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Chapter 164: Third Master of the Yu Family

Chapter 164: Third Master of the Yu Family

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Footsteps could be heard coming from the stairs, and two anxious looking people approached Yu ManLou. They were Yu ManLou’s two brothers: second brother Yu ManTang, and third brother Yu ManTian.

"Big brother, is there really no need for us to send anyone to the Sky Bearing City? This is a one in a lifetime opportunity!" The youngest of the three, Yu ManTian, was 30-plus years old man, with a face full of facial hair and straightforward looking appearance. He was the most impatient of the three and said hastily, "According the Xue Leng’s news, even those from ‘Beyond Heaven’ have arrived at the Sky Bearing City. Furthermore, all the different powers are treating the Sky Bearing City as a big chance and have sent their men there. If we do not make a choice, it will be too late. Big brother."

"Beyond Heaven?!" Hearing this name, a chill gaze flashed past Yu ManLou’s eyes, "So what? Just because Beyond Heaven is there, our Yu Family has to be there as well?"

Idiot! Yu ManTang glared at Yu ManTian. You are really an idiot! Knowing that Beyond Heaven has always been a thorn in big brother’s heart, you still had to pick such an unsuitable time to mention it! Even if big brother had the intention to send someone to the Sky Bearing City to appease us, it would probably be ruined by this single phrase of yours!

"Big brother," Yu ManTang said carefully, "it is extremely peaceful here and there isn’t any news from Heavenly Wind. Furthermore, we have to guard against the news which we received from the palace a few days ago. The crown prince failed in his marriage proposal but still sent a large number of troops to the Sky Bearing City. I am afraid that he will harm BingYan. Why not you send us two brothers to infiltrate into the Sky Bearing City secretly with minimal followers?"

"Crown prince ChengPing?" Yu ManLou sneered, "He is just a dancing clown and there is no need to fear him! If we treat him as a crown prince, he would be the crown prince. If we don’t treat him as a crown prince, he would be nothing! He thinks that a rotten Martial Order Medallion will be able to protect him? That’s nothing more than a dream! While other families may fear Beyond Heaven, our Yu Family has no need to fear any other power in the world!"

"Besides," Yu ManLou’s voice gradually became calm as the anger from hearing the words ‘Beyond Heaven’ disappeared, "the Sky Bearing City is filled with dangers and storms. I am still unable to understand the full situation, and it will be a huge risk to join in the fray rashly. I am even thinking if I should pull BingYan and the rest back to the Yu Family, and the both of you actually want to jump into the fray. Are all of you idiots?"

"Big brother, the matters in the Sky Bearing City is only a coincidence!" Yu ManTian said with indignance, "For someone in the NanGong Family to die in such a sensitive period, it is definitely a coincidence. The powers from all over are going there to muddy the waters so they can get a share of the benefits. Just like what big brother said, the strength of our Yu Family is without any rival. As long as we appear, who would dare fight with us? We will definitely be the biggest winner! Big brother, how can you not consider the matter at all?"

"Coincidence? The Yu Family will be the biggest winner if we join in the fray? Preposterous!" Yu ManLou pointed his finger at his third brother with anger and disappointment, "You, you, you… just when are you going to change this rash personality of yours? Whose territory is the Sky Bearing City? Don’t tell me you don’t know something so simple?"

"Whose territory? Isn’t it that Yang KongQun’s territory? What’s the big deal about that? When this little brother here went to the Sky Bearing City back then, he even showed me magnificent hospitality. All these years, this little brother has been wanting to expand into the Sky Bearing Empire, but big brother has always been apprehensive about the matter. Is it really so important for us to keep the name of being a Great Family who does not have any ties to the empires? If we are able to enter the Sky Bearing Empire, the might of our Yu Family will definitely go up another level. At that time, what can that Beyond Heaven do…" Yu ManTian was full of conceit, rambling on about his opinions. However, he didn’t manage to finish what he had to say.

"Shut up! You idiot!" The usually calm and poise Yu ManLou was enraged to the point the veins by his temple bulged. With regards to this insensitive and rash brother of his, Yu ManLou was completely speechless! "Did the both of you see the documents which I gave you a few days ago?"

"I’ve seen it. Big brother, you mean…" Yu ManTang frowned. It was precisely because he had seen that document that he was so worried about his daughter in the Sky Bearing City.

