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Chapter 192: Instigating the Third Master

Chapter 192: Instigating the Third Master

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Even after the tune had been finished playing, the melody lingered in the air for a long time without dispersing. A sharp and clear applause broke the serenity soon after.

"Beautiful lips blowing out a song of plum blossoms, how I wish to be the jade flute! Chen’er your flute skills have reached a higher level. I think that in three years, your flute skills could actually exceed me, your husband!"

Ling Chen quickly turned her body, only to see Ling Tian dressed in black, with his mask already taken off, giving her a wink as his eyes radiated warmth. Ling Chen could not help but smile sweetly, and the moment she smiled, it seemed as though the moon lost its color. "Young noble only knows how to praise me, young noble is all knowing, and how could Ling Chen compare?" Her voice had hints of both displeasure and joy.

Ling Tian guffawed as he walked up, cradling her shoulders as he said, "It’s so late already, why aren’t you sleeping?"

At this question, Ling Chen turned red. She had actually wanted to go to bed, but realized that now that she was considered Ling Tian’s woman, where was she supposed to sleep? In his room? That was not very appropriate, but it would be weird if she were to go back to her own room to sleep too! Thus, faced with two difficult choices, she could only wait for Ling Tian to return, in case he found out that she had gone back to her own room to sleep and got angry because of that!

Ling Tian’s question now struck at her most embarrassing matter, so how could she not feel distressed about it?

Ling Tian lightly laughed as he understood her intentions, speaking in a teasing voice, "Oh, so my Chen’er actually wants to sleep in my…" He did not get to finish, as the shy and bashful Ling Chen had already pinched his mouth shut. "You… are not allowed to say!"

"Haha, how could my wife not be in the same bed as me? Come…" Ling Tian laughed as he lifted her up into a bridal carry, briskly walking towards his room. Ling Chen only squeaked in response, burrowing into his chest as she used her hands to cover her face, feeling her face boiling like a pot of hot soup.

Early next morning, the three people in the guest room woke with similar actions: All three held their splitting heads and groaned out loud. Only when their groans left their mouth did their realize that there were others in the same room. All three of them turned their heads to look at each other.



"Hmph hmph!"

Two wretched screams were emitted from the Xue brothers' mouths. Both of them didn’t expect that the moment they woke up they would be greeted with the hairy face they were most scared of in their lives!

As for the snorts, they came from the angry Third Master’s mouth, following which, two ‘peng peng’ sounds were heard as the two face-throwers of the Yu family were kicked out of the door! Both emitted shrieks of pain as they landed with their limbs in the air, looking as bedraggled as can be.

From inside, the fiendish looking Third Master had also rushed out of the door, yelling like an angry bull, "I will make you two reputation-destroyers, useless things, drunkards, greedy b*st*rds…" Third Master Yu conveniently forgot that he had displayed the exact same characteristics of the twins yesterday.

His words had barely left his mouth when they saw a white dressed man slowly and leisurely walking over. Ling Tian wore a radiant smile on his face as he waved from afar, "Third Master, Xue brothers, today’s weather is fantastic, bright and beautiful sunshine with flowers blossoming. How about we have a cup of wine to celebrate?"

The three of them now noticed that Ling Tian’s hands were holding onto a jar of wine, and the cork was just opened, revealing a dense fragrance of wine.

"Uearghhh… Ugh..."

The three bottle-huggers actually dry-retched at the same time! The eyes with which they used to look lovingly at the wine bottle, as though it was their life, now were as though they had seen the murderer of their parents; no, more like seeing a mad beast! All three of them revealed expressions of fear!

As those who have gotten drunk before would know, when having a hangover the worst thing to smell would be the fragrance of wine. At the point when Yu ManTian trio was suffering at their worst, Ling Tian not only brought over the wine jar but, for fear that they weren't able to smell it, even opened the seal.

Ling Tian settled himself down leisurely under the grape racks, setting a table in front of him and pouring out four identical cups of fragrant wine. His attitude looked excited, hospitable, and straightforward. "Come, three gentlemen. The heavenly wine is in front of us, such is the happiness of life! To be surrounded by friends, that is a joy; to have friends from afar, that is also joy; to have a beautiful woman at your side, that is an even bigger joy. Today, we shall get thoroughly wasted! You can’t leave until you’re drunk! Let’s go! Drink drink drink drink! Don’t be polite, just drink up!"

