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Chapter 166: NanGong“s Conditions

Chapter 166: NanGong's Conditions

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Sky Bearing City

The Great Blessing Inn where the NanGong Family was staying at. Due to the large amount of troops they brought, they decided to just rent the whole inn!

"Peng!" A middle-aged man slammed the table and snarled, "Yang KongQun, you are really vicious! You will definitely not let matters rest if you don’t wipe out my NanGong Family! If that’s the case, how would I, NanGong TianLong, let you off so easily!"

NanGong TianLong! This middle-aged man was the family head of the NanGong Family, NanGong TianLing! He had hidden himself in the troops of the NanGong Family indeed!

In front of him, NanGong TianHu and the number one junior of the NanGong Family, NanGong WuMing, was seated. Behind them, a frail looking lady with vengeance filled eyes was seated — she was NanGong Yu!

"Yu’er, are you certain that those were the words he said?" Thinking about it, NanGong TianLong could not help but feel puzzled, "Just what is he doing here? This is just too puzzling."

"Yes, there is definitely no mistake. After Yang KongQun went back to the mansion, almost everyone was discussing about why he chose to withdraw his troops. Everyone in the mansion was trying to decipher the meaning of the words, ‘The High Heavens have no Beyond, the Great Mountains countless kilometers’. Father do you know what those words mean? That person had incredible martial arts and there wouldn’t be many people in the Sky Bearing Empire with the ability to kill brother Le. So, it is very likely for him to be…" NanGong Yu was extremely bewildered. Why would NanGong Le withdraw his troops after hearing those words. Why would her invincible father have such a strange expression after hearing those words? Don’t tell me those words contain magical powers within them?

NanGong TianLong’s face was extremely ugly, "At that time, did Yang KongQun announce that he was the murderer of Le’er?" This was the thing which truly angered NanGong TianLong! Yang KongQun, aren’t you a little too cruel? You actually proclaimed that he was the murderer of my son in front of a few thousand people! Then, you just dust your ass and leave. Aren’t you a little too despicable?

Since you said something like that, the world would laugh at us for being cowards if we don’t investigate the matter, not daring to even investigate the death of my own son! So, even if that person isn’t the murderer, our NanGong Family will still have to investigate it on the surface. But… with his status, would it be easy to investigate the matter? If we were to really investigate the matter, our whole NanGong Family may be destroyed in the process!!

"Yang KongQun! F**k your ****! Dammit!!!" This was the first time NanGong Yu witnessed her father scolding such profanities without a care for his image! His voice was filled with boundless anger and frustration!

"Even if you found out about my plans and killed my son, it is no more than a mere plan of yours, and I can let the matter rest after collecting my debts with you. But you, this old bastard, actually want to push my NanGong Family to the edge of death! It’s either your death or mine!" NanGong TianLong grit his teeth in anger as a crazed malevolent glare shone in his eyes!

Originally, he only wanted to come to the Sky Bearing Empire to seek an explanation from Yang KongQun. After all, this wasn’t the time for both their families to drop all pretense. Things would be settled after he extorted a good fortune out from Yang KongQun. As for the blood debt of his own son, he would slowly collect it in future! However, he never expected to hear such a piece of news on his first day here at the Sky Bearing City!

This old fellow, Yang KongQun, actually did not have the least bit of guilty conscience, and wanted to direct my attention to the Ling Family! If it was just the Ling Family, it wouldn’t matter. But this fellow just had to drive me to go against Beyond Heavens! Dammit, can our NanGong Family provoke an existence like Beyond Heavens?! While there aren’t many people in Beyond Heavens, any random person from that sect would easily massacre most of my family! Can they still be considered human? They are all no different from death reapers!

"Brother’s corpse is still in the ice cellar of the Yang Family. Father, should we…?" NanGong Yu muttered as the rims of her eyes turned red. Despite seeing her father’s bad mood, she still decided to ask the question. After all, her brother had passed away for a few days already. Not only did he not return home, he had not been buried to rest either.

As NanGong TianLong heard that request, his eyes also turned dim, "Let him stay there for a while longer. The weather is now warm and the decomposition of his body would speed up if we shift him out from the ice cellar. It wouldn’t be too late for us to receive Le’er back to the family after settling the matters here. That old thief Yang wouldn’t dare to damage Le’er’s body anyway. He would still have to protect his reputation after all."

