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Chapter 157: The Surviving ShangGuan Members

Chapter 157: The Surviving ShangGuan Members

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Xiao FengYang was thoroughly dumbfounded! To think that the black-robed female actually had such a card up her sleeve! His heart chilled as he threatened, "If you dare to even touch a hair on Xue’er, my Xiao Family will hunt down and exterminate your ten generations — even if we have to go into heaven and hell!"

"Huehuehue… what a temper you have, second master, this slut is almost peeing her pants," the female’s voice was soft and full of charm, yet her words cut into Xiao FengYang’s heart like a sharp knife, "The Xiao Family is the number one financial magnate under the heavens, of course this slut cannot afford to provoke you people. If the Xiao Family claims they can dismember my body and kill all ten generations of my family, they definitely have their means. It’s just that… by the time you people take action, the little princess would have earned quite a bit for us. Heh heh, but don’t worry, we won’t touch this bit of silver at all and leave it all for your Xiao Family. After all, it is your little princess’ hard earned money. Hehe, second master, when the time comes for you to receive the silver, how glorious it must be!"

Xiao FengYang’s heart was filled with regret! After such a long and weary journey over, coupled with the fact that Sky Bearing met with a downpour the likes of which had not been seen for a century, no matter who he was, he would naturally have a lowered vigilance. Moreover, being situated in the top family of Sky Bearing Empire, the Ling residence, he assumed that the security would definitely be adequate and left Xiao YanXue together with only two aides to continue discussing matters. To think that the enemy would actually exploit this momentary lapse, and brave the rain to carry out her schemes!

If the enemy really managed to capture Xiao YanXue who had been left behind, then the consequences would be unimaginable! If anything untoward happened to Xiao YanXue, then even if she were to be rescued, they would still have to carry this regret for the rest of their life!

"Who exactly are you people?" Since matters have already reached this point, Xiao FengYang could only forcibly calm himself down. Having a paranoid mind would only mess things up. Having a clear mind to find a solution would be the best option! "What conspiracy are you people up to? A righteous person does not beat about the bush; just state your true intentions!" Xiao FengYang spoke, while pondering the origins of the person in front of him.

"There’s no conspiracy actually, it’s just that I don’t want such a rare beauty like the little princess to only be able to serve one man her whole life. We’ll let Little Peony be happy and cheerful! I’ll leave first then, second master. There’s no need to send me off, because you guys can never catch me! Hehehe…." A soul shaking sweet laugh sounded, but the hatred within was clear for everyone to hear. Obviously, this person had a bone deep hate for the Xiao Family! The black robed female spun around, about to leave. Those words of hers were the truth; while her martial arts could not compare to any of the trio pursuing her, her movement technique was miles apart from them!

"Aha! I remember now, you must be from the ShangGuan family!" Xiao FengYang suddenly let out a cold laugh. A thought had passed through his mind just now, which let him to this conclusion. This sentence caused the black robed female to shudder and come to a stop, just as she was about to launch herself off. With a grim smile, Xiao FengYang signalled discreetly with his sleeves, sending a signal to the guards beside him.

"So, Madam was actually utilising the famed Mythical Fairy Steps in the legends, this Xiao is really blind to not have spotted it. Madam, for the past thirty years, our Xiao Family had long been aware that there were descendants of the ShangGuan Family. But to let you people have a way out, we had never taken any action. However, this Xiao can tell you honestly that, if anything untoward happens to Xue’er, we’ll drag out anybody with the name of ShangGuan and execute them, be it young or old! Madam should be able to understand that it isn’t too difficult for my Xiao Family to wipe the ShangGuan Family out completely!"

Xiao FengYang’s voice was stable and calm, appearing as though he was not hassled over the fact that Xiao YanXue had been captured. Within the calm of his voice was a hint of self-confidence. If a bystander were to hear of it, they would feel as though the Xiao Family really had the capability!

"Hahaha…" The black robed woman suddenly laughed out, after being silent for so long, "Even if our roots are destroyed, so what? At that time, the ShangGuan Family was one of the eight great families, our prestige and glory beyond compare! If not for your Xiao Family playing tricks in the shadows and turning back on their word, how could the ShangGuan Family be reduced to this state? Only leaving behind a group of orphans and widows to be bullied and scorned by others! As to the power of the Xiao family, this slut undoubtedly believes in it! However, I originally lived on in this world for the sake of revenge. It would be fitting for me to die for revenge! I’ll leave the decision to second master!" As she finished, her body began to float up again.

Xiao FengYang hollered, "Take her down!"

Two shadows simultaneously appeared, not beyond two feet from the black robed woman, brandishing their palms. A strong wind blew past, pressuring the black robed woman and making it difficult for her to breathe.

