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Chapter 171: I am an Assassin!

Chapter 171: I am an Assassin!

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Yu ManTian couldn't help but think to himself, If this man dressed in black was at the XianTian stage as well, just how many moves of his would I be able to block? Thinking about that, Yu ManTian began to break out into a cold sweat!

That surging killing intent, those blood-thirsty eyes, and that ferocity which paid no heed to life or death! Yu ManTian was certain in his heart, While the cultivation of this man in black is comparable to a low-grade white jade cultivator of my Yu Family, any of those low-grade white jade cultivators would definitely be killed with a single strike! Even for someone like the second elder of the middle grade or other high-grade cultivators, would they be able to triumph over him?

He was completely uncertain; after all, even he was struggling when crossing blows with this black dressed man.

Since when was there a top-notch assassin like this in the world? From his body figure, the look in his eyes and his skin tone, this person was definitely no more than twenty-five years old. Such a young man with such powerful skills! This was just too mindblowing!

In that moment, both parties each had their own plans. Standing opposite each other, they glared at each other, their gaze like divine lights clashing in mid-air!

"Hero, kill him! I will give you 10,000 taels of silver!" Zhang DeShuai stammered and then shouted this out from the side. His pair of pig-like eyes revealed the fear in his heart. When Ling Jian’s sword had previously charged at him, Zhang DeShuai felt as though his whole body was trembling, and it was the first time in his life when he felt that death was near! Regardless of the price he had to pay, he wanted this black dressed man to perish right here! If not, the rest of his life would definitely be a nightmare.

This burly man who had saved him from the brink of death was the best person for the mission! Zhang DeShuai thought to himself, Regardless of how many taels of silver I have to spend, I must definitely hire this burly man into my residence to be the head of my guards!

If Yu ManTian knew what this guy was thinking about, without Ling Jian moving a muscle, Yu ManTian would definitely skin this pig-like groom alive! I am the Third Master of the Yu Family! A top-notch expert in the world today! F**k! Be a guard for you? Which emperor would accept such treatment!

However, the only effect from Zhang DeShuai’s words was a look of disdain from Yu ManTian!

After the previous exchange they had, both of them felt that life and death could be determined in an instant as danger lurked all around them. Yu ManTian began to grow excited as a competitive spirit was ignited in his heart. For a martial fanatic like him to meet an opponent at his level, death would be a worthy price to pay for an all-out and unrestrained battle!

With passion in his eyes, Yu ManTian asked, "Sir, there are many people here and our fight would become nothing more than a circus show for all those present. Why don't we find another spot to have a good battle? If you win, I will ignore everything that is happening here!" Out of respect for his opponent, Yu ManTian had refrained from his habit of calling himself ‘Third Master’.

With a glimmer in his eyes, Ling Jian looked at the feverish Yu ManTian and replied with a nod.

Yu ManTian let out a hearty laugh and said, "Sir, you are indeed straightforward as well! Please!"

Ling Jian stretched out his hands, as though he was asking Yu ManTian to lead the way.

Yu ManTian let out a laugh and walked towards his horse. Suddenly, he wondered if the other party had a horse, and turned around to ask, "Do you…?"

Before he was able to finish his sentence he saw a bright flash and heard a loud shriek! As Yu ManTian looked over, he was immediately enraged!

Thirty feet away, Zhang DeShuai’s round and fat head had a sword pierced through it, nailing him to the wall. Looking back at Ling Tian, his hands were empty with his sword missing. Obviously, Ling Jian had made use of the opening created when Yu ManTian turned around to instantly kill Zhang DeShuai.

"You!" Yu ManTian let out a loud roar of rage! While the word was still ‘you’, his tone and attitude were worlds apart.


Ling Jian actually killed someone who was under his protection! Although he only chose to protect Zhang DeShuai at the spur of the moment and wasn’t serious about it, Yu ManTian was still furious when he saw Zhang DeShuai die in front of him. This was far too detrimental to his reputation!

You must definitely die, you despicable b*st*rd who insulted my martial way!

For the first time, Yu ManTian looked towards Ling Jian with intense killing intent in his eyes.

Ling Jian walked indifferently past Yu ManTian to the front of Zhang DeShuai’s corpse. Reaching out to his sword, he lightly pulled it out and blood spewed out all around. Zhang DeShuai’s pig-like face now had a hollow hole through it. Whether as a ghost or a human, he would never be handsome looking again!

