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Chapter 208: Changes in the Palace

Chapter 208: Changes in the Palace

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Ling Tian then slowly walked towards NanGong Yu, but she was still in a daze, in shock from what had just happened. Just how often would the well-pampered Miss NanGong see a scene like this?

With a gentle slap on her face, NanGong Yu snapped out of her daze and looked at the warm smile on Ling Tian’s suave face. In that instant, she felt as though she was staring at a venomous snake, and fear filled her eyes. Instinctively, she wanted to let out a loud shriek!

A finger was then placed on her lips gently without the least bit of strength. However, NanGong Yu had lost all courage to even let out a shriek! Her mouth remained agape, but she didn't dare to let out a sound.

With a satisfied smile, Ling Tian closed NanGong Yu’s chin gently and looked deep into her eyes, "If you want to cooperate, you must listen to me carefully. Go back and tell NanGong TianLong that this young noble’s patience is limited. If the list of names doesn't arrive before my patience runs out, ah ah ah…" a vicious glare shot out from Ling Tian’s eyes as his tone turned cruel, "then all 168 of your NanGong Family members will not be returning to the Gold Jade City! This is a promise that I can definitely fulfill. You must definitely believe me!"

Within that firm tone, there was no doubt that Ling Tian could definitely accomplish what he just said! It was as though the things he said were a truth that no one could doubt!

A soft groan sounded from the floor and NanGong WuMing’s body trembled. Only then did everyone realize that NanGong WuMing wasn't dead despite his heavy injuries.

Ling Tian was only trying to flaunt his might and wasn't trying to kill, so NanGong WuMing was still alive. While he was probably better off dead, he was still alive. If Ling Tian didn't want him to die, he couldn't die even if he wanted to!

Ling Tian was naturally clear about the degree of strength he used and was certain that NanGong WuMing wouldn't die. He then looked towards the four followers of the NanGong Family and saw a look of hesitation on their faces. It was as though they wanted to help their number one expert in the younger generation get up but were too afraid to do so. With the corner of their eyes sneaking a glance at Ling Tian, their bodies were still trembling from fear.

Ling Tian then let out a sigh of pity. The talents of the NanGong Family had been reduced to such an extent and their morale was already rock bottom. It would be a wonder for such a family to have any accomplishments in this war for hegemony!

Pointing at one of the trembling guards, Ling Tian shouted, "You! Hurry up over…"

Before Ling Tian finished his sentence, that guard’s body trembled as his eyes rolled up and he collapsed on the floor. He had actually fainted from fear! After that, a yellow puddle could be seen spreading out from him and the smell of urine emanated from it. He had actually lost control of his bladder out of fear.

Ling Tian frowned and cursed in his heart. Ignoring the members of the NanGong Family, he walked out of the hall.

Behind him, four dumbfounded members of the NanGong Family were standing there in fear. Another two were lying on the floor. A silent atmosphere pervaded the place, as though it was the beginning of the NanGong Family’s downfall.

A long while later, NanGong Yu’s body shook as she snapped out from her previous nightmare. Looking at the hellish scene in front of her, she squatted down and began to puke.

"Why did Miss NanGong come here?" Yu BingYan held up a rosy red cherry, asking with a smile while enjoying the fruit. However, her eyes looked towards Ling Tian with a trace of worry, and even Ling Chen also perked her ears up.

"I want to eat cherries." Ling Tian ignored her question and opened his mouth instead.

Yu BingYan’s face turned red, and she stuffed a bunch of cherries into his mouth. In that instant, Ling Tian’s mouth was stuffed full as Yu BingYan scolded, "Eat, eat, eat! I’ll just stuff you to death!"

To their amazement, Ling Tian’s mouth began to twitch for a moment before he opened his mouth again, spitting out all of the cherry seeds. On the table, a small pile of 50 to 60 seeds could then be seen.

"Err, Miss NanGong says that she wants to be my concubine!" Ling Tian raised his eyebrows and teased.

"I don’t believe you! Who would like a silkpants like you!" Yu BingYan shook her head in complete disbelief!

"Why don’t you believe me? With my suave appearance and overflowing talent, there are countless ladies out there who want to marry me!" Ling Tian continued teasing her.

Yu BingYan’s face turned red, "I’ll go and ask her what right she has to set her target so high?!"

