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Chapter 183: BingYan“s Report

Chapter 183: BingYan's Report

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Ling Tian could imagine clearly — with the Xiao Family taking out Heaven Splitter to incite the Sky Bearing Meet, what sort of blood calamity would befall the lands! To have something that would incite the greed and envy of all martial artists, how many ambitions of the young heroes would they have inevitably stirred!

Once the fight for it started, the Xiao Family only needed to discreetly fan the flames for an explosion of epic proportions! A raging forest fire which would span the entire continent! This was the definite conclusion!

In order to claim the Heaven Splitter as theirs, claiming the intangible title of ‘Master of the Heavens’, every empire’s monarch would definitely spare no effort to wage war on the others! Cooperation was impossible because just as the skies do not have two suns, an empire cannot hold two monarchs, and thus there can only be one ‘Master of the Heaven!’

By the time they were done contesting for the Heaven Splitter, all the various empires would have their vitality seriously wounded! It could even spell the death of some of the weaker empires! At that time, the number one financial magnate, the Xiao Family, would shine! Just when everyone was at their weakest, the flag of the Xiao family would soar high as they begin their conquest to overthrow the balance of all the countries!

If this plan was brought to fruition, then the Xiao Family’s ambition to conquer the entire continent would be accomplished in the shortest time!

Tossing out such an irresistible bait, the resulting chain reaction would definitely be of epic proportions! What a vicious, yet ingenious plan!

The beauty of the plan was that while all the major powers understood this was a ploy from the Xiao Family, they still had no choice but to jump into the trap! Anyone who laid their hands on the Heaven Splitter would have their fame and power soar to new heights, and likewise, anyone who was weaker would be completely eliminated! Even if one didn't want to obtain the Heaven Splitter, they couldn't afford to allow their enemies to obtain it. This was the mentality of all the major powers!

Xiao YanXue was scrutinizing Ling Tian’s response but found out that he was only nodding and agreeing, a nonchalant expression on his face. Not a single trace of his thoughts was revealed, making her a little frustrated! As such, she blurted out the secret of the Heaven Splitter in frustration. Since it was going to be auctioned out in a few days, where was the harm in revealing some insider information?

Little did she realize that after saying the words Heaven Splitter, Ling Tian’s smiley face immediately vanished, replaced with a solemn expression. His sword-like brows raised up a little, seemingly resembling two slumbering dragons that had finally gotten rid of the chains on their body, taking off to the skies once again!

You’ve finally revealed yourself! Xiao YanXue was originally elated, but received a rude shock upon seeing the change! The moment Ling Tian’s eyebrows were raised, he suddenly seemed distant and aloof, with boundless killing intent surrounding him!

It was only for an instant however, and Ling Tian had already returned to his original self, beaming cheerfully, "That is indeed a good treasure, haha! Miss Xiao, I’ll remember to bring more silver there on the day so I can buy a few of these items back. Umm, I’ll display them at the main hall, so everyone that pays a visit to my Ling Residence can feast their eyes upon them! Hahaha… this is worth waiting for!"

Xiao YanXue laughed coldly to herself, Still pretending! However, she replied with, "That’s only natural. If that’s the case, then the Ling Family businesses will shoot through the skies! Little sister here hopes that all of young noble’s wishes will come true!"

Ling Tian only continued smiling at her. He had long known that the little lass had already discovered something amiss and was well aware and in control of the time he ‘revealed’ himself. He refrained from talking, merely looking at how long the little lass planned to continue playing this facade with him.

Xiao YanXue was stared at til her face flushed red and her heart beat wildly. Not knowing what to do, she picked up her teacup but was at a loss as to what she should do next. While her intelligence and wit were beyond an ordinary person, she was after all still an unwed lady; to have a man such as Ling Tian staring hungrily at her, how could she not be shy?

She was about to leave, but Ling Tian suddenly spoke in a teasing tone, as though he remembered something, "My dear Miss Xiao, why are you leaving like that? Didn’t you speak about how the items this time were fascinating? Why are you not promoting them? Selling isn't done like this, how could you only leave me with such vague descriptions!"

