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Chapter 163: Ling Tian“s Heart

Chapter 163: Ling Tian's Heart

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The sound of the searching troops gradually approached the area.

Xiao YanXue’s face could not help but turn red as she thought to herself, "This person can also be considered strange: an unruly person not wanting any repayments for his kindness. In order to make me forget about repaying his kindness, he decided to ridicule me. It appears that I must have misunderstood him previously." She could not help but say with gratitude, "I wonder how I can address this brother? Can you let me know your name? Brother protected YanXue’s chastity and this huge kindness you have bestowed upon me is like giving me new life. YanXue is extremely grateful and our Xiao Family also thanks you for your kindness. How can such kindness be repaid with a simple word of thanks?"

The black dressed man shrugged his shoulders and replied in an unfettered manner, "It really isn’t much. We will never meet again. Farewell." Without waiting for a reply from Xiao YanXue, the black dressed man drifted up into the air and landed on top of a roof. Then, he let out a loud shout, "The little princess of the Xiao Family is here!" Inner Qi was imbued within his words, his crisp voice travelling far and wide. Following which, the commotion from afar began to travel towards them.

Xiao YanXue knew that he was about to leave and could not help but shout out, "Wait a moment brother, can you leave your name behind?"

As though he did not hear her, or disdained to reply, his body disappeared with a flash, displaying his extraordinary movement techniques!

In anxiousness, Xiao YanXue jumped up the roof and scanned the surroundings. However, the surroundings were completely silent and empty, without a single trace of the black dressed man. In that moment, she could not help but feel dejected in her heart.

Following the rustling of footsteps, Xiao FengYang landed by Xiao YanXue’s side as experts began to rush towards them. As he studied Xiao YanXue’s expression, he asked carefully, "Xue’er, are you alright?" His words were filled with concern. While Xiao FengYang was Xiao YanXue’s granduncle, he doted on Xiao YanXue as though she was his own grandchild. As long as she wanted the stars, he would never give her the moon. While they were only separated for a short moment, his innards were truly twisted up from anxiousness. At the same time, he was also fuming from the fact that the ShangGuan Family dared to lay their hands on Xiao YanXue.

Xiao YanXue shook her head, naturally understanding what her granduncle was asking, "I am alright." At the same time, she could not help but look around, hoping to see the unbridled silhouette of that black dressed man.

Seeing that Xiao YanXue was alright, Xiao FengYang could finally be at ease. If anything were to happen to Xiao YanXue, he — as the elder who brought her out — would have definitely lost all his face. Not to mention how his family would react, he would never be able to forgive himself!

After hearing Xiao YanXue’s description of the whole affair, especially as he heard about the mysterious expert, Xiao FengYang was also completely bewildered. However, Xiao YanXue did not have a single memory about their enemies. When Xiao FengYang saw Xiao YanXue, his original intention to wipe out the ShangGuan Family was completely forgotten.

The large group of them then escorted Xiao YanXue back to the Ling residence, and it was already past midnight. As Duke Ling and Old Madam Ling heard about the news, they came out personally to receive her. Ling Xiao and Chu Ting’er were also present, expressing their heartfelt concern to Xiao YanXue. Knowing that she was alright, all of them felt as though a large burden was lifted from their shoulders. Chu Ting’er then hugged Xiao YanXue in her embrace, consoling her from the fright of the whole incident.

Xiao YanXue thanked the members of the Ling family repeatedly as she looked around, only to realize that not a trace of Ling Tian could be seen. She could not help but be frustrated in her heart as she thought, "This silkpants is really a silkpants. Even with such a large affair happening in his own house, he can still sleep so soundly. He is indeed trash!" However, Xiao YanXue was still extremely thankful towards the concern shown to her by the others of the Ling Family.

At this moment, Ling Tian had already returned to his own courtyard, and changed into a dry set of clothes. Only then did he call Ling Chen over, staring at her without a single word.

Seeing the serious look on Ling Tian’s face, Ling Chen could not help but blink her eyes and lower her head. While she knew what Ling Tian wanted to ask, she did not know where to start her explanation.

Ling Tian then pointed to the chair beside the bed and said gently, "Take a seat and explain what is going on."

Ling Chen responded with a ‘Mmm’ and sat down with her head still lowered. She then said softly, "After young noble followed that person out, this servant realized that someone else snuck into the courtyard that the Xiao Family was staying at. Thus, I went to take a look and saw that they had knocked the little miss of the Xiao Family out with sedatives. This servant wanted to save her, but suddenly remembered something Old Madam Ling said," as she explained up until here, she raised her gaze and looked at Ling Tian.

