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Chapter 179: Gentle Feelings

Chapter 179: Gentle Feelings

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Ling Tian let out a sigh and stroked Ling Chen’s hair while kissing her on the forehead. He then placed his hands on her wrist and realized that Ling Chen’s injuries weren’t light at all!

Hugging his beloved lady, Ling Tian transmitted a wave of warm inner qi, slowly repairing her damaged meridians while tending to her internal injuries.

With the might of the ninth level of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula and Ling Chen’s own inner qi, Ling Chen’s internal injuries recovered at a swift pace. In the process of treating Ling Chen, Ling Tian could see — or rather, feel — every oddity in Ling Chen’s meridians. He couldn't help but be elated as he guided her inner qi along her meridians after her injuries were fully treated.

After a long while later, Ling Tian finally stopped circulating his inner qi. At this moment, Ling Chen’s Divine Ice Formula had reached the peak of the sixth stage with Ling Tian’s aid! She was only lacking a suitable opportunity to make a breakthrough! Ling Tian could finally relax.

Being at ease, Ling Tian suddenly felt Ling Chen acting a little strange! Ling Chen’s body was frighteningly warm and her face was an abnormal shade of red. Her eyes were squinted and her breath heavy, as her jade-like arms tangled around Ling Tian’s waist.

How would Ling Tian know that when he placed his hands on her inner core to treat her injuries, Ling Chen immediately had strange thoughts. While she understood that Ling Tian only wanted to treat her injuries, she wasn’t able to control the burning desire of her youth! [1]

Furthermore, after witnessing Ling Tian’s near-death experience, a sense of fear rose in her heart. Thinking about how Ling Tian was covered in blood almost all over him, Ling Chen felt a sense of despair from the possibility of losing her beloved man. Such a sense of despair made Ling Chen throw away her reservations as a young lady. As a lady, the happiest thing in her life would definitely be to present her pure body to her beloved man! Ling Chen was filled with such a thought at this moment!

Furthermore, Ling Chen also didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at her young noble’s actions. An ordinary young master like Ling Tian should already have a house full of wives at his age, much less remain a virgin like Ling Tian. However, Ling Tian only had the title of the number one silkpants, running to the brothel every now and then, but being even more awkward with regards to the things between man and woman! Ling Chen had already stomped her feet far too many times, grit her teeth and cursed Ling Tian many times in her heart for being a clueless idiot! A completely clueless idiot from head to toe!

Ling Tian immediately understood why Ling Chen was acting as such and could not help but be placed in a dilemma. Just what should he do? Ling Tian would definitely not mind taking Ling Chen right at this moment. In his heart, Ling Chen was already his woman and his beloved wife. It was only a matter of time and a ritual to him. After all, the both of them were already connected in their hearts and minds. At this moment, Ling Tian was only worried that Ling Chen wasn’t thinking clearly. What if he took her virginity when she wasn’t in the right state of mind? If that was the case, it would definitely be a huge regret for the both of them!

But for a country-toppling beauty to be right in his embrace being filled with such intentions, Ling Tian, as a normal man, could not help but have a strong reaction!

At this moment, Ling Chen suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Ling Tian with deep emotions as she mumbled, "Young noble, take me. Chen’er’s body should have long belonged to young noble!"

Ling Tian licked his lips as his mouth turned dry, "Chen’er, are you sure that you won’t regret this?"

Ling Chen shook her head resolutely, "Even if Chen’er will be abandoned mercilessly by young noble in future, Chen’er will definitely not regret it! The mountain has no corners, heaven and earth are one. The thunder of winter rumbles and the rain of summer drizzle. I will never regret my decision!"

Just when Ling Chen was about to reply her, Ling Chen hugged his neck and kissed Ling Tian’s lips.

An explosion went off in Ling Tian’s head as his arrogance and composure disappeared completely at this moment. Hugging Ling Chen’s delicate body, he gave her a deep kiss…

Who knows when, and who knows who initiated it, but the clothes on both of them began to decrease. Finally, Ling Tian and Ling Chen’s naked bodies were tangled up together as they lay down on the bed.