Xiao YanXue was both flustered and panicked and flew into a rage at his words. This was because Ling Tian’s words indicated that she was selling a story about ‘how flowers were fragrant’, which was praising her own products. Furthermore, he commented that she couldn't fully explain in detail the various treasures that they were selling. However, given YanXue’s intelligence and memory, this was the first time someone commented that her knowledge was lacking, so how could she not be angry?

Xiao YanXue laughed coldly as she replied, "Vague? From what it seems, Young Noble Ling has in-depth knowledge of some of the treasures I’ve mentioned. So how about you enlighten this little sister here!"

Ling Tian smiled calmly as he replied, "Let’s not talk about the rest first; you mentioned the Southern Seas Seven Coloured Sandalwood Pearl, the last it appeared in the human world was a hundred and fifty years ago, and it saved… hahaha…" His words abruptly stopped, replaced with a meaningful laugh which made Xiao YanXue uncomfortable.

Xiao YanXue was actually listening with rapt attention, and upon hearing how Ling Tian came to such an ambiguous ending, she immediately felt that Ling Tian was making a fool out of her. She replied in a hateful tone, "Young noble Ling doesn’t need to say anymore. If you had intended to speak properly, YanXue would have been filled with gratitude towards you. But if you were planning to make a fool out of me, then young noble had better have a good explanation!"

Ling Tian laughed coldly at this, "Explanation? What explanation? I don’t like to explain, explain means to cover up, and covering up means there’s something hidden that shouldn’t be said. Hehe, since the little miss is so talented, how could you bother to lower yourself to explain to a frog which has never seen the sea!"

Xiao YanXue was both embarrassed and angry at this time, as Ling Tian was obviously making a jab at her implication, "A frog in the well does not know how vast the sky nor how wide the sea is" as revenge! She had provoked him previously by saying that he was poorly read. To think that he not only plotted revenge, but purposefully chose the time when she was at her least guarded moment, causing her to be unable to retort!

While Xiao YanXue was fuming in her heart, she was, after all, someone from a prestigious family. Unlike Ling Tian who was infamous for being a silkpants and did not care a hoot for his bearing, she had a reputation to maintain and thus could not let herself loose like an uncouth brat. Thus, she could only snort angrily and leave!

Ling Tian seemed to have not finished talking. Letting out another mischievous smile, he exclaimed, "Aiya, I suddenly thought of another matter to tell you. Ai, what a shame, what a shame!" As he spoke, he actually shook his head and stomped his foot, with a face of melancholy.

Xiao YanXue had no idea what trick he had up his sleeve this time, and couldn't help but to put aside the thought of bidding farewell so that she could curiously ask, "May I ask what matter is it that leaves young noble in such regret?"

Ling Tian let out a long sigh, shaking his head with great pretentiousness, "I suddenly thought about that fact that we were supposed to be betrothed to each other. We could be said to be childhood sweethearts! Aii, if not for that time… I believe you would have already become my wife! For such an unmatched beauty, to let such an opportunity slip past my fingers, isn’t that the greatest regret of my life?"

The moment the words left his mouth, even if Xiao YanXue had the thickest skin in the world, she wouldn't be able to stand it, let alone her delicately thin ladies’ skin! [1]

What a hateful man!!!

"You!" Xiao YanXue was moved to anger, her face flushed red. She stomped angrily, but realized that whatever she said would only be used against her even more. As such, she could only throw her teacup hatefully towards Ling Tian, while yelling, "You ignorant and worthless skirt-chaser, go to hell!" She then fled, leaving a fragrance in her wake.

Ling Tian guffawed, "Take care, don’t run too fast, you might twist your ankle…"

Standing by the side, Ling Chen also let out a laugh. She sweetly replied, "Young noble, you provoked, mocked, poked fun of, and embarrassed her totally. Especially the last sentence, that was akin to a trojan horse! Miss Xiao is still, after all, a maiden; you did go a little too far this time!"

"Nonsense! Where have I gone too far, I only spoke the truth! Isn’t that right?" Ling Tian pretended to bluster as he continued, "Ehh? Since when did you start calling me young noble again? Do you want to be punished?" As he said, he wagged a finger at her, with an evil smile on his face.

