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Chapter 161: A Small Punishment

Chapter 161: A Small Punishment

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While Gu XiYan had a look of righteousness, looking as though she would fight to the death, she was no more than an unreasonable woman making a scene in Ling Tian’s eyes!

Ling Tian looked at her calmly with mockery in his eyes, "Gu XiYan, your lousy schemes are useless against me. Do you really think that I won’t kill a lady? Especially a lady like you?"

Gu XiYan felt her heart turn cold as the thousands of words she prepared in her heart became useless! She could not help but shout, "Then why don’t you kill me? Come kill me! If you kill me, the others can witness how a top-notch martial arts expert kills a vulnerable lady! Come kill me! Kill me!" As she said that, she inched towards Ling Tian.

Ling Tian chuckled and said calmly, "Gu XiYan, do you believe that if you say another word today, this daddy here will strip you naked and throw you onto the streets. Then, I will summon a hundred men to take turns to rape you and hang you on the city gates! By the side of your body, I will then hang a flag writing ‘Successor of the ShangGuan Family: Gu XiYan’! I will let the fame of your already forgotten ShangGuan Family spread across the continent again! The fame of your ShangGuan Family will be restored to its former glory! It would also be fulfilling your greatest wish!"

In his calm tone, an unquestionable aura emanated from Ling Tian. In that instant, everyone present could not help but have a chill run down their spine! They all could not help but think to themselves, "This man will definitely accomplish what he says! He, he is the reincarnation of a devil!"

As Gu XiYan faced Ling Tian’s cold eyes, she felt as though there wasn’t a trace of emotion which could be seen within it. It was as though it was a lake of still water staring at her silently. She could not help but shudder from the fear. As her lips twitched, she just did not dare to say another word!

The First Elder then walked forward, "Sir, for your martial arts to be at such a profound level, I believe that you must definitely be someone of high stature. How can you treat a lady as such? You will definitely become the greatest joke of the world!"

Ling Tian interrupted him, "Don’t talk to me about the rules of the pugilistic world! To talk about these rules with you guys, it is no more than bullsh*t! Darn old man, go to one side! Gu XiYan, wasn’t your tongue very sharp? Come! Just say another word! Just say another word for me! You can experiment for yourself to see if I would dare to do that! Do you really think I wouldn’t dare!"

Gu XiYan retreated in fear and accidentally knocked over a vase by her side. Her expression was flustered but she shut her lips tightly, afraid that a shriek by her would frustrate this demon in front of her!

Ling Tian sneered and turned around to look at Xiao’wu, "The three of you made a mistake today. I will give you guys a small punishment, lest your Smokey Thea Tower forget about this lesson!"

The Xiao’wu trio looked at Ling Tian with begging expressions, as their legs began to tremble with fear. While they were still holding on to their sabres, they no longer had the strength to even lift it up. This person was someone who even the three elders were not able to face. Just how would we be able to win against him?

The First Elder then said, "Sir, I hope that you will show some mercy. The three of them did not offend Miss Xiao at all. May you…"

"Shut up!" Ling Tian hollered and turned around, staring at the First Elder with a piercing glare, "Do you have an opinion?!"

Facing those black pupils filled with killing intent, the First Elder felt his heart turn cold, and he could not help but tremble. His face turned pale as he stammered for a long while before answering, "No… none… at all…"

The other two elders turned around and faced the wall, afraid of making a single move. They were afraid that a slight cough from them now would bring troubles upon themselves. All of a sudden, it was as though they found the wall to be extremely beautiful, studying it with all of their attention…

After staying in the pugilistic world for such a long time, they became more and more timid. The older they grew, the more afraid of death they became! This could completely describe how the three elders were acting! Knowing that they were not a match for their opponent, they immediately became soft. Seeing that their enemy was about to deal with their own men, they did not even dare to plead on their behalves because of a single glare by Ling Tian!

At this moment, Ling Tian could not help but feel a sense of sorrow for them! After hiding for so many years, and living such a meaningless life, all of their ambitions and valor were completely lost! These three people were no longer living for revenge, but just to ensure that they could lead a longer life! These three elders, who were of a higher position then Gu XiYan, were even less courageous than a lady like Gu XiYan!

While Gu XiYan was vicious and despicable, her unscrupulous means were understandable and she was, at the very least, someone with guts! As for these three elders, while they had some strength, they were no more than living zombies!