The followers of Zhang DeShuai who were originally on the ground let out a shriek and ran for their lives.

After cleaning the blood from his sword, Ling Jian slowly turned around and calmly looked at Yu ManTian. With a trace of ridicule in his eyes, he said his first complete sentence, "I am an assassin!"

Err! Assassin!

Yu ManTian was completely speechless. This was his opponent’s job! He would naturally have his own occupational rules. Did Yu ManTian really expect an assassin to play by the rules? Yu ManTian couldn't help but feel depressed in his heart.

Yu ManTian then got on his horse and said with a chilly look, "Please!" While it was still the same word, this ‘please’ was filled with killing intent!

This person is a cold-blooded killer! If he were to remain alive, how many more people would die by his hands? Today, I, Third Master Yu, will be a hero for once and serve justice for the heavens!

Ling Jian was still expressionless, suddenly turning around to slice off Zhang DeShuai’s head. As a black cloth shot out from his hands, that head was instantly wrapped up within it. His actions were swift and well practiced, as though he had done something not worth mentioning at all. He then said calmly, "May we meet again." Without waiting for a reply, he leapt onto the groom’s black horse and prepared to leave.

Ling Jian’s mission was already completed, so why would he have any interest in continuing to fight Yu ManTian? He would probably be interested in doing so under normal circumstances. After all, just how many experts were there in the world? But at such a crucial moment, it wasn’t the time for Ling Jian to act as he wished. After such careful planning and execution, the heroes of the continent were gathered in the Sky Bearing City, and Ling Tian was about to execute a huge plan! Ling Tian would definitely require the aid of Ling Jian as well! While Ling Jian couldn’t be bothered with his own life, if he were to lose his life in the battle with Yu ManTian, it would be a cardinal sin to influence his young noble’s plans!

As long as things were related to his young noble’s plans, Ling Jian would never ruin Ling Tian’s plan because of a moment of folly!

Therefore Ling Jian chose to leave directly. From the previous exchange, Ling Jian already knew that while Yu ManTian was skilled in the martial arts with his Inner Qi being much more powerful than himself, Yu ManTian’s movement techniques were far from comparable to his. If they were to compete in a long distance race, Ling Jian would lose for sure. But if they were to compete in a short distance sprint or in concealing and tracking techniques, Ling Jian would definitely win. If he wanted to retreat, this burly man in front of him would definitely not be able to stop him! However, Ling Jian was still disappointed for letting go of such an opportunity to spar with an expert. That is why he said "May we meet again". The mountains and river would meet eventually and I, Ling Jian, will definitely meet you again! At that time, let us complete this unfinished battle! Ling Jian thought to himself with a tinge of regret.

As for the fact that he had agreed to spar, Ling Jian was completely unbothered about it. The so-called rules of the pugilistic world were a complete joke to an assassin like Ling Jian! They were only a means for him to slaughter Zhang DeShuai. In regard to this, Ling Jian didn't feel that he had done anything wrong.

As an assassin, his target was the number one priority! Anything else shouldn’t be considered at all!

The most fundamental law of an assassin!

Yu ManTian’s body trembled with anger!

He was not an assassin but a martial cultivator who kept to his word!

"Since you have already achieved your goal, why was there a need to go so far? Why did you still have to decapitate him? Even if you are an assassin, isn’t that too much? What about your promise? Don't you have the pride of a martial cultivator?"

Ling Jian, who was already on the horse, turned around and his eyes looked as though they were mocking Yu ManTian. As though he was looking at an idiot, he said, "If you paid me silver to kill someone, what would I use as proof that I had killed that person? Just my words?" As he replied, his tone already sounded impatient.

In truth, in his heart Ling Jian was indeed growing impatient. I am here to kill someone, and who are you to interfere with my affairs? Why are you acting like you are the boss around here? Is it a big deal for you to be skilled in martial arts? You are still far from my young noble! Why are you being so arrogant? To think that you will talk to an assassin about a martial artist’s pride. I’m so sorry, I am only my young noble’s sword! I am not the stubborn-minded cultivator!

Yu ManTian let out a grunt, "How can a despicable person like you be fit to use a sword! Where are you going! Watch my sword!" His sturdy body jumped into the air as his sword slashed down!