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Chapter 205: Crying Wolf

Chapter 205: Crying Wolf

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A sly smile suffused the corners of Ling Tian’s mouth and he thought, Hehe, NanGong Family, it’s about time that you came! He raised his voice and said, "Tell Miss NanGong that I’ll be there shortly."

Yu BingYan raised her head, an expression of jealousy in her eyes as she commented, "Miss NanGong? Brother Tian, your luck with the ladies seems to be pretty good! Other than this little sister and the princess of the Xiao family, now there’s another princess from the NanGong family. Who knows how many more hidden princesses you have!" There was a hint of bitterness in her words, as though she was scolding him for being a huge skirt chaser! He just needed to sit in his home while all the pretty ladies offered themselves up to him. It took her so long just to get to meet him today, but he was actually going to spend time with another lady! Thinking of this, her embarrassment was immediately washed away, and she spoke up bluntly.

"Sniff sniff…" Ling Tian jokingly raised his nose to the air, before frowning and saying, "Why is there such a weird sour smell? Is it me? No, I remember washing quite thoroughly yesterday!"

Ling Chen and Wei XuanXuan laughed out loud, and Ling Chen gathered up her courage to say, "Young Noble is in trouble, with Miss NanGong coming to visit, it looks like our future Madam is going to be angry!" While it was a jest, there was a slight hint of jealousy hidden deep within.

How smart was Ling Tian? He immediately forced out a helpless smile, "With such a tigress in the house and with such heaven-defying abilities, this young noble doesn’t dare to do anything! Don’t you agree, First Madam of the Ling family?" This phrase was directed at Yu BingYan, but the intended recipient was Ling Chen. Hearing the words, ‘First Madam of Ling family’, Ling Chen’s face turned red, and a sweet feeling permeated her heart.

"How dare you call me a tigress! What First Madam! Rubbish!" Yu BingYan thought that Ling Tian referred to her, and was greatly embarrassed and shy, finally recalling that her words sounded like a jealous wife chiding her husband. Thinking about how even Ling Chen had called out the words ‘Young Madam’, she couldn't help blushing and threw herself at Ling Tian, her tiny fists making threatening gestures.

Ling Tian stretched out his hands, and the pair of milky white hands landed firmly in his palms. He lecherously stroked them, and Yu BingYan’s face immediately turned red as she frantically tried to pull back her hands. Ling Tian laughed evilly as he said, "It would be an offense to myself to reject a beauty that offers herself to me!" As he spoke, he exerted a little strength, and Yu BingYan was pulled into his embrace. A whiff of perfume entered his nose.

Yu BingYan snorted once and struggled a little. However, Ling Tian’s lips were already beside her ear, whispering, "If that Miss NanGong was half as cute as Yan’er, then I might consider her, but a pity; for such a venomous woman, the further away I am from her, the better I feel."

Yu BingYan snorted once more, but one could hear that her tone was different this time. She simply rested lazily in his embrace until her pair of hands finally achieved her objective, snaking to Ling Tian’s waist to give him a vicious pinch. An agonized cry echoed throughout the little courtyard.

Meanwhile, NanGong Yu impatiently fidgeted inside the Ling’s great hall. Beside her was a grave and stern youth, and behind were four ramrod straight guards. She had already sat there for nearly an hour, but the silkpants young noble who said he would be there soon was still nowhere to be seen! Her tea leaves were steeped till they had no taste left!

NanGong TianHu was originally supposed to accompany NanGong Yu here, but after the battle with Yu ManTian that day, his face looked like it had been bitten by hundreds of ants. How could he bear to show his face in public? Furthermore, with his attitude, the head of NanGong family also couldn't feel assured sending him over.

This was really bullying people intolerably! A streak of viciousness appearing in NanGong Yu’s petite face. Ling Tian, one day, you’ll fall into my hands, and I’ll wipe away all my humiliation!

"Hahaha….Miss NanGong took the time and effort to come all the way here, this young noble really feels honored!" Following this bout of false laughter, Ling Tian walked in with large strides, a look of enthusiasm on his face.

"Young Noble Ling is too polite," Forcibly enduring her temper, NanGong Yu forced out a tiny smile, "We should have visited you some time ago, but due to circumstances, we could only do so at this time. Please forgive me for coming over without any prior notice."

"Haha, Miss NanGong is too polite. This is…?" Ling Tian gestured at the stern youth beside her while keeping his smile.

"This one is called NanGong WuMing!" Before NanGong Yu could say anything, the youth had already introduced himself. His tone was full of condescension, as though Ling Tian wasn't good enough to deserve his respect.

