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Chapter 194: Paying a Visit

Chapter 194: Paying a Visit

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While she lamented, Yu BingYan inwardly rejoiced at the fact that her lifespan wasn't long. Or else, how would she feel when the two families came to blows with each other?

Seeing her settle down, Ling Tian couldn't help but let out a light smile as he patted her shoulders, "Alright, stop crying like a kitten, I still have to see how your Third Uncle is faring against the others."

After hearing his words, Yu BingYan instead hugged him tighter, saying, "You don’t need to go, based on my Third Uncle’s skills, definitely nothing will happen to him! That’s why I wasn’t really angry as well, you fool. Although it could be said that you were using our Yu Family, we can use this chance to tell the world the strength of our Yu Family! We have yet to find out who actually benefits the most."

Ling Tian laughed out loudly, "Of course! If your Third Uncle couldn’t handle them, I wouldn’t have sent him out, silly girl!" As he spoke he lightly pinched her nose in jest.

"Hmph!" Yu BingYan snorted, before shifting to a more comfortable position in his embrace, "Since that’s the case, why do you still want to look?"

Ling Tian helplessly sighed, "I have to assess the strengths of all the other families!"

Yu BingYan shyly smiled in realization as she removed herself from his embrace. Thinking about how she burst into tears, she suddenly felt mortified, "Then you better scram fast, silly. Don’t provoke this lady here!" She then realized something and added on, "Will Sister XuanXuan and Sister Ling Chen laugh at me?"

Ling Tian smiled as he replied, "They definitely won’t!" Seeing her blossom into a radiant smile, he continued evilly, "Because they’ve already laughed once, there won’t be a second time!"

Yu BingYan’s face immediately turned completely red. "It’s all your fault! What do I do now?"

Ling Tian winked as he replied, "Not my problem!" The moment he spoke out those words, a piercing pain suddenly shot through his waist, making him grit his teeth and wonder, Did all lasses have a teacher which would teach them how to pinch? Why were all their styles the exact same one of pinching a tiny bit of skin and giving it a good 360 degrees twist?!

Covering his bruised waist, Ling Tian hobbled out with gritted teeth, and seeing Ling Chen’s and Wei XuanXuan’s mischievous looks, he couldn't help but reprimand them, "Still laughing? Hurry and comfort your little sister! Aiya, it hurts!"

Tittering, the other two ladies rushed forward, and from inside came the teasing of the two ladies as well as the shy and distressed voice of Yu BingYan. Ling Tian smirked, then strode off.

After this matter, both Ling Tian and Yu BingYan felt that their relations had deepened yet another layer, as though the original barrier that blocked them had now dissipated to nothing.

When Ling Tian rushed over to where the XiMen Family stayed, he chanced upon Third Master Yu swaggering out of the house in high spirits, and the Xue brothers with a look of helplessness on their faces. While Third Master Yu looked as though he was sporting a new bruise, given his current face it wasn't obvious, so it made no difference in terms of outward appearance.

It seemed like the matters here had already ended, and from inside the repressed sounds of groaning could be heard. Ling Tian didn't know if that was the first or second expert of their family, but their injuries were definitely not light!

Glancing at Ling Tian who was galloping over on horseback, Yu ManTian had a great shock, asking, "Look out kid, this is a place where people play with their lives. What are you doing here?"

Ling Tian faked a look of breathlessness as he jumped down from his horse, saying "Third Master came out by himself, and I couldn’t rest easy, thus I specially came to have to look. Just now I’ve already dispatched some servants to inform my father; in a moment a troop of soldiers will arrive. Third Master can ease your worries!"

Standing off to the side, the Xue Brothers rolled their eyes. What was this, ‘came out by himself’? Aren’t the both of us people? How infuriating!

Hearing this, Yu ManTian was greatly moved. Staring at Ling Tian, he only stretched out his hand to heavily pat his shoulder, saying, "Good! My good brother! No wonder why my elder brother holds you in high regard!" Pausing a while, he exclaimed, "You’re a good man, my brother. However, I don’t require the troops from your dad; how can these shrimps even pose a threat to me?"

