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Chapter 199: Ling Feng“s First Battle

Chapter 199: Ling Feng's First Battle

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F**k! Third Master Yu cursed in his heart, Are these your five little brothers? Dammit, more like five little wolves!

With a single look, Yu ManTian was certain that the five teens in front of him were characters who were already numb to killing. The killing intent in their eyes was only slightly weaker as compared to Ling Jian. All of them looked extremely energetic with a divine light shining in their eyes, obviously experts in inner and external martial arts! Just how did they train to this level despite being so young? Are geniuses that common in the world? My goodness!

"Is Third Master scared? My young noble said that if Third Master isn’t confident of facing the five of them together, you can deal with three or two of them at the same time. However, my young noble would be able to defeat them easily even if three of them were to fight in unison. If Third Master cannot even win against three of them together, it’s best that you stop thinking about finding my young noble. Of course, if Third Master is suspicious in your heart, I can let them fight you one by one. As long as you beat them all, it will also be considered your win!" Ling Jian said calmly as he leisurely sat on a tree.

"What bullsh*t! Fighting them one by one is considered my win? Isn’t it just three of them? You are looking down too much on this Third Master! Let the five of them come at me together!" Yu ManTian waved his hands with heroism.

"Third Master is a little too careless. On account of the fact that we all know each other, it wouldn’t be good for us to end up in an intense confrontation. I shall make the decision then. How about this," he said with much consideration to Yu ManTian after thinking for a moment, "I will command them to fight you individually first. Third Master can first have a feel of their individual strengths before fighting them together. How about that? However, Third Master must definitely show mercy to them. They are not your match for sure individually and it will be hard for me to answer to my young noble if you harm my brothers."

As Yu ManTian heard that, he said with gratitude, "Brother is right. For your young noble to fight against three of them together, he must definitely be extremely familiar with all of their martial arts. If I fight them together from the start, it indeed isn’t very fair! Rest assured, how will someone like me, Third Master Yu, bring myself down to their level?"

Without an expression, Ling Jian shouted at the five of them, "Have you heard that? Third Master wants to give all of you a pointer or two. Are you guys still not going to thank him? Third Master is a top-notch expert at the XianTian stage, invincible in the Sky Bearing City. All of you better do your best and not disgrace the young noble!"

The five of them acknowledged what Ling Jian said and looked towards Yu ManTian with faces full of excitement!

"The five of you can decide the sequence yourselves." Ling Tian instructed calmly.

The moment Ling Jian said that the five of them charged out together and drew their swords at the same time. They were in complete sync such that only a single ‘shiiing’ could be heard! None of them were willing to take a step back and Yu ManTian was immediately startled! We have already agreed to fight one on one. Why are they still charging forward like famished wolves seeking a piece of meat? Am I really that popular?

Ling Jian then let out a heavy grunt! As the grunt sounded, the five of their faces changed and they looked at each other, keeping their swords together. Then, the five of them reshuffled themselves and arranged themselves according to age, deciding the order of their battle from there. Of course, this is something that Yu ManTian wouldn’t know!

The five of them only knew that the person in front of them was the expert who had almost caused Ling Jian to lose his life. A ball of anger was already brewing in their hearts, and the five of them had silently cursed Yu ManTian far too many times. Now that the culprit was right in front of their faces, how was it possible for them to show mercy?

The one in front was naturally Ling Feng. Looking at his four other brothers with delight, he took a step forward, then cupped his fists and bowed as he said, "May Third Master offer me some pointers!" He then drew out his sword with a ‘shiiiing’.

Yu ManTian’s face also grew serious. While he was arrogant, he was a complete martial arts fanatic in his heart, and would never underestimate his opponent. Especially the teen in front of him right now, making him feel a sense of extreme danger. A dense killing intent could be seen in his eyes, as though he hated the fact that he couldn't split Yu ManTian into two with his sword! The dense killing intent was not weaker than the black dressed brat at all! Yu ManTian couldn't help but be stunned. Only then did he realize that he had been tricked by the black dressed brat. Ling Jian only said that Yu ManTian couldn't deal a killing blow but he didn't restrain these five wolves at all! Yu ManTian couldn't help but glare at Ling Jian!

However, none of them realized that when Ling Feng charged out, a black figure had drifted over silently, perching himself in a tree densely filled with leaves. His eyes were gleaming as he observed the battle below him, as though he was extremely concerned about the battle between the two of them!

Ling Tian had arrived!

Initially, Ling Tian didn't intend to come, leaving everything into Ling Jian’s hands. But after receiving Ling Jian’s news, Ling Tian had changed his mind and made a personal appearance.

However, Ling Tian’s movement technique had reached an extremely profound level and no one present could detect Ling Tian’s arrival. Even the XianTian stage Yu ManTian was no exception.

