrong. Raising his right hand, the two behind him also stopped and landed on the roofs of a building each, looking as though they wanted to surround the black dressed figure. Xiao FengYang’s gaze was still locked onto the black dressed figure which was 40 feet away as he questioned, "Madam graced us with your presence in the middle of the night and lured us here. Just what are your intentions?"

Xiao FengYang’s breathing was calm and his inner Qi robust, obviously still having much unspent energy. His tone was calm, as though having a casual chat with his family members. While he knew that the black dressed figure had an ulterior motive, Xiao FengYang was still calm and unflustered. He did indeed live up to his name of being the second master of the Xiao family: shrewd and calm.

Although the black dressed figure was clad in full black with a mask on, Xiao FengYang was still able to tell that she was not just a lady, but a Madam! His eyesight was indeed extraordinary! With just this alone, Ling Tian was certain that he would not be able to do that. While he would be able to deduce her gender, and even gauge the depth of her cultivation, he was unable to differentiate between a middle-aged lady and young girl. Ling Tian could not help but think in his heart, "The eyesight of this second master Xiao is just too exceptional. In order to build such observational skills, was he a molester in the past?"

Ever since the black dressed female widened the gap between them, Xiao FengYang had already found out that she was merely trying to bait the three of them to chase after her. Thus, he could not help but feel wary in his heart. Even though this black dressed female had the ability to shake the three of them off, she still feigned weakness in order to bait the three of them to follow her here. Just what was her intention?

Seeing that the Xiao FengYang trio stopped, the black dressed female stopped as well. She stood up straight atop a roof and let out a high-pitched chuckle, "Second master Xiao lives up to your reputation indeed. In such darkness and rain, second master is actually able to tell that I am a middle-aged lady instead of a young lass. This indeed brings surprise to this little madam. Heh heh heh, for second master Xiao to have such a keen eyesight, I believe you must have had your frivolous moments? I’m so sorry for being rude! With such keen eyesight, it is really such a waste for you to not open a brothel." Her words were laced with sarcasm, ignoring what Xiao FengYang had asked her and changing the topic to ridicule Xiao FengYang.

"What a powerful lady, what a sharp tongue!" Ling Tian praised secretly. At the same time, he felt a sense of chemistry with her, after all, those were the words he wanted to say. With Xiao FengYang’s ability of differentiating between ladies, it was really a waste for him to not be the owner of a brothel. If the second master of the Xiao family personally opens a brothel, they would really be having an endless number of customers like the clouds in the sky… Ling Tian could not help but think in his heart.

While they were unable to see Xiao FengYang’s expression in the dark, Ling Tian was certain that his expression would definitely be extremely interesting. After which, Xiao FengYang’s reply became chilly with a tinge of anger, "Madam must be joking. Without the help of Madam, even if I want to open a brothel, I wouldn’t have anyone to be the pillar of support for it."

Ling Tian almost wanted to clap his hands in applause! Xiao FengYang was indeed quick-witted! Not only did he return the black dressed lady’s sarcasm back to her, she even ridiculed her for being an old prostitute of a brothel. The sharpness of his tongue was indeed extraordinary. It seems that this second master of the Xiao family was not just shrewd and intelligent, his tongue was also incredibly sharp.

With a chilly smile and malevolent tone, the black dressed female replied, "Second master is being too kind. Second master still does not have such a business. Even if you do, you would still have to learn from this slut. However, this slut here has my own brothel but is lacking a trademark figure. I have long heard that the little princess of the Xiao family is a country toppling beauty, proficient in all zither, chess, calligraphy and painting. This slut here is really full of anticipation; if we were to be graced with the presence of the little princess, my lowly brothel would definitely be bustling with business!"

The boundless and majestic rain landed without stopping, as the four of them were completely drenched in the rain. Hearing the black dressed lady’s reply, Xiao FengYang’s heart turned ice cold! He then bellowed, "Your target is Xue’er?" An unrestrainable rage could be heard in his voice!

The black dressed lady burst out into laughter, "Second master is indeed witty and intelligent! This slut admires you!" While she seemed to be praising Xiao FengYang, her words were no different from insulting Xiao FengYang. After which, her tone suddenly turned vicious, "Now that second master had been chasing me for such a long time, the little princess of the Xiao family is probably getting ready to receive her first guest already. Heh heh heh… but, she cannot be called Xue’er anymore. This slut here has given her a new stage name, Little Peony. Hahahaha…"