"I still feel that young noble sounds better on you. If young noble wishes to punish me, then Chen’er can only comply," Ling Chen pressed her body into Ling Tian’s bosom. "Young noble, the reason why I call you as such is because this term only belongs to me. Even if young noble you have many concubines in the future, only I will be able to address you by the term young noble!"

A rush of emotions swept Ling Tian away, and he could not resist but hugged her tightly in response!

From the door rang out rushed footsteps; it seemed like there were a few people heading towards them. Casting his eyes over, Ling Tian could not help but be startled. That was Yu BingYan whom he had not seen in two days! He couldn't help but think, Yu ManTian should have arrived in Sky Bearing today. Why isn’t she with her Third Uncle and here instead? What important matters could she possibly have?

"Tian'ge, my Third Uncle has arrived." The moment she saw Ling Tian, she immediately spat out these words, her breathing labored. Beside her, the Xue Leng and Xue Fei brothers had the same bitter smile on their faces, thinking, Miss, this is our Yu Family's secret! You just blurted it out for the whole world to hear! If someone who knows the importance of this message hears it, the waves created would not be small, added on to the fact that the Third Master likes looking for trouble!

"Oh, so your Third Uncle is here? Then why are you not accompanying the old man to tour around the city? When I have time, I’ll definitely pay him a visit!" Ling Tian indulgently patted her hair as he replied, his heart filled with warmth. It seemed like this little princess of the Yu family had completely fallen for him. Compared to Xiao YanXue, Yu BingYan had been pampered silly by all her family members because of her illness. Thus, this resulted in her not being exposed to their bullsh*t doctrines and stuff. This resulted in her current pure and flawless attitude! Seeing how she was staring at him with worried eyes, he couldn't help but ask, "What has happened exactly?"

Yu BingYan let out an expression as though she was about to cry, "Third Uncle…. he said he was coming to find trouble with you. This… how could this be? And you, when you see him, you had better not call him old. He hates people saying that the most. He’s not even forty, how is that old!"

Once this sentence was spoken, let alone the Xue brothers, even Ling Tian and Ling Chen received a rude shock. Ling Chen was surprised by the fact that the Yu Family was looking to pick a bone with Ling Tian. With the status of the strongest family, Ling Chen was worried that it would add another layer of worries to Ling Tian.

As for the matters yesterday, Ling Tian definitely wouldn't leave behind any clues that would point out his identity to that blockhead. So why was Yu ManTian looking for him?

Unless… did the Yu Family back in Northern Wei discover my true strength? Ling Tian pondered for a long time and settled on this possibility. However, how did he get discovered, and where was the problem?

Did they just discover his presence or had they been observing for a long time?

Ling Tian groaned inwardly. From the looks of it, the Yu Family weren't simpletons!

"Oh, it's probably nothing much. After all, I’m a toad lusting after a swan’s meat, maybe that's why your Third Uncle isn’t too happy with me? No problem, I’ll make sure to treat the old man well with some good drinks and dissipate his anger. Wouldn’t that solve the problem?"

Ling Tian’s sentence made Yu BingYan not know whether to laugh or cry. Stomping her foot in embarrassment, she pouted, "Told you that you can’t call him old man! You’re always fooling around! I’m reminding you out of goodwill, okay?"

"Haha, when am I not serious? Anyways, since your uncle wants to find trouble with me, why are you disclosing this secret to me?" Ling Tian laughed and made fun of her.

Yu BingYan burst out into laughter as she said, "What secret? You put it across so badly, it seems like I’m betraying my family. How hateful!"

The Xue brothers at the side were stunned speechless, thinking, My dear princess, dear Bodhisattva! If your behavior isn’t considered as disclosing a secret, then what is it? Furthermore, the one you’re betraying is our Third Master, a core member of the family! If it was any ordinary person, he would have been dragged out to be drowned in hot oil, but here you are speaking as though reason is on your side!

[1] - Thickness of one’s skin describes how shameless one is.

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