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Chapter 186: Third Master Pays a Visit

Chapter 186: Third Master Pays a Visit

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The three observing the scene — Ling Tian, Ling Chen, and Yu BingYan — were immediately stunned! They burst into laughter seeing the two inebriated men. How were they supposed to decide the winner now?

Meanwhile, the Yu Family’s Third Master had reached the Ling residence. When the guards reported to the family, the Madam of the family, Chu Ting’er came out personally to welcome him.

"Ah, to think that Third Master Yu actually came to personally visit, your presence brings light to our humble dwelling! Hurry, come and serve Third Master Yu tea!" Chu Ting’er gave a sincere smile.

However, Third Master Yu acted as though he didn't hear Chu Ting’er’s greeting, seemingly preoccupied with something. It seemed as though he was rude beyond words! However, the truth was that ever since he stepped into the Ling residence, his killing intent had strangely vanished, and there was even a sparkle in his eyes...

Chu Ting’er silently cursed, This is the so-called number three figure of the Yu family? How low class! Could he actually be an imposter?

Actually, when Third Master Yu had walked past the main doors of the residence, the scent of concentrated wine had assaulted his nostrils! It was rich, pure, mesmerizing… simply intoxicating! How to resist? How could HE resist?! Furthermore, this scent of wine was something he had never smelled before: a heavenly wine! For an uncouth boar like Third Master Yu who treated wine like life, this scent was a bait attracting all aspects of his appetite. How could he still be in the mood to answer Chu Ting’er? He only had the heart to immediately fly to the source of the wine!

"Oh, I would like to beseech Madam, could you tell me where this wine fragrance is coming from? What an extraordinary smell!" Third Master Yu finally recovered his senses. Taking a deep sniff, he turned to Chu Ting’er to clear his doubts.

The surprising thing was, that under the temptation of the alcohol, the originally boorish Third Master Yu suddenly transformed into a refined and courteous gentleman! With a dignified disposition, as though he was a scholar who spent all his time pursuing knowledge, the prickly bush that was his mouth opened and he asked in the most sincere manner possible.

Those that were familiar with him would know that his ‘alcohol addiction’ had taken effect once again! There had to be some precious wine in this place! Otherwise, how could ordinary people get to witness that refined expression on him!

Madam Chu Ting’er couldn't help but quiver and shiver. With her experience as the first lady of an aristocratic family, it wasn't that she was afraid, but rather electrocuted by his expression! In that instant, she could feel herself getting goosebumps over her entire body!

No matter who it was, if they were to see a black orangutan walking towards them in a tuxedo and spouting out poetry as a greeting, their expression would definitely be the same as Chu Ting’er!

"Oh, my son is probably entertaining some guests…" Chu Ting’er had no idea what sort of distinguished guests Ling Tian was receiving for him to take out such precious wine. This couldn't be blamed on her, as Old Madam Ling promised Ling Tian when he was five to bar everyone from interfering in his matters; even his mother was no exception. While Chu Ting’er knew that Ling Tian had experimented with fermenting his own wines, it was nothing uncommon. Furthermore, Chu Ting’er didn't like wines in the first place, so how could she understand them?

Seeing the look on Third Master Yu’s face, she could tell that his ‘alcohol addiction’ had started. She immediately thought to herself, Let Ling Tian entertain him then, the root of the problem was caused by him anyways! However, she was still floored at how Third Master Yu could actually be such a refined person!

She didn't expect that before she had finished speaking, Yu ManTian had already made an about face and shouted towards Wei XuanXuan, "Quick! Bring me to where that little b*st*rd stays! Before the good wine gets wasted by them… quick quick quick!!!"

Seeing how Yu ManTian was urging Wei XuanXuan, pushing her in the direction of Ling Tian’s little courtyard, Chu Ting’er felt her frustrations being stuck in her throat, causing her to nearly faint with anger. She scolded at their backs, "You… you’re the b*st*rd! Old B*st*rd! Everyone in your family are b*st*rds! What’s your problem!" Who did he think he was, calling her son a b*st*rd in front of her! Chu Ting’er stomped away in anger.

Yu ManTian had long disappeared and couldn't hear the curses thrown his way. Even if he did, he would have ignored it, as his heart was already panicking at the thought of ‘uncultured people’ defiling his wine!

