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Chapter 181: Borrowing Someone

Chapter 181: Borrowing Someone

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Ling Tian ignored her completely, hugging Ling Chen all the way to the doorstep. Right when he was about to enter the bedroom, Ling Chen was already helpless. Thus, she plucked up her courage and whispered to Ling Tian in his ears, "Husband…" At the same time, her face and neck were already completely red.

Ling Tian then twitched his ears and asked with doubt, "Chen’er, what did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly."

Ling Chen whined and saw that Ling Tian stood there without any actions. Helpless, she could only approach Ling Tian’s ears again. Just when she was about to say that word again, Ling Tian suddenly turned around, staring at her in the eyes, "Chen’er, it's best you tell it to me in the face. I’ll be able to hear clearly like that!"

Chen’er dived into Ling Tian’s embrace bashfully, refusing to lift up her head. A long while later, she let out a soft cry, "Husband…"

Ling Tian laughed, "I finally heard it. Chen’er, thankfully this young noble’s martial arts just achieved a breakthrough. If not, it would probably be difficult for me to hear you… Err, siiiii… have mercy on me, my dear wife." Being filled with embarrassment from Ling Tian forcing her, Ling Chen grabbed onto Ling Tian’s waist with two of her fingers and pinched hard. Hearing Ling Tian call her ‘wife’, she suddenly felt a wave of elation and shyness. At the same time, she felt emotional in her heart, finally having what she wanted after so many years of waiting. That sense of emotion overwhelmed her as she began to whimper in Ling Tian’s embrace.

Ling Tian then stroked her hair gently and let out a long sigh, "The pitiful but outstanding lady is willing to be my concubine! I have really let Chen’er down!" These words of his were not said to make Ling Chen happy but from the bottom of his heart. With Ling Chen’s talents and looks, she was more than worthy to be Ling Tian’s first wife if she was born in a more prestigious family. However, they were constrained by the customs of the world, determining Ling Chen’s pitiful fate. Even if she married Ling Tian as a concubine, it would be considered as a glorious path for her.

Hearing what Ling Tian said, Ling Chen slowly stopped crying as a sense of satisfaction filled her heart, "As long as young noble treasures Chen’er, that is more than enough. Chen’er never dared to wish extravagantly. As long as young noble doesn’t chase Chen’er away, Chen’er will accompany young noble forever. Even if I have to be your maid for my whole lifetime, I will have no regrets!"

Ling Tian then stroked her hair gently and let out a depressed sigh.

Light footsteps could then be heard and Ling Tian said with a frown, "Why is she back again?"

Indeed, Xiao YanXue appeared again. However, she had a different attitude towards Ling Tian this time, looking at Ling Tian with a slightly investigative look.

Ling Tian then let Ling Chen down, allowing her to lean on him. As a new bride, this was the time where she would be the shyest. Thus, she buried her face in Ling Tian’s chest and refused to be seen.

Ling Tian smiled and looked towards Xiao YanXue with a questioning gaze, "This is already the second time Miss Xiao has been here and your sincerity is obvious. I wonder what kind of teachings you are here to bestow upon me?"

Xiao YanXue smiled and said, "YanXue came here without notice, wishing that young noble Ling will be magnanimous. I wish to seek a small favor from sister Chen, I wonder what young noble thinks about that?"

"Oh?" Ling Tian’s brows furrowed, "Help? What help? Our Chen’er isn’t feeling too well and we can forget about it if the matter is a strenuous one!" Then, he walked into the room and shifted two bamboo chairs out personally. Putting them below the rack of grapes, he invited Xiao YanXue to take a seat. He then prepared tea and placed a glass in front of her. Since Xiao YanXue is here to borrow someone, the Xiao Family is definitely going to make a move! But with Chen’er concealing her true strength so well, what kind of help will they want from Chen’er? Why don't I make use of this opportunity to fish for some information? Let’s see how that Xiao lass reacts first!

Ling Chen wanted to get up to help but Ling Tian helped her back into the chair immediately. Her face turned red as she looked at Ling Tian with satisfaction filling her heart.

Xiao YanXue’s impression changed slightly again, looking at Ling Chen with a tinge of envy. You have to understand, as the number one person of her generation, how could Xiao YanXue be an ordinary person? For her to befriend Ling Chen, half of the reason was from admiration of her skills, while the other half was the intention to bring Ling Chen over to her side. No matter how talented Ling Chen was, Ling Chen was still a servant and even had to serve a silkpants master like Ling Tian. If she could promise Ling Chen freedom, it might be possible to bring Ling Chen over to her side. It was only because she had such thoughts that she befriended Ling Chen.

But from the bashful look on Ling Chen’s face, everything changed immediately. No matter how talented Ling Chen was, Ling Chen wasn’t a virgin anymore, becoming someone by Ling Tian’s bedside. There was no longer any hope for her to bring over Ling Chen!

Xiao YanXue then let out a regretful sigh. After pausing for a moment, she got back to the main point, "First, YanXue has already gained the approval of Old Madam. After the various powers enter the Sky Bearing City, we will hold an auction in the Ling Family to sell seven heavenly treasures we brought! Second, YanXue wishes to take this chance to exchange some pointers with sister Chen in music. I hope that sister Chen won’t be stingy with her teachings. Third…"

"There’s still a third?" Ling Tian asked with his mouth opened wide, "Your Xiao Family still isn’t finished yet? You guys really have to work your workers to death? How can I let my Chen’er be trampled upon like that?"