"TianHu!" NanGong TianLong looked at his younger brother, "When you visit Yang KongQun tomorrow, you must definitely seek an explanation from him! First, the Yang Family must definitely take responsibility for the death of Le’er, and someone must accompany him to the grave! Second, the granddaughter of Yang KongQun is already betrothed to Le’er, and is part of my NanGong family. Our NanGong Family will naturally have our own rules! We must definitely bring her back to the NanGong Family with us and this matter cannot be discussed. Third, our NanGong Family will take over all the businesses the Yang Family have in the south!"

"Ah?!" Hearing the harsh conditions which NanGong TianLong gave, not to mention NanGong Yu, even the usually vicious NanGong TianHu had his mouth open up wide from shock. "Brother, isn’t this a little inappropriate? Of these conditions, that old man Yang will probably be able to accept the first condition. After all, he can just find a few servants or the guards present that night. But for the second and third condition, Yang KongQun will definitely not accept them! Especially the third condition, that’s almost half of the Yang Family’s assets and he definitely won’t agree to it!"

"Wrong!" NanGong TianLong gave a devious smile, "Under normal circumstances, Yang KongQun would probably make such a decision. But now that all the powers of the continent are gathered here, the Yang Family cannot afford to lose its strength. As long as Yang KongQun agrees to the first and second condition, the hearts of those in the Yang Family will definitely waver. In such delicate times, wavering hearts will definitely lead to their destruction! Thus, Yang KongQun would rather start a war with us then to agree to the first two conditions! As for the third condition, he has no choice but to agree to it! My motive is also the third condition!"

"Big brother is wise!" NanGong TianHu could not help but be filled with admiration. Big brother is big brother indeed. It is probably impossible for me to come up with such an idea in this lifetime of mine!

"Tell Yang KongQun that if he doesn’t agree, our NanGong Family will make preparations to build ties with the Ling Family, and go to war with their Yang Family! We will definitely wipe out their Yang Family!" NanGong TianLong let out a cunning smile. With the strength of their NanGong Family, the Ling Family would probably be glad for them to help eliminate the Yang Family!

At the same time, Meng LiGe was tossing around in his bed restlessly. His eyes were opened as he lay down on his bed, listening to the sound of raindrops outside the window. Meng LiGe was extremely frustrated!

Being the first external power to enter the Sky Bearing City, Meng LiGe enjoyed the best treatment after they handed over the official notice of visit, and they were arranged to stay in the guesthouse of the imperial palace! Meng LiGe understood that the Sky Bearing Empire was giving both their Northern Wei and the Yu Family face! If he was alone, it would be impossible for him to receive such treatment.

Along the way, Meng LiGe was both frustrated and disappointed to the extreme. His assistant, Shi YiTan, was a trusted aide of the crown prince. While Shi YiTan was his assistant on the surface, Shi YiTan seemed to be at odds with him all the time, with the subtle intention to spy on him! Meng LiGe did not have a choice but to be on full alert!

Thinking about all the past events, Meng LiGe realized that he knew far too many secrets that he shouldn’t have known. While they were all divulged to him by the crown prince himself, it would be impossible for him to lead a carefree life after knowing these secrets!

Listening to the rain, Meng LiGe’s eyes were solemn as the words ‘the birds are gone, the bow is hidden’ 1 came into his mind! While the birds were not gone and his wisdom had not been put to use, Wei ChengPing had obviously began to grow worry about him! Especially after seeing the vicious look on the crown prince’s face, Meng LiGe was sure that this usually virtuous crown prince probably had the intention to kill him! [1]

Meng LiGe let out a bitter laugh, "I can’t imagine that I would misjudge him with my keen eyesight!"

Thinking about the trump card Wei ChengPing prepared to deal with Yu BingYan, Meng LiGe was certain that the same treatment would await him when he returns to Northern Wei!

With a long sigh, Meng LiGe shut his eyes and thought about a plan to escape.

This long night finally passed and the rain had already ceased. The flood in the Sky Bearing City was already a foot deep with no sign of it subsiding at any time. The moat outside the city had already turned into a turbulent river, with turbid waters surging.

This once in hundred years thunderstorm had resulted in everyone from the Sky Bearing City shutting themselves at home, and trying their best to get rid of the flood. On the streets, apart from the murky flood waters, not a single person could be seen. Even the patrol squads of the capital did not make an appearance today. After all, the troops from the patrol squads were also human and no one would blame them in such a special scenario. Besides, it would probably be impossible for anyone to commit a crime in such a weather!

In the Ling mansion, the flood waters were already more or less settled. The numerous guards were holding on to wooden pots and buckets to pour out all the water in the mansion. In front of the Ling mansion, there was even a miniature dam that was built to divert all the water away from their mansion.

[1]: This means to get rid of something after using it.