Previously, Xiao FengYang took the chance to continuously engage the female and waited till she had vented her frustrations before suddenly identifying her, leading to a flaw appearing in her mental state! This resulted in a lapse in her vigilance. Furthermore, reopening her old wounds made her extremely agitated, which gave Xiao FengYang’s aides the chance to secretly flank her and close the distance between them!

This time, his mobilization was abrupt and caught the woman off guard. As per Ling Tian’s judgements, though the black robed female’s movement techniques were superb, eccentric and unpredictable, her internal energy as well as endurance were incomparable to those three experts. Under this abrupt ambush, she immediately fell into a disadvantage! Now, she could only rely on her nimble and small body to constantly dodge. Ling Tian thought to himself, "I knew that this Xiao FengYang was a wily old fox, with many schemes up his sleeve. I better be warier when facing him, otherwise I might just end up falling into his traps in the future!"

Hidden in the shadows and spectating the battle, Ling Tian was torn between wanting to laugh as well as wanting to throw a fit. He secretly cursed, "The woman had an aura of astuteness, but she’s in actual fact a stupid swine! She could have left so long ago, but chose to stay and strut around, all to win a mere argument!

Women would forever be women! The problem with them was this sort of stupidity that would hit them without any warning!

If you really had an assistant that captured Xiao YanXue, it wouldn’t be too late for you to argue with him after having her in your hands! Wouldn’t you have much more capital to do so? You originally had an advantage, able to advance or retreat as and when you pleased, but look at you now! Two redundant sentences and you are in danger of leaving your life here!

It doesn’t matter to me if you want to die. But if you die here, how is this young noble going to be able to track you down to your nest?!"

As for the truth to whether Xiao YanXue had been abducted, Ling Tian was never worried about that. The Ling residence still had a top-notch expert like Ling Chen watching over it currently. Even in the worst-case scenario, she would definitely be able to hold them off for a moment and let out a scream to alert the Xiao Family’s guards!

The two experts from the Xiao family flashed around, sealing off all the black robed female’s possible routes of retreat! Meanwhile, Xiao FengYang had already entered the encirclement, glaring like a tiger watching its prey, ready to act at any given moment! Whether the black robed female was speaking the truth or not, it was not something for him to worry about currently! If she was speaking the truth, capturing her was the only way to save YanXue!

Thus, now would not be a suitable time to head back and check on YanXue, but to get hold of that black robed female! Whatever problems that surfaced would be dealt with later! From her tone of voice, it seemed like she was the mastermind behind this whole plan. If he, Xiao FengYang, could capture her, then they could possibly cause their enemies to halt due to fear and have a bargaining chip on their hand!

The black robed woman was at a complete disadvantage, where it was difficult to even support herself. In terms of strength, the two opponents in front of her were similar, or even half a notch higher than her. With the both of them attacking her together, it was already a miracle that she could actually survive that long! This was completely relying on her unpredictable as well as eccentric movements. Furthermore, Xiao FengYang watching by the side, like a tiger waiting for its snack and ready to attack at any time, added on to the pressure she was feeling!

The two experts had already cut off almost all her routes of retreat, and Xiao FengYang stood at the spot which blocked off her last route of escape!

There was no road to heaven, nor door into earth!

Now what?!

The black robed female felt her internal energy depleting slowly over the relentless attacks of the duo, much like the wind and rain surrounding them. From her senses, she could feel that she was becoming weaker by the second, her body gradually becoming more sluggish. At the same time, the attacks of the duo got fiercer, as though sensing her end approaching.

"Peng peng!" Being unable to retreat, the black robed female gathered what was left of her strength and exchanged a blow respectively with each of the two experts, somersaulting in mid-air and retreating to another rooftop a few metres away, stumbling as she landed. Under the black veil, a trail of blood could be seen as her body swayed unsteadily.

Upon receiving her strike, the two experts of the Xiao Family also retreated a few steps, their faces paling from the impact.

A bolt of lightning flashed through the sky, the bolts which resembled silver snakes illuminating the Xiao trio’s face with a whiteness akin to snow!

Xiao FengYang let out a roar as his body shot up into the sky. Brandishing his palm like a sword, he chopped down together with the sound of the thunder booming! This was a strike comprised of all his strength! Before his palms struck out fully, the howling winds produced by his palm caused all the surrounding rain droplets to deviate from their paths, shooting towards the female like a fan spreading out!

Gazing with despair at the palm strike of Xiao FengYang, the female realized that she had ran out of luck tonight. With a thought, she steeled her resolve as she shouted, "Xiao FengYang! This old woman would rather die than let you save Xiao YanXue! Let’s go to hell together!"

She mustered whatever dregs of strength she had, and pounced towards him like an insane tiger, directly pitting herself in front of Xiao FengYang’s full powered strike! For her who had long over drafted her strength, this was as good as suicide! With a flip of her sleeve, she produced a gleaming short sword, which she viciously stabbed towards the abdomen of Xiao FengYang! Her body was full of openings, as she chose the path of mutual destruction!