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Chapter 177: Bold Move

Chapter 177: Bold Move

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Yu BingYan was extremely embarrassed at the actions of her Third Uncle. However, Third Master Yu was still extremely proud and indifferent, pleased with himself, and had a big smile on his face. He was extremely pleased with finding his niece.

"Third Uncle, why are you here? What’s with your appearance? Who did you fight with again?" Yu BingYan asked. According to what she knew, this Third Uncle of hers was extremely capable of creating trouble and was usually grounded by her First Uncle because he would always create trouble when he went out. Why did he come all the way to the Sky Bearing City from Northern Wei? Even if her family wanted to send someone, they would definitely not send him!

Yu BingYan was extremely depressed when she saw her Third Uncle’s pitiful appearance. Her Third Uncle was already a XianTian stage expert; even if he were to roam around the world, there shouldn’t be many that could match up to her own Third Uncle. Just how was he reduced to such a pitiful state? According to what she knew, there shouldn’t be such an expert in the Sky Bearing Empire! Perhaps, some otherworldly expert didn’t like her Third Uncle’s arrogance and taught him a lesson!

"Hehe, it could be said that I snuck out to seek trouble with someone." Only then did Yu ManTian greet Wei ZhengFeng, exchanging a few pleasantries before answering Yu BingYan. "As for my appearance, haiz, don’t mention it already. I met two crazy brats along the way here and had a good fight with them!" As for his win or loss, Yu ManTian would naturally not mention it.

"Oh? Ah ah, who is the unlucky one who Third Uncle wants to find trouble with?" Yu BingYan could not help but laugh. Hearing Yu ManTian stuttering, it was obvious that he didn’t want to talk about the details of the fight. While Yu BingYan was curious, she did not probe any further. If her Third Uncle had won, he would have definitely bragged like there was no tomorrow. Seeing the way he was acting, there was only one possibility: her Third Uncle lost!

Yu BingYan also felt the matter to be extremely strange. Even her father had to show face to her Third Uncle. Just what kind of a crazy nut would be able to beat him up to such an extent?

However, Yu BingYan’s attention was drawn to the person who her Third Uncle wanted to find trouble with. Who would be so bold and unlucky as to have her Third Uncle personally find trouble with him? Furthermore, he was in the Sky Bearing City! It seemed like everyone who her Third Uncle found trouble with would definitely end up with broken limbs or bruises all over. This unlucky fellow probably wouldn’t be an exception, right? Yu BingYan giggled in her heart.

"It isn’t anyone else, some pretty boy who is famous in the Sky Bearing City. That brat is called Ling Tian, haha, I even heard that you know him." Yu ManTian replied while drinking a cup of tea.

"Ah?!" Yu BingYan was instantly stunned. More accurately, she felt as though she was turning into a statue!

After falling into a daze for a long while, Yu BingYan asked, "Third Uncle, why do you want to find trouble with him? That fellow is only a weak scholar," even she felt the words she said to be a little unbelievable. When Ye QingChen let out a loud roar, waking up almost half of the Sky Bearing City, Yu BingYan was also rudely awakened from her dreams as she felt her blood rolling. Even Xue Leng and Xue Fei also felt a wave of discomfort. However, Ling Tian and Ling Chen were both unaffected despite being in the same room as Ye QingChen! Besides, if Ling Tian was really a weak scholar, how would he be able to invite an expert like Ye QingChen to his house? Furthermore, the both of them even addressed each other as brothers!

"Hmph hmph, your First Uncle admires that darn weak scholar a lot. He actually said that both your father and I couldn’t be compared to that darn pretty boy. I can't accept that and so I’m here to teach him a good lesson!" In front of his beloved niece, Yu ManTian actually did not call himself ‘Third Master’.

Yu BingYan couldn't help but be frustrated in her heart. Even if Ling Tian had exceptional martial arts, how could he be compared to someone like her Third Uncle and Ye QingChen? Besides, her Third Uncle didn’t know how to control his strength. It would still be okay if he liked Ling Tian; but if he didn’t like Ling Tian, he would probably completely beat him up. At that time, just what should she do? Haiz, this fellow can create trouble for me even when he is at home!

Yu BingYan was extremely worried for Ling Tian, but didn’t know that the crazy brat, who reduced her uncle into such a pitiful state, was the beloved weak scholar in her heart!

