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Chapter 180: A Proper Title

Chapter 180: A Proper Title

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Seeing Ling Tian, Xiao YanXue began to frown, as though she was considering something. However, she still chose to enter the yard, "Young noble Ling, is sister Chen… Miss Chen here?"

Xiao YanXue was indeed a music fanatic! Ever since she ‘realized’ that Ling Chen was a master of music, she would definitely find Ling Chen for a few pointers whenever Ling Tian was out. You have to understand that Ling Chen was personally taught by Ling Tian; not only in a single aspect but in all areas of the arts. She was well versed in music, calligraphy, and painting, not losing out to the talented ladies of the capital. By just displaying any of the legendary ‘exclusive’ songs that Ling Tian taught her, it was more than sufficient for her to look at those from her generation with contempt. Xiao YanXue would naturally admire her as well. In these few days, the both of them warmly addressed each other as sisters. Ling Chen was older than Xiao YanXue by two years and so she called Ling Chen her elder sister. (Xiao YanXue was the same age as Ling Tian, two years younger than Ling Chen.)

It was also no surprise that Xiao YanXue was frowning. Usually, Ling Tian would be out by this time already. At the same time, Ling Tian’s image now was just too unsightly. Leaning against the bamboo chair, with his legs crossed and pointing to the sky and the pinkish base of his feet swaying gently. Just how did a fairy-like sister Chen endure living with such a despicable person!

With an ‘oh’, Ling Tian put down his feet gently as he said to Xiao YanXue calmly, "That lass Chen’er is probably still sleeping. That lass has always been extremely lazy! Didn’t the both of you become sworn sisters? How come you don’t know about that?" His words were filled with mockery, without displaying the slightest bit of welcome for a beauty like Xiao YanXue. In fact, his words were even filled with impatience!

This was also no surprise. After all, he was an old man who finally got rid of his virginity. Or perhaps, he should still be called a ‘young’ man. After all, Ling Tian was still 16 in this life of his. Just when he was high-spirited, an outsider actually came to ask for his wife. It would be a wonder if he could treat her well!

Xiao YanXue then grunted and thought to herself, Only a scum like you is lazy. How can sister Chen be lazy? She then said with disdain, "Then can young noble Ling tell me where Miss Chen is?"

Ling Tian pointed casually at his own room with a mischievous smile.

Xiao YanXue grunted and walked passed Ling Tian without even looking at him.

Ling Tian then shut his eyes as his ears followed Xiao YanXue’s footsteps. He then heard her walking towards the door and knocking gently. A barely audible groan could then be heard from inside the room. After hesitating for a while, Xiao YanXue thought that there shouldn’t be anything wrong since they were both ladies. Thinking about how Ling Chen’s groan sounded weak, she became worried and walked in immediately.



Two shrieks could then be heard at the same time. With a swift motion, Xiao YanXue quickly slammed the door with a bright red face and heavy panting. Embarrassment filled her eyes as she glared at Ling Tian while scolding, "Despicable! Shameless!" Thinking for a moment, she added on, "Hoodlum! Scum! Lecher!"

She then rushed out of Ling Tian’s courtyard with her face still burning red.

When she went in, she saw Ling Chen getting up slowly with shyness as she put on her clothes slowly. That flawless body of hers was actually filled with lip marks all over her and the room filled with a special type of smell. While Xiao YanXue was still a virgin, she still had a certain understanding towards such matters. The moment she entered the room, she immediately understood what happened last night. Being a virgin, she naturally escaped in embarrassment and frustration.

After scolding this silkpants in front of her who had a mischievous smile, she dashed back to her room immediately. Her heart was still thumping as she grit her teeth and scolded, "Hoodlum!" a few times. In her heart, Ling Chen was like a fairy, beautiful and wise to the point she could not even hold a candle to Ling Chen. However, she actually fell into the hands of a silkpants like Ling Tian!

Thinking about that, she could not help but let out a sigh of regret, pouring herself a cup of tea. Just when she was about to drink it, she was suddenly stunned as she thought about something strange.

Thinking about the matter carefully, Xiao YanXue finally understood what was wrong. Before today, Ling Chen was obviously a virgin like herself! Furthermore, Ling Chen’s frail appearance was just like a virgin who had just lost her virginity. Thinking about that, she could not help but be startled!