With such a string of passionate greetings, the three of them could only drag themselves onto the benches. All three had a similar expression as though they were making funeral arrangements! Wanting to cry but no tears coming out! Their adam's apples were moving continuously, but the urge to vomit just kept getting stronger.

"I have to ensure the safety of the little princess. I fully appreciate young noble’s thoughts, but I really cannot stay!" The Xue brothers were indeed telepathic, speaking the exact same phrase at the exact same time. They jumped out of the bench as though they were strapped with bombs, and ran like the wind, disappearing in a mere instant.

Yu ManTian then recovered his senses. But before he could open his mouth, Ling Tian beat him to it, "Don’t tell me… Third Master has to see the little princess too?"

"Ugh!" The half raised butt of Yu ManTian crashed back onto the bench as he stared at the direction where the Xue brothers disappeared, strings of vulgarities running through his mind! These two b*st*rds, to only care about their own lives, and abandon this master here! They even used the only reason I could have thought of!

Carrying a dead man’s attitude, Third Master Yu drank down the few cups of wine that Ling Tian poured as though drinking poison, and his brain started to muddle-up again, buzzing like a swarm of bees!

To make a hungover person drink more alcohol on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, only Ling Tian would be able to pull that off!

Seeing that Third Master Yu was near the tipping point once again, Ling Tian suddenly let out a long sigh, as though in pain. Yu ManTian immediately snapped, "Eh! Why are you sighing for no reason?"

Ling Tian sighed again before saying, "In the past, I have been seeing the skies from the small hole of a well and had been extremely arrogant. Only now do I know that there’s always a person better than another person and a heaven beyond the heavens! Yesterday, I received the news that many top-class martial experts had arrived at Sky Bearing, all unspeakably brave and admirable! So many heroes, but who can be the number one under heaven?"

Yu ManTian immediately sobered up by a good bit, laughing delightedly, "Top-class martial experts? They are still far from that! They are only capable of dealing with a hundred well built average joes. As for number one under heaven, hehehe, while such a person definitely do exist, he definitely isn't in your Sky Bearing!" Obviously, he mistook Ling Tian’s words as praise for himself, and while he tried to be humble, he might as well have been bragging.

Ling Tian frowned at this, as though not agreeing, but choosing to remain silent.

Yu ManTian immediately caught it. "Kid, if you have something to say then go ahead. Why are you giving me that ugly expression?"

Ling Tian let out a bitter smile as he said, "Of course, please forgive me for being presumptuous. While Third Master’s martial arts are considered top-notch, those people coming today are all legendary peerless characters. While we can't be certain who the true number one is, he is definitely one of the experts in Sky Bearing." His meaning was: I was speaking about those real peerless experts, compared to them, you’re lacking!

Yu ManTian nearly spat out the wine he just swallowed. Wha…? The peerless expert you were referring to wasn't me?

Third Master Yu’s face turned purple from rage! How dare you look down on me! What kind of garbage would be placed above me? What this master hates the most, is people looking down on me! "Who are these people you speak of?!" As he asked, Third Master Yu was gripping the winecup tightly, his eyes revealing a grim intent!

Ling Tian seemed to not catch that, regretfully sighing once more, then fanning the raging flames that were Yu ManTian by throwing down a pot of oil, "It’s not that I look down on Third Master, but you must know, those here are the peak experts from all the different families. For example, the XiMen house, I’ve heard that their number two expert, XiMen BuRuo, as well as their number one expert, XiMen WuHen, had personally turned up. As for the DongFang side, the behemoth DongFang JingLei is here. Furthermore, NanGong TianHu, who was said to have reached great achievements in his martial arts, has personally come over. All these are first class experts, even if they’re not the number one expert in the world, they must be near there. But I’ve heard that you’re only third place in the Yu Family… aii, this, take it as I didn’t say anything, don’t give me that look, Third Master!"