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Chapter 174: Taking Action in Rage

Chapter 174: Taking Action in Rage

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Ling Tian’s body moved as he covered the fifty feet in an instant. His palm had already struck out with an earth-shattering momentum! Clean and swift without a moment of hesitation and without a single sign!

By the time Yu ManTian felt that young man move, the palm of the young man was already above his forehead. It was as though the young man had already been there from the start!

With a loud roar, his Distress of Autumn slashed upwards with the arc of a rainbow.

Ling Tian’s white clothes were fluttering as he made an agile flip in mid-air and appeared in another direction. Without the slightest bit of reduction in force, his palm smashed down once more!

Yu ManTian let out a weird cry as the sword in his right hand pierced forward. At the same time, he gathered his remaining Inner Qi on his left palm and launched another attack! All these were done without the slightest bit of delay, fully displaying his demeanor of an expert.

A bright smile was on Ling Tian’s face as the Inner Qi on his left palm turned gentle, directing Yu ManTian’s sword to the side with a simple flick of his left hand. His right hand continued on without the slightest bit of delay, with the strength of the blow increasing even more!

"Hong!" Both their palms collided! A gust of wind was sent out in all directions!

Yu ManTian’s body flew up from the ground, flying back a total of thirty feet and stopping only when he had crashed into a peach tree! He was shocked as he thought, What dense inner strength! Yu ManTian’s inner strength was already extremely dense and Ling Tian was a notch stronger than him. While he was exhausted from the fight with Ling Jian, Ling Tian’s single palm strike was insufficient to inflict serious injuries on him.

While Yu ManTian was still in a daze from the shock brought from Ling Tian’s martial arts, he felt a gust of wind approaching him as Ling Tian's palm descended again with a mighty aura!

From the start to the end, Ling Tian had been spiraling around in the air without touching the ground! What kind of martial arts is this? Yu ManTian thought.

Yu ManTian felt his soul was about to leave him as he gathered some Inner Qi to receive the palm strike with both his hands. At this moment, he didn't have enough time to retaliate with his sword and could only abandon it!

With another bang, Yu ManTian’s burly body rolled away like a ball! He didn't want to be reduced to such an embarrassing state but Ling Tian’s palm strike was far too tyrannical. The strength of the blow sent Yu ManTian rolling for quite a distance without stopping!

Only after forty feet did Yu ManTian use his palms to prop himself up. His face was completely red as he spit out a mouthful of blood! This was because Yu ManTian had a profound inner strength with a body fitter than most others. If it was anyone else, that person would have definitely died on the spot!

After unleashing three attacks, Ling Tian’s Inner Qi was also almost spent. He was not a celestial after all and it was impossible for him to float in mid-air forever. Ling Tian’s body shifted as his toes lightly landed on the branch of a peach tree. His white robes fluttered in the wind as his tall body was like a dragon descending from the skies, a phoenix rising to the heavens! A dense killing intent emanated from his eyes as he circulated his Inner Qi and struck out without any mercy at Yu ManTian for the fourth time!

You dare to harm my brother? Regardless of who you are, there is only a single path. That is, DEATH!

Go and die!

As this palm struck down, Yu ManTian had no way to avoid it at all! His strength had already been exhausted completely from the previous three exchanges. With a long sigh, he closed his eyes and awaited his death! At the same time, he was depressed as he thought, In all my life, I, Yu ManTian, prided myself on my martial arts. But, I actually met two powerful opponents in a single day! The height of that white dressed man’s martial arts is something that I have never seen before in my life!

At the same time, Yu ManTian felt a trace of regret in his heart. Such an expert, how great would it be to face him with my full strength! What a pity!

He did indeed live up to his name of being a martial arts fanatic! Even when his life was reaching its end, he was still thinking about exchanging pointers with someone else! He also didn't disgrace the title of being a martial artist!

A cruel smile could be seen on Ling Tian’s lips as his palm struck down without mercy!

Yu ManTian was about to die!

"Young noble, please spare him!" From afar, Ling Jian’s anxious voice sounded.

Ling Tian frowned for an instant and his palm turned to the side, brushing past Yu ManTian and smashing into a nearby peach tree. With a ‘kacha’ sound, the peach tree was split into two with the upper half of it being sent flying seventy feet away!

Borrowing the force of the rebound, Ling Tian’s body, which had been charging forward, suddenly stopped in mid-air and began moving backward.

Yu ManTian could only feel his clothes fluttering as he awaited his death. All of a sudden, he heard a voice and his body became relaxed, with that frightening pressure disappearing into thin air! He couldn't help but open his eyes and take a doubtful look.

When he had just opened his eyes, he witnessed Ling Tian stopping in mid-air and retreating with his mystical movement techniques. Witnessing such a scene, Yu ManTian’s eyeballs almost popped out from the shock! This mystical movement technique was even more shocking than him changing directions in mid-air. If an ordinary expert were to use such a movement technique, which went against common sense, the meridians in his body would definitely go crazy and he would experience cultivation deviation. However, this white dressed man was able to do it as though it was an extremely simple thing! Not only that, he had actually retreated without even looking back, landing right beside Ling Jian without any error in his position.

