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Chapter 216: Matters of the Heart

Chapter 216: Matters of the Heart

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A trace of enlightenment appeared in Ling Chen’s eyes as she said sincerely, "Young noble, I really understand now! Thank you for your pointers!"

Ling Tian responded with a chuckle, "Both of us, husband and wife, are a single entity. Why is there a need for you to thank me?" Ling Chen’s face couldn't help but turn red as she was filled with sweetness in her heart. Then she heard Ling Tian continue, "Chen’er, I want you to live for me! You have to understand it would be impossible for you to not stain your hands with blood if you want to follow me for life! But you have to remember, what will I do if you harm yourself because of your unwillingness to kill? You are already the most beloved person in my heart! Are you going to…"

Before Ling Tian could complete his sentence, his mouth was already covered by Ling Chen’s soft and tender hand. Ling Chen then looked deep into Ling Tian’s eyes and said slowly, but resolutely, "I know now. Young noble, Chen’er will never let young noble be upset because of me!"

Ling Tian then let out a satisfied smile. Ling Chen’s heart knot had finally been undone by Ling Tian’s heartfelt persuasion. This was also something that Ling Tian couldn't help. If Ling Tian reincarnated in a peaceful time where the world was united, he would definitely give up all thoughts of ambition. At the same time, he would definitely not attempt to change Ling Chen’s kind heart, but even encourage it greatly. However, being reincarnated into such troubled times where life and death were on the line, Ling Chen’s kindness would probably become a fatal weakness!

Now that he had finally made this small opening in Ling Chen’s heart, Ling Tian thought to himself, Perhaps I should find a chance to let Ling Chen see some blood to train her.

A short while later, the messenger falcon which was sent out had returned with an almost illegible note. Obviously, the person who wrote this letter replied without a single delay.

There were only a few short words on the note: The fourth child of the head of the XiMen Family, XiMen Zhang!

Ling Tian chucked and reduced the note into dust with a simple clench of his fist. He then muttered, "XiMen Family, ah ah, XiMen Family! Interesting, interesting!" He actually didn't have a single trace of worry from killing the son of a Great Family. In the world today, probably only Ling Tian would have such self-assurance.

Ling Chen then smiled, "So, he was from the XiMen Family. Ah ah, it seems that young noble will have to exercise a little. They would definitely be able to find out that the culprit was young noble." As Ling Chen said that, not a trace of worry could be seen on her face. This was definitely not because Ling Chen was blindly confident in Ling Tian’s strength. With Ling Tian’s strength and the fact that this was his own territory, the XiMen Family would definitely be seeking their own deaths if they were to seek revenge with the little manpower they had! Thus, Ling Chen was not worried at all!

Worry? The XiMen Family should be the one worrying. Did they really think that things would be settled so easily after harassing Ling Tian’s lady in broad daylight?

Ling Tian let out a proud smile as he looked into the horizon, "The fourth young noble in the XiMen Family? Hehe, what’s to be feared? If they are smart enough and choose to suppress this matter, this young noble will not have the energy to bother about them. But if they aren’t smart enough… hehehe, XiMen Qing’s scholarly meeting can be held in hell!" After pausing for a moment, he then mumbled, "To have the guts to block my way and harass my lady. Even if they aren’t going to find me, I will definitely find them and have a good conversation. Should the young noble of a Great Family be acting like that?"

Ling Chen’s face turned red and she couldn't help but burst out into giggles.

Ling Tian then laughed and said, "Chen’er, talking about interesting, I will take you to meet someone interesting later."

The sun slowly setting, Ling residence.

In Ling Tian’s courtyard, there were three ladies seated under the rack of grapes. They were engaged in conversation with giggles being heard from time to time.

They were actually Yu BingYan, Wei XuanXuan, and Princess JiaoYue.

Initially, Princess JiaoYue wanted to take care of her mother in the room. However, what would a maiden like her know? In just a short while, she was chased out by Chu Ting’er and Old Madam Ling because she was a hindrance! With a heart full of worries, she began to roam around aimlessly in the Ling residence and unknowingly walked to Ling Tian’s courtyard.

Standing in front of his courtyard, she began to reminisce about the time when Ling Tian domineeringly picked her up without even saying a thing. What a warm and sweet feeling that was! That straightforward and dense manly aura. That wide and firm chest of his. Those warm but strong arms… After reminiscing about all the sweet memories, bitterness filled her heart as she became perplexed. She was bitter about how she didn't hold any position in her cousin’s heart and perplexed about her own mood. For some odd reason, her imagination seemed to be running wild all the time today. While these were the things a young lady like her should be thinking about, she also couldn't help but worry about her personal gains and losses. Standing there in a daze, her heart was already lost deep in thought. Only after Wei XuanXuan cried out to her a few times did she finally snap out of her daze.

