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Chapter 210: Ruthless

Chapter 210: Ruthless

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This weird yet gory scene immediately gripped the hearts of everyone present, and everyone trembled at the sight! While most of the citizens of Sky Bearing were aware of Ling Tian’s arrogance, none of them had seen such a bloody scene. However, before they could recover, Ling Tian had kicked out, causing the corpse to fly backward and knock into another guard. That burly guard let out a wretched scream as blood splurted out from his five orifices, his internals pulverized by Ling Tian’s immense internal energy!

The remaining two guards turn pale with fright and attempted to retreat! With a cruel smile on his face, Ling Tian flash-stepped and appeared before them, his palms viciously smashing down on them without a shred of compassion!

Those who block me must feel the flames of my fury!

Since you dare to sin, you must be prepared for retribution!

To dare to make moves on my women, let alone an aristocratic young noble, even if you’re the nephew of King Yama, your life still will not be spared!

"Please wait! We’re from…" One of the guards panicked and was about to reveal his identity, hoping that it would prevent Ling Tian from acting against them.

However, this time was different! Ling Tian had never been so enraged in this life. Now that his killing intent was flying at full force, whoever stood in front of him only had one destination — Death!

The guard only got half his sentence out before the sharpened gale removed his head!

Ling Tian’s body suddenly shot backward and he stabilized the tottering Princess Jiao Yue who was on the verge of collapse at the gory scene. The next moment, he appeared back on his horse, at the same time gently flicking his right hand out. A sharp force emitted from his palm, slicing apart the air as it shot towards the rich youth who was entangled with Ling Chen!

That youth actually had some measure of skill! While Ling Chen was on horseback and hence at an advantage, her weakness was that she had never killed before, and so was unwilling to strike a heavy blow! Ling Tian was aware of this, so he decided to lend her a helping hand!

The rich youth was already frightened to the point he wanted to piss in his pants. How could he have known that the moment he stepped into Sky Bearing that he would meet with such a life-threatening scenario? In his heart, he was in tears as Ling Tian’s ruthless killing had already scared the living daylights out of him. He had long resolved to run, but he never imagined that the dainty little beauty in front of him actually had skills far above his own! He didn't even get a chance to flee!

Seeing that Ling Tian was already done, Ling Chen couldn't help but feel anxious, and immediately infused her whip full of internal energy, coiling it around the youth and flinging him away!

Ling Chen was of course unwilling to harm him, and her whip was only used to shift that person out of the way so she could follow her young noble!

When the youth felt that the whip’s purpose was only to shove him aside, he felt an unprecedented joy in his heart! The heavens have blessed me, and Buddha is watching over me, protecting my little life! When I go back, I’ll turn over a new leaf, and never womanize ever again! The youth swore to himself as his body as in midair.

A pity, heaven never intended to bless him, neither did Buddha want to save him!

In that split second while he was suspended midair, Ling Tian’s internal energy smashed ruthlessly on his back, where his heart was! His originally descending body was once again blasted up high and then disintegrated in mid-air! His corpse descended down like a rain of blood, with the bones and muscles being unrecognizable!

"Go!" Ling Tian’s horse had long ago started galloping. Ling Chen could only calm herself down and resist the urge to vomit, urging her horse forward!

Dust rolled as the two horses disappeared from sight. Ling Tian didn't know and didn't care about the identity of the youth. He didn't bother to find out what influential family that guy came from. All he cared about was that anyone who tried to obstruct him would die!

So what if I have brought trouble on myself? I am Ling Tian!

Consequences? Those who care at this sort of time are only slippery scoundrels!

As the two horses galloped away, the last two guards then slowly started to topple over. The scariest thing was that their heads shattered the moment they touched the ground, spilling blood and brains all over the streets!

It sounded like this sort of action was troublesome to execute, but the truth was that from the moment Ling Tian acted to when they left was only a few breaths of time!

It was in this breath of time that five lives were reaped from this world with not even one of their bodies being left intact!

The bustling and majestic street turned into a bloodbath from hell in these few moments!

As for the surrounding crowd, at least ten of them fainted due to the shock, and another ten vomited until they had nothing left in their stomachs; they were unable to eat or drink properly for the next few days! Those hundreds of people were all haunted by nightmares for the next few months...

"What did you say? Ling Tian was behind this?!" NanGong TianLong stood up in shock, looking at the half-dead NanGong WuMing, unable to believe his eyes. Who could imagine that the NanGong Family, who had swaggered into Sky Bearing, would end up with their two best fighters crippled and bedridden before they had even accomplished anything!

"En." Recalling the scene from before, NanGong Yu unconsciously let out a shiver. "Father, your daughter feels… feels that… finding the Ling Family to collaborate this time was a huge mistake." Recalling the expression of the man who resembled an Asura, NanGong Yu couldn't help but blurt out.

"How so?" A piercing gaze landed on NanGong Yu. With the injuries inflicted on NanGong WuMing, NanGong TianLong also felt some apprehension about that. How profound must one’s cultivation be in order to cause such grievous injuries without any weapons? NanGong WuMing’s fists were mangled to unrecognizable shapes, with every bone broken into thirty to forty pieces! If someone's fists could be reduced to this state, then it was obvious what would happen if the hit had landed on their body.

However, NanGong WuMing’s injuries completely subverted NanGong TianLong’s assumptions! Other than his ten fingers that were shattered beyond repair, his palms onwards were perfectly fine! From this, one could conclude that the attacker did this on purpose. To perform such a feat, how precise must his internal energy control be? Even NanGong TianLong himself couldn't carry this out!

"While we are at a disadvantage when fighting with the Yangs, it’s only a slight disadvantage. With so many major powers in Sky Bearing, the chance will come for us to ally with others. At the worst, we can put in all our strength and end in mutual destruction with the Yangs! However, the Lings… Ling Tian is just too dangerous!" NanGong Yu trembled as she spoke, before uttering the word ‘dangerous’. "If we were to liken Yang KongQun to a wily old fox, then Ling Tian would be a savage and ruthless tiger! If we were to work with him, the moment we slip up, he would gobble us up! This matter cannot be taken lightly!"

NanGong TianLong stood up and let out a long sigh. At this time, he seemed to have aged another decade as he spoke, "The words you spoke regarding Ling Tian’s true strength, if I had realized it before today, then I would definitely have stayed as far as I could from Ling Tian! This sort of character, with this sort of martial skill, is not someone we can afford to provoke! Why, why didn’t anyone notice Ling Tian had such strength? It’s only natural, how could a friend of Beyond Heavens be such an ordinary person, or even a silkpants?!"

"But it’s too late!" NanGong TianLong lamented, "Right now, other than working with the Lings to ensure our safety, we don’t have any other choice. There are two sides to every matter. While we may be threatened by the Ling Tian kid, at least he would be able to rid us of our current predicament. While the costs outweigh the benefits, at least it would be better than us sitting here, waiting for our deaths!"

NanGong Yu was stunned speechless! Her heart was filled with sorrow. Just how did the NanGong Family go from being a mover and shaker of this continent to someone who had to feed on scraps? To actually be forced into a corner by the two nouveau riche families, giving up on controlling the course of events? This was something she would have once believed to be a lie!

Were they lying to others or had they been lying to themselves all along?