While the little princess of the Yu Family was extremely smart, her IQ would be reduced to zero when facing anything with regards to Ling Tian.

Holding her back, Ling Tian said, "Little miss, I thought you didn’t believe me. Why are you still going to ask her that? No matter what, she is the little princess of the NanGong Family and it is fitting for her to be my concubine! However, I advise you to not go over now. The smell there is just too unbearable!" Ling Tian shook his head with a miserable expression.

"The smell is too unbearable? Why?" Not only Yu BingYan, even Wei XuanXuan and Ling Chen became curious. Did Miss NanGong have any… unmentionable illness?

"Err," Ling Tian was speechless as he thought to himself, Just what should I say? Should I say that a fellow lost control of his bladder after being shocked by me? If I really say that, the few of them will probably puke out all the cherries from disgust. My life wouldn't be good for sure.

Just when he was stuck in a dilemma, the sound of a galloping horse could be heard from the outside. Ling Tian thought to himself with a frown, Apart from me, who would dare to ride a horse at full speed in the Ling residence? Who would be so bold to do that?

A loud neigh could then be heard with the heavy panting of a horse accompanying it. Obviously, the horse was completely exhausted from sprinting!

Ling Tian’s gaze narrowed as he looked towards the door of his courtyard and stood up, "Did something bad happen?"

"Ling Tian! Where is Ling Tian!" An anxious voice sounded. Following which, a slim figure pushed the door of the courtyard open and clumsily barged into the courtyard. A beautiful lady could then be seen, with a sweat-filled face, palace dress, and long silky hair. It was Princess JiaoYue!

Ling Tian’s heart shook, and he knew that something must have happened in the palace. Before Princess JiaoYue said anything, Ling Tian had already shouted out, "WangTong! Prepare two horses! Quick!"

In his anxiousness, Ling Tian had imbued his dense Inner Qi into his voice! His voice then sounded like thunder, making the girls’ ears ring from it as their heads turned dizzy! Apart from Ling Chen, the other three ladies had already collapsed on the floor.

Right when Ling Tian shouted, Ling Chen had quickly circulated her Inner Qi to form a whirlpool-like barrier to protect Yu BingYan, Wei XuanXuan, and Princess JiaoYue! If not, this earth-shattering shout from Ling Tian probably would have caused the three of them to puke blood on the spot!

Probably everyone in the Sky Bearing City would be able to hear this loud shout of his, not to mention those in the Ling residence!

Wei XuanXuan, Yu BingYan, and Princess JiaoYue looked towards Ling Tian with shock. Feeling the dangerous aura emanating from his body, the three of them felt as though they no longer knew the person in front of them! Is this still the gentlemanly Ling Tian?

While Ling Tian could be heartless towards outsiders, he was extremely concerned towards his family members. His grandparents, parents, and everyone from the Ling Family. His aunt, Ling Ran, was also someone who he cared about a lot!

Only then did Ling Tian look at Princess JiaoYue and ask anxiously, "Did something happen in the palace?" This wasn’t something difficult to guess. Why would Princess JiaoYue personally make the trip here if not for something happening in the palace? How could Ling Tian not be anxious with all of his family members in the palace?

"Mother suddenly fell ill, and all the so-called famous doctors in the palace can’t find the cause of it. Grandmother asked me to personally call you over! You, are you medically trained?" After finally catching her breath, Princess JiaoYue said anxiously and incoherently. It was obvious that she was extremely flustered. Otherwise, with her understanding of Ling Tian’s upbringing, she would never ask something as silly as, "Are you medically trained?"

Ling Tian felt his heart tighten as he thought, I never thought my prediction would come true so soon! We just received news about Ling Ran’s pregnancy the day before and something happened today!

"Ling Chen, follow me!" Without any hesitation, he carried Princess JiaoYue in his arms. Before Princess JiaoYue could even let out a cry, the both of them had already disappeared. Following that, Wei XuanXuan and Yu BingYan realized that Ling Chen had also silently disappeared. Both the ladies then looked towards each other with shock! While Yu BingYan had already suspected that Ling Tian practiced martial arts, she never imagined that the level of his martial arts was so high. Ling Chen as well; not only was she familiar with zither, chess, painting, and calligraphy, she also had a stunning level of martial arts! This was far too shocking!