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Chapter 167: A Smile Through Life

Chapter 167: A Smile Through Life

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Dressed in a pristine white robe, Ling Tian held onto a jade-green flute and sat on a comfortable chair by his window. A warm smile could be seen on his face as he reminisced about his past life, where he and his siblings would go fishing in a small stream when they were younger. They would build a small mud dam upstream of the stream and another one downstream. Then, the few of them would scoop out all the water in the center portion like excited little monkeys. Finally, the fishes would then be seen bouncing around in the remaining shallow water. At that time, Xue’er, Meng’er, LingChao…

Then, a bitter smile could be seen on Ling Tian’s face as the thoughts seemed so distant to him. At that time, all of them were probably only about five or six years old. Furthermore, that was probably the only fragment of his memory where they were not fighting and scheming against each other. It was really a pity that the good days just can’t be kept…

Unknowingly, Ling Tian had already brought the flute up to his mouth and a melodious tune filled the room. It was as though the tune came from the heavens, with the heavens drifting and clouds floating with the melody. However, the heavenly tune seemed to carry with it an eternal pain, lingering through eternity. Is this the true meaning of the saying ‘the eternal world will have its end, but this hatred will never fade’?

While the melody of the flute sounded gentle and graceful, it was also bold and intense at the same time. Furthermore, there was a sense of bitterness and desolation carried in the depths of the melody. All of a sudden, this desolate melody seemed to echo throughout the whole Ling residence. Everyone who heard it felt a strange emotion rising in their hearts; it was as though they had already grown old, leisurely spending their remaining time after witnessing the sweetness, bitterness, sourness and spiciness of life.

Behind Ling Tian, Ling Chen was dressed in white as she experienced the desolate emotions of the melody. Her whole heart was immersed in the melody, as her eyes were filled with tears.

After the shock from the previous night, Xiao YanXue was presently resting in her room. Just when she raised the teacup to her lips, she was stunned by the melody of the flute floating over into her ears.

In her life, this was the first time she heard such a melody — so depressing yet beautiful. She never imagined that there would be such a talented musician in the Ling Family!

In that moment, everyone in the Ling Family stopped what they were doing and fully immersed themselves into the beautiful melody.

Without an exception, every one of them felt that the beauty of this melody was something that they had never heard before in their life. The melody was modern, with a tinge of antiquity, and was filled with dense emotions which involuntarily drew the hearts of everyone to resonate with it.

The melody from the flute lingered through the Ling mansion unendingly, as Ling Tian also felt exceedingly sentimental in his heart. This was one of Ling Tian’s favourite piece from his previous life — A Smile Through Life. Playing this piece again, Ling Tian’s heart was filled with an indescribable mood. He felt as though his heart was void of love and hatred, only filled with sourness, bitterness, melancholy, and a deep longing for someone who understood him. It was as though his soul was wrenched up in an endless pain…

"The long rivers and unending waters, the heavens proud of itself.

It is time for the eyes of one to be enlightened.

It is not too early to proclaim the goodness of life,

Let the later generation quarrel about the right and wrong.

The wooden boat floats through the river, enjoying the surrounding scenery with a smile.

The adolescents tangle with their emotions, repeating that process time and time again.

North-south-east-west there are far too many troubles in the world

It is best to view all these troubles with a calm heart.

Who can determine victory and defeat with a single glance,

The fleeting world affairs are the hardest to predict.

Spring-summer-autumn-winter, the tides are always changing.

Realizing that you are too calculative, you are already old.

Why not enjoy life to the fullest together?

The greatest fear is the lack of an intimate friend.

(Author’s note: Fellow brothers and sisters, this is definitely a beautiful song to enjoy. Be it the lyrics or melody, it is definitely a classic.) [1]

It was as though an inaudible voice was singing the lyrics in Ling Tian’s heart. The memories which had been sealed away surfaced in his heart all over again. Unknowingly, the melody of the flute became gentler, like a rivulet of water flowing in the palm of his hands. The worldly affairs were his only company as he let out an unhurried and silent complain…

After the song was over, Ling Tian felt as though he had woken up from a dream. Only then did he realize that his face as already completely wet. The song had brought out the emotions hidden deep within his heart. As Ling Chen heard the song, she could hear the dense emotions in the heart of her beloved man. Just how many people in this world would understand the desolation in his heart? Ling Chen could not help but feel her heart ache, but she did not know how to comfort Ling Tian. She could only dive into his embrace to melt his frozen heart with her warmth and gentleness. Even if there isn’t anyone in the world to understand him, he would have the company of his loved ones at the very least…

"Young noble, what is this song? It is really beautiful! But it is also really…" It was as though Ling Chen could not find an appropriate word to describe the song. However, her words startled Ling Tian awake. Just what is wrong with me today? Why am I so high profile today?

