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Chapter 158: The Truth is Out!

Chapter 158: The Truth is Out!

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Originally, Xiao FengYang intended to capture her alive with the technique he was hiding with his left hand when she tries to avoid his palm strike! However, he never imagined that she did not avoid or dodge the palm strike at all, receiving it head on. The sword on his left and palm on his right were both gleaming aggressively. If he were to receive her with the skills he intended, that black dressed lady would definitely be destroyed with a single blow! It would be nothing more than a dream for the black dressed lady to drag Xiao FengYang down together with her into death. By being on the verge of death, what threat would she possess! However, if the matter about Xiao YanXue was real, Xiao FengYang would lose his only lead! Furthermore, if he were to kill this black dressed lady, he may even infuriate the other party and harm Xue’er in the process. But if he chose to avoid the attack, that black dressed lady would have a chance to make a breakthrough and escape from him!

The look in Xiao FengYang’s eyes changed; since he had the upper hand in his battle, and this black dressed lady would find it difficult to escape because of her internal injury, there was no need for him to be overly hasty. As such, he retracted his strength slightly and adjusted his steps, making the preparation to give chase to the black dressed lady when she passes by him! At this moment, the black dressed lady had already exhausted most of her strength and was inflicted with serious injuries as well. Xiao FengYang was certain that she wouldn’t be able to escape from him for sure!

In the dark, Ling Tian had already understood everything that was going on. He could not help but sigh in his heart as a silver needle appeared in his hands with a light snap of his fingers! No matter what, he could not allow this black dressed lady to die in the hands of Xiao FengYang! For such an organization to be hidden within the Sky Bearing City, how could Ling Tian be at ease if he doesn’t get to the bottom of their identities!

Originally, Ling Tian wanted to reap off the benefits of others and thought that he would be able to obtain a piece of news by just being drenched in the rain. He never imagined that he had to make a personal appearance!

In an instant, the both of them began to draw nearer to each other. Xiao FengYang’s right hand grabbed out at the wrist of the black dressed lady while his left palm smashed towards the wrist of the lady which was holding the blade. Seeing that Xiao FengYang did not intend to fight her head on, it was right to the liking of the black dressed lady. With a sudden shake of her left hand, a short sword appeared and stabbed towards Xiao FengYang’s abdomen. Her body then slid by the side of Xiao FengYang’s body like an agile fish in the water. Even though she was in mid-air, she was still able to change her direction. The beauty of her movement techniques could be seen at this moment.

However, all of these were also within Xiao FengYang’s expectations. Stretching out his left hand, the short sword was already grabbed by him. He then turned around swiftly, ready to take off without the slightest bit of delay, as his right hand stretched out towards the black dressed lady’s back! His strength had not been exhausted yet and his actions were swift and mighty. However, the black dressed lady was already at her wits end. In that moment, it was already certain that the black dressed lady would not be able to escape from Xiao FengYang.

Right at this moment, Ling Tian’s silver needle arrived!

This was the first time Ling Tian used his hidden weapon to face an enemy! Xiao FengYang should feel honored about this!

Xiao FengYang, who was about to spring into action, suddenly felt the ‘Huantiao Point’ on his right leg go numb. All of a sudden, he could no longer exert any strength with his right leg. With the sudden displacement of his centre of gravity, he lost his balance and slipped off the roof of the building!

The two other Xiao family experts had already stopped their actions, as they watched Xiao FengYang take action to capture the enemy who was already on the verge of exhaustion. They stood there quietly, waiting for their second master to capture this black dressed lady and accomplish the mission! However, how would they be able to expect the sudden change in situation and Xiao FengYang slipping off the roof?

The both of them were startled as they dashed forward to support Xiao FengYang’s falling body. The roof of the building was not flat; if Xiao FengYang were to fall off while being caught off guard, he would definitely be injured regardless of how profound his inner Qi was!

The black dressed lady was just taking her chances and already had the heart to seek her death. However, she never expected that she would be able to charge out successfully! Furthermore, her opponent actually slipped off the roof unexpectedly! She could not help but exclaim about her good luck as she sprinted off at the fastest possible speed!

Xiao FengYang almost wanted to puke blood on the spot! Seeing how the black dressed lady was like a bolt of lightning, he knew that it was already too late for him to give chase. Thus, he roared, "Who is the little rat, hiding in the dark to injure me! If you have the capabilities, come out and exchange a few moves with this Xiao! For you to use such despicable means, aren’t you afraid of being the laughingstock of the world?"

