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Chapter 176: Uncle-Niece Meeting

Chapter 176: Uncle-Niece Meeting

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As Yu ManTian thought about that, he became relaxed and said with cupped fists, "Brother, this Third Master will be taking his leave first. I have to find my niece as soon as possible. After not seeing her for such a long time, I really do miss that lass." He then looked at Ling Tian, who was still wearing a white cloth mask, and said with a laugh, "Everything about you is good — your mystical movement techniques, exceptional martial skills and even your inner strength is a notch above the rest; except when being compared to this Third Master of course. I think your looks shouldn’t be too bad either! But you just like to copy those irritating rich spoiled brats, wearing a white mask and still saying that it isn’t the right time to tell me who you are. Aren’t you too much of a sissy? You’re just not manly enough!" With a loud laugh, he left after saying his goodbyes.

Ever since Ling Tian entered this world, even if he were to add on his experience from his previous life, Ling Tian had received nicknames of all sorts, not being spared from even the most insulting and derogatory ones. However, this was the first time he had been called a sissy! Just where did that come from? Ling Tian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that moment!

After seeing Yu ManTian’s horse disappear from the city gates, Ling Tian fell into deep thought. Along the way, Ling Tian had used his pure inner Qi to help sooth Ling Jian’s injured meridians and Ling Jian’s injuries were already recovering. While Ling Jian’s internal injuries were serious, his major organs weren't injured. This was due to Yu ManTian going easy on Ling Jian.

Furthermore, Ling Tian’s Divine Shocking Dragon Formula had the same origins as the cultivation formula Ling Jian was cultivating. Thus, the whole process was much smoother and a lot more efficient. Ling Tian estimated that as long as Ling Jian took the right medicine when he returned, together with some nourishment for his vitality, he would be completely recovered within half a month at the very most without any residual injuries in his body! This was also the biggest reason why Ling Tian let Yu ManTian go.

However, Ling Tian’s exhaustion on this single day was extremely huge! First, he sprinted 500 miles without stopping, relying completely on his dense inner strength to support him. After rushing over, he didn't have the chance to rest and broke out in a fight with Yu ManTian. While they only exchanged a few moves, the Inner Qi that Ling Tian exhausted was still a considerable amount. Following which, he immediately circulated all of his Inner Qi to treat the seriously injured Ling Jian! Even if he was made from iron, Ling Tian was already completely exhausted!

Despite his fatigue, Ling Tian’s head was still extremely active without showing any signs of rest. Ling Jian’s injuries today made Ling Tian feel the pressure to increase his own strength. While Ling Tian acted like an arrogant and bossy silkpants in the capital, he was also extremely arrogant in his own heart. He was confident that he was able to overlook the heroes of this world; even his own followers were the same. They only knew about their own strengths but were ignorant of the world. When he met Ye QingChen previously, that had already served as an alarm bell for Ling Tian. Now, he met the number three character in the Yu Family, Yu ManTian, and almost lost Ling Jian. Ling Tian could not help but be worried about what kind of experts there were in the world!

Now that the storms were brewing in the continent and the various experts began to reveal themselves, the situation on the continent would only grow messier! To accomplish great things and protect one’s self in such messy times, it was necessary for one to increase his own strength! Especially for Ling Jian, Ling Chi and etc!

The matters today were just like a baton to the face for Ling Tian, Ling Jian, and those from The First Pavilion! Ling Jian, and even Ling Tian himself, had always thought that while Ling Jian may not be invincible, it would definitely be difficult to find an opponent for him. However, a single Third Master from the Yu Family had actually given Ling Jian such grave injuries! Then what about the Second Master? What about the head of the Yu Family? Could it be possible that the Yu Family didn’t have a few undying characters? Just what kind of a placing did this Yu ManTian have in the Yu Family?

As Ling Jian saw Ling Tian’s gloomy expression and furrowed brows, he felt a sense of unease in his heart and did not dare to say anything.

After reaching home, Ling Chen, Ling Feng and the rest all came forward to welcome them together. Seeing how the both of them were fine, they all let out a sigh of relief. Seeing that heart-wrenching wound on Ling Jian’s throat, they all couldn't help but be shocked! Just what kind of a person would be able to almost take Ling Jian’s life? All of them then revealed a look of hatred.

When Ling Chen had sent a few consecutive messages to ask about Ling Jian’s situation, these few brats were already extremely anxious. When Ling Chen sent news that Ling Tian had gone out to look for Ling Jian personally, they all put down the matters at hand and rushed over to the Ling residence at top speed. Waiting for news about the both of them, they had not eaten their lunch and did not even feel the slightest bit of hunger!

Ling Tian glanced at Ling Jian before walking past everyone and into his room without saying a word. As Ling Chen saw the look of fatigue on Ling Tian’s face, her heart ached and she followed him in as well. Ling Tian’s meaning was clear: Ling Jian, those from the First Pavilion are your men. I will not say anything and you can make the decision. After what happened today, you should have your own ideas about things!