"Oh? Haha, turns out it’s the top expert of the younger generation in the NanGong family, NanGong WuMing!" Ling Tian laughed in surprise, but a chilling ray flickered in his eyes. "You’re indeed beyond ordinary like others say!"

NanGong Yu unhappily stared at NanGong WuMing before she turned to Ling Tian, saying, "We're sorry for impolitely coming without any warning. This little sister has prepared a small gift for young noble, please accept it!"

Ling Tian nodded his head and smiled, "Don't worry, I won’t reject it. I never reject anything as long as is it sent to me! What gift is that?"

NanGong Yu’s next sentence caught in her throat. She expected Ling Tian to politely refuse the gift after hearing about it, then play the game of ‘taichi’ where the host and guests continuously pushed the gift to the opposite party!

However, Ling Tian defied all expectations by simply accepting, and even throwing in the words of ‘I never reject any gift’, as though her gift was worthless! This made NanGong Yu feel like simply standing up and leaving.

"Haha, Miss NanGong wouldn’t have simply come just to send a gift, right?" Ling Tian sat at the head seat, propping up his legs even before his butt touched the chair. Grabbing the tea that the servant girl passed over, he lightly blew on it, not even bothering to raise his head to address her. At the same time, he waved his hands, sending everyone else out of the hall. He indifferently said, "I believe Miss NanGong wants a private conversation, so I’ve taken the liberty to dismiss everyone first."

Arrogant and rampant to the very maximum, a hundred percent silkpants!

Ling Tian was long aware of her motives, but how could he not extort her when she was right at his doorstep? Furthermore, the NanGong family was scheming to use the Ling family to their advantage. Thus, he might as well get straight to the point and allow them to say what they had to say!

NanGong WuMing snorted coldly as he took a step forward, ready to teach this ignorant fellow a good lesson. However, NanGong Yu pulled him back, restraining her own anger as she replied, "This little sister is here today to discuss a matter of life and death with young noble. Do you have the capability to seriously discuss such a matter?

Although she had tried her utmost to endure, NanGong Yu couldn't control provoking him, signaling to him that if he didn't have enough authority, he had better defer to someone else.

Ling Tian smiled indifferently, "Concerning the life and death of our two families? Hehe, isn’t miss just crying wolf? What is the basis behind such words? Forgive this Ling Tian for being stupid, but I don’t understand where you’re trying to go."

Seeing that she had successfully hooked his attention, NanGong Yu’s eyes lit up as he replied, "The Yang Family has already entered into an alliance with the BeiMing Family. Furthermore, ever since the number three of the Yu Family came into Sky Bearing, the Yang Family seemed to have obtained their support. The Yang Family probably intends to eliminate both the Ling and NanGong Family. Especially your Ling Family, since you have been enemies for the past decade! The situation now is precarious, and it could deteriorate at any moment, so how is this not a life and death matter, young noble?!"

After the battle with Yu ManTian yesterday, the NanGong Family concluded that it was definitely a ploy from the Yang Family! With this, their hatred for the Yang Family deepened by a notch! This was especially so for NanGong TianHu, who was gnashing his teeth while being bedridden. He didn't hate Yu ManTian, as his skills were obviously below his, but he hated the Yang Family to the bone, and he swore that he would take Yang KongQun’s head as his own chamber pot!

Under these circumstances, the NanGong Family decided that it was necessary to form an alliance with the Ling Family, or when the Yang Family finished colluding with the other families, any influence that the NanGong Family had in Sky Bearing would be destroyed. It was to the point that just the Yang and Yu Family working together would be able to topple the NanGong Family! Therefore they brought many opulent gifts today, for the purpose of strengthening their ties with the Lings.

In NanGong Yu’s heart, she felt that in order to get Ling Tian to obediently listen to her, all she needed to do was just to frighten him a little, then give him some benefits. As such, the moment she heard that the Ling Family's elders had all entered the palace, she immediately came knocking!

NanGong Yu was filled with confidence at being able to achieve her objective today. But she didn't expect that Ling Tian would be so unyielding, completely unable to be molded to her designs.

"The Yangs were awarded titles at the same time as my Ling Family, and our relations have always been rather good, so what enemy? Furthermore, the relations between you NanGongs and the Yangs have been amicable, to the point where you could be considered almost half a Yang family member. By saying such things, do you think that I, Ling Tian, have my ears stuffed full of sh*t?!" Ling Tian coldly smiled.