"Which document? Errrrr… I’ve seen it. Big brother, you are talking about the one regarding the Xiao Family, right?" Seeing Yu ManLou blowing his top, Yu ManTian tried his best to appease his rage, letting out a feigned sigh, "I really never expected that the strength of the Xiao Family would grow so quickly. The world is really like a chess game, difficult to predict what would happen next…"

By the side, Yu ManTang’s face was completely ashen! He looked towards Yu ManTian with a face full of pity as he could not help but sigh in his heart, "Third brother, forgive your second brother for being unable to help you. You have really smashed into the hornet’s nest this time! Haiz, even if you don’t know what is going on, you should not spout nonsense. Now…"

"&)$@*$!@)" Yu ManLou’s eyes were already as wide as saucers. The usually composed and well-tempered Yu ManLou would always be driven mad by this dear brother of his! After a long while, he roared, "Bastard!! Who asked you to see that?! If not for the fact that the three of us are the only ones of our generation, I would really want to take out the family laws to teach you a good lesson!"

This roar was comparable to the ‘Lion Roar’ of the Shaolin Temple from Ling Tian’s previous life! The whole mansion of the Yu Family shook from the roar!

While Yu ManTian was extremely unbridled, he had a lot of respect for his big brother. He also knew that his big brother was at least a hundred times better than him. Thus, he conceded in both his mouth and heart immediately! Without asking for the reason, he lowered his head to seek forgiveness. In actual fact, he was completely ignorant as to where he went wrong!

Looking at this third brother of his which gave him so much headache, Yu ManLou let out a weak sigh and waved his hands for the both of them to be seated. He then glared at Yu ManTian, "You better sit down there quietly without saying a single word. If not, you can scram!"

Yu ManTian replied with an ‘err’ as he was depressed in his heart. At the same time, he thought to himself, "Despite the momentum of my cultivation, I read the news which you sent to me without delay. I really did read everything that you sent me…" All of a sudden, his body shook and thought about how someone did indeed send him some document to read when he was cultivating. However, he was in meditation and so he commanded for it to be placed by the side. In the end, he was too engrossed in his cultivation and had completely forgotten about the matter. Could it be that document? Thinking about that, he did not dare to say a single word, sitting by the side like an obedient kitten.

Yu ManLou then looked towards Yu ManTang and said, "Second brother, you know about the matter. What opinions do you have with regards to the Sky Bearing City?"

Yu ManTang thought about the matter carefully before replying, "NanGong Le’s death is definitely not a mere coincidence. I believe that someone must have intentionally instigated the whole affair to reap benefits from the whole matter. However, the person, or power, who instigated this affair is still unknown. But despite that, this is definitely a huge chance to the various powers! This is without doubt!"

Yu ManLou let out a sigh and looked at both his brothers. One was rash and addicted to martial arts. The other one was sharp when it came to small matters but muddled when it came to large affairs. He then said with a serious tone, "All of you! Haiz!" Turning around to look outside the window, he said with a mellow tone, "This is definitely a good opportunity. It is definitely a huge opportunity! You guys are not the only ones to think about this. All the other powers would have definitely thought about this as well. Thus, they are all running to the Sky Bearing City like flies seeing candy! However, have you even wondered if there is someone controlling this whole affair from the background? If there is really someone controlling the whole affair, who would this person be? What is his motive? Why would he be so kind-hearted to create such an opportunity for all the various powers? What exactly are his intentions? Have you guys ever thought about these things?"

Yu ManTang blinked for a moment before replying, "Big brother, I know that you are suspecting that silkpants. However, this little brother thinks that this matter may not be controlled by him. How will he be able to control such a huge affair with his capabilities. Perhaps it may just be a mere coincidence."

"I’ve said it before, you are not allowed to call him silkpants!" Yu ManLou flared, "If he is a silkpants, what can you two be considered to be? It is extremely foolish for you to underestimate an enemy like that!"

"Err, big brother, second brother, who are you guys talking about?" Yu ManTian could not help but ask.

"Ling Tian, grandson of Ling Zhan, son of Ling Xiao." Yu ManTang replied softly. Yu ManTian was speechless for a short while before replying, "Big brother, both you and second brother have your talents. I only like martial arts and my brain isn’t very clear. However, what is there to discuss about that little fellow?"

Yu ManLou was speechless again!"

"There is definitely something which we are still unable to understand. Even if we can’t understand it, I can feel that this so-called chance may be a huge trap!" Yu ManLou frowned, "Furthermore, I suspect that this trap is laid specially for our Yu Family!"

"Hahaha, big brother, in the world today, who is capable of plotting against our Yu Family? Even those fellows from Beyond Heaven may not be able to do so. Furthermore, even if someone dares to plan against us, can they possibly succeed? At the very most, this little brother here will take a few white jades over to destroy the Ling Family!" Yu ManTian shouted out.

"You?" Yu ManLou glanced at his own third brother, "Even if you bring all of your purple jade and white jade men under you, I won’t be surprised if all of you won’t be able to leave the Sky Bearing City!"