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Chapter 184: A Countermeasure For Every Situation

Chapter 184: A Countermeasure For Every Situation

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"It can’t be considered as that; the main reason was because of a guy named Yang KongQun. I'm not sure where he received the news from, but he actually came over early in the morning to pay a visit to my Third Uncle. Seeing them so friendly with each other and having so much to say, I just secretly slipped out!" Yu BingYan giggled as she stuck her tongue out.

Ling Tian then understood the situation. For someone who had occupied Sky Bearing for decades, when someone of high stature like Yu ManTian swaggered in so openly, it would be weird if Yang KongQun didn't receive the news! If he had received the news, but didn't come to visit, then it would be even stranger!

However, the presence of Yu ManTian actually gave Yang KongQun a breather! By visiting Yu ManTian at the first sign of him, it raised the suspicion that the Yu and Yang families were working together. Given how Yu ManTian was such a simple character, all that was needed was for Yang KongQun to egg him into disrupting the negotiations between their families, and he would actually go through with that!

As for the Ling Family under similar suspicions, it was an even hotter potato. Even without the Yu Family's daughter, standing by their side was someone from Beyond Heavens! Even if one were to give NanGong TianLong the guts of a hundred men, he would still not dare to touch even a hair of the Ling Family!

With apprehensions towards the Yang Family, and unable to move against the Ling Family, then what did the NanGong Family come here for? Sending an expert over to investigate, but then finding out he couldn't even make a move, did NanGong TianLong’s son die for nothing?

Ling Tian could already imagine the depression which NanGong TianLong was facing! He couldn't help but snicker to himself.

"Ah? Sister Ling Chen, what’s wrong with you today? Why does your face look so terrible?" Yu BingYan cast a look towards Ling Chen, who was red from head to neck. She was desperately looking for a hole to hide in, but it so happened that Yu BingYan had walked over to her in concern, catching her wrist and measuring her pulse, just like a miniature version of a divine doctor!

Ling Chen was distressed and embarrassed, so she turned to Ling Tian with begging eyes, only to see that he was acting like a bystander and was watching the drama unfold. She couldn't help but roll her eyes at him.

Even Ling Chen herself didn't think that although she had become a young married woman, she was still unbearably shy! She had the feeling that everyone she knew could discover her secret at any time, and this sort of exquisite maiden feeling could not be put into words, nor understood. Most likely, even Ling Chen herself did not understand why her heart was so muddled!

Xue Leng and Xue Fei could be considered wily old foxes with decades of experience, and with one look they could tell what happened. Yesterday, Ling Chen was still a pure and innocent girl, but now it seemed otherwise! Looking at her shy and bashful attitude, it couldn't be more obvious, and both men’s eyes lit up as they deduced the reason. Both of them couldn't help but laugh at Ling Tian, shooting him the thumbs up! On their faces was a weird smile only other men could decipher!

Ling Tian rolled his eyes but felt that their actions were really amusing. He flung his head, posing in an otherworldly style, a satisfied smile on his lips.

The Xue brothers were indeed twins, their chemistry reaching the stage of telepathy as they both changed their smiles to an expression of disdain and raised their middle fingers… facing Ling Tian’s proud face...

Just as Ling Tian was feeling satisfied, Ling Chen embarrassed beyond words, Yang KongQun elated that he had found a strong backer, and the NanGong Family about to hit the wall in depression, a man leisurely walked in from the Southern Gate of the Sky Bearing City. From his robes to his shoes, to the scarf as well as the sword scabbard on his back, all of them were snow white in color! He looked as though he was in mourning!

However, such a person was actually wearing a blood-red belt! And there was even a section that wasn't tucked in, and streamed freely behind him… making him blatantly eye-catching!

Wearing the outfit of such a lunatic, if it was someone else, it would have already triggered a wave of laughter. However, as this person walked in leisurely, the street packed full of people did not even dare to crack a smile!

While his outfit was amusing, his face was anything but amusing! An icy cold face, emaciated as though he had just risen from the grave; grey eyes that looked as though they had died, and every person that he walked past felt a cold gust of air around them, giving them goosebumps! Even the typically lawless soldiers of the city gates, upon seeing him, could not help but feel a wave of chill air, and with this feeling of dread ingrained so deeply into their hearts, he could actually stroll in without anyone asking about his origins!