"This song is called ‘A Smile Through Life’! The desolate emotion of the song is because of the fear of not finding someone in life who understands you! Chen’er, with you to accompany me through life, it is my fortune from three lifetimes!" Ling Tian then said unhurriedly, "Chen’er, you must not say that I was the one who blew this piece later. If not, you will have a lot of love rivals appearing. Remember, this piece was performed by you. You are the talented person forced to serve a silkpants and have no one understand you in this life of yours! Thus, you created this song. Haha, let me teach this song to you later!"

Ling Chen’s face turned red as she thought, "If young noble is called a silkpants, just who can be called a genius in this world! Such a beautiful song, such a talented person! For young noble to treat me as his bosom friend, it is my fortune from three lifetimes!" At the same time, she was also worried about how many beauties would love this talented young noble of hers who was both talented in both martial and literary arts. Presently, he was only putting on an outer silkpants coat. But, gold would glitter eventually and a famous sword would definitely reveal its shine eventually! The moment her young noble reveals his multifaceted talents, who knows how many ladies would fall head over heels for him!

Now that I am the only one by young noble’s side, I would naturally be able to enjoy all of his gentleness and sweetness. But what about the future? What if…

Seeing how a phrase said half-jokingly made Ling Chen so worried, Ling Tian could not help but be amused. All of a sudden, the depressing mood in his heart was completely swept away. He then could not help but pinch her nose lightly, "Chen’er, what are you thinking about? Did you hear my instructions?"

"I… I am afraid… afraid that the young noble would be stolen away." Being in a daze, she blurted out whatever was on her mind the moment she heard Ling Tian’s question. She only realized her mistake after the words left her mouth and her face turned bright red. She then buried her head in Ling Tian’s embrace as she began to stomp her feet and whine.

"This lass, you are actually able to perform such a beautiful song. Thankfully, this number one silkpants of the capital snatched you over. Haha!" Ling Tian said half-jokingly.

Ling Chen raised her eyebrows and looked at Ling Tian with a gentle pair of eyes. Just when she was about to reply…

A commotion sounded from the outside. "It seems that her fans are here." Ling Tian laughed to himself bitterly. A mere action done at the spur of the moment had actually created so much trouble for him. However, Ling Chen was definitely the one who blew that piece! Perhaps, no one would ever believe that such a mesmerizing song could be actually performed by this infamous silkpants young noble! Perhaps only a fairy like Ling Chen would be able to perform such a feat!

The first person to arrive was actually Xiao YanXue! With her crazed passion for music, she was completely immersed and lost in the soul piercing song! If she doesn’t ask this expert in front of her to give her a pointer or two, wouldn’t it be the biggest regret of her life? Thus, after finally walking out from the entrapment of the song, Xiao YanXue had sprinted over expectantly. However, who would have expected that the first person she met would be the very face which disgusted her! Her mood was completely ruined!

Thinking about how the song travelled from near here, she suppressed the disgust in her heart and took a bow with a frown, "Young noble Ling, who was the one blowing the flute previously?"

"Blowing the flute? What blowing the flute? Oh, that irritating noise?" Ling Tian let out a yawn, "It sounded completely like a ghost crying, disturbing my beauty sleep! Darn lass, why are you blowing that wretched song for no good reason? See, now someone is here to find trouble with you! Go and explain the matter yourself!" As he said that, his right hand, which was behind his back, rubbed the flute gently and it flew towards Ling Chen’s hands in a mystical trajectory.

"You! How dare you say that!" Xiao YanXue’s face changed. He was just too unbearably vulgar!! Just when she wanted to turn around to walk away, she could not help but think about the black dressed man who saved her last night. From the figure and voice of that black dressed man, he shouldn’t be too old. Looking at this drowsy looking Ling Tian in front of her, she could not help but lament in her heart, "Despite looking like a complete human, why doesn’t he know how to speak like one! They are both so young but with such a stark difference!"

"Miss Xiao, that wretched song was played by this servant. I have brought disgrace to your ears and I seek punishment from Miss." Ling Chen said with a gentle, but yet prideful, tone. Since the young noble said that I was the one who blew the piece, so be it! Very soon, young noble will teach it to me and I am the only one who can receive his teachings at anytime and anywhere.

"Oh, it was indeed performed by Miss Ling Chen. Only someone as elegant as Miss Ling Chen would be able to perform such a mesmerizing song. YanXue deeply admires you in my heart. Why not…" Xiao YanXue already had an extremely favorable impression of Ling Chen. It wasn’t only because of her good looks, but also because of the elegance she exuded. It made Xiao YanXue feel as though she was looking at piece of pure and icy jade. This made the usually proud Xiao YanXue feel as though she found a bosom friend. At the same time, she also felt great regret that Ling Chen was so loyal to Ling Tian! If not for this silkpants, Xiao YanXue would be extremely willing to become good friends with Ling Chen. As she heard that the beautiful song was played by Ling Chen, she did not just sigh about how Ling Chen did not get the praise she deserved for her talents. For such a talented lady to become a maidservant for someone like Ling Tian, it was definitely a blasphemy of a heavenly treasure, sorrowful to the extreme!

[1]: The name for this song is 谈笑一生 and I’ve tried my very best to translate the meaning of the lyrics.