Ling Tian then continued her explanation, "You thought about grandmother telling me that I must marry Xiao YanXue? That’s why you let those black dressed men off? You knew that I was following the black dressed figure and wanted to give me a chance to save Xiao YanXue? You want to let me be the hero who saves the beauty? You want me to make use of this opportunity to achieve Xiao YanXue’s heart?" Ling Tian’s voice was extremely calm, but every single word of his was filled with a tinge of self-mockery.

"Yes!" Ling Chen lowered her gaze again. Ling Tian had already listed out her thoughts. While she felt joyful about how Ling Tian was able to read all of her thoughts, she also felt a sense of sourness in her heart. As a lady, she was trying to create a chance for her own man to have another lady as outstanding as her; this was an extremely depressing affair! Even if Ling Chen was completely lost in love with Ling Tian, even if Ling Chen knew that she would never be Ling Tian’s wife, it was impossible for her to be unaffected by the matter!

"Then, you were afraid that I would not meet them, or that they belonged to two different groups. So, you followed behind them to save Xiao YanXue if something went wrong?"


Ling Tian let out a long sigh and stood up, hugging Ling Chen into his embrace. Ling Chen then leaned on his chest obediently, with a sense of satisfaction in her heart.

"Chen’er, you still don’t understand me!" Ling Tian sighed, "In this world, how many ladies would be worth my care and concern? How many ladies would be worth my time to pursuit her with all I’ve got? Ah ah… if it is BingYan, she is still barely acceptable. While BingYan has a thousand-year-old family behind her, the Yu Family obviously doesn’t have such ambitions. Furthermore, BingYan gives me a very special feeling, as though she was my little sister. Perhaps, this is related to the things she had experienced since young, making me want to protect her with all I’ve got. However, if you were to talk about marriage, she may not necessarily be the one! I can only say that Yu BingYan is indeed important to me without doubt."

"Then, what about the little princess of the Xiao Family? Miss Xiao is extremely pretty and not a single princess or little miss can be compared to her. I believe that even the true appearance of Miss Yu would only be comparable to her. Is young noble not moved at all?" Ling Chen asked softly.

"Pretty? So what? There are far too many pretty girls in this world. Can your young noble have them all? Do I have that sort of ability to claim them all for myself?" Ling Tian smiled, "If you think that I will be interested in a lady because of her looks, then Chen’er, you are really looking down too much on your young noble. I am not interested in collecting flower vases at home. "

Ling Tian then paused for a moment before continuing, "Xiao YanXue was originally a pre-planned marriage by my grandfather. Back then, I personally destroyed this marriage because of the ambitions of the Xiao Family, and their ability to carry out their ambitions. I must admit — if the Xiao and Ling Family unites, we will definitely be able to overtake the Sky Bearing Empire in a single night and destroy the Yang Family. With the backing of the Xiao Family and the geography of the Sky Bearing Empire, being able to launch out attacks in all directions, we do indeed have the chance of uniting the continent. Hehe."

Ling Chen became depressed, "Young noble, isn’t this something which you want to do? With such benefits and convenience, why did you…"

Ling Tian then let out a ‘hmph’ and said, "If everything which I just talked about came true, the Xiao Family will definitely be at the helm, and our Ling Family will only be a subordinate family to them. If that’s the case, what’s the meaning behind that? All of our hard work would then be for the Xiao Family to rule the continent. What will we gain from that? Perhaps, we may even end up as cannon-fodders and be sacrificed in the process! This is a completely stupid move! How can I, Ling Tian, do something like this?! Besides, how can I live under the roof of others?

While Xiao YanXue is indeed a beauty, you must not forget that she is still the little princess of the Xiao Family! This status of hers is more than enough for me to distance myself from her! Furthermore, she isn’t a simple person either. If she wants to gain my approval, she will have to give up her precious identity in the Xiao Family. Besides that, the Xiao Family must also be my subordinate. If not, I will not dare to keep her by my side. However, it is almost impossible for these two things to happen. Hehe." Ling Tian explained.

"So that’s the case. Young noble, Chen’er is wrong and seeks forgiveness." Ling Chen said softly with her head buried in Ling Tian’s embrace.

Ling Tian let out two ‘hmphs’ and kissed her, "I have my own plans about my own marriage. Chen’er, it will only cause you grievance to participate in such a matter. You can just leave everything to me."

"Mmm!" Ling Chen could not help but feel her head turn red as her nose itched. With her head buried in Ling Tian’s embrace, she replied with a soft ‘Mmm’.

Just when the Sky Bearing City was becoming lively, the Yu Family was completely silent.

In the Moon Climbing Star Picking Tower, Yu ManLou was seated in front of the window leisurely, appreciating the beautiful scenery in front of him. Although he had been seeing this scenery for a full ten years, he wasn’t tired of it at all, with interest filling his eyes. Listening to the sound of raindrops falling from the outside, his face remained expressionless.