The crowd just stared as the strange man leisurely walked into the city, disappearing amidst the sea of people…

Just as Ling Tian had suspected, NanGong TianLong was currently having a fit in his inn! NanGong TianHu had already prepared the troops and soldiers and was ready to go and settle scores with Yang KongQun, and at the same time to negotiate using his son’s death to obtain some benefits. However, the newly arrived Third Master of the Yu Family agreed to an invitation from Yang KongQun to stay at his house as a guest! Then wasn’t he counting his chickens before they had hatched? This angered NanGong TianLong so much that he was unable to let loose his emotions, and nearly fainted in anger!

Although it was only the Third Master Yu ManTian, who could calculate what the millennia-long, top Great Family of the Heavenly Star Continent was planning? No matter the plan, it was definitely something the NanGong Family couldn't afford to interfere with! Especially with the famous foul temper of the Third Master! If they were to approach bearing arms while he was inside, wouldn't that be digging their own graves? Let’s not even talk about not being a match for the Third Master. Even if they were, they wouldn’t dare pick a fight with him!

Stopping the equally furious NanGong TianHu from proceeding, NanGong TianLong had a heavy expression, as though thunderclouds were gathering in his face! It was only after a long while that he spoke, "Cancel all our plans temporarily."

"Big brother, why? Why can’t we take revenge for Le’er? So what if the Yang Family have the Yu Family backing them? While the Yu Family might have a lot of influence, they surely have to listen to reason, right? Furthermore, it’s just one Yu ManTian, why should we be afraid? Just this little brother will be able to take care of him!" NanGong TianHu expressed his disapproval.

"The situation now is very complicated and complex. The stand of the Yu Family has not been made clear at this moment, and we do not know if they are actually working together with the Yang Family or if the Yang Family have chosen to rely on them. It could also be that Yang KongQun is only borrowing their authority, but we cannot move rashly! The Yu Family’s strength is unfathomable, and while I want to take revenge for Le’er, I will not jeopardize the safety of our family. The best would be for us to wait and see if there are any changes," NanGong TianLong slowly spoke as he pondered deeply.

"Father, I believe that Yang KongQun is most likely relying on borrowed power! After all, the Yu Family is a millennia-old one, so how proud would they be? How could they stoop down to allow a nouveau riche like the Yang Family form an alliance with them? While Yang KongQun is devious, he is not someone who would be willing to subordinate himself to a higher power. Thus an alliance between them is impossible!" NanGong Yu put forth her statement with a serious look on her face.

"Oh? Continue," NanGong TianLong’s eyes lit up.

"Another point to note is that the Yu Family would never accept the attachment of the Yang Family. First, while the Yang Family have some influence here in Sky Bearing, their actual source of influence is too weak to be taken into account by the Yu Family. Secondly, the Yu family had always maintained their stance of neutrality. Unless they want to expand, they would not require the presence of the Yang Family! Furthermore, now that the Yang Family is affected by internal and external problems, the Yu Family would never willingly accept such a hot potato, even if Yang KongQun was able to come out with favorable terms," NanGong Yu spoke frankly with assurance, listing out her explanations step by step with detailed analysis.

This was the first time NanGong TianLong discovered that his daughter actually had such a high level of intellect. He could not help but let out a smile as he gestured at her to continue.

"As for relying on borrowed power, this is the most plausible reason and the most understandable! The purpose of our NanGong Family coming over this time is to find the reason for Brother Le’s death on the surface, but the main objective is actually to target the Yang Family! No matter what, the Yang Family's military power cannot be compared to us. Once a fight starts, they will definitely be forced to a disadvantage. However, Yu ManTian just had to choose this time to come to Sky Bearing, which is as good as throwing a life-saving rope over to Yang KongQun. It would make perfect sense for him to grab hold of it with all his might, dragging it for a while before planning for the future."

"Oh, there might be a different reason though," NanGong Yu thought for a while, before confidently replying, "From the looks of it, Yang KongQun seems unclear about the fact that I know it was him who had murdered my brother, but he can guess that we have come seeking blood. Knowing that we are impatient, he probably guessed that we could not afford to wait and would come over in the next few days. Thus, by inviting Yu ManTian over to his house, he hopes that we would not take any drastic actions. However, in actual fact, he has already dug a hole which we cannot but jump into! If we take action while Yu ManTian is still in his house, then it would anger Yu ManTian and his family, pushing us to the forefront of a fight! However, if we do not move, then people would think that our NanGong Family has stumbled and cannot rise again, and our prestige would be gone!

