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Chapter 211: New Enmity Old Hatred

Chapter 211: New Enmity Old Hatred

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"Currently, Ling Tian has already revealed his trump card to us. Or perhaps, we have already found out about his biggest trump card!" NanGong TianLong then said with a bitter laugh, "Just this alone is enough to force us to join his team! First, regardless of our willingness, we already know his biggest secret. Second, Ling Tian has already exposed the fact that our NanGong Family was coveting their Ling Family! Both of us have already opened up completely towards each other. Under such circumstances, either we obediently cooperate with the Ling Family and adhere to all of his requests, or we shed all pretense and completely fall out with the Ling Family! However, right now we are already in an extremely unfavorable position in the Sky Bearing City. With such a formidable opponent, I am afraid… Haiz!" NanGong TianLong didn't continue his sentence but let out a long sigh! His sigh was filled with the desolation of a hero at his wit’s end.

He originally intended to form an alliance with the Ling Family with equal status. Who would have imagined that he would be forced into such a scenario? In fact, Ling Tian’s actions were no different from threatening him in front of his face. However, NanGong TianLong had no choice but to accept this naked threat! Furthermore, all of this was because his own family had decided to find Ling Tian.

"Big brother! We can send a secret order to the family, commanding them to send out all of their experts! We would rather perish together with the Ling and Yang Family than compromise with them! We cannot accept this little b*st*rd’s bullsh*t demand!" While NanGong TianHu’s voice was weak, a trace of cruelty could be heard in it!

"It’s too late already!" NanGong TianLong shook his head bitterly, "After concealing himself for so many years, Ling Tian only revealed his fangs at such a critical time. Since he revealed his trump card to us, he would definitely have contingency plans! If we don't accept his request and hand over the name list, no one from our NanGong Family will be able to walk out of Sky Bearing City alive!"

"Don’t tell me our NanGong Family has no choice but to accept his threats and obediently hand over the name list. Hand over the lives of our brothers? How can we suffer from such humiliation? I cannot accept that!" NanGong TianHu’s breathing was ragged and his voice weak, "If that’s the case, I would rather die!" NanGong TianHu indignantly roared out!

"Idiot!" NanGong TianLong roared back, "Are you willing to see the centuries of hard work by our ancestors be destroyed in Sky Bearing? How will we be able to face our ancestors when we go into the afterlife? Since Ling Tian already knows that our NanGong Family has men infiltrated in his Ling Family, over time he will still be able to find them all! Even if he can’t find them, what is the point for them to exist if there is no longer a NanGong Family in the world?"

NanGong TianHu frowned stubbornly without saying a thing! A long while later, his eyes were actually filled with tears! He was a brash and ferocious individual, but he actually began to cry from the humiliation.

Who would have imagined that their unyielding second uncle would also cry? He was a man who would rather die than lower his head! NanGong Yu felt her heart turn sour as she turned around silently with two streams of tears flowing down her face.

NanGong TianLong turned around as well, with his face hidden but his shoulders trembling. A long while later, a mellow voice could be heard, "Yu’er, make some preparations. I will be visiting Ling Tian personally tomorrow! We need to have someone with enough seniority to face this!"

In that instant, as no one said a word, the room was filled with a strange silence so complete that you could hear a pin drop. They could only faintly hear the bustling sounds of the Smoky Thea Tower…

As the imperial guards saw Ling Tian hugging Princess JiaoYue as they came in, how would they dare to block him? As they darted to the side, Ling Tian had already charged into the palace!

Ling Tian’s sensitive hearing could already capture Ling Ran’s painful moans the moment they entered the palace. Ling Tian then sped right into Ling Ran’s palace, almost knocking aside Long Xiang who was anxiously pacing back and forth.

Ling Tian then pushed Princess JiaoYue into his mother’s embrace as he sat in front of Ling Ran’s bed and placed three fingers on her wrist to check her pulse. As time passed, his face grew more and more solemn.

Lowering his head, his pure XianTian Qi was channeled into Ling Ran’s body as he asked, "What happened?"

Ling Ran was already perspiring profusely from pain, feeling as though there were countless knives stabbing into her abdomen. The thing she was most worried about was not her own safety, but the safety of her child. With the fear and pain, her mental condition was extremely frail as her heart was filled with desolation!

The moment Ling Tian’s fingers touched her wrist, Ling Ran could feel a warm stream of energy entering her body. This stream of energy was filled with a powerful life force, and the pain in her abdomen decreased greatly. In that moment, it was as though she could finally see some hope in her desperate situation. As though she was grasping at a single strand of hope, she grabbed Ling Tian’s wrist and bawled, "Tian’er, you’re here. Aunt is in so much pain! My child is going to be lost, my poor child!"