When the First Elder said that Ling Tian was angered because of Xiao YanXue, his guess was completely wrong. The reason why Ling Tian wanted to punish the Xiao’wu trio was completely unrelated to Xiao YanXue! Their first crime was because they dared to barge into his Ling residence. Their second crime was because they disturbed Ling Chen! Their third crime was because Ling Chen had to be drenched in the rain because of them, despite of it being her inconvenient time of the month! These were the three crimes which they had committed! They must definitely be punished for those three crimes!

While these may not be much in the eyes of others, this was something unforgivable in Ling Tian’s eyes!

With a cold laughter, his leg shot out and smashed into the left side of the burly man’s crotch. With the sound of an egg breaking, that burly man opened his mouth with agony on his face, but he just could not even let out a cry of pain. His eyes turned white as his body collapsed on the floor, fainting on the spot!

None of them would have imagined that Ling Tian’s small punishment would be to cripple the most important part of a man! They could not help but let out a cry of shock. As Xiao’wu and the remaining burly man saw the plight of their brother, they could not help but think about fighting for their lives as Ling Tian looked into their directions!

As a man, if they were to suffer from such an injury, what meaning would there be for them to remain alive? They could not help but let out a battle cry, brandishing their sabres at Ling Tian! The both of them grit their teeth with a face full of hatred.

"I never imagined that the ShangGuan Family would still have two men! A pity they won’t be in the future!" Ling Tian said with sarcasm. At the same time, he showed no mercy to the ‘only two men’ of the ShanGuan Family! As the two men brandished their sabres, it formed an impenetrable looking wall of blade lights. But with a single kick by Ling Tian, he easily broke through the wall and aimed his kick accurately at the crotch of another burly man!

The force of this kick was obviously much stronger than before. This burly man was sent flying from this kick, as blood sprayed out from the holes on his head and a cry of agony sounded. Before his body even landed on the ground, he had already taken his last breath in mid-air!

Of the three burly men, only the one called Xiao’wu was left. With a face full of fear and despair, he let out a roar, and tossed his sabre at Ling Tian before turning to run. Ling Tian’s body floated up and dodged the sabre easily. Like an eagle catching its prey, his right hand had already pressed onto Xiao’wu’s crown. As his fingers tightened and his wrist twisted, Xiao’wu’s head had been torn off neatly!

Despite losing his head, Xiao’wu still ran for another seven to eight steps before falling on the steps of the tower as a pillar of blood spewed out from his severed neck.

With such a cruel display in front of their eyes, everyone felt their souls leaving their body, without a single trace of courage left in them! The two middle-aged ladies let out a shriek before fainting on the spot. The three elders and Gu XiYan also felt their eyelids twitch and their heartbeat race! They almost thought that they were in a nightmare!

There was actually such a cruel method to kill someone!

Ling Tian then looked at the rest coldly; with a flick of his feet, Xiao YanXue’s body was already in his bosom. He supported her body with one hand and threw Xiao’wu’s head up with another. The round head then shot up towards the sky like a rocket, with the sounds of swooshing winds accompanying it. With a loud crash, a hole was made on the roof of the tower and the head flew up into the sky! Then, rain began to leak from the hole of the roof.

"If all of you don’t want the ShangGuan family to be exterminated, the whole Smoky Thea Tower would have to listen to my command for the next two months! If not…" Before he left, he simply left behind a command with an unquestionable tone, before leaving the room from the window with Xiao YanXue’s body. The next moment, he had already disappeared from all of their sights, without a trace to be seen!

Gu XiYan and the three elders from the ShangGuan Family looked at each other. Up until now, they were still wondering if everything that just happened was a dream! Were they in a nightmare, or was all of that reality?!

That previous scene was just too unbelievable! There was actually someone like that in the world! There was actually such a cruel method to kill someone in the world! There was actually such a powerful set of martial arts in the world!

"Dong!" A round item then fell from the whole which was previously made by Ling Tian, falling onto the floor with a dull thud!

As the four of them looked over, they saw that it was the head which Ling Tian threw up previously! With a round pair of angered eyes and blood still spewing out from the neck, the head rolled on the floor like a soccer ball!

"Wah…" Gu XiYan, who was trying her best to hold her disgust in, could not take it any longer. She began to vomit on the spot, vomiting unceasingly like the waves of an ocean.