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Chapter 182: Seven Treasures

Chapter 182: Seven Treasures

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Xiao YanXue then avoided Ling Tian’s gaze as she said, "The first item is a rare treasure, a type of wood. The wood is from the peak of the north pole snow mountain, a rare Soul Freezing Sandalwood. Apart from its unique smell and sleep-inducing effect, a small two feet piece of Soul Freezing Sandalwood would chill a room in summer. If it is made into a container, any item placed within it wouldn't rot in a hundred years! Furthermore, as long as one places a small piece of it on himself, he will be able to protect himself from all poisonous bugs!"

Ling Tian responded with an ‘oh’ as he thought to himself, This Soul Freezing Sandalwood was probably prepared for the NanGong Family, right? It is indeed the best choice of material to make a coffin. Now that the weather is getting warmer, even the transfer of NanGong Le’s body will become an issue. But with this wood, they would be able to send him back to Southern Zheng easily. At the very least, his body will not smell.

But to use such a good item on NanGong Le, Ling Tian felt that it was a pity, regardless of what kind of contributions he had made. However, Ling Tian still said, "Good item, I will definitely go and take a look. The weather is getting warmer, and the summer will be much more bearable with this item!"

Xiao YanXue chuckled, "I will definitely invite someone as knowledgeable as young noble Ling when the time comes."

Ling Tian nodded his head in response, "Mmm, I will definitely be there."

"The second item is also a rare treasure, found at the same place as the Soul Freezing Sandalwood. In the depths of the north pole, this Millennium Warm Jade was found. For a warm item to appear in the freezing north pole, it is really a wonder of the world! The Millennium Warm Jade can calm one’s mind and is extremely beneficial to a martial artist." As Xiao YanXue was talking, she glanced to observe Ling Tian’s expression.

Ling Tian responded with a ‘Mmm’ as his face was still filled with excitement. However, he thought to himself in his heart, Goodness, it is actually the Millennium Warm Jade. Calming one’s mind is only one of its many uses! This is definitely a rare treasure!

Despite remaining calm on the surface, Ling Chen felt her heart beating faster! She had once heard her young noble praise the Millennium Warm Jade before. To an ordinary person, this treasure was extremely useful, capable of protecting one from the cold and able to extend one’s lifespan. Especially to someone like Ling Chen who cultivated in a pure Yin type of cultivation method, this was a priceless treasure!

You have to understand that a lady’s body is Yin in nature, and Ling Chen had a pure Yin constitution. While her constitution would speed up her cultivation speed, there is a limit to everything in the world with detrimental effects at the limits. While Ling Chen’s cultivation speed was a good thing, there were grave dangers which accompanied it as well. Since Ling Chen’s cultivation was still shallow, the dangers had yet to surface. If she was able to keep a piece of Millennium Warm Jade by her side, it would definitely negate all ill effects in her body and be of great help to her!

"The third item was also found at the same place as the first two item. These three items were found on the same day and it can also be said to be the will of the heavens. Back then, there was a sudden avalanche and the only lucky survivor managed to find these three items." At the peak of the suspense, Xiao YanXue suddenly began to beat around the bush, intentionally keeping him in suspense. Lifting up her teacup, she took a sip and stopped talking.

Ling Tian let out a chuckle and decided to fulfill the wishes of this petty lass, "What is that item?"

Xiao YanXue let out a delightful smile, feeling as though she had won a round, "It is the Ice Fire Lotus!"

Ling Tian was startled! Ice Fire Lotus! He never imagined it would be the Ice Fire Lotus!

The reason why he had yet to start refining the Great Cyclic Pill was because of the lack of a Fire-type herb which grows in a place of extreme coldness. Ling Tian had long sent men out to search for it and spent a large fortune to try and purchase it on the continent. However, how could a heavenly treasure like this be found so easily? Ling Tian originally thought that it would have been great if he could even use the Freezing Autumn Fiery Flame Grass to replace it. However, he never imagined that the Xiao Family actually had a legendary item like the Ice Fire Lotus! The Ice Fire Lotus was more than twice as effective than the Freezing Autumn Fiery Flame Grass! If the Great Cyclic Pill was refined with the Ice Fire Lotus, its effects would definitely be much more potent!

A mysterious smile could then be seen on Ling Tian’s face. It seems that I will definitely have to go to the Xiao Family’s auction! Not only do I have to obtain the Ice Fire Lotus, I must also get the Millennium Warm Jade as well!

"The fourth item is the Sky Blue Serene Gem, found deep in the Southern Sea!" Xiao YanXue said with an exaggerated tone, as though she was extremely fond of the Sky Blue Serene Gem.