To the five of them, Ling Jian was like a good brother and good leader. Furthermore, Ling Jian’s martial arts were already at an extremely high level and he could be said to be Ling Tian’s number one subordinate. While Ling Chen’s martial arts were high, she was just too gentle and Ling Tian didn't want her hands to be stained with too much blood. Thus, he would never give any assassination missions to Ling Chen. While Ling Jian was a good killer, he was not a good teacher! Ling Jian only had the outcome in his eyes and never bothered about the process. When carrying out a mission, this was his greatest strength! When teaching the five of them, this was his greatest weakness! With that character of his, he would naturally be unable to systematically identify the problems the five brats had and offer them solutions!

When the five of them faced Yu ManTian alone, the battle would definitely reveal the weaknesses in their martial arts and it was a rare opportunity for them to raise their strength. Furthermore, Yu ManTian wouldn’t deal a killing blow while the five of them were able to go all out. They were able to unleash every killing blow they had in their arsenal! How rare of a chance was this live target in front of them! Thus, Ling Tian had finally decided to rush over.

Ling Feng’s sword struck out like the howling winds, unleashing his attacks from all directions while relying on his nimble movement technique. From afar, it looked as though there was a silver snake surrounding Yu ManTian’s burly body. Every attack was like mercury shooting out from the ground, coming at him from all directions.

Yu ManTian’s face turned serious as he raised his sword up to guard against the attacks. While he didn't launch a single attack, he was like a proud pine tree and a strong pillar! Be it hurricane or tsunami, I will remain still!

Ling Tian let out a sigh in his heart, Just like the saying, ‘strength can’t last long, surplus can’t be guarded’. Your continuous attacks will only increase the rate of your exhaustion. How will you be able to last for long? However, a XianTian cultivator is best at fighting a drawn-out battle. Especially the fact that Yu ManTian is purposefully wearing you down patiently. In less than 50 moves, little Feng will definitely lose!

Ten moves! Twenty moves! Forty moves! Finally, Yu ManTian unleashed his counter-attack As though it contained the might of thunder, his long sword was brandished with a ferocious aura! A violent gale emanated from the body of his sword!

As the violent gale extended out slowly, it gradually formed a mini cyclone. Under Yu ManTian’s attack filled with his powerful inner qi, Ling Feng’s sword moves were already becoming messy as he struggled to keep up his attacks. Ling Feng could only rely on his nimble movement technique to barely hang in the battle.

This counter-attack by Yu ManTian showed the benefits of creating trouble over the years: battle experience! He knew that the three-man battle was the highlight of the day. Thus, he intentionally saved his strength from the start and paid close attention to Ling Feng’s sword skills, searching for a way to break it. Only after he was certain that he was clear about Ling Feng’s martial arts did he launch a counter-attack.

"Clang!" With a loud ring, Ling Feng’s sword flew out of his hand!

Nine moves! This outcome was out of Yu ManTian’s expectations!

The first forty moves were for Yu ManTian to observe Ling Feng’s martial arts while exhausting him at the same time. However, Yu ManTian unleashed at least 70% of his strength for the last nine moves to defeat Ling Feng quickly.

However, the already exhausted Ling Feng was actually able to defend himself under the attacks of Yu ManTian without being thrown into disarray!

Furthermore, Yu ManTian used 80% of his strength for the single blow before sending Ling Feng’s sword flying! In other words, that ‘nameless nobody’, Ling Feng, actually lasted 10 moves despite him giving it all he had! If this were to be made known to the world, Ling Feng would definitely be world famous in no time at all!

Lasting fifty moves under a gold jade expert of the Yu Family! Furthermore, under Yu ManTian, who was publicly acknowledged as having the craziest attacks. With Ling Feng’s age, this was an amazing feat!

However, this was not the thing that shocked Yu ManTian the most. The thing that shocked Yu ManTian the most was the fact that this teen didn't have a trace of emotion on his face after defeat. Not even a single trace of disappointment or excitement, as though he was not the person previously in battle! Apart from the heavy panting and bloodshot eyes revealing the fact that he was just in a battle, there were no other signs on any other parts of his body. He was like a person who had just come home from a banquet! The degree of his mental state was something that an ordinary person could never achieve!

"I have lost! Third Master is powerful indeed!" Ling Feng looked towards Ling Jian and said calmly.

Ling Jian responded with a frown, "It isn’t embarrassing to lose to him, stand aside. Who’s next?"

Ling Feng acknowledged what Ling Jian said before picking up his sword and standing back in line with his brothers. He then began meditating while standing up!

Ling Yun, who was next in line, had already drawn his sword and was engaged in a ferocious battle with Yu ManTian!