Seeing Xiao YanXue roll her eyes in dissatisfaction, Ling Tian held his hands up in surrender, "Alright alright alright, carry on talking. I’m all ears."

At this moment, Xiao YanXue had the urge to give this fellow a good beating. Just why is sister Chen willing to give herself to such a scum? With a snort, she continued, "Third, I heard that the number one talent of the XiMen Family, XiMen Qing, is here at the Sky Bearing City."

"XiMen Qing?!" Before Xiao YanXue could continue, Ling Tian interrupted her. [1]

"That’s right, XiMen Qing!" Xiao YanXue didn’t notice that Ling Tian pronounced the word ‘Qing’ differently, as she looked at Ling Tian with a weird expression, Why does he have such a huge reaction?

Ling Tian’s eyes were wide open in shock! Dammit, this world actually has a XiMen Qing! He is even a talent! I wonder if there’ll be a Pan JinLian? [2]

"XiMen Qing is extremely talented, proficient in all poetry, songs, zither, calligraphy, and painting! The XiMen Family organized a scholarly meeting on purpose, gathering all the talents on the continent for a competition. Furthermore, XiMen Qing is an extremely competitive person. According to his usual habits, he will definitely challenge every family for sure. This little sister isn’t talented and can probably withstand a round or two in the areas of calligraphy and painting. However, XiMen Qing’s achievements in music are outstanding and this little sister isn’t a match for him. In the Sky Bearing City, only sister Chen will have the chance to beat him! So…"

Ling Tian finally understood that he had misheard the pronunciation of the name. He then could not help but ask, "If I lend Ling Chen to you, what will my Ling Family do? I believe my Ling Family has to participate in it as well, right?"

Xiao YanXue was first stunned before covering her mouth with giggles. Her giggles were filled with endless disdain. While she did not say anything, her meaning was clear, A silkpants like you wants to participate in that scholarly meeting? Do you deserve it?

A ball of anger rose in Ling Tian’s heart! Looking at Xiao YanXue’s smile of disdain, Ling Tian had an urge to punch her!

You actually dare to say something like that in my Ling Family? Xiao Family, hehehe, aren’t you guys a little too arrogant?!

"Young noble doesn’t wish to lend her? Or are you afraid that your Ling Family won’t have the guts to participate in the meeting without Miss Chen?" Xiao YanXue’s attitude took a sudden change, being extremely overbearing and forceful! Not to mention Ling Tian, even Ling Chen, who was in Ling Tian’s embrace, could not help but look up with anger in her eyes! Hmph, you actually dare to insult my husband like that? Sisters? Cheh! I won’t show you any face even if we are sisters!

"It won’t be a big deal to let lass Chen help you guys for a few days," Ling Tian said, "but she isn’t well at the moment. She will only be able to go a few days later." The next moment, Ling Tian had already suppressed his anger. Being his second lifetime, Ling Tian’s mental state was already extremely mature.

Xiao YanXue then gave a bow, "Then I will have to thank the young noble for fulfilling my wish." When she lowered her head, her eyes narrowed immediately! Grandfather is indeed right! Ling Tian, this silkpants-like fellow is indeed extraordinary! Even with my provocations, he is actually able to remain so calm! When she raised her head again, her eyes contained a different look, "If that’s the case, YanXue will be here a few days later to invite sister Chen personally. YanXue will take her leave!"

"Wait a moment, Miss Xiao." Ling Tian called out to her with a smile in his eyes as he asked, "Miss Xiao, I wonder what are the seven heavenly treasures your family is going to auction? Can you reveal some nuggets of information to me?"

Xiao YanXue pretended to hesitate before saying, "It wouldn’t matter if I tell young noble Ling. Anyway, these items only exist in the legends and most people in the world are only seeing the sky from a well. There are just far too few knowledgeable people who will know about such things." The meaning of her words was obvious — I don’t think a silkpants like you will know anyway. Telling it to you is no more than playing a harp to a cow. You probably won’t be able to tell good from bad anyway.

This was another investigative intent by Xiao YanXue! Fighting with this lady? Hmph hmph, just see how this lady here will dig up all of your roots! This lady here is the famous ‘Jia NanFeng’! [3]

As though Ling Tian didn’t catch the sarcasm in Xiao YanXue’s words, he replied with interest, "Then I will really have to ask for a few pointers from Miss Xiao so I can widen my horizons." A cold glare then flashed past his eyes as he thought to himself, Is this lass trying to test me?

[1]: Take note that the XiMen Qing said by Xiao YanXue was 西门清 and the XiMen Qing said by Ling Tian was 西门庆. They are pronounced differently but have the same spelling. The XiMen Qing that Ling Tian was talking about is a character in the famous ‘Water Margin’ and ‘Golden Lotus’ novels.

[2]: Pan JinLian is another character from Golden Lotus.

[3]: I am a little puzzled as to why the author will use Jia NanFeng. Jia NanFeng is a consort in the Jin Dynasty and is known for her unscrupulous means in the palace’s political conflicts. The author is probably referencing to her scheming character as opposed to her brutality.