Ling Tian snickered in his heart as the corner of his lips curled up in disdain. The Sky Blue Serene Gem was a beautiful gemstone which would let out a turquoise glow in the light: resplendent and mystical. It was an extremely rare treasure most suited to make jewelry out of it, and it was indeed something which all ladies loved. However, this was the only thing special about it and it didn't have any practical uses at all. In Ling Tian’s eyes, this was nothing more than a special stone!

"The fifth item is the fist-sized Southern Seas Seven Colored Sandalwood Pearl. From the ancient times until now, such a large Southern Seas Seven Colored Sandalwood Pearl has never been seen before. It is definitely not an exaggeration to call it a priceless treasure!" The pride in Xiao YanXue’s tone was not concealed in the slightest.

Ling Tian shook his head and did not reply. At the same time, he sighed in his heart. However, Ling Chen seemed to be extremely interested in it. Seeing that Xiao YanXue did not describe the item, she couldn't help but feel a little depressed as she thought to herself, Does this Miss Xiao not know the use of this treasure? Young noble had once said that in the hands of an ordinary person, this is no more than a precious material. But a person who knows the true value of this item would definitely know that this treasure is the nemesis of all poisons in the world! As long as it is soaked in wine, the wine will turn into a miracle solution capable of curing any poison in the world!

"The sixth item is a piece of black iron! It is one hundred and seventy-five catties heavy and…" As she wanted to describe the black iron, she began to stutter because she was completely clueless about its origin and usage!

Everyone knew that while the black iron was the most suitable item for forging weapons, ordinary methods were completely incapable of melting it. It was an extremely difficult task to even change the shape of the black iron. The Xiao Family had already tried countless methods that yielded no results at all! The way Xiao YanXue saw it, this item was completely useless and she had no idea why her grandfather asked her to bring it along!

However, she didn't know that Xiao FengHan had never given up on infiltrating the weapons factory that Ling Tian took from him. In the first few years, he was still able to receive some news from the factory. But in recent years, not a single piece of information left that factory! The only thing Xiao FengHan knew was that the craftsmanship of the weapons factory was constantly improving by observing the weapons sold from the factory. This also made Xiao FengHan more and more curious. By letting Xiao YanXue bring the black iron to the Sky Bearing City, it was his intention to test Ling Tian. If Ling Tian obtained the black iron, it would mean that his skills in weapon forging were far higher than those of the Xiao Family! If that was really the case, Xiao FengHan would have to reevaluate Ling Tian’s strength!

A light flashed in Ling Tian’s eyes. Black iron! Xiao FengHan you old fox! Apart from testing my weapons factory, what other motives can you possibly have? Hmph hmph, how would I let things go your way!

However, Ling Tian was determined to obtain the black iron! While the weapons of his subordinates were top notch, they were not divine weapons. By melding three catties of black iron into a weapon, an ordinary weapon would turn into a sharp weapon. The black iron brought by the Xiao Family was more than enough to equip everyone in The First Pavilion with a divine weapon! This would definitely raise the strength of The First Pavilion by many folds! How was it possible for Ling Tian to not be tempted?

"As for the seventh treasure, it is the Heaven Splitter, sword of Above Heavens’ sect master, Yin JueKong, from the Heavenly Sun Continent! There is a rumor that there is a heaven-shaking secret hidden within the Heaven Splitter! The person capable of obtaining the Heaven Splitter would be the master of the heavens!" After describing all seven treasures, Xiao YanXue felt her mouth become dry and took a large gulp of tea.

Heaven Splitter!

Ling Tian sneered in his heart, So this is the true plan of the Xiao Family! Their true scheme! The Xiao Family actually dares to take the Heaven Splitter out openly! The ambitions of the Xiao Family are obviously exposed in this trip to the Sky Bearing City!

For a thousand years, despite not knowing who the Heaven Splitter belonged to, the rumor of ruling the world with the Heaven Splitter had already been branded into everyone’s heart! This sword was no longer a mere weapon! It had already turned into a symbol! For the peak XianTian sect master of Above Heavens to perish in battle, Ling Tian was certain that it was definitely related to the meaning of the sword!

But would one really be able to rule the world with this Heaven Splitter? Ling Tian could not help but be reminded of the ‘Jade Disc of He’ from ‘Twin of Brothers’ in his previous life! He sneered in his heart, Greed will always be the root of all evil! This sword is only a tool to incite chaos in the world! The saying of being the ruler of the world is no more than nonsense! [1]

[1]: Twin of Brothers, 大唐双龙传, is a wuxia drama adapted from a novel by Huang Yi. The ‘Jade Disc of He’ is basically a famous item in China’s history which was eventually made into the Emperor’s Seal by Qin Shi Huang.