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Chapter 173: Life and Death

Chapter 173: Life and Death

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Mutual appreciation? In fact, it was a one-sided appreciation from Yu ManTian!

"Young man, as long as you will promise me that you will stop killing and leave your assassin’s organization, I will spare your life. How about that?" Yu ManTian said with regret, "If you are afraid that this organization will seek trouble with you after leaving, I will help you! In this world, there isn’t anything that I, Third Master Yu, can’t do! I do not need you to serve me, and you will still be a free man. You just need to agree to my condition." After the fierce battle, Yu ManTian truly treasured this talent in front of him. Looking at this stubborn teen, it was as though Yu ManTian could see the stubbornness he had when he was younger.

"Idiot!" With heavy panting, Ling Jian’s eyes never revealed a trace of hesitation!

"I really don’t want to kill you. Perhaps, you can give me a reason to not kill you?" When he said that, a rare look of seriousness appeared on Yu ManTian’s bearded face. It was obvious that everything he said was from the bottom of his heart. "For example, was that fatty your enemy? Give me a reason, any reason! I am willing to believe you. I can definitely believe you!"

Ling Jian's lips twitched as a trace of ridicule could be seen in his eyes. With arrogance, he said, "No reason at all! I will kill whoever I want to! I do not need anyone’s pity! Who do you think you are? Do you think I am fighting you because of that fatty? I only want you dead. I still want you dead!"

You! Yu ManTian almost fainted from anger! Dammit, this daddy here really doesn't want to kill you. I have already said that I will definitely believe you regardless of the reason! Can’t you just say that the fatty was your enemy? I already reminded you that I just need an excuse to retreat. I just need a reason not to kill you! Even if you were to turn and run away, I would definitely not give chase to you. But you are still standing rooted to the ground without taking a single step! Not to mention your feet, even your gaze shows no signs of backing off! You are still looking at me like I am your mortal enemy! Yu ManTian was sure that if he were to give this black dressed man in front of him a chance, this black dressed man would definitely stab him in the throat without any hesitation. Did I dig up your family’s grave? Why are you staring at me with such hatred? Yu ManTian was completely depressed in his heart!

"What a stone!"

Yu ManTian scolded with a roar, "Do you just have to kill? With your abilities, you would not starve to death no matter what you do. Don’t force me to kill you. I really don’t want to kill you!"

The extremely careless Third Master Yu never noticed that Ling Jian had already locked his sights on him.

"Hahaha!" Ling Jian laughed out loud as a trace of blood flowed down the corner of his lips, "Soft-hearted! On just this point alone, you do not deserve to be a martial artist! Idiot!"

Ever since the both of them had met, this was the first time Ling Jian had said so much!

Ling Jian smiled and stepped forward towards the sword point that he was looking at. His movements were resolute and his eyes burning.

Yu ManTian subconsciously took a step back as perspiration flowed down his face, "Let me say this again, don’t force me! I don’t want to kill a martial arts talent!"

"Don't you know that this world is one where the strong prey on the weak? Where the strong would rule the world?" Ling Jian continued walking forward. In this moment of life and death, the emotions which Ling Jian had been hiding in his heart burst forth. "Did you know that I was originally a beggar at the mercy of the world? It was because of my hard work and sacrifice that I became stronger than others. So, I can be the calm judge of someone else’s life. Because they did not work hard and did not make any sacrifices, they deserve to die! For a weakling to die in the hands of someone strong, that is an iron-clad rule which will never change! You are asking me why? HAHAHA… what a joke! Who do you think you are? Idiot!"

Ling Jian burst out into another wave of laughter as a crazed look could be seen in his eyes, "Because I am stronger than them! This is the reason. If I can become even stronger, I can kill everyone in the world. They are only a bunch of ants! Since living is nothing more than torture to them, why not send them into reincarnation sooner? Are you satisfied now? Hahaha, is this reason enough? Let me tell you, if you don’t kill me today, I will definitely continue killing tomorrow! Let me go? Pity me? What a joke! You idiot!"

Ling Jian then snorted disdainfully, "Who do you think you are? You are only a hypocritic gentleman from an aristocratic family wearing a jacket of rotten righteousness! You want to pity me? Do you have the right? Idiot!"

Ling Jian never imagined that he would say so many words in a single day. Was it because he felt fear in his heart in the face of death? Ling Jian couldn't help but think to himself with self-mockery.

