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Chapter 169: Ling Jian Taking Action

Chapter 169: Ling Jian Taking Action

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At this moment, Ling Jian was hiding in a gigantic tree with the thickness of three to four people combined. He was at least thirty to forty feet above ground, waiting for a sure-kill moment to strike! This was the first lesson of a killer: Wait for the best opportunity!

Below him was a small village, and the young lady who Zhang DeShuai wanted to marry was the daughter of a wealthy merchant!

After receiving the mission a few days ago and definite news yesterday, the idle Ling Jian had unexpectedly decided to take action personally to kill a mere tyrant. Of course, this was because Feng, Yun, Lei, Dian and Chi had received special training from Ling Tian and Ling Chen before Ling Jian came back. They all had comprehensions from the training and were in a state of sudden enlightenment! Especially Ling Chi, where his improvement speed could be said to be lightning fast. At this present moment, he was already at a crucial point of the fourth stage of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula, with his improvement being even faster than Ling Jian.

Sudden enlightenment! As a martial cultivator, Ling Jian was deeply aware of how rare of an opportunity this was for his little brothers. If they were to be disrupted at this moment, it was possible that they would never be able to advance a step further for all their life! The state of sudden enlightenment was an opportunity which could not be sought!

Such a state was like a modern-day scientist having a flash of brilliant wisdom, with an idea coming into one’s mind. If such an opportunity was missed, it would be extremely possible for him to lose that important chance!

Currently, Feng, Yun, Lei, Dian and Chi were in such a special state. The moment their eyes were opened and mind enlightened, their strength would take another huge leap forward. Be it their martial skills, Inner Qi cultivation or the sharpness of their senses, they would definitely experience a huge leap in them all! Presently, Ling Jian was protecting them all like little babies; how would it be possible for him to let such a small mission disrupt their cultivation?

Young noble is young noble indeed! He isn’t someone who I can ever compare to! A trace of respect could be seen in Ling Jian’s grim eyes. In the past few years, Ling Jian had always pushed the lot of them to the brink of death, but never saw much improvement in them. However, his young noble only gave them pointers for a few days and every one of them looked as though they were in a state of sudden enlightenment. As Ling Jian was filled with admiration for the young noble, he also could not help but feel a sense of dejectedness!

While he did lay a strong foundation in them and they were all at the brink of breaking through, they would definitely require a long while more if no one were to guide them through this crucial phase.

Thinking about this, Ling Jian could not help but let out a self-depreciating smile. What was I thinking about? The young noble is as knowledgeable as the saints, his wisdom like the vast oceans. How can I ever hope to compare up to him? For something that I will require a few years to accomplish, it is only right for the young noble to accomplish them in a few days! Now that the five of them were about to experience a breakthrough, Ling Jian felt happy for them from the bottom of his heart. Their breakthrough would signify a large increase in strength for The First Pavilion!

After the Yu Family incident, Ling Jian had deeply understood that his present capabilities were far from sufficient. Now that his brothers had such an opportunity, not to mention an insignificant mission, he wouldn’t allow anything to disrupt their cultivations — even if he had to place his life on the line!

Once their strengths have all improved, I will definitely bring them to fight that Yu Family! What number one hidden sect, bullsh*t! Ling Jian thought to himself as a cruel smile could be seen on his face.

The once in a hundred years rain from last night did not hinder Ling Jian in the slightest! The second lesson of an assassin, never be hindered by the environment or sudden change in situation! Ling Jian had already arrived here at midnight and wanted to rush straight to the Yan region to settle this tyrant with a single sword. However, the huge rain had unexpectedly caused a sharp rise in the river waters, destroying the wooden bridge from the surging currents. Thus, he would not be able to cross the river! If he were to go around the river, he would definitely take a few more hours. But if that’s the case, it would be much more convenient for him to just wait for his prey here!

Worldly affairs were like a game of chess, unpredictable and ever changing. Some huge events were born from these seemingly insignificant events.

From afar, the sound of drumming and music could be heard drawing nearer. Mmm, that Zhang DeShuai has finally arrived. I just wonder, how handsome is he exactly? Can he be even more suave than this assassin here? Under the influence of Ling Tian, be it Ling Jian, Ling Chi or the rest, they were extremely certain that they were the most handsome person apart from their young noble!

A light flashed in Ling Jian’s eyes and he thought to himself, "I can’t be bothered if you are handsome or not. From today on, you are only a pile of meaningless meat! Your name should be changed from ‘Zhang DeShuai’ to ‘ Zhang DeLan 1 ’!" [1]

Now that the time to part was near, the family, which wasn’t too far away from the tree, began to cry bitterly. Their beautiful young miss was about to be sent into the mouth of a tiger; how could their family not be overwhelmed with depression?

