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Chapter 200: An Assassin“s Weakness

Chapter 200: An Assassin's Weakness

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Ling Tian looked towards the meditating Ling Feng and then he looked towards Ling Jian who was staring at the battle intently with his eyes burning with fighting spirit. Ling Tian then couldn't help but let out a long sigh!

Thankfully I came here today. If not, more than half of this rare opportunity to raise the five of their strengths would probably be missed!

How was this the time to be in meditation? Of the two engaged in an intense battle, one was Ling Yun who had similar sword skills to Ling Feng, and the other was the enemy who just defeated Ling Feng! This was the best time for Ling Feng to observe them to improve himself!

After personally fighting Yu ManTian, observing Ling Yun fight Yu ManTian with similar sword skills was the best time for him to notice the areas where improvements could be made! This should be time for Ling Feng to be afraid that he wasn’t paying enough attention. However, Ling Feng actually chose to close his eyes in meditation at such a time! Even if his Inner Qi was in disorder, he could open his eyes and slowly recuperate, right?

Ling Jian was filled with eagerness to fight and actually forgot to comment on Ling Feng’s performance or remind him to pay close attention! This made Ling Tian have the urge to jump down and give him a good beating! Did he completely forget about his duties?

Ling Feng, who was in meditation, felt a light jab on his back as a short branch fell onto the floor. In shock, he wanted to turn back to take a look but heard a sudden whisper, "Idiot! Is this the time for you to be in meditation? Open your eyes and watch them carefully!"

Ling Feng’s body shook as he recognized that this was the voice of his young noble. So, young noble is here! A look of respect and worship then filled his face as he opened his eyes wide to observe the fight between Ling Yun and Yu ManTian. After watching them carefully, he finally realized what he had just missed out on previously! He was immediately filled with regret, widening his eyes and not looking anywhere else from that moment onwards.

At the same time, Ling Tian’s voice also sounded by Ling Jian’s ears, "B*st*rd Ah’Jian! How are you teaching your disciples? Ignoring them completely after the fight is over? B*st*rd thing!"

Ling Jian was dumbfounded as his pale face gradually turned red! He couldn't help but curse himself for forgetting everything the moment he witnessed a fierce battle in front of him. He actually forgot the main purpose of the battle today! If not for the young noble secretly following them here, he probably would have screwed things up badly today!

After fighting four rounds, Yu ManTian’s breathing also grew ragged. Now, he no longer felt that he was fighting against four teens. Instead, he felt as though he was facing four ferocious beasts! Four wolves which were completely famished! He was also extremely exhausted! Especially the fact that he couldn't deal a killing blow was complete torture to Third Master Yu! However, the wolves in front of him didn't have any considerations at all, with every one of their attacks with the intention of taking his life! Yu ManTian felt his head throb! The extremely resilient Third Master Yu felt himself dying from this headache!

But thankfully, the martial arts of these four fellows were similar, making Yu ManTian’s life slightly easier. But despite that, his robe was already in tatters, with him almost having to run around nude! There were also seven to eight wounds on his body! Since these wounds were just scratches, Yu ManTian felt that his opponents had shown him some mercy. Otherwise, his fiery temper would have exploded by now!

"Last one left!" Third Master Yu panted as he felt a sense of relief, "After this last one, I must definitely call for a break! Dammit, even a man made from iron won’t be able to withstand fighting so many people at once!"

Ling Chi walked forward slowly and looked at Yu ManTian’s ragged breathing. He hesitated for a moment before taking a step back, returning his sword to the sheath, and saying, "Third Master, you should rest first!" After saying that, he ignored Yu ManTian’s reaction and sat crossed-legged on the floor, closing his eyes and shutting down all his senses!

Ling Tian on the tree, Ling Jian below the tree, and Yu ManTian revealed faces of admiration at the same time! Regardless of how good his martial arts were, Ling Chi’s bearing alone had already displayed the grandeur of a great warrior!

A look of guilt then appeared on the faces of Ling Yun, Ling Lei, and Ling Chi, as they lowered their heads in shame. Ling Jian’s sharp gaze then swept passed the three of them, "Raise your heads up! Look at how you guys are acting! Ling Chi respects his opponent and recognizes that he is a hero, allowing him the chance to catch his breath. This is a heroic act, and it is admirable of him to do so! However, you guys weren’t wrong either! Remember what your mission is, saving your strength to kill the enemy! Today, the battle with Third Master is only a friendly spar and not a life or death battle! Thus, Ling Chi’s actions are still acceptable. However, if you guys were to start pitying your opponent in a life or death battle, that is only treating your life as a joke! That is no more than idiocracy and not heroism!"

The five of them nodded their heads solemnly in response to what Ling Jian said. After pausing for a moment, Ling Jian continued, "All of you must remember that the enemy is the enemy! Even if the enemy is a highly revered hero or a saint worshiped by the world, his status will disappear when he is in a life or death battle with you guys! The only thing that will never change is the fact that he can kill you! He is your enemy! Understand?!"

Without a doubt, Ling Jian’s words were definitely a little extreme. However, to the five of them who were in such a special occupation, this was also an important principle! As Ling Jian said that, the five of them nodded their heads in acknowledgment. Even Yu ManTian, who was in meditation, couldn't help but open his eyes to consider what Ling Jian said!

Hiding in the tree, Ling Tian also thought about what Ling Jian said carefully and felt as though something was wrong. After thinking about it for a long while, Ling Tian realized that Ling Jian’s character was growing a little too extreme under his training. In fact, Ling Jian’s morals were becoming a little twisted already! While Ling Tian did indeed wish for Ling Jian to be a little more heartless, thus protecting himself better from harm, it didn't mean that Ling Tian wished for Ling Jian to be a completely heartless killing machine! This was not something which Ling Tian wanted to happen!

In Ling Tian’s heart, Ling Jian, Ling Feng, Ling Chi and the rest, were all loyal subordinates who were worthy of his trust. At the same time, they were also like his brothers. Ling Tian wished for each one of them to have exceptional abilities, making a name for themselves. At the same time, he also wished for them to find someone they loved and to enjoy a carefree life as well.

Ling Tian’s ideal dream would be for all of them to have their own wife, exploring the continent and enjoying their lives after Ling Tian’s plan had come to fruition. Not only did he want them to go through sufferings with him, Ling Tian also wanted them to enjoy riches and honor with him. Even if Ling Tian himself couldn’t be bothered about authority and riches, he would definitely arrange a good path for all his brothers. This was also the plan which Ling Tian had in mind for all of his brothers!

But if things were to continue to develop this way, all of these young lads would probably turn into no more than killing machines, sealing away their hearts forever! Finally, they would be no more than cold-blooded assassins who only answered to Ling Tian. In Ling Tian’s heart, he would rather give up such a power and choose the brothers in front of him who still had their heart and soul!

Be it to rule to the continent or control the pugilistic world, while such a power would definitely raise his strength greatly, nothing was absolute! At that moment, Ling Tian was certain that a civics and moral education class was necessary for all of them. Ling Tian only wanted brothers who had a heart and soul, and definitely not cold-blooded assassins!

Finally, Yu ManTian took the initiative to stand up. At the same time, Ling Chi also sprang forward from the ground! With a ‘shiiiing’, his sword was drawn and pointed straight at Yu ManTian!



The both of them said in unison.

A completely new look of seriousness could be seen on Yu ManTian’s face! It wasn't because of his opponent’s strength, but it was because of his opponent’s bearing. Furthermore, this was especially rare for an assassin. No matter how his strength was, Yu ManTian wanted to treat this battle seriously and give the respect due to his opponent! With Ling Chi’s recent improvements, his strength was far ahead of the other four and was no weaker than Ling Jian himself. Furthermore, the bearing which Ling Chi displayed was something that Yu ManTian couldn't ignore.

Knowing that Yu ManTian wouldn't make the first move, Ling Chi didn't stand on ceremony and stabbed out swiftly! The sheer speed of his sword actually created a ‘whoosh’ sound from slicing through the air! It wasn’t the howling sound of the winds generated from the force of his strike, but the sound of his sword rubbing against the air! Just how fast was his sword?

With this attack alone, Yu ManTian was already startled! Even Ling Tian, who was on the tree, and Ling Jian, who was on the ground, had an odd look on their faces! Both of them hadn't expected Ling Chi to improve so quickly!

Yu ManTian countered the myriad changes by remaining unchanged. Stabbing out his long sword calmly, the tip of his sword followed Ling Chi’s ever-changing moves. The body of Ling Chi’s sword trembled like an azure dragon unwilling to be trapped, letting out a miserable scream while struggling profusely. Yu ManTian’s counter-attack was obviously different from the previous four rounds! He had immediately used 80% of his strength and attacked by staying on defense.

Just when Ling Chi’s sword was about to touch Yu ManTian’s sword, the direction of Ling Chi’s sword changed suddenly, as his nimble body appeared by Yu ManTian’s left without the slightest bit of struggle. With three strikes, he targeted Yu ManTian’s vitals! When Yu ManTian raised his sword to block Ling Chi’s attack, Ling Chi’s footwork changed again, appearing behind Yu ManTian and letting out three attacks that were like shooting stars! Before his first move was even completed, he had already followed up with the next move. At the start, his sword attacked the left; when being blocked, he had already shifted to the back of his enemy. The speed of his attack was just too rare.