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Chapter 195: DongFang JingLei

Chapter 195: DongFang JingLei

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"Aooo...." With a mournful shriek, that burly man made a few spins in the air while being flung back, smashing right onto the ground with a stream of blood shooting out five feet! Third Master Yu had trashed him with a single blow!

The other burly man was frightened out of his wits, sprinting into the courtyard as he shouted with a duck-like voice, "Trouble! Someone is here to make trouble!"

Ling Tian turned around, completely unable to withhold the urge to laugh. He could only let out a few coughs to cover it up.

Looking as though he was enjoying himself, Third Master Yu lifted up the hem of his robes and walked in with wide strides.

There were already ten or so men in the courtyard standing there with their guard raised. Their eyes were fixed on Yu ManTian as they approached him like crabs walking sideways. In their eyes, an unconcealed rage and killing intent could be seen!

Ling Tian’s gaze was immediately fixed onto the three people standing in the middle. The one in the center of the three was dressed in silver robes and had a golden crown. He was tall and well-built, with a suave appearance. His mustache was neatly trimmed and looked like he was about 27 years old. He must definitely be DongFang JingLei! However, Ling Tian never imagined him to be so young! By his side were two identical twins about the same age as the Xue brothers. They should probably be He ChuLai and He ChuQu. As Ling Tian thought about that, he looked towards the Xue brothers.

While there were many pairs of twins in the world and even triplets or quadruplets, it was rare for two pairs of twins to meet. Especially two pairs of twins who were martial arts experts, that was even rarer.

Indeed, after the four of them who were originally hostile saw each other, they were dumbfounded!

"What the!" They were indeed telepathically connected twins, as the four of them said the same two words at the same time! The expressions on their faces were also identical!

Ling Tian laughed till his sides hurt, and the originally hostile Yu ManTian and enraged DongFang JingLei couldn't help but open their eyes wide in surprise when they witnessed that scene.

"Dammit, just how did the four of them grow up? Two pairs of twins?!" A long while later, Yu ManTian was the first to start cursing! At the same time, he stared at the four of them like they were a rare animal, inciting a look of rage from the four of them!

"Who are you?! What enmity do you have with my DongFang Family?" Obviously, DongFang JingLei did not recognize the famous Third Master Yu.

However, this single phrase by DongFang JingLei made Ling Tian have a good impression of him. DongFang JingLei was a member of the Eastern Zhao’s Imperial Family. Seeing that Yu ManTian created trouble at his doorstep and even harmed his subordinates, he immediately decided to settle matters with the ways of the pugilistic world. This was his implied meaning when he proclaimed to be from the DongFang Family. If he had said that he belonged to the ‘Eastern Zhao’s Imperial Family’, Ling Tian would have definitely looked down on him. At the very least, regardless of how good his martial arts were, he still acted like a man!

"This Third Master was bored and is here for some exercise." Yu ManTian said unreasonably. As he looked towards DongFang JingLei, he felt as though that glossy and gleaming hair of DongFang JingLei looked extremely unsightly. In an instant, Third Master Yu had already added a ‘greasy head’ label for DongFang JingLei in his mind.

"Are you Third Master Yu, Yu ManTian?" A guard had whispered something in DongFang JingLei’s ears and DongFang JingLei responded immediately with a bitter look on his face. Why did this fiend look for us just after we arrived in the Sky Bearing City? Who provoked him?

"That’s right! I am the Third Master!" Yu ManTian’s said with his nose pointed up in the air. He was originally here to create trouble and would naturally not be courteous. "I heard that your DongFang Family aggressively came in to the Sky Bearing City! How majestic, how baleful! You actually dare to look down on this Third Master?! Very good!"

DongFang JingLei was completely speechless as he thought, Not to mention the fact that we were extremely low profile; even if we were aggressive, what has that got to do with you? No matter how powerful your Yu Family is, your territory is still in Northern Wei. You can’t possibly turn into the local snake of Sky Bearing right?

"Third Master must have had some misunderstandings. Ah ah…" Now that things had developed to such an extent, DongFang JingLei only wanted to settle the matter quietly. While Yu ManTian was a rash brute, the Yu Family behind him was an existence that everyone had to be wary of. They had no choice but to give some face to the Yu Family!

"This Third Master did not misunderstand anything! I am here today for a fight!" Yu ManTian shouted.

He ChuLai and He ChuQu then stepped out in anger and said, "Your Highness, since Third Master Yu wants to exchange pointers with us, why not let us brothers learn a thing or two from him?"

"Stop. How is this a place for the both of you to speak, step down." After reprimanding the both of them, DongFang JingLei cautiously looked towards Ling Tian and said, "May I ask, this young noble is…?"

Ling Tian replied with a smile, "I am Ling Tian, Your Highness is too kind."