The two other experts of the Xiao family were startled, "No wonder, second master slipped off because of a sneak attack! To think that there is still someone else, apart from us, present! To think that we weren’t able to detect him at all! Just how powerful is he?!" The both of them could not help but look around them, only to realize that they could not even find a single person in the dark! Needless to say, Ling Tian was already chasing after the black dressed lady and did not hear what Xiao FengYang had said. But, even if he had heard it, he would have probably ignored it!

Bullsh*t, talking about the rule of the pugilistic world with me! This is complete nonsense! If there are rules in the pugilistic world, can it still be called the pugilistic world? There is only one rule in the pugilistic world — break all the rules!

Xiao FengYang folded up his pants and looked over; the three of them could not help but take in a breath of cold air! A shiny silver needle, thin like the hair of a cow, was half punctured into Xiao FengYang’s thigh.

In such darkness, with such heavy rain, with the distance of at least fifty feet, the other party was still able to send this feather like needle through such distance, penetrating Xiao FengYang’s leg which was protected by his Inner Qi! The most frightening thing was the fact that it landed accurately on his acupoint!

Just what kind of an eyesight was this! Just what kind of a cultivation was this!

In that moment, the three of them stared at each other without saying a thing!

A long while later, Xiao FengYang let out a long sigh! Tonight, they had lost completely! If the person in hiding wanted to reap their lives, he would be able to do so without much difficulty! If this needle did not land on his right thigh but a fatal part of his body like his throat, then… Xiao FengYang did not dare imagine the consequences! He felt as though his whole body was drenched in cold sweat, chilling him all the way to his heart! Thinking about it this way, he didn’t feel that the sneak attack was hateful any longer. Instead, he felt a sense of relief.

The three of them looked at each other and thought about Xiao YanXue at the same time. They then let out a cry together, "Not good!" Then, they sprinted towards the Ling mansion like their lives depended on it! Xiao FengYang doted on Xiao YanXue a lot, as his originally uncomfortable leg suddenly seemed to be as healthy as a racehorse, even exceeding its usual performance!

Ling Tian followed behind the black dressed lady calmly and grew more and more shocked! This lady was just far too careful! Knowing that she had already shaken off the trio from the Xiao Family, she still led Ling Tian around the Sky Bearing City for a long while despite her injuries!

Actually, this was also nothing surprising. For Xiao FengYang to make a mistake when he had overwhelming advantage, it was impossible for the black dressed lady to not feel suspicious. Furthermore, Xiao FengYang was known for his shrewdness and intelligence. Thus, this mistake of Xiao FengYang may have been intentional to lure out her hiding place. As such, the black dressed lady had no choice but to be careful!

Ling Tian felt the cold rainwater splashing on his body, as his whole body could no longer feel warmth any longer! Looking at the stubborn black dressed lady who was still leading him in circles despite her injuries, Ling Tian could not help but feel a ball of anger rise from within his stomach. He hated the fact that he could not catch her and give her a good spanking on the butt! What a hateful lady!

While the black dressed lady was certain that she had already thrown the Xiao family trio off, her sixth sense as a lady kept prompting her that danger was still present. Thus, she chose to go around in circles despite her heavy injuries! After a full two hours, no matter what she did — looking from a high point, suddenly hiding in a concealed corner, suddenly changing her direction in mid-air — she just could not find anyone following behind her! She could not help but mumble to herself, "Am I really worrying for nothing? Am I being too careful?"

While the worry in her heart was still present, she was unable to find anything out of the ordinary despite her many attempts. Thus, she could not help but let her guard down. Furthermore, her heavy injuries did not allow her to go around in circles any longer. If not, she would probably continue going around in circles!

For a seemingly foolish lady, her sixth sense was frighteningly accurate!

Looking at the black dressed lady travel towards the east, a dark figure suddenly appeared from in a dark shadow, hidden by the rain. Ling Tian then laughed to himself, "While your movement techniques are exceptional and your vigilance sufficient, your experience with counter tracking is just far too little! At the very most, you are only at the elementary school level!" He then darted towards the black dressed lady like a black shadow!

Slowly, Ling Tian gradually realized that his surroundings were becoming more and more familiar. Then, he saw the black dressed lady enter a familiar courtyard and Ling Tian could not help but laugh bitterly.

This was a place where Ling Tian was extremely familiar with, and also a place where all the silkpants of the capital would usually gather!

In the past few years, Ling Tian would have spent at least a few months’ worth of time in this courtyard! In here, the amount of trouble he caused and fights he fought were countless!

This was where the rich spent their wealth and relax their senses. It was not only an important place for the dukes and officials to host their events, it was also heaven for the gamblers!

Smoky Thea Tower!