Ling Tian placed his hand on hers gently as he consoled, "It’s going to be alright. With me around, little brother is definitely going to be fine."

For some reason, the moment Ling Ran heard Ling Tian’s words her mind was set at ease. A weak smile could then be seen on her face as she said softly, "Tian’er, aunt is relying on you."

Ling Tian responded with a ‘Mmm’ and didn't hear a reply from Ling Ran. Looking at her again, he realized that she had already slipped into unconsciousness. Ever since she started to feel pain, Ling Ran was just suffering from far too much pressure. Together with the excruciating pain, Ling Ran’s mind could no longer take it. Hearing Ling Tian’s assurance, she felt her heart at ease and fainted on the spot.

"This morning, Mother felt a little dizzy and she sent Little Chrysanthemum to find the imperial doctor. A short while later, Little Chrysanthemum came back with the imperial doctor. The imperial doctor then said that mother was only suffering from a common cold and gave her a simple prescription. Little Chrysanthemum was the one who brewed the prescription and the imperial doctor left after seeing Mother consume it." With a slightly pink face, Princess JiaoYue lay in Chu Ting’er’s embrace, still not recovered from the shock she felt on the way back. While she was recounting what had happened in the morning, she was still thinking about the journey from the Ling residence back to the palace! That lightning fast sprint and blood-filled scenery, together with the warm embrace and strong sense of security…

"Wait," Ling Tian suddenly interrupted her with a frown, "who was the imperial doctor? What was his name? Has he attended to you guys before?"

Princess JiaoYue frowned and said, "He has a long beard and is extremely old. I seemed to have seen him before, but I can’t remember his name. Right, Little Chrysanthemum should know. Little Chrysanthemum!"

After a few shouts, no one responded and a palace maid said softly, "Little Chrysanthemum isn’t here. I wonder what he is doing?"

Ling Tian’s face changed as he asked, "Where is the prescription? Let me see it!" From Ling Ran’s chaotic pulse, Ling Tian was certain that she was definitely poisoned! The most important thing would be to find out what kind of poison it was!

While he was talking, Ling Tian’s pure XianTian Qi was channelled into Ling Ran’s body. The might of the ninth stage of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula was indeed extraordinary. The poison rampant in Ling Ran’s body was already being slowly extracted from her meridians and forced into an isolated corner of her body.

Ling Tian then sent a different kind of inner qi into her body to protect her abdomen and heart. Following that, Ling Tian sent one wave of Inner qi in the upward direction, and another in the downward direction, cleansing the residual effect of the poison from Ling Ran’s organs!

"The prescription is missing! Perhaps the imperial doctor took it!" A palace maid reported back hastily. She could already tell that something was wrong and her face was completely pale! With the strict rules in the palace, losing the prescription was a huge crime! If anything were to happen to Ling Ran, all of them would surely die!

"Do any of you know that imperial doctor? What is his surname? What is his name?" The one questioning was the Emperor, Long Xiang. Hearing that something was wrong, he had already barged into the palace. At this moment, his face was fuming with rage! There was actually someone who dared to harm his beloved consort in the palace! Who would be so bold?!

"This, this maid… doesn't know him…"

"Mmm?!" Long Xiao grunted and the maid was scared out of her wits. Kneeling down on the floor, she pleaded, "Emperor, spare me. This maid had never seen him before."

Just as Long Xiang was about to fly into a rage, Ling Tian interrupted him, "Think about it carefully. What did Little Chrysanthemum call him?"

That maid was frightened to the point that tears filled her face. Kneeling on the ground, her body trembled with her brows furrowed deep in thought. A long while later, her eyes lit up as she said, "When that Sir entered the palace, Little Chrysanthemum seemed to have said something. It was very vague… he seemed to have said, ‘Sir Shu, this way please.’ He never said anything more after that."

Ling Tian’s eyes shone, "Are you sure you heard correctly? Was it Sir ‘Shu’ or Sir ‘Su’?"

Being reminded by Ling Tian, that palace maid’s memory was jogged as she said, "I remember now, he said ‘Sir Su’!"

Ling Tian nodded his head silently as he thought to himself, I should have known that it was him! After so many years, I heard that he had already returned back to his hometown. I never imagined that he would still participate in this event! Good, very good! We can settle this new enmity and the old hatred together!