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Chapter 185: Confrontation Between Brothers

Chapter 185: Confrontation Between Brothers

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As for Yang KongQun, he was having precisely the same thoughts: The hatred between their families was already so strong that even though the Yang Family wasn't the culprit, the NanGong Family was unwilling to see reason! The latter was now rolling up their sleeves, ready to pit their full force against the Yang Family, how could Yang KongQun not see that? A pity that knowing was one thing, but actually being able to stop it was another! The worst part of it was that the NanGong Family was dead set on him being the murderer even though there was no proof!

Ever since the NanGong Family entered Sky Bearing, Yang KongQun had sent people over for a meeting, but they were rudely rebuffed each time! Even he himself suffered from the ‘closed door’ reception!

Good! Since you’re heartless, then don’t blame me for being unforgiving! NanGong TianLong, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that I, Yang KongQun, can’t do the same! Let’s see who has the last laugh!

Therefore, as all the major powers approached Sky Bearing, Yang KongQun had been employing his trusted aides to pay a visit to them to build relationships. This was especially so when the Third Master of the Yu family came over to Sky Bearing, as Yang KongQun faintly felt that his chance had arrived! While the NanGong Family was tyrannical, they could hardly be compared to the number one Great Family! As long as he pulled Yu ManTian over to him, even with a vague relationship, the NanGong Family would never be able to touch even a single strand of his hair!

Yang KongQun had met with Yu ManTian a few times and understood what sort of crazy attitude he had. One could only use the soft approach with this guy, or else even a little spark would light that dynamite-like temper of his! When he paid his respects, he suggested that Yu ManTian come over to stay as a sign of respect. He even slipped in some praises like how Yu ManTian was already the strongest Sky Bearing could offer!

In jubilation, Yu ManTian happily and arrogantly agreed to accompany Yang KongQun back to his house as a guest. As to whether he was saying there, that was out of the question. This time visiting the south, Yu ManTian knew that his objective was to protect his dearest niece above all others!

Furthermore, given his haughty attitude and insensitive personality, he didn't even have any plots or schemes and had never placed such a small family like the Yang Family in his eyes. After drinking some tea and talking about the weather, he suddenly missed his niece and thus bade his farewell early. Yang KongQun could not keep him despite trying his best, and could only send him out and schedule another meeting with him! Upon seeing Yu ManTian nod, only then could he feel a bit of relief.

Yu ManTian rushed back to the Wei family, only to find that Yu BingYan had gone missing. Only after asking around did he realize that Yu BingYan had gone to the Ling residence to see the little gigolo! A surprised Yu ManTian raged instantly! How could he allow that precious niece of his to enter the famed silkpants' house? It was something that would corrupt his Yu Family's name and was something intolerable! He did not care whose house it was, thoroughly scolding Sir and Madam Wei, before grabbing hold of Wei XuanXuan, asking her to bring him to the Ling residence!

Since he had nothing to do, he might as well find the silkpants whom even his brother praised and give him a good beating! How many brains did he have, for his brother to say that the little guy was even better than himself? What a joke! Look at how this Third Master will hit the little gigolo later, maybe even smash apart his pretty little white face!

If Ling Tian knew what Yu ManTian was thinking, he would be so depressed he would commit suicide: My God, this young noble here isn’t any gigolo, I was a virgin of two lives, having never touched other families’ girls. I’ve only touched my darling Ling Chen once, just once…

Seeing how Third Master Yu was brimming with killing intent, bringing along with him a group of Yu Family members as he rushed towards the Ling residence with bloodshot eyes, those of Sky Bearing that were aware of his identity couldn't help but begin gossiping.

The number three figure in the Yu Family against the Sky Bearing’s number one silkpants!

Seeing that the Yu Family had just come out from the Yang Family, followed by stomping off to the Ling Family in anger, a few smart-alecks began to hypothesize that the Yang Family must have spoken some poisonous words. They had probably poisoned Third Master Yu's mind so badly that he could not endure it any longer and went to seek trouble with the Ling Family!