The music and drumming approached speedily, obviously displaying how impatient Zhang DeShuai was. A short while later, they had already entered the village and the crazed sounds of dogs barking were mixed into the drums and music, sounding extremely disharmonious.

From afar, Ling Jian could already see the appearance of that Mister Zhang De Shuai and he could not help but have the urge to let out a spit of disgust. The ugly do indeed create more mischief! A guy like him — black like charcoal, fat like a pig and short like a ball — actually dares to call himself Zhang DeShuai?! Even that black horse which he is riding on is much suaver than him! With his loser like appearance, I will definitely make him look like a loser later!

Ling Jian could not help but feel pity for his employer. If he had seen this fellow earlier on, just because of the disgusting name this fellow had, he would have definitely taught this fellow a good lesson! While the fault of his name lay in his parents, and the fault of his figure lay with the genes of his parents, the combination of these two factors in a single person made him look completely revolting!

Closer, even closer! As long as you walk another 50 feet, it would be hell for you! Looking at that revolting face, Ling Jian held onto the hilt of his sword.

Yu ManTian felt that he was extremely lucky today!

That huge rain had actually began to stop gradually after he left the Yu Family’s mansion. Furthermore, the weather was extremely good today and he even met a joyous occasion along the way! This was an auspicious sign! While this groom did not look too pleasant, and he looked like he was more than 50 years old…

However, this was still a joyous occasion! Furthermore, he met them when he had just entered the borders of the Sky Bearing Empire. Yu ManTian was in an extremely pleasant mood because this not so good-looking person had invited him to attend the banquet. (Note from author: It was mainly because this fellow was just too ‘popular’ with the crowd. No one dared to attend his wedding at all and so Third Master Yu was there to just fill in the numbers!) Third Master Yu was feeling rather pleased in his heart, giving his blessings to this new couple in his heart. Hopefully, this groom wouldn’t die from excitement as they consummate their marriage!

Originally, Third Master Yu was rather depressed from the conversation he had with his big brother yesterday night. In the eyes of big brother, both second brother and I actually cannot be compared to that young silkpants! This is unforgivable!

As he thought about his big brother saying, "You are not allowed to call him silkpants! If he is a silkpants, what can you two be considered to be?", Yu ManLou felt indignance in his heart! If that’s the case, I will go and give this young hero a good beating to let big brother take a good look! Lest you look down on me! We are all top-notch experts!

However, this joyous occasion had instantly brightened up the mood of this muddleheaded Yu ManTian! It seems like things will definitely go my way in the Sky Bearing Empire this time. The heavens are favoring me, with the rain stopping and a joyous occasion in front of me!

Just when Yu ManTian was about to give his blessings to the groom, he suddenly felt that something was amidst, as a sense of danger began to overwhelm him! To a martial arts fanatic like Yu ManTian who had been through thousands of battles, such a feeling was extremely familiar to him! Can there be an ambush somewhere? Furthermore, the opponent seems to be a rather skilled assassin?!

Right at this moment, the large fatty had walked to Yu ManTian’s side on his horse, not bothering to spare Yu ManTian a single glance. He had a licentious smile on his face as some glittering strands seem to be hanging off his mouth… err, that was actually saliva… Yu ManTian, who wanted to give his blessings, immediately felt an urge to puke.

All of a sudden, a figure descended from above like lighting, with the sword in his hand letting out a resplendent luster, unleashing an uncontrollable wave of killing intent! His target was the groom on the horse, Zhang DeShuai!

As a killer, regardless of whether your target was an unparalleled expert or ordinary person, one must definitely give it his all in the first strike to kill in a single attack! He must not give the enemy the chance to even catch his breath! This was something which Ling Tian had always reminded Ling Jian.

Towards everything that Ling Tian said, Ling Jian had always followed it unconditionally! Thus, Ling Jian had used everything he had in this attack! Ling Jian’s intentions was to decapitate the enemy with a single sword and leaving the place immediately without a trace! Lest he delays the important affairs of his young noble in the capital!

However, the luck of this Zhang DeShuai was just far too good!

Yu ManTian suddenly felt as though the space around him seemed to be completely sucked dry as this black dressed figure appeared! Everything had been gathered on that longsword!

A top-notch assassin! A top-notch expert!

[1]: Zhang DeLan means that he looks horribly ugly.