Wei XuanXuan’s mother and Ling Ran were bosom buddies, and Princess JiaoYue was also well acquainted with Wei XuanXuan. However, with JiaoYue's status as a princess, they didn't interact with each other much, but their relationship wasn’t too bad. As Wei XuanXuan saw Princess JiaoYue pacing around the door to Ling Tian’s courtyard, she invited in him without any hesitation and the three of them began to talk.

The three of them were extremely talented and were more than qualified to be called female scholars. The moment they started talking, the conversation could no longer be stopped! When Princess JiaoYue heard about how Yu BingYan was in love with Ling Tian and stayed in the Ling residence, she couldn't help but feel contempt towards Yu BingYan! At that time, she felt as though Yu BingYan didn't know how to have self-respect. When she first saw Yu BingYan, she felt as though her appearance was unsightly and paled in comparison to her. As a result, the enmity in her heart was reduced and she even felt injustice on behalf of Ling Tian. The heart of a lady was just that unpredictable.

After getting to know Yu BingYan better through this conversation, all of her previous views were completely thrown out of the window. She felt as though the little princess of the Yu Family was well versed in all zither, chess, calligraphy and painting, poetry and music, astronomy and geography! There wasn’t a single thing that she didn’t know about! The breadth of her knowledge and depth of her wisdom made Princess JiaoYue, who had followed strict palace training since young, feel a sense of inferiority! She no longer felt any contempt towards Yu BingYan and the enmity in her heart was largely reduced. Only then did she engage in a heartfelt conversation with the other two ladies. After the long conversation, the three of them had already turned into good friends who would talk about anything under the skies! Princess JiaoYue’s depressed mood was also unknowingly wiped away.

"Younger sister XuanXuan," Princess JiaoYue was a few months older than Wei XuanXuan and was not shy to call her younger sister, "I heard that you have a good impression of my cousin, Ling Tian. I wonder how good of an impression it is?" While Princess JiaoYue asked in a teasing tone, she did indeed have petty intentions when asking Wei XuanXuan that. However, she was too embarrassed to announce the fact that her father had betrothed her to Ling Tian, and thus started this conversation in such an ambiguous manner. The moment Princess JiaoYue said that, even Yu BingYan joined in the fun and began cheering as though she wished for the world to be plunged into chaos.

"It’s just nonsense!" Wei XuanXuan’s face turned red as she began to defend herself, "I am only here to accompany little sister Yu to see her beloved Ling Tian. How does it have anything to do with me?"

As Yu BingYan heard that the arrow was directed to her direction, she couldn't help but be embarrassed as she began to tease, "Sister XuanXuan is just like that, never telling the truth in her heart. She obviously likes Tian’ge a lot, but just refuses to admit it!"

Wei XuanXuan was both embarrassed, angered and anxious. She then couldn't help but shout, "You’re the only one who treats him as treasure. I don’t like him at all. While Ling Tian isn’t too bad, he just isn’t my cup of tea."

Princess JiaoYue and Yu BingYan were both stunned when they heard that. Hearing Wei XuanXuan’s tone, she didn’t seem angered by her thoughts being seen through. Instead, it seemed as though the words she said were truly from her heart. After today, Princess JiaoYue finally understood that her cousin was definitely not the silkpants he appeared to be and was definitely not incorrigible like the rumors. Instead, he was definitely an extraordinary character who had concealed himself deeply for many years. From his display in the morning, the level of his martial arts could be easily seen!

For the two talented ladies, Yu BingYan and Wei XuanXuan, to be so close to Ling Tian, they must have discovered Ling Tian’s talent. He was a suave young gentleman, wiser than his peers with an extraordinary level of martial arts. It wouldn’t be too much to call him a dragon and phoenix among the younger generation. However, isn’t a character like that the ‘Mr. Right’ for every lady? Why would Wei XuanXuan say otherwise? Does Ling Tian have his other flaws?

"I wonder what kind of guys sister XuanXuan likes?" Princess JiaoYue asked probingly.

Yu BingYan’s face turned red and Wei XuanXuan’s eyes seemed to turn dreamy, "This… I also don’t know. While young noble Ling is talented in many aspects, XuanXuan only admires him greatly in my heart. However, that is only admiration and respect. But to talk about the matters between man and woman, that is impossible."

Both Princess JiaoYu and Yu BingYan were able to tell that Wei XuanXuan’s ‘I also don’t know’ was just a lie. It was obvious that she was just shy and didn't want to say it. However, her words about Ling Tian were spoken without hesitation, and it was obvious that she wasn’t lying.