Ling Chen’s eyes were shut tightly, exposing her pure and fairy-like body completely to her beloved man. As her eyelashes twitched, her face turned bright red. She then felt Ling Tian kissing her clumsily on her forehead, nose, lips… moving lower and lower…

She could then feel a warm hand gently caressing all of her forbidden zones which no one had ever seen before in the past 17 years of her life. All of a sudden, Ling Chen felt her chest land into a pair of large hands, being played with by the pair of hands. Ling Chen could feel that her arrogance was completely transformed in the hands of her beloved… she then could not help but let out a gentle moan…

Finally, she could feel a warm body above her as a pair of hands explored her body. Ling Chen could then feel a warm breath on her chest followed by a ticklish feeling. With her eyes still shut tight, Ling Chen stretched out her limbs and held onto her beloved’s waist…

As though Ling Tian felt a sense of encouragement, he lowered his head and caught onto a pink cherry…

Another moan from Ling Chen had completely ignited all of Ling Tian’s lust.

A spring filled night.

Dawn, a few gorgeous multi-colored birds chirping joyfully.

Ling Tian woke up from his sweet dreams, as memories of the wild night flashed past his head. He then could not help but reveal a gentle smile.

By his side, Ling Chen was quietly asleep, with both her arms outside of the blanket. Under the blanket, half of her proud chest was revealed, rising and falling with her breaths. A leg of hers was stuck outside of the blanket as her face seemed to be filled with joy from the previous night. Her brows were slightly furrowed, as though she could still feel the pain of bliss from last night. The corners of her lips were raised up slightly, revealing her satisfaction from presenting her body…

A sleeping beauty! Ling Tian looked at her in a daze as a doting smile could be seen on his lips. This lass!

As though she could feel Ling Tian staring at her, Ling Chen let out a gentle grunt and opened her eyes. Seeing Ling Tian’s handsome face, she couldn't help but be puzzled at why Ling Tian was in her own room. However, she quickly remembered the things that happened last night and her face turned red. With a soft shriek, she ducked into the blanket as her leg was also retracted in…

Ling Tian laughed and teased her, "My wife, it's time for you to help your husband put on his clothes. Why are you still lying down?"

Ling Chen then struggled in the blanket and let out a muffled groan. Ling Tian then chuckled as he snuggled under the blanket as well. The next moment, Ling Chen’s complaints could be heard for a short while, before nothing could be heard. It was as though someone had blocked her mouth, just not knowing what he used…

A long while later…

Ling Tian, who was no longer a virgin, put on his clothes in satisfaction. He then mischievously looked at Ling Chen, who was still on the bed. Her black hair covered the pillow as her body was sprawled on the bed, without the strength to even lift up her fingers…

Her eyes darted around and her cheeks were red as she panted softly. Ling Chen, who was finally Ling Tian’s woman, emanated an indescribable beauty at this moment as Ling Tian was filled with the urge to pounce forward…

Using great willpower while chanting Buddhist scriptures, Ling Tian put on his clothes with great difficulty. From his past life until now, this was probably the first time he felt that putting on his clothes could be something so difficult…

Walking out of the room, Ling Tian stretched his body as a satisfied smile could be seen on his face. He then sat under the rack of grapes as per usual. The rain had just stopped and the gentle morning breeze could be felt. The green vines of the grapes crawled all over the rack as bunches of bright yellow flowers could be seen swaying in the winds, looking as though they would bear fruit at any moment. A few flowers growing towards the sun were already withered as a few pea-sized green grapes could be seen. As Ling Tian looked at it, he felt as though he could taste them in his mouth and immediately understood what it meant to quench his thirst by staring at the plum.

Closing his eyes, Ling Tian couldn't help but think about the warmth he felt from last night. He then laughed as he said with a self-mocking tone, "A forty plus year-old virgin from my two lives. It really wasn’t easy to get rid of that hat!"

Soft footsteps could then be heard walking over gently. Without even opening his eyes, Ling Tian could already tell how gentle and refined the owner of these footsteps was. He then giggled in his heart, Some music fanatic is probably here to find ‘Master Ling Chen’.

Suddenly, he was stunned about the sensitivity of his hearing. The footsteps were still 300 feet away and he was actually able to hear them so clearly. Furthermore, he was even able to read the personality of the person. This was just too incredulous! Was this the might of the ninth level of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula? Or was this the might of a XianTian cultivator?

Following a soft cough, a beautiful figure appeared at the doorstep. It was Xiao YanXue!

[1]: The position of the inner core (DanTian) is at the lower abdomen.