Don’t tell me… such a beautiful lady actually stayed with Ling Tian for a full ten years but only lost her virginity yesterday? Even if it was because of his age, he shouldn't have waited until now!

Xiao YanXue was certain that no guy would be able to resist a beauty like Ling Chen! No guy would be able to hold himself back for a few years before eating Ling Chen up for sure! Perhaps, it was because Ling Tian was young before and did not take action? However, even she wasn’t too certain about that. After all, a normal guy would definitely take action on the first night a beauty like her enters his room. For a twelve to thirteen-year-old boy taking action in the bedroom, this was nothing special in an aristocratic family.

In front of such a beauty free for his taking, Ling Tian was actually able to hold himself back for three years at the very least! More than three years of holding back! What kind of a concept was this? How could a silkpants young noble like him do that? Not to mention an infamous silkpants like Ling Tian, perhaps a refined scholar wouldn’t be able to hold back for so long!

Don’t tell me… he had really concealed himself so deeply?! A thought suddenly surfaced!

Xiao YanXue’s thoughts then drifted to the black dressed man who saved her in the rain previously. That cold and calm pair of eyes. She then thought about Ling Tian riding past her with anxiousness in his eyes and a thought sprung out, "It can’t be him right?"

Xiao YanXue then shook her head and mumbled in a daze, "How can that be possible? How can it be him? He obviously doesn’t know martial arts at all!" However, both the figures grew clearer and clearer in her heart, and Xiao YanXue grew frustrated…

Looking at Xiao YanXue retreating, Ling Tian couldn't help but smile.

A wave of fragrance was then carried by the wind as Ling Chen sprinted out with tear-filled eyes and a reddened face. Her actions seemed extremely inelegant, obviously still unable to walk properly. Her small fists then showered onto Ling Tian, "You bad bad bad bad bad bad!!! You are just too bad!! How am I still going to face her next time after being seen like that? Wu wu wu…"

Ling Tian laughed as he caught Ling Chen’s hands and replied with a smile, "So what if that lass sees you. Didn’t she call you sister already? You now know what it means to be shy? Last night you were so…"

As Ling Chen heard that, her face was turned red to the point blood seemed to be oozing out. She then snatched her hand out from Ling Tian’s hands and began to beat Ling Tian again. Her teeth were clenched as she almost cried from the embarrassment and frustration.

Ling Tian laughed before saying seriously, "Chen’er, do you really not know my intentions?"

Ling Chen then let out a grunt as she stomped her feet on the ground. However, the pain from last night had not subsided yet, and she let out a soft moan.

Ling Tian then gave a profound smile, "Chen’er, you are already my woman and I must definitely give you a proper explanation. While you have served me since you were young, you are my maid and not concubine after all, and there is a huge difference in status. Since Xiao YanXue saw the matters between us and she is so close to grandmother and mother, the both of them will probably find out very soon. Ah ah, at that time, won’t it save us a lot of effort? I can’t just let you follow me without any proper title! I definitely have to give you a proper title at the very least. But, do you expect me to find my grandmother or mother to tell them that I did it with you last night..."

Before he finished, Ling Chen had already covered his mouth and her eyes were filled with warmth. "Young noble, I understand. I understand your intentions."

Ling Tian frowned and pretended to be angry, "You’re still calling me young noble? It’s time for you to call me husband. If you are not going to change the way you address me, your husband will have to use the family laws on you!"

Ling Chen frowned lovably as her face turned red. While she wanted to call him that, she just could not bring herself to do it. Thus, she let out a whine and dived into Ling Tian’s embrace. She then said, "What family laws, I’m not afraid."

"You’re really not afraid?" A weird smile could be seen on Ling Tian’s face.

"I’m not afraid!" Ling Chen stared at Ling Tian without backing down, only to see a crafty pair of eyes looking back at her.

"Alright!" Ling Tian praised her. He then stood up and hugged Ling Chen, "It is still early and I will bring my dear Chen’er back to the room for another 300 rounds."

Ling Chen’s countenance lost all color. After just losing her virginity, she had barely made it past last night. Up until now, her body was still weak and even walking was a chore for her. How would she be able to endure another round of pampering? She couldn't help but plead for mercy.