Hearing the commotion on the outside die down, Ling Tian knew that Ling Jian and the rest must have left already. Ling Tian then let out a long breath, as he felt his whole body full of fatigue! However, a voice in his heart told him that he must not fall asleep now and his present state really didn’t allow him to fall asleep now.

After a day of sprinting and fighting, it had almost exhausted all of his inner strength. Furthermore, Ling Jian’s critical injuries did not allow for any delays, lest he was unable to take another step forward in his martial arts. As such, Ling Tian forced himself to treat Ling Jian’s injuries, not letting himself rest for the whole day. At this moment, he was already at the stage where the mountain and rivers were exhausted! If he fell asleep now, his inner strength would be stagnant for life! But if he cultivated now to recover, he would definitely experience a great improvement!

Stand up from destruction, rise up from the ashes!

This was a precious lesson that Ling Tian had learned from the countless life and death battles in his previous life! Every time his inner qi was exhausted, as long as he would be able to endure circulating his inner qi, his inner qi would definitely experience growth!

While Ling Tian only crossed a few blows with Yu ManTian, the both of them were completely competing in inner strength. Yu ManTian’s violent inner strength left a deep impression on Ling Tian’s heart. Together with the inner strength competition he previously had with Ye QingChen, Ling Tian finally felt a shred of inspiration! Ling Tian could finally feel the sign that his Divine Shocking Dragon Formula was about to experience a breakthrough!

After instructing Ling Chen to protect him, Ling Tian sat down cross-legged and quickly entered into a meditative state!

All these years, Ling Tian would circulate his inner strength every day, and he had already reached the degree of inner qi required to achieve his breakthrough two years ago. However, he was stuck at a bottleneck for some reason, unable to achieve a qualitative change in his inner qi. Today, he had a sudden flash of inspiration and the chance for a breakthrough was right in front of him. How would Ling Tian let go of such an opportunity? He then forced his fatigued body into meditation.

After a short while later, he suddenly felt a warm feeling rising from his inner core, as the meridians all over his body started to ache. After the warmth of his inner core began to grow, inner qi started to trickle towards his inner core from the meridians all over his body. Following that, a small whirlpool of inner qi was formed in his inner core, gradually spinning faster and faster as the attractive force began to grow stronger. In a few short breaths, this whirlpool was already spinning at a frightening speed, as the inner qi from all over his body was completely sucked into this whirlpool!

At this moment, Ling Tian could feel a bloated pain coming from his inner core, as though the degree of inner qi in his inner core was at the maximum of the seventh stage! If he chose to attack the boundary of the eighth stage now, Ling Tian was certain that he would definitely succeed! However, Ling Tian felt a sense of unwillingness in his heart. All these years, he had never stopped cultivating and the latent potential in his body was definitely much more than that. Despite being stuck at the current stage, the amount of inner qi he accumulated should have been more than enough to break through into the eighth stage. Now that he had such an opportunity, would he only use it to break through into the eighth stage?

There are talents all over the world with many far exceeding me. To attain the goals in my heart, I must definitely take a gamble!

With that thought, Ling Tian grit his teeth and dispersed all the inner Qi in his inner core!

Meridians clashing!

This was the special cultivation method of the ninth stage of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula! After gathering all the inner qi to form a whirlpool, the inner qi would then be dispersed for it to clash against the meridians of his body to ensure that the flow in his meridians would be completely smooth! All of his inner qi would then be circulated back into his inner core, breaking through into the ninth stage in a single step!

However, this method was limited to the eighth stage of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula. Only when he was at the peak of the eighth stage would he be qualified to try it. If his cultivation was not at that stage, he might shatter all of his meridians, perishing from it! Even if he was at the peak of the eighth stage, there was less than 10 to 20% chance for him to succeed! The dangers of this could be easily imagined!

In his previous life, he would only be considered to be at the XianTian stage if he could break through into the ninth stage. In his previous life, there were hundreds of people who cultivated the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula but almost none who entered the ninth stage!

While Ling Tian had the advantage of crossing through worlds and cultivating XianTian Qi from the start, the state of his spirit was far from a cultivator who achieved the XianTian stage through bitter cultivation. It wouldn’t be too much to say that they were worlds apart!

The only reason why Ling Tian dared to attack the ninth stage was that his own inner qi was already the purest XianTian Qi! This was completely different from one attacking the ninth stage with a HouTian physique! Furthermore, while Ling Tian did not make any progress in his Divine Shocking Dragon Formula in the recent years, his inner strength was still increasing every day. Thus, Ling Tian was confident and dared to attack the ninth stage of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula!