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Chapter 202: One Fell Swoop

Chapter 202: One Fell Swoop

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While Yu ManTian was unbridled and a brawler, his chivalrous character was also the best, his promise worth its weight in gold! He was also greatly fond of talents, and at the last moment when their blades met, his mind spun and ignoring the effects on his body, he forcibly retracted his power by at least 30%. With Ling Chi’s current strength, how could he bear the force behind Yu ManTian’s full-powered strike? Even with that reduced 70% strike, he ended up in a dead faint, but at least he preserved his life!

All sorts of feelings welled up in Ling Tian’s heart at this time. He had believed himself infallible when he thought that the Third Master of an aristocratic family, a mighty XianTian stage expert, would allow himself to be played with like a toy for his brothers! Asking him to be just a punching bag without being able to retaliate? If something had happened to Ling Chi, could he really blame Yu ManTian for that?

Ling Tian now felt that he owed Yu ManTian an immeasurably huge favor! With Yu ManTian’s character, he would definitely put it behind him, but could Ling Tian really do that?

After a while, Ling Chi finally groaned and slowly opened his eyes. He recalled that when he had rushed in, just at the moment when their blades met he diverted a portion of his strength, using it to protect his heart! It was because of this action that, while he received some internal injuries, there were no huge problems in his body.

Yu ManTian glanced at the six little brats with a strange expression. He was particularly fond of talents, or he wouldn't have gladly suffered internal injuries to withdraw 30% of his strength. All of them were rare martial arts talents, especially Ling Jian and Ling Chi. The potential of these two could be described with just one word: Limitless! Yu ManTian strongly believed that, given another decade, they would reach his current level!

Right now though it would be impossible for them to defeat him one on one unless the five of them were to band up together! Without Ling Jian and with just the strength of the five brats, he would be able to take on three and still come out victorious, although it would be a little time-consuming. If it was one against four, then most likely the fight would end up as a draw, or perhaps with his experience he might obtain a victory at the end. With one against five it would be difficult for him, but he had confidence that he would bring at least three of them down with him!

But to hear that the young noble could easily take on one against three, Yu ManTian immediately felt that he wasn't that good after all. He couldn't help but feel depressed and thought, Were geniuses so common these days that they could be found anywhere?

He was a straightforward and big-hearted bloke, always being true to his word. If his skills were below someone else's there was no sense in denying it. Although he could win against three with his skills, he wouldn't be able to do so easily, therefore it could be considered a loss!

"Third Master, how are all my brothers?" Before Yu ManTian could admit his defeat, Ling Jian’s voice had already traveled to his ears. He let out a sigh before praising, "They’re not bad! In fact, they're pretty good!"

Aii, to be so appreciative of talents and yet only give them a rating of pretty good! In the younger generation of the Yu Family, those who could reach this standard would probably be only two or three out of ten of them! Yu ManTian couldn't help but sob inwardly, to think that the prestigious Yu Family would actually fall behind a tiny assassin organization!

"Third Master has probably already seen that my brothers have martial skills that are beyond the ordinary. Furthermore, since they have trained together since they were young and have a secret battle formation among themselves! With Third Master’s outstanding cultivation, you could fend off two, but once there are three of them, you’ll only have a tiny sliver of a chance for victory!" Ling Jian leisurely spoke, a strange look in his eyes as he awaited Yu ManTian’s response.

Yu ManTian’s eyes flashed as he replied, "That might not be the case. This Yu believes that he can still triumph over three at once, just that it would take a long time! To think that your house’s young noble only needs a short time to do the same, this Yu can only admit his loss!" Since his skills were not on par, there was no need to call himself the Third Master anymore!

"Hahaha... " Ling Jian suddenly let out a laugh before continuing, "If Third Master thinks this way, then you’re quite wrong!"

"Wrong?" Yu ManTian lifted up his head quickly, "What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you were lying when you said that your young noble could defeat them quickly! Kid, while this old man likes your guts, if you lie to me, you can believe that I can silence you as well!"

"Calm down, Third Master. Everything I said was the truth, but I left out some points!" Ling Jian let out a sly smile, saying, "Third Master does not know that all our skills were personally taught by our young noble. Do you understand now?"

Yu ManTian stood there stunned for a moment, before bursting out into loud laughter, to the point that even tears were rolling down his face. One could see how happy he was with that explanation.

"No wonder… the last time I met your house’s young noble, I realized that while his skills were fantastic, he had yet to enter the XianTian realm, so how could he win against three of them easily? Hahah, now I know, for him to deal with his own disciples, wouldn't that be a piece of cake! Furthermore, you people won't have killing intent for your master, and hence your skills will be weakened! Now that I have a better picture of their skills, I believe that facing them I can defeat them in a hundred moves!"

"If that’s the case… the white dressed kid’s strength should be about 70% of mine! He’s at most on par with me, but if he hasn’t entered XianTian… then I’ll be the final winner! Damn your grandma, you gave me a shock! Hahaha...." While he was complaining, from the continuous laughter, one could see that he was extremely elated!

This Yu ManTian was indeed a martial arts fanatic of a generation and what he concluded wasn't wrong. However, he made an error in believing that Ling Tian could only win if it was one against three!

Actually, no one said that Ling Tian couldn't obtain victory even in a one versus five scenario!

Of course, that was because Ling Tian had broken through to the Ninth Layer recently, otherwise wanting to defeat five people at the same time would be too hard!

"Since that’s the case, you might as well tell the white dressed kid to hurry up and fight me! If the disciples are already of such standard, one can imagine the prowess of the teacher!" Yu ManTian spoke with excited tones, as though he had already completely forgotten the fight just now!

"Though you could say that, but," Ling Jian put on a helpless face, "young noble said that the rules can't be bent, so I can only ask Third Master to understand."

"Dammit!" Yu ManTian raged immediately, "Isn’t this taking advantage of me? Even people get to bargain when buying vegetables, but this jerk actually only has one price! This daddy doesn’t want to play anymore! Also, this daddy had been… anyways, I can’t defeat the three of them if they work together currently! But I want to exchange moves with the white dressed kid!"

People get to bargain when buying vegetables?! One fixed price?!

The six youths immediately exploded into laughter! This Third Master was really too imaginative, to even come out with such descriptions!

The person up in the tree sunk in deep contemplation. Such a character was definitely worth befriending!

"Oh, Third Master, my house’s young noble never said that you had to win today. If you can’t, you can always come back tomorrow," Ling Jian slowly spoke. At this point, Ling Jian felt like he had become a mini Ling Tian. For him to replicate his role model, it was definitely a joyous occasion for him!

"Hng? What does he mean? Say it straight up front, don’t beat around the bush!" Yu ManTian started to get suspicious. He was after all only brash and uncouth, but not stupid, thus he immediately smelled a conspiracy behind all this.

"Hehehehe," Ling Jian imitated Ling Tian’s laughter before replying, "If you can’t win today, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it tomorrow. There will come a day when you will obtain victory!"

This caused Yu ManTian’s eyes to shine. "You mean…"

Ling Jian smiled meaningfully as he replied, "Rest assured, Third Master. As long as you are willing, us brothers will always be here for you to challenge until the day you can defeat three of them working together. As such, not only can you relieve your boredom, you can also quickly raise the level of your skills! Furthermore, you’re still working to your original goal of challenging my house’s young noble. Isn’t that dealing with everything in one fell swoop?"