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Chapter 203: Borrowing External Help

Chapter 203: Borrowing External Help

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Yu ManTian might be rude and impetuous, with a blunt personality, but that didn't mean he was an idiot. He immediately grasped Ling Jian’s true meaning and said, "F**k! That’s some good plan you have there, to use me to train your soldiers! Aren't you afraid of giving up your lives? Your moves might be good, but this Third Master’s moves are better, and with your current standard…"

"Third Master’s words are too harsh!" Ling Jian didn't refute his accusation, instead silencing him by saying, "While these kids will receive some extra training, your benefits will not be small either. Unless Third Master doesn't dare to take up this challenge?!"

Yu ManTian immediately hesitated. Ever since he suffered a defeat under Ling Tian’s hands, he had only thought of improving his strength in the fastest way possible so that he could reclaim his position from Ling Tian! These past few days of madly sparring were partially because of Ling Tian’s goading, but also because of the need to improve his skills.

Since he had already fought each of the experts in Sky Bearing, Third Master Yu was once again left with no one to fight against. After all, he couldn’t just repeatedly challenge them, right?

From a certain point of view, Ling Jian’s suggestion was exactly what he wanted. To have this sort of free practice to improve himself was something one could only chance upon and not seek for. Helping the kids improve themselves was not such a bad idea either since he admired their talent.

However, Yu ManTian was clearly aware that these fellows were young hawks in the middle of learning how to hunt! By comparing notes and improving, it was mutually beneficial, but although his skills might grow somewhat, the kids' skills would improve by leaps and bounds!

If he continuously helped the kids to improve their capabilities but didn't break through himself, then wouldn’t he completely fail in his mission? Once these six people matured in the martial arts community, they would undoubtedly have a huge negative impact on the Yu Family's hegemony. Would he win big or lose big from this?

Even after pondering deeply, Third Master Yu couldn't decide! This opportunity was something he definitely couldn't afford to let go, but if he accepted the consequences might be too huge for him to bear!

"Brother Jian, it looks like Mister Beard isn't too happy about this decision. Let’s go back, seeing that this man refuses to take any risk, haiz, I shouldn’t have come today." Ling Chi immediately saw through the inner turmoil of Yu ManTian and started to goad him! This sentence struck deep into his soft spot!

"You damned b*st*rd, if not for this Third Master just now…" Yu ManTian glared over, about to explode!

"Yeah man, Brother Jian, let’s just leave." With the chemistry between the five brothers, how could they not catch Ling Chi’s meaning? They all began to clamor one after another.

"You group of b*st*rds! All of you shut up for this daddy! I’m thoroughly infuriated! Especially you group of beardless boys, what do you know? Bunch of brats!" Yu ManTian slowly walked step by step towards them, looking like he was ready to butcher someone. In his agitation, spittle flew out from his mouth all over the brothers. Looking at his state, if someone spoke another word, he would probably beat the guy up until he looked like a pig’s head!

Ling Chi spoke calmly and without fear, "What do I know? You’ve already spent more than an hour pondering over such a small matter. What kind of Yu Family’s number three are you? It’s ok if you’re wishy-washy like a woman and can’t decide, but I expected a more manly response from someone who has such a big beard!"

"Your mom’s fart! Who says I took an hour!" Yu ManTian was apoplectic with rage, thinking, I only took a moment, okay? How dare you say I hesitated for an hour! I shouldn’t have restrained my strength just now. Once this old man has recovered, I will make sure I play you until you’re dead!

"Who says this old man doesn’t dare to agree? I agree! Little b*st*rd, if you dare say that I’m wishy-washy like a woman again, this old man will bust your balls!" Third Master Yu loudly announced his promise after making up his mind.

"Cheh!" Ling Chi softly spat. Since he had achieved his objective, of course he wouldn't continue this conversation.

Seeing that their objective had been achieved, Ling Jian didn't say anything much and left with a parting word, "Third Master, please come alone when you visit next time."

Yu ManTian readily agreed, and even without Ling Jian’s reminder he wouldn't have brought anyone here. Yu ManTian estimated that he would need at least three days to recover fully from his internal injuries. For someone as concerned with face as him, how could he let them get away with not showing him proper respect? After three days of rest, I will make those kids eat their shoes!

In Yu ManTian’s opinion, his battle today with the five kids was more tiring than fighting the four experts of the great families! This was especially true for the last match because he had sustained some internal injuries. If he had chosen to persevere and fight them three against one, the person suffering in the end would have been him.

Having thought to this point, Yu ManTian knew it was pointless to continue, and so bid them farewell.

Seeing Yu ManTian’s silhouette slowly disappear into the forest, the six of them regained their usual icy indifference. They exchanged glances, and all of them had looks of excitement within!

"Are you all very pleased?" A light and indifferent voice sounded from behind them.

The six of them turned at once, kneeling down in salute, "Young Noble!"

Clad in white robes, Ling Tian sighed before replying, "Stand up."

Turning as he looked at each one of them, Ling Tian suddenly focused on Ling Chi as his eyes revealed a warm smiling expression, "In today’s battle, Ling Chi was wounded the most, but your benefits are also the most, right? Only… Ling Chi, did you know that the Third Master was lenient towards you?"

"He was lenient? That can’t be true! At the last moment, if not for my trajectory change, I would have been seriously injured! How can that be called lenient?" Ling Chi found it unbelievable!

"Aii, because your senses are still limited you couldn't feel it. Let alone you guys, even I have underestimated this strength. If not for his soft heart, forcibly retracting 30% of his strength and enduring the damage to his body, you would have been dead!" Ling Tian had a look of respect on his face, but his words were incomparably serious!

Ling Tian had always used an expressionless and indifferent face when talking to them, as though life and death were in his grasp. To have such a solemn expression when talking about this matter, everyone began to feel a little panicky, and Ling Jian questioned, "Young Noble, was Yu ManTian really lenient? He didn’t even get injured!"

Ling Tian sighed again, turning to Ling Jian as he addressed the question, "Ah’Jian, you’re the best among them and your cultivation just a bit away from XianTian. However, it was only when I reached XianTian that I realized this guy is really sincere! If he hadn’t received internal injuries due to retracting his strength, you might not defeat him even if four of you were to go against him! Ai! From now on I, Ling Tian, will never again belittle any of the martial arts experts in this world!"

Ling Jian hesitated before commenting, "Young Noble, then based on this, do we need to make some changes to our plans?"

Ling Tian shook his head, "There’s no need. Ah’Jian, from today onwards, you will take charge of this matter, ensuring that safety is the highest priority and always having a way to retreat from the fight!" Regarding Yu ManTian’s character, he isn't the kind to actually go in for the kill! However, Ling Chi, the next time you see him you have to give him an apology because you owe him a favor now!"

Facing the six of them, Ling Tian slowly spoke, "All martial arts paths under heaven lead to the same place. At the peak, everyone sees the same scenery. However, you have to always remember this sentence!" Ling Tian cast a look at all of them, his eyes seemingly having flashes of lightning. All of them were shocked and quickly directed all their attention at him, fearing that they would miss hearing a single word.

"Only by having a gentle and calm state of mind can you reach the peak of martial arts!" Ling Tian said severely. "You guys are currently diverting from your path, especially Ling Jian! By only soaking in killing and murder, you guys will never step into the true form of martial arts!"

The six youths stared at each other with puzzled looks. Finally, Ling Jian mustered up his courage and said, "Young Noble, from the beginning we have practiced killing moves, so how could we maintain a calm and gentle mental state?"

"Fool!" Ling Tian raged, "Martial arts were originally designed to kill! But this does not determine your mental state! Ling Jian, your mental state is far too embittered! When you’re supposed to kill, you kill without mercy! But when you’re supposed to laugh, or cry, or help someone, you should feel the appropriate emotion in your heart! Do you understand? Only when you’re killing someone are you then a killer! When you are not killing anyone, don't walk around with those dead zombie faces!"