Turning back, he glared at the Xue Brothers, "Look at him, this is called loyalty! Understand? Unlike you guys, who not only didn’t want to help me but even tried to stop me! A bunch of useless fools!"

Just now Ling Tian had started in shock, as Yu ManTian had inadvertently let it slip that his elder brother held him in high regard. Thinking about it, Ling Tian considered the many hidden meanings in this phrase. From there, the corners of his mouth rose imperceptibly. No wonder the Yu family suddenly sent someone to Sky Bearing!

The Xue Brothers were immediately at a loss. If not for the fact that you had provoked the Third Master, why would he decide to go solo and challenge the other families? And now you pretend to be a good guy? Us brothers are loyal without a fault, but have become b*st*rds after your words! How unreasonable!

"Third Master, where are we going next? Are you sure that we don’t need to have my dad’s troops?" Ling Tian asked. Actually, there was no need to ask, the nearest house belonged to the DongFang’s. If they were to follow this road, it would then lead to the residences of BeiMing, then it would end up at Smoky Thea Tower, where the NanGong Family was residing.

As expected, Third Master Yu waved his hands forward, "Aren’t the sons of b*tches from the DongFang Family staying in front? Let’s pay them a visit!"

Xue Leng was unwilling to allow Ling Tian to continue leading the Third Master by his nose, and took the chance to come forward to say, "Third Master, there’s actually another family stronger than them to challenge!"

Indeed, this caught the attention of Yu ManTian, and he stopped to ask, "Which? Whose house is so strong?"

Xue Leng grinned evilly at Ling Tian, saying, "The world’s number one financial magnate has people staying in the Ling Residence. Why does Third Master have to look far?"

The Xue brothers smirked at Ling Tian, thinking, I’ll let you have a stomach full of anger. Now that the fire you’ve started has spread to your house, let’s see what you’re going to do!

Little did they know that Ling Tian had inwardly rejoiced when the Xue brothers spoke about this. This was completely in line with his intentions! As the saying goes, a rabbit doesn't eat up all the grass by its nest; the same thing applied in that he would have to put his foot down if anyone fought in his house. Thus, he was busy thinking about how to drag the Xiao Family in, as leaving the Xiao Family untouched but weakening the rest wasn't a good idea.

Ling Tian never thought that, when he was at his most frustrated, the act of the Xue brothers had already saved him from much scheming! This was akin to a pillow being sent over when one wanted to sleep, and a bun falling from the sky when one was hungry! Such a good chance, how could he pass it off?

Third Master Yu showed some reservations with this idea, "That’s not too good, is it? After all, they’re still with the Ling Family; I have to show some face to brother Ling!"

Ling Tian laughed, waving his hands as though it was a reasonable request, affirming Xue Leng’s word, "What kind of words are you saying, Third Master? The way of martial arts involves constant sparring, how does this little kid here come into the picture? You have the full support of this younger brother! By the way, they seem to have a lot of people, do you need reinforcements?"

Yu ManTian spoke joyously, "Brother, you’re such a good person. We only fight one to one so there’s no need to trouble you. I’m more and more pleased, especially with those high-grade… cough-cough-cough." He caught himself in time, coughing in embarrassment before shutting his mouth after remembering that Ling Tian didn't give him any wine even though he had asked for it.

Third Master Yu had actually changed from addressing Ling Tian as a little jerk to a brother, which was a grave error considering the difference in their ages. However, thinking about wine had triggered his memories of being angry yesterday when Ling Tian wouldn't give him any jars of wine, and his eyes now bore some hidden bitterness when staring at Ling Tian. This made Ling Tian unconsciously shiver! This Third Master was really too terrifying.

In a blink of an eye, they had already arrived outside the residence of the DongFang Family, and without waiting for the two guards outside, Third Master Yu had already swaggered in, bellowing, "Tell that little thing, DongFang Lei, to meet me, Third Master!"

One of the guards at the door had a huge scar on his face, turning that decent face into something incomparably fierce. Upon hearing Yu ManTian’s rudeness to his own master, he rushed forward, "Who dares to wreck havoc here! Third Master? Pei! This daddy here is your big master!"

"Darned b*st*rd!" Already incensed, Third Master Yu got even angrier. His hand that resembled a fan slapped out towards the man!