"However, if we were to really get into a fight with the Yu Family, whether the skirmish is small or large, there would definitely be some difference between the Yu Family and us. However, what I can confirm is we definitely are a notch below the Yu Family in strength. Once we fight them, we won't have the energy to deal with Yang KongQun himself. In this case, the Yang Family would just be the hunters watching two tigers fight, and reap the rewards after. What an ingenious move! The key point is the timeliness of the Yu Family's Third Master. All Yang KongQun has to do is just to use some tricks and he can turn Yu ManTian against us. So, what I suggest is we endure for now and wait for the right time. That would be more effective than rushing in blindly!" However, NanGong Yu revealed a face filled with worry. If Yang KongQun really manage to incite Yu ManTian, he would still come knocking regardless of whether they mobilized their troops or not!

"That’s right!" NanGong TianLong smacked his thigh, saying, "Yu’er makes sense, so we should not go over to the Yang Family, but rather take a step back and observe the scene. That Yu ManTian also can't possibly stay there forever!"

NanGong TianHu scratched his head of unruly hair, and a bunch of snow white stuff which looked like flour burst out in a cloud, causing both TianLong and NanGong Yu to frown and retreat hurriedly. They looked on as he put on a face of puzzlement, "What motive does the Yang guy have? Doesn’t he know that Yu ManTian has to leave sooner or later? He still has to answer to us then! Won’t that make his current moves superfluous?"

NanGong Yu smiled at that as she patiently replied, "What Second Uncle just brought up is the key. Yang KongQun actually only needs to drag it out for the next few days. By then, all eight Great Families would gather in Sky Bearing. By then, he predicts that there would be so much chaos that we will not be able to make our move!"

NanGong TianLong let out a cold sneer, "That is right. However, while the Yang Family will be able to seek for new allies during that period, why can’t we do the same? In the entire Heavenly Star Continent, our name is so much brighter and explosive as compared to the Yang Family! Whatever plans Yang KongQun has, he has calculated wrongly!"

NanGong Yu muttered to herself for a while, before saying, "Father, Yu’er has thought about it again and again, and while this matter cannot be avoided, we still have to be careful. As the saying goes, ‘even an invincible dragon cannot pressure a local bully’. This is Yang KongQun’s territory, and furthermore, our strength isn’t even enough to put us on the level of an ‘invincible dragon’! When the other powers head over, they would definitely have to show face to Yang KongQun. In contrast, while our reputation precedes us, we are, after all, not in the Gold Jade City of Southern Zheng!"

NanGong TianLong mulled for a while before he replied, "Then, based on your opinions, what should we do?" His words actually had the meaning of nurturing this daughter of his!

NanGong Yu’s heart leapt up as she unhesitatingly replied, "Has Father forgotten? The Yang Family has an archnemesis! Even if the Yang Family wishes to have everything going their way, they still have to ask for permission from the other local tyrant!"

NanGong TianLong’s eyes lit up as he laughed, "That’s right! The Ling Family!"

NanGong Yu seemed to hold the pearl of wisdom as she smiled, "As long as we build our relationship with the Ling Family, and in connection with them to Beyond Heavens, Yang KongQun’s plans will all go up in smoke! Now, the Yang Family may be connected with the Yu Family, but once we befriend the Ling Family, we are technically using Beyond Heavens to go up against the Yu Family! Whether Beyond Heavens acknowledges it or not, it will give this impression in the eyes of the public. While the Yu Family is powerful, they cannot be compared with the name of Beyond Heavens!"

"Hahaha, with this, their respective influences will cancel out, but we would have gained another local tyrant as our ally, the Ling Family! Hahaha… ingenious plan, really ingenious! As a father, how could it be that I never found out about your intelligence? You could very well be the strategist for our NanGong Family!"

NanGong Yu only let out a shy smile as she replied, "This is all attributed to Father’s teachings."

This father-daughter pair would never have thought that the ally they were about to befriend was the true murderer of their clansman, and the Yang Family, that they were planning to sink their teeth in, was 100% innocent! Originally close acquaintances, they had now been reduced to archenemies! And the Ling Family that they were supposed to fight to the death, had suddenly become someone which they fully intended to befriend! Such was the fickleness of the universe!