Ling Jian had never believed these people who came from the large aristocratic families. In his heart, the rules were simple. The victor would be alive while death awaited the one who was defeated. There were no other choices! He would rather be sliced up into pieces than to be under the threat of a sword and plead for his life!

Even if there was a special reason, Ling Jian would never say it in such a scenario. Ling Jian’s arrogance could be said to be even higher than Ling Tian’s!

Yu ManTian let out a loud roar with his eyes as wide as saucers and his facial hair standing up straight! The muscles on his face also began to contort as he let out a violent roar from anger, "Since you are longing for death, this daddy here will fulfill your wish!"

With a flick of his wrist, his sword struck out like a vicious dragon. The target was Ling Jian’s throat!

Ling Jian was suffering from serious internal injuries and didn't have the strength to retaliate at all. He looked at the sword calmly without a trace of emotion on his face.

The tip of the sword had penetrated the skin! Blood had begun to flow out!

"DING!!!" Like a shooting star, a bright flash of light shot over at an unbelievable speed, striking Yu ManTian’s sword!

Yu ManTian’s body shook! That bright light was imbued with the purest XianTian Inner Qi. It had pushed aside Yu ManTian’s full force strike from the mere force of the attack! Just when the tip of the sword had pierced through the skin, it was deflected to the side. While blood was spewing out from Ling Jian’s throat, it was only a shallow wound. The scene looked extremely bloody but Ling Jian’s life was not in danger.

Yu ManTian’s sword let out a buzz, as it was still vibrating from the force of the strike! This sword, the Distress of Autumn, was the proud possession of Yu ManTian. It was one of the most famous weapons in the Heavenly Star Continent. If not, the force from that blow would have definitely destroyed the sword!

After receiving such a forceful blow, Yu ManTian only managed to stabilize his body after taking seven or eight steps back! He was shocked in his heart. There is actually such an expert in this place! Who is he?

His inner strength is more than a level higher than this black dressed man! It is probably comparable to my own inner strength! Don’t tell me the old is here after beating up the young? Is this person the backing of the black dressed man?

Ling Jian’s originally calm face revealed a look of gratitude, and a fire seemed to have ignited in his eyes. It was as though a person who was about to die from thirst in the desert had found a clear spring in front of him. An agitated cry from the depths of his heart sounded, "Young noble!"

Yu ManTian looked over and saw a tall young man dressed in white with a white cloth covering his face. The white dressed man stood 50 feet away on top of a peach tree with his hands empty as though he didn't have a weapon on him. He was looking emotionlessly at Yu ManTian, as though he was staring at a lifeless corpse!

There was a short blade lying on the ground at the place where the white light had smashed against his sword. It reflected the bright sunlight, letting out a resplendent glow.

Ling Jian’s originally straight back began to sway. Even in the face of death, Ling Jian had stood up as straight as a spear, without the slightest bit of movement or fear. But when this white dressed man appeared, a huge burden seemed to have been lifted off Ling Jian’s heart, and his body began to relax. It was as though Ling Jian didn’t need to bother about anything in the world with this white dressed man present.

Ling Jian then gradually sat down on the ground, his face void of the excitement from being alive, but filled with the reverence of a young child staring at an emperor.

The white dressed man was Ling Tian! When he was rushing towards the bridge, he heard a loud roar from the peach forest and sprinted all the way here, saving Ling Jian from that fatal strike! He couldn't help but feel lucky in his heart. If he had come a step later, the consequences would have been dire. Everything would have changed as well!

"Who are you?" Looking at that icy glare from the white dressed man, Yu ManTian knew that things wouldn’t end so easily today. At the same time, he also let out a huge sigh in his heart. From the expression of these two fellows, it looked like they were carved from the same mold. The same distant look in their eyes, the same arrogance in their gaze, and the same indifference with regards to the lives of those in the world!

Another strange expert! However, this strange expert seems to be even stronger than the previous one! That black dressed brat is already a top-notch assassin in the world today. However, this white dressed young man is not just a level higher than him!

If that black dressed man was the king of assassins, then this white dressed man would be the emperor of the kings, a true reaper of death!

From that battle with the black dressed brat, I have spent over 70% of all my strength. To face this expert who is even scarier than that black dressed man, it is going to be extremely dangerous!

At this moment, Ling Tian was completely enraged!

The moment he saw the miserable condition that Ling Jian was in, a brutal and vicious feeling rose in his heart. Thinking about how that burly man was about to pierce Ling Jian’s throat, a boundless killing intent shot into the sky!