Ling Tian had a single principle. Regardless of what the matter was, as long as he assigned a task to someone, he wouldn't doubt the person’s decisions. He wouldn't interfere in matters and would only look at the final results. Even if there was something important, he would only give some simple instructions to the one in charge. Depending on the scope of his subordinate’s responsibilities, Ling Tian would definitely give him the corresponding level of authority! This was Ling Tian’s management style.

As such, regardless of whether it was Ling Jian who was in charge of The First Pavilion, Ling Wu in charge of the weapons factory, Ling San in charge of the Violent Wind Gang, Ling Liu, Ling Qi, Ling Ba and Ling Jiu in charge of information collecting, they all had absolute authority in their respective areas. The authority to determine the life and death of their subordinates was all in their hands! They only had to answer to Ling Tian!

Indeed, after the both of them left, Ling Jian’s anger-filled voice could be heard, "What are all of you doing here instead of cultivating?" Seeing all of his brothers look at him with such worry-filled eyes and breaking out in ecstasy upon seeing his safe return, Ling Jian was both touched and angry. He was angry about the fact that they came here despite his instructions to them to focus on their cultivation. At the same time, he was touched about the concern that his brothers had towards him.

Hearing Ling Jian reprimand them, they all lowered their heads in shame. Then, Ling Tian’s voice could be heard from the room, "Ling Jian, bring your brothers back first. You must be bedridden for three days because of your injuries and you should not engage in anything strenuous. Rest well and make sure to nurse your health back to its prime. Also, Ling Chi can come to the Ling residence after breaking through to the fourth stage."

Ling Jian acknowledged Ling Tian’s orders; towards Ling Tian’s orders, Ling Jian would only obey without delay. By the side, Ling Chi’s face was already filled with bitterness, because he had not broken through to the fourth stage of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula.

As though Ling Tian thought about something, he said, "Oh, if Ling Chi hasn't broken through to the fourth level and anyone else breaks through first, they can come here on their own. Alright, all of you may leave!"

As Ling Tian said that, Ling Feng, Ling Yun, Ling Lei and Ling Dian all had excited looks on their faces as they looked towards Ling Chi, as though mocking his demise! Ling Chi felt his nose turn sour as he wanted to cry on the spot.

A trace of laughter could be seen in Ling Jian’s eyes as he left after saying goodbye to Ling Tian.

After Ling Tian saw them previously, he realized that Ling Chi was already on the verge of breaking through to the fourth stage. The only thing he lacked was a source of motivation. Thus, Ling Tian decided to pressure him. Only with pressure will there be motivation! Ling Tian was extremely clear about this. With this pressure, it shouldn’t be difficult for Ling Chi to break through into the fourth stage!

On the other hand, Yu ManTian had already walked up to the gate of the Wei Mansion. In the end, he was almost chased out by the guards as they thought that he was a beggar! Yu ManTian flew into a rage! With a single slap, the guard began to roll on the ground, as Yu ManTian walked into the Wei Mansion while cursing. This was still a result of him being merciful. If it was anyone else, that guard would probably be in hell already!

These last few days, because Madam Wei heard that her precious daughter had been visiting the infamous silkpants with Yu BingYan, Madam Wei grounded her daughter in a fit of rage. While Yu BingYan had a precious status and she did not dare to discipline her, she was most certainly able to discipline her own daughter.

Wei XuanXuan was filled with depression. Just when she wanted to state her reasons, her mother’s wooden ruler had already landed a few times. Thus, she had no choice but to yield. At this moment, Yu BingYan was in Wei XuanXuan’s room, the both of them having an intimate conversation as the sound of laughter and Wei XuanXuan’s sigh of indignance could be heard from time to time.

Hearing someone report that a burly man who called himself Third Master Yu had barged in, Yu BingYan was shocked and rushed out to take a look. She then saw her Third Uncle holding onto a wooden pole, creating a huge commotion in the Wei Mansion. She then didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she cried out, "Third Uncle, what are you doing? How can you treat this place as your own and act without any restraint?"

Hearing the voice of his niece, he threw the wooden pole to the side and walked over with a bright smile, "Ah ah, little Yan Yan, what a good girl. Did you miss your Third Uncle? You lass, your dad doesn’t dare to control me and you actually want to control me?" He then stretched out his hairy hands, pinching Yu BingYan on the cheek as he said with a frown, "What did you smear on your face? Go wash it off quickly! Your Third Uncle can’t stand seeing you like that! Why do you have to reduce yourself to such a state?"

Yu BingYan swatted his hands aside with embarrassment and anxiousness. Before she even had a chance to say anything, this Third Master Yu had already turned around and shouted at the dumbfounded guards, "Have you seen this yet? This is my beloved niece! Who dares to doubt my identity?"

All the guards took in a breath of cold air as they were all at a loss for words. Wei ZhengFeng and his wife, who were already prepared to sleep, dashed over hurriedly, only to see Third Master Yu with untidy clothes and mud all over his body, shouting at the guards of her family with a look of prestige...

Both husband and wife laughed bitterly and looked at each other. The same question could be seen in both their eyes: Is this still our Wei Family or your Yu Family?