A few of the other Great Families had actually prepared gifts to bring to both the Yang and Ling Family; while they did not put these two nouveau riche in their eyes, being in their territory, it was only right for them to pay a visit. An invincible dragon cannot squash a local tyrant, everyone knew of that! However, seeing the Third Master behaving this way, everyone started to have doubts that maybe this ‘dragon’ could actually be huge enough to squash this local tyrant!

Seeing the behavior of the Third Master, he probably had some beef with the Ling Family. As the ancients say, ‘A problem that’s not mine is not a problem to care about!’ Why should one head over and attract attention from Third Yu Master? If he finds any problem, they would not only not get any benefits but would end up with losses. It would be better to avoid any problems!

As such, those that were planning to visit the Ling Family followed by the Yang Family turned tail and fled, and the Yang residence became inordinately lively! However, to be able to trigger Third Master Yu, what more was there to say? Better to seek luck and avoid calamity!

Carrying gifts big and small, NanGong Yu and NanGong TianHu were walking towards the Ling Family when they received this news. Helpless, the both of them could only turn their horses back and return to their lodgings!

Hearing the report of the two, NanGong TianLong could not help but spit out in anger, "We let Yang KongQun have the first move! This Yu ManTian is really a piece of art! Pei!" In the end, he could only let out a long sigh, feeling unbelievably depressed!

At this time, Ling Tian was gallivanting happily. One moment, he observed Yu BingYan fully focused on her artwork, the other moment turning to Ling Chen practicing her music, as busy as a bee.

On the other hand, the Xue brothers collapsed in a heap under the grape rack of Ling Tian’s little courtyard with reddened faces. They were repeatedly praising their ‘young noble Ling Tian’ for being open, generous, and manly! Really manly! They had completely forgotten that they were scolding this very person as a silkpants a few days ago!

This boiled down to the fact that ‘whoever has the milk is the mom!’ The two brothers finally fell into Ling Tian’s hands!

Ling Tian had just broken through today and was fully immersed in his advancement to the XianTian realm. In his joy, he brought out all these precious wines for a treat. Of course, they were not as heavenly as those he had used to treat Ye QingChen, but these could be considered one of a kind in their world! This wine was named, ‘Fiery Intestines’, precisely because of its intense nature! Seeing their drunken looks, Ling Tian couldn't help but laugh to himself as he thought, If I had known, I would have given them both a jar of wine on the first day they came, wouldn’t that have been much easier!

While the Xue brothers had their fair share of wine in the Yu Family, it was never such heavenly wine. The moment the cork on the jar was opened, the two brothers were thoroughly won over. With the best wine snack, shelled peanuts, the two drunken brothers were thrown to the grape rack and left to die in their intoxication!

However, they stumbled upon the topic of who was born after the other and began to argue! It was to the point that they were face to face, with bulging eyes and reddened necks, seeming as though they were about to commit fratricide!

Their voices got louder as they approached the line of cursing their own mother! Standing by the side, Ling Chen and Ling Tian found it curious and funny; could it be that you twin brothers were born to different mothers?

Finally, Ling Tian came up with an idea to prevent a tragedy and gave a suggestion to the brothers who were about to come to blows to settle their differences. The price was great, two jars of good wine wasted!

The idea was simple, he merely said, "Since you are twins, there would be an elder and a younger one. We don't know who came first, but your wine capacity should be different, right?"

The Xue brothers nodded; this made perfect sense!

Ling Tian then continued, "I have enough wine here, so use that to determine seniority! Whoever gets drunk first shall be the younger brother! The loser must honor his bet, and I, Ling Tian, will be the neutral third party to ensure fairness!"

The two cheered loudly in response, raising the jars to their lips and madly draining it. After which, they both tilted and fell to the ground at the same time, beginning to snore….