"So it is young noble Ling." DongFang JingLei replied with an ‘oh’ and looked at him with a profound glare, "I have long heard about your fame from Eastern Zhao. Young noble is indeed extraordinary and meeting you far exceeds hearing your name." Ling Tian thought to himself, Are you trying to praise me or mock me? However, DongFang JingLei’s tone did not contain a trace of mockery but was filled with sincerity instead.

If DongFang JingLei was only trying to ridicule him, Ling Tian wouldn't have taken notice. But looking at DongFang JingLei’s attitude, Ling Tian couldn't help but attach some importance to DongFang JingLei.

Yu ManTian, who was by the side, said with impatience, "Oi, DongFang JingLei, are we going to fight or not? Are you going to let them fight or are you going to take action personally? Those two brats look pretty pleasing. Just let them fight and this Third Master will leave after I have a good fight."

DongFang JingLei laughed as his eyes turned serious, "The both of them are not a match for Third Master Yu. Let JingLei exchange a few moves with Third Master. If JingLei is lacking in any way, I hope that Third Master will show me some mercy."

Yu ManTian then said with dissatisfaction, "In a spar, of course we should give it our all without showing any mercy. Why are you acting so wishy-washy? Hurry and come at me!"

However, DongFang JingLei still remained respectful, taking a step back and stuffing the hem of his robes into his belt. Cupping his fists, he said, "Third Master Yu, please give me a few pointers!"

In that instant, the aura emanating from DongFang JingLei’s body changed drastically. It was like the tall mountains and deep ocean, emanating a fearless attitude!

With an ‘eh’, Yu ManTian let out a laugh, "So, you actually have some skill and you are probably no weaker than this Third Master. It seems I finally met a good opponent!"

DongFang JingLei smiled slightly as his body darted forward suddenly. As Ling Tian noticed DongFang JingLei’s footwork, Ling Tian realized that while he was charging in a straight path, every step he took would veer slightly to opposite directions equally. After every step, his speed would increase slightly. By the time he charged in front of Yu ManTian, his speed was already three times his original speed! What mystical footwork!

"Third Master, receive a punch of mine!" In mid-air, a loud roar sounded and DongFang JingLei’s right fist struck out! In Yu ManTian and Ling Tian’s eyes, they could clearly see that while this punch looked to be a straight punch, he actually let out a right hook first, then pulled it back before sending out his fierce punch!

That right hook had covered all possible areas where Yu ManTian could retreat to! While the attack seemed slow, Yu ManTian was already unable to avoid the attack. This attack of his was indeed like an all-in bet, the explosion of a flash flood! Observing this single punch, it was obvious that DongFang JingLei wanted to settle this fight with a single exchange!

While DongFang JingLei looked extremely refined, who would have thought that he was such a mad-man when fighting?!

Yu ManTian then let out a shout, "Good!" Making a half squat, he received the attack with a simple punch of his own. With his explosive temper, this direct confrontation was exactly what he wished for! Thus, his fighting spirit was further ignited!

"HONG!!" A loud explosion sounded as the two fists clashed with each other. The force from the fists sent a gust of wind in all directions, stirring up the dust around them.

DongFang JingLei knew that things were not turning out well, as Yu ManTian’s strength was far above his expectations. Feeling a sweetness in his throat, he took seven to eight steps back before finally stabilizing himself. With a ‘gudong’ sound, the mouth of blood was swallowed back down as his suave face turned red.

At the same time, Yu ManTian was not in a good state either, taking five steps back and leaving five deep imprints behind. His chest rose and fell heavily as he looked towards DongFang JingLei with an odd expression. He never imagined that this mild-looking fellow in front of him would have such strength!

While DongFang JingLei retreated, his eyes were fixed on Yu ManTian’s reaction. At this moment, he let out a bitter laugh and said, "Third Master is indeed a top-notch expert of the Yu Family. I have lost."

DongFang JingLei’s original plan was for him to fake his full strength and exchange blows with Yu ManTian. With his World Defying Hidden Dragon Manual’s true qi protection, he wouldn't suffer any injuries. Then, he would feign weakness and admit his defeat. At that time, he would be able to satisfy Yu ManTian’s desire for a fight and protect the strength of his own family. At the same time, he would be able to observe from the side as Yu ManTian challenged the other families.

While Yu ManTian was an expert of the Yu family who had even defeated the world famous killer Ye BaiFei, DongFang JingLei was certain that his strength was definitely above Yu ManTian’s. It was based on such confidence, and also the fear that a real conflict would arise if Yu ManTian fought the He brothers, that he accepted the fight personally. At the same time, he was also thrilled by the idea of a spar and disappointed about the lack of chances for him to spar with other experts. He was certain that this arrangement would be the best for both his enemy and himself.