Wei XuanXuan seemed to be leisurely strolling along the path. However, in actuality, this was already the limit of her speed. However, in the eyes of an expert like Third Master Yu, this was slower than a snail! He could only scratch his head in frustration and wish that he could grab the girl, so he could rush over quicker.

Luckily, although he was a crass man by nature, he was still versed in the ways of social etiquette. The one in front of him was not his niece Yu BingYan, and thus, not someone who could be grabbed. With effort, they finally reached Ling Tian’s little courtyard, and by then Yu ManTian’s face had already turned black!

On the way, Yu ManTian’s string of "quickquickquick!" had already alerted Ling Tian of his presence. Ling Tian could not help but laugh to himself thinking, If you weren’t injured the other day, you would at most be on par with me. Now, I can probably flatten you! Even if I can’t, I guarantee that within ten moves, you will bite the dust!

Yu ManTian rushed in like the wind, and the little door of the courtyard was blown open with a ‘bang!’ sound, almost disintegrating! What surprised everyone the most was the first sentence that Third Master Yu asked. Instead of "Which b*st*rd here is named Ling Tian!", it was "Damn it! Where’s the good wine! Bring it out for this Third Master!"

After that, he caught sight of the two Xue brothers hugging a jar of wine each, passed out drunk under the grape racks. This wasn't much, but what made him unable to endure was the fact that every time they let out a snore, some of that exquisite wine spilled out from the jar. There was already a puddle formed beneath them...

With a great bellow, Third Master Yu threw himself forward, seemingly having teleported from the entrance to the grape racks! This speed even left Ling Tian, who had cultivated to the ninth level of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula, smack his lips in praise! It didn't seem like the Third Master held anything back the day they fought, but how could he have gained such an increase in speed?

With each hand holding onto one, Yu ManTian snatched the jars back from the two brothers with lightning speed. His strength exerted was not only stable but was also accurate, ensuring that not a single drop of wine spilled! However, looking in, he found out that the jars were almost empty! The wine left couldn't even fully cover the bottom of the jars, and both added up would probably only fill up one rice bowl!

Yu ManTian revealed an expression of fury as he ground his molars. Gazing at the two puddles of spilled wine, Third Master Yu couldn't help but resort to viciously kicking the Xue brothers in exasperation! Such good wine, and he even put in the effort to make haste towards the place, but to think that it had been defiled by these two! How could he not be angry? The darned slaves!

At this juncture, Wei XuanXuan had just walked into the courtyard, panting pitifully, although she was supposed to be leading the way. Her beautiful skin was covered with perspiration, her chest heaving up and down! Without another word, she immediately shifted a chair and plonked herself onto it, inelegantly propping up her legs to massage her aching calves! Under the crazed orders of Third Master Yu, her speed had far surpassed her normal physical capacity!

Third Master Yu was not particular as to whether the jars were clean, and neither did he care that it was leftovers from his servants. He raised both jars high up, pouring every precious drop into his mouth! Smacking his lips, he couldn't help but sigh, this was indeed good wine! A pity there was so little! Looking at the Xue brothers lying on the ground who had wasted so much of his wine, his face couldn't help but turn ugly!

These two fellows were obviously aware of his love for wine and also knew that he was currently in Sky Bearing, but they not only didn't leave any for him, they even poured it on the ground! This was cruelty beyond anything he could imagine! Seeing two more empty jars in their surroundings, Third Master Yu got even angrier. To think that they had drunk themselves silly without even offering him a jar! These two good-for-nothings!

He was about to kick them again when he heard two light coughs at his side. He suddenly realized his original motive, and under his worsening temper, he cussed out loud, "Which b*st*rd is Ling Tian?!" However this sentence wasn't needed, since other than him and the Xue brothers, there was only one other male! If he wasn't Ling Tian, then who could it be?

He suddenly realized that he was being impolite. Besides, if the other party was able to allow the two brothers to defile his wine like that, he must have better ones in stock! Thinking about this point, Yu ManTian calmed himself down and continued, "Oh, so you’re Ling Tian? What a good youngster!" He even forced himself to give a bright and amiable smile, and while it looked a little fierce, it was a smile without deceit, and even had a few points of fawning!

He had barely finished speaking when he trained his eyes on the erudite youth. The more he looked, the more he felt that his figure seemed familiar, and he finally let out a cry as though he had seen a ghost, "My god! How can it be you? Are you really that kid? You’re Ling Tian? Ling Tian is you?!" His tone was filled with incredulity!