Just this movement technique alone was enough to make Yu ManTian accept his loss! Just how did he cultivate such a movement technique?

"How are your injuries?" Looking at Ling Jian’s pale face, Ling Tian asked with concern.

"They aren't serious, I won’t die from them. They are all superficial wounds, and I will recover in two to three days!" Ling Jian tried to stand up. Ling Tian was standing up, but he was still seated, making Ling Jian feel extremely weird. Even though he was seriously injured, this was still unacceptable!

Ling Tian stretched out a hand and pressed on Ling Jian’s shoulders, signaling him to stay still. Then, Ling Jian felt a wave of pure Inner Qi entering his body from an acupoint on his shoulders. This warm energy made a full circulation around all of his meridians, making Ling Jian feel a warmth of comfort! Under the aid of the pure Inner Qi, Ling Jian’s injuries were recovering quickly.

After Ling Tian circulated his Inner Qi for a total of nine cycles, he withdrew his Inner Qi. Ling Jian’s injuries were no longer a concern and he would be able to deal with them himself. Only then did Ling Tian let out a sigh of relief.

"Why did you stop me from killing him?" Ling Tian asked with dissatisfaction, while he used his chin to point to the cross-legged Yu ManTian.

As Ling Tian said that, even Yu ManTian couldn't help but widen his ears with curiosity. Why did this black dressed man want to save me despite me trying to kill him previously?

"This person isn’t too bad. Young noble, he is just a little too old-fashioned! He could have killed me much earlier but did not do so because he treasured my talent. The reason why he took action in the end was because I forced him, so I am indebted to him." Ling Jian opened his eyes and looked at Ling Tian with sincerity. While Ling Jian was proud and didn’t lose often, he would never deny a loss. Despite not being willing to give in, he felt that receiving favor from someone else was a different matter! Even if a normal person felt that it was the same thing, things were different when it came to Ling Jian!

"Dammit! So you aren’t an idiot! You actually knew that this daddy here couldn’t bear to kill you! Then why are you still like a brick? This daddy here is just and honorable for treasuring a talent, in what way am I old-fashioned?" Yu ManTian scolded out, not bothering to thank Ling Jian for saving his life. Instead, he was complaining about being scolded as old-fashioned! Dammit, this daddy here can’t stand those old-fashioned old fogeys the most and you actually dared to say that I am old-fashioned!

"Oh, so it is mutual appreciation. If that’s the case, you can settle this score yourself in future!" Ling Tian said with a meaningful smile, revealing the thoughts in Ling Jian’s heart!

Being seen through by Ling Tian, Ling Jian’s face turned red and he lowered his voice, speaking at a volume where only Ling Tian could hear, "This person called himself Third Master. This subordinate thinks that he is from the Yu Family. In fact, his status shouldn’t be too low and he may even be the third brother of Yu ManLou, Yu ManTian. While young noble isn’t afraid of him, his presence may bring some troubles."

Ling Tian’s eyes narrowed as he let out a hearty laugh while patting Ling Jian on the shoulders, "Not bad, Ling Jian, you are getting smarter!"

However, this pat was right on Ling Jian’s wounds, making him let out a muffled groan. Ling Jian’s cold face suddenly turned extremely bitter.

"Is it painful?" While Ling Tian’s smile was warm and filled with concern, Ling Jian felt himself shiver from seeing such an expression. Every time Ling Tian showed such an expression, his ‘good days’ would be coming!

Indeed, Ling Tian’s face then changed, "Remember this painful lesson! How many times must I repeat myself before you will change this wretched habit of yours? If you only know how to advance but don’t know how to retreat, you will suffer losses for sure! Have you learned your lesson yet? If you really wanted to go, could this burly and clumsy bear ever catch up to your movement technique? Damn b*st*rd! Will you only be happy after playing your life away? Don’t forget that your life belongs to this young noble. Have you even asked this young noble before playing with your life? Idiot!"

Ling Tian was indeed fuming; Ling Tian had nagged Ling Jian about this bad habit of his many times already. He would always promise Ling Tian obediently but forget about it when his hot blood boiled! This injury would probably help to change this straightforward and unbending attitude of his!

Ling Jian lowered his head and accepted his scolding without a single word. He didn't say that he couldn’t retreat because of Yu ManTian’s insult towards his young noble! However, he felt a deep sense of warmth in his heart. The rain had just passed, and the road was all muddy. Despite that, his young noble was able to detect his danger from a slight time difference and came to save him personally! Looking at Ling Tian’s fatigued eyes, Ling Jian knew that his young noble must have sprinted here at top speed all the way with his superior movement techniques and dense inner strength. If not, how would it be possible for him to travel a few hundred miles in such a short amount of time? No matter how powerful his young noble was, it was definitely an exhausting thing for him to travel such a far distance in such a short time!