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Chapter 165: ManLou Coming from the South

Chapter 165: ManLou Coming from the South

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"Hahaha, big brother, you don’t know but this little brother here…" Just as he wanted to say something, Yu ManLou sent a chilly glare at him, and he did not dare to continue. His head which was originally stretched out proudly retracted back into his neck, and the words he wanted to say were swallowed.

Yu ManLou let out a grunt and said with a solemn gaze, "Third brother, I am going to say this once more. While profound martial arts can solve many problems in the world, not everything in the world can be solved by martial arts. The only reason why Beyond Heavens is so powerful and a head above the rest is because of the logic of not fighting. This is something which all the other powers are not able to do. The reason why our Yu Family is incomparable to Beyond Heavens is because we will have to fight eventually! So, I do not want to hear you underestimating or slandering Beyond Heavens. Furthermore, this is also the same with Ling Tian — you can treat him with contempt, but you must never underestimate or ignore him. Do you really know his true strength? You must never let your guard down against an unknown enemy! Do you understand?"

Yu ManTian then nodded his head obediently in response. While he still looked unconvinced, he did not say another word.

Yu ManLou then looked at Yu ManTang and said, "Second brother, you know about Ling Tian as well. Do you really think that things are so simple?"

Yu ManTang hesitated for a moment before replying, "Big brother, I am extremely worried about BingYan… After all, for Wei ChengPing to send men to the Sky Bearing City, his main motive will probably be BingYan. Regardless of how the situation in the Sky Bearing City is, I want to make a trip there." As he said that, he looked towards Yu ManLou with a resolute gaze, "BingYan is my only daughter, but she contracted an incurable disease since young and do not have much time left. I do not want to let my daughter experience anymore hurt in her short and miserable life! I also wish to fulfil all of her wishes as far as possible!"

Yu ManLou became silent for a moment before letting out a long sigh, "If that’s the case, I will write a personal letter to Ling Tian, and get the Second Elder to send it personally. As long as our Yu Family doesn’t participate in this matter, I believe that Ling Tian will still show our Yu Family some face. He is a smart person, and the Yu Family is not something which he is able to offend presently."

Yu ManTang broke out into a smile and was finally at ease, "Thank you, big brother!"

Yu ManLou then frowned, "Without a doubt, this matter was definitely planned by Ling Tian! While I still do not know what his true motive is, I am very sure that he has his own plans! For him to boldly approach BingYan, I believe he wants to use her as bait to drag our Yu Family in because of concern."

Then, he began to relax for a bit, "Now that our Yu Family isn’t involved in the whole affair, all of his plans are useless against us. So, he has no choice but to give us some face! But if our Yu Family really involve ourselves in this matter, he may not even place me in his sights!"

While he said that, a mysterious smile could be seen on Yu ManLou’s face as he thought to himself, "Brat, you are still trying to test us, right? This old man will tell you that I have already found out about your existence. The eyesight of this old man is definitely much better than most others. This time, it is my turn to watch by the side to witness your true strength; at the very least, a portion of your true strength!"

That very night, a black figure stealthily left the residence of the Yu Family with Yu ManLou’s handwritten letter! A short while later, another figure left the residence at high speed and disappeared into the darkness.

Dawn, in Yu ManLou’s room.

"What did you say?" Yu ManLou questioned with a fiery gaze as he looked at the Second Elder in front of him, "Third brother took the letter from you? He went to Sky Bearing alone?"

The white-haired Second Elder was startled, "That’s right. First, Third Master said that it was your intention. For this trip to the Sky Bearing City, there must be someone with sufficient competence to take charge of the matters there! He then gave a strict order for me to not follow him. Since this old man cannot defy him, I can only come back to report this matter to you. Second…"

As the old man gave his explanation, his moustache was also twirled up from anger. That brash fellow is obviously trying to say that I am not competent enough! In what way is this old man not competent? In the eyes of the Family Head, is this old man incomparable to that fool who is foolishly in love with martial arts? While…

For him to report the matter back, half of it was because of his suspicions and the other half was because of indignance. At the same time, his words were also a way to question the Family Head, "No matter what, this old man is still one of the elders in the Yu Family! My martial arts can also be considered to be the middle white jade class, and I will not lose out to anyone else in shrewdness. In what way am I incomparable to that martial arts fanatic? Even if you are biased towards your own younger brother, your words are far too crude! Besides, from the perspective of the family, we should definitely not send a brash fellow who does not know how to scheme at all!"

"This bastard! Unable to accomplish anything but always spoiling my plans!" Yu ManLou almost fainted from anger! He only wanted to send the Second Elder there to drop the letter and return immediately! They must definitely not take part in the affairs of the Sky Bearing City for sure! Furthermore, this was also a way for him to demonstrate his prowess to Ling Tian and give him a warning.

Besides that, regardless of how the matters in the Sky Bearing City turns out, as long as his Yu Family does not appear, Ling Tian will definitely be warier in future! Yu ManLou will then be able to achieve his goal of impeding Ling Tian! Even if Ling Tian becomes the biggest victor, he would not be able to achieve complete victory.

The moment Yu ManTian goes there, the situation would be completely different! While Yu ManTian plays no part in running the family, he was still one of the heavyweights in the Yu Family! Regardless of whether he brings men with him or not, his appearance in the Sky Bearing City would signify the participation of their Yu Family! If Ling Tian, or anyone else, made use of Yu ManTian’s rash personality to create trouble, their Yu Family will no longer be able to stay out of the mess!

With Ling Tian’s top-notch wisdom, how would he let go of this chance given by the heavens?! Regardless of how profound his third brother’s cultivation was, he was still like a bull in a china shop! If someone wanted to make use of him, how would he be able to avoid that?!

"Third brother Yu! You, you, you… you are really going to anger me to death!" Yu ManLou flew into an outrage and let out a loud roar! Ever since he became the head of the Yu Family, this was the first time he flew into such an outrage! He really felt heartache at the actions of his third brother.

The familial ties within the Yu Family was extraordinarily strong and this was something which cannot be seen in the other Great Families. Because of his anxiousness from concern, he…

The second elder lowered his head without saying a word, but was secretly relieved in his heart, "So it was that rash fellow making his own decisions! But with that rash fellow’s martial arts, there shouldn’t be any problem, right?"

With a loud "Peng!", the red sandalwood table in front of him was reduced to dust! Yu ManLou then stood up and paced around the room with his brows furrowed.

The Second Elder was startled as he thought to himself, "The Family Head usually conceals himself very well. I never expected his Inner Qi to be developed to such a profound level! It seems that his is already at the middle gold jade class! So, it isn’t just third brother Yu… even the Family Head has reached such a profound level! I should probably just keep all my other thoughts and just mind my own business!"

"Actually, Family Head do not need to be so worried. Third Master achieved another breakthrough in his martial arts recently, and this old man is incomparable to him. If Family Head isn’t at ease, this old man can gather a few experts and rush to the Sky Bearing City through the night to aid Third Master." Knowing that it wasn’t Yu ManLou’s intention to revoke his mission, the anger of the Second Elder was quickly appeased. Instead, he began to worry for Yu ManTian! This was the Yu Family! If such a thing happened in any other family, it would definitely not be settled so peacefully.

Yu ManLou’s face was calm as he paced around the room twice. After a long while, he said, "Forget it! For him to go alone, we will still be able to salvage the situation if something happens to him. But if we were to send more men there, it may only cause more chaos! It would also be a good thing to let third brother suffer a bit! At the very most, no one would dare to take his life with our Yu Family as his backing! Besides that, the letter in his hands would be his best protective talisman when it is sent to Ling Tian’s hands!"

In Yu ManLou’s heart, the gathering of all powers in the Sky Bearing City cannot be a mere coincidence! It must definitely be arranged by someone! This person can only be him and Yu ManLou had never suspected anyone else!

Apart from the little fellow, Ling Tian, who he had never been able to see through, it was impossible for anyone else to lay out such a plan! Although Yu ManLou was uncertain about Ling Tian’s motives, he had long made a decision in his heart! Because he was uncertain, Yu ManLou was extremely cautious! He would never step into that little fellow’s plan rashly! But for his third brother to go to the Sky Bearing City, it was equivalent to his own Yu Family stepping into the mess! This made Yu ManLou feel as though he had just lost the upper hand. While it wasn’t his error, he was still extremely depressed!

However, it was also for the same reason that Yu ManLou wasn’t worried about Yu ManTian. As long as Ling Tian was the one running the scene in the background, Ling Tian would definitely not kill Yu ManTian at the risk of offending the whole Yu Family! Even if the other powers wanted to do so, Ling Tian would definitely stop them! Thus, there was no need to doubt Yu ManTian’s safety at all!

After thinking things through, Yu ManLou let out a long sigh as he lifted up his head to the white clouds and muttered, "Third brother! When can you make me not worry about you? Since you love martial arts, isn’t it enough for you to just spend your time studying it?"

The Second Elder stood by the side and heard Yu ManLou mumbling to himself. Then, he thought about something, "Family Head, this old man forgot to report something important to you. Third Master’s martial arts had already advanced into the gold jade class. The speed of his improvement is really…"

"Oh?" Yu ManLou thought about the matter for a while before saying, "If that’s the case, then… ah ah ah, it may be a good move for third brother to go there!" Yu ManLou suddenly